What is the Best Dry Dog Food For Small Breeds? (2024)

Small breed dogs need different calorie and protein sources than large breeds. They also have higher metabolic rates and need smaller kibble pieces for easier chewing and digestion.

High-quality, energy-dense dry dog foods with nutrient-rich meats are the best choice for active small breeds. These recipes are balanced to provide essential nutrients and boost calories without a lot of fat.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Dry Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a premium dry dog food made in the United States. It’s a holistic line that focuses on the health and well-being of your pet, starting with real meat.

It’s also free of chicken and poultry by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors and preservatives. This means that it’s the best dry dog food for dogs with allergies or digestive issues.

In addition, all of their recipes include LifeSource Bits, a precise blend of vitamins and minerals created by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. This includes cranberries for urinary health, green vegetables for antioxidants and high-fiber bananas to help support digestion.

It’s also a great choice for older dogs, since it’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein. However, if your dog has any newly developed health issues or sensitivities, this might not be the best option for them.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Puppies Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo has a long history of promoting healthy pet food by not adding harmful fillers and preservatives. Their efforts paid off in the long run, as their customers have been able to see their pets thrive on their natural foods.

Life Protection Formula for Puppies supports the health and development of small breed puppies, providing DHA and ARA (important fatty acids found in mother's milk) to support cognitive learning and retinal function. This formula also contains an optimal blend of Calcium, Phosphorus and essential vitamins to promote healthy bone growth.

This puppy food also includes BLUE's exclusive LifeSource Bits, a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals chosen by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to help support immune system health, life stage requirements, and a healthy oxidative balance.

This formula is made in the United States and features no chicken by-product meal, wheat, corn or soy. However, there have been some consumer complaints about this food, such as gastrointestinal issues, including soft stools and diarrhea, as well as hair loss and kidney disease.

3. Merrick Lil’ Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack Adult Dog Food Trays

Designed to meet the nutritional needs of smaller dogs, Merrick Lil’ Plates Mini Medley Grain-Free Variety Pack Adult Dog Food Trays feature easy-to-open trays that offer an ideal size for smaller breeds. Each tray features three popular varieties: Petite Pot Pie, Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew and Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

These small dog food trays are made with meaty chunks of deboned beef, chicken or turkey as the first ingredient. Each tray is also enriched with vitamins and minerals to help support your dog’s overall health and well-being.

Each meal contains zero preservatives, fillers, corn, wheat or soy and is crafted in the Merrick Texas kitchen with trusted local farms. Each cup is loaded with omega fatty acids, protein and vitamins and minerals for the nutrition they need without any grain or gluten.

4. Nutro Small Breed Grilled Turkey & Chicken Dry Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice is a family-owned company with a focus on natural ingredients and food safety. It offers a variety of dry dog foods to help you choose a food that will meet the needs of your pet.

These foods are available in a number of different formulas, and many are tailored for dogs at various life stages. For example, adult foods include essential antioxidants to support immune health, while puppy recipes have omega-3 fatty acids for healthy brain development.

This dry dog food is formulated with tasty chicken as the first ingredient, and it’s made free of corn, wheat, and soy. This food is also good for dogs who have allergies or are prone to digestive issues.

If you’re looking for a high-protein dry dog food for your small breed, this product from Taste of the Wild might be right for you. It’s a grain-free diet that has meat-based proteins like buffalo and venison to provide your dog with extra energy.

What is the Best Dry Dog Food For Small Breeds? (2024)
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