What is the Best Dry Dog Food For Senior Dogs? (2024)

As your dog gets older, it is important to find a dry food that provides the nutrients your pet needs to live a healthy, happy life. You should also make sure the calorie count is right for your aging dog.

Unlike people, dogs often have a slower metabolism as they get older and need less calories to maintain their weight. That’s why it’s important to check the nutrition label and consult with your vet.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Mature Adult

Hill’s Science Diet Mature Adult is a great choice for mature dogs because it is made with quality ingredients that are easy to digest. It also has a synergistic blend of nutrients that support energy and activity levels.

This recipe has a mix of barley, wheat, corn, and sorghum to provide the carbohydrates that your dog needs for energy. It also uses chicken fat and flaxseed to supply essential fatty acids that are important for healthy skin and coats.

The product also has no controversial preservatives, unlike many other pet foods on the market. It has been approved by WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinarian Association) standards, which means it has undergone detailed feeding trials.

2. Orijen

Orijen is a high-quality dry dog food that provides a good amount of protein. This is important for senior dogs because they can have problems absorbing protein as they get older.

Orijen’s Senior Dog formula is packed with meat and other proteins that are good for your pet. It’s also loaded with chicken meal and whole eggs for a concentrated source of animal protein.

Orijen is a Champion Petfoods brand that specializes in making “Biologically Appropriate” pet foods from fresh regional ingredients. It’s designed to replicate a dog’s natural diet.

3. Nulo

Nulo is a high-quality dog food brand with an impressive selection of recipes and formulas. Rather than choosing ingredients that simply look good on the label, Nulo focuses on the actual vitamins, minerals, and nutrients dogs need for optimal health.

For example, glucosamine and Chondroitin are commonly fortified in Nulo senior dog food formulas to help maintain joint health. Similarly, fatty acids like those found in salmon oil are common inclusions in Nulo senior dog food recipes to support healthy skin and coats.

4. Redbarn

Redbarn is a brand that is known for producing healthy, high-quality dog food products. They offer a variety of options including dry, rolled, canned, and air dried foods.

Their rolled food, also called semi-moist, is a step between kibble and canned foods for convenience. They also offer grain-free and grain-inclusive options for pet owners who want to avoid grains in their dogs’ diets.

The Redbarn Naturals Beef Recipe is a grain-inclusive rolled dog food that offers a mix of beef and lamb for meat proteins. It is a great choice for senior dogs that need to add protein to their diets.

5. AVA

Ava is a hypoallergenic pet food brand sold exclusively at the UK’s Pets At Home. Its kibble is made from an all-natural recipe that’s free of wheat, gluten and soya.

AVA’s dry dog food provides satisfactory nutrition, with an appropriate percentage of protein and fat and a moderate proportion of carbohydrates. While it’s better than most other brands on this list, it’s not a particularly impressive choice.

It also uses a lot of maize (corn), which is controversial among canine nutritionists and some vets. While it’s cheaper than other grains, it can be hard for dogs to digest and is associated with health issues like food intolerances and allergies.

6. Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen is a company that values an eco-conscious approach to pet food and its products are produced with organic ingredients. They are also a founding member of the B Corp initiative, which is committed to social impact.

They produce both wet and dry foods for dogs and cats. They have a wide selection of recipes for different age groups, including Kittens and Seniors.

Their complete wet food is a good choice for older dogs because it includes all of the essential nutrients that they require. It also uses a combination of ingredients that are beneficial for their age, such as green-lipped mussel extract to support healthy joints, EHA and DPA from seaweed for brain function, and natural prebiotics to help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy.

What is the Best Dry Dog Food For Senior Dogs? (2024)
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