What to Do When Buying a Dog (2023)

Buying a dog can be a hugely rewarding experience. But it's important to do some research before you take on the responsibility of owning a pet.

Just like having a child, owning a dog requires time and dedication. You need to spend plenty of time walking, training and socialising your pet to make sure they get all the attention they need.

Look for a Reputable Breeder

If you have decided that owning a purebred dog is the right thing for you, it is important to find a reliable breeder. A reputable breeder will put their dogs first.

They will use their own resources to have the dog checked by a vet, trained and socialized, and to find it a home. They want to ensure that the pup is healthy and happy, and are committed to putting their own dogs and puppies in great homes.

A reputable breeder is a knowledgeable person with a big network of other breed enthusiasts. They can answer your questions and give you a wealth of information about the breed, training and health care.

Ideally, a reputable breeder is a member of the American Kennel Club or a canine breeding club in the country where they live. This ensures that they are breeding dogs that follow the written standard of their breed, which is a vital indicator of the quality of their breeding stock.

Get a Health Certificate

When you purchase a dog from a pet dealer, it's important to get a health certificate. This will help verify that the animal was vaccinated and has a clean bill of health.

Many states require a veterinary examination to be conducted on a pet before it can be sold or adopted out. This exam is typically called a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), and is issued by a licensed veterinarian to ensure your pet's health.

Some airlines also require a health certificate when flying with your pet, but this will vary by airline and travel company. Often, they will recommend a health certificate be obtained within 10 days of an exam by your veterinarian.

If you are planning to travel internationally with your pet, it's best to work with a professional transport company who understands the requirements for international pet travel. They'll be able to provide you with all of the necessary paperwork and assist you in the health certification process.

Get a Vet Check

Visiting the vet regularly is key to maintaining your dog's health and well-being. These routine checkups help to spot any problems before they become more serious.

A regular routine wellness exam will involve a thorough history and physical examination, including a fecal exam (where your vet takes a sample of your dog's stool). This allows your veterinarian to find any intestinal parasites in your pet that could cause severe health issues.

The doctor will also look at your dog's ears, eyes, heart and lungs. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have about your pet.

Many vets also offer an annual vaccination at the exam. This is a preventive medicine that will keep your pet healthy and protect them from many of the diseases that can affect dogs.

Meet the Puppies

Purchasing a puppy can be a lot of fun but it’s also very stressful. It’s important that you know what to do when you get your new dog home so you can ensure they have the best possible start in life.

A reputable breeder will be happy to let you meet the puppies and their parents so that you can decide which ones are right for you. It’s a great way to see how they grow up, and it will give you a sense of their temperament, size and appearance!

Make sure that the puppies look healthy, active and free from any signs of illness or injuries. You should also look for clear eyes, a clean nose, no redness or discharge in the ears, and healthy skin and hair.

You should also ask if you can handle the puppies and their mum so you can assess their comfort levels with human contact. Puppies who are comfortable with people are often easygoing and quiet.

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