What is Meat Meal in Dog Food? (2024)

The pet food industry has been under fire in recent years for using ingredients that end with the word “meal”. This can lead to confusion and misunderstanding about what these ingredients are and how safe they are for dogs.

Meat meals are a concentrated source of protein that is often added to dog foods. However, not all meat meals are created equal!

What is Meat Meal?

A meat meal is a ground-up product made from the rendered tissues of a cow or chicken. The process of rendering removes the extra water from the raw material, resulting in a highly concentrated source of protein.

Meal meals are a major ingredient in many commercial dog foods. They are also popular with pet owners as they offer a cheap alternative to fresh meat-based foods.

Some meat meal ingredients are highly nutritious, while others may not. We’ll help you identify a good meat meal and make an educated decision about feeding your pet a meal-based diet.

A good meat meal should contain at least 65% meat protein. This is a great protein source for your dog and will provide them with essential amino acids and fats that they need.

What Are the Benefits of Meat Meal for Dogs?

Meat meal is a fine powdered ingredient that can be found in most dry dog foods. It's usually a cheaper alternative than whole meat and can be used to boost protein levels in dry foods.

A good quality meat meal will be made from meat, preferably free range chicken or lamb, but other options include beef, pork and deer. It contains a high concentration of protein and amino acids, as well as energy, vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Some meats are better suited to specific breeds of dogs than others, so its best to get advice from your vet or a nutritionist to find the right meat for your pet. For example, Dalmatians need meats with low levels of purine and dogs with renal disease may benefit from lower phosphorous meats like red meat.

Is Meat Meal Safe for Dogs?

In the dog food industry, meat meal is an important ingredient. It is a source of protein, vitamins and minerals that helps maintain a dog’s healthy weight and overall health.

However, meat meal is not a complete or balanced diet for dogs and should only be included as part of an overall diet that contains quality proteins, carbohydrates and essential minerals.

This is why it is so important to choose a quality brand that provides full disclosure regarding the type, quality and source of all ingredients used in their products.

While some meat meals are high in protein and are a good choice for dogs, other types of meat meal may not be as digestible and may contain toxins or unwanted bacteria. To avoid these types of meat meal in your dog’s food, look for a brand that uses whole meat and does not include by-product meals or meat and bone meal in their kibble.

Is Meat Meal Good for Dogs?

Meat meal is a concentrated source of protein that many dog food manufacturers use in their dry foods. This is a great way to provide a high-quality nutrient for dogs without the hassle of adding meat to their diet.

However, there are some low-quality meat meals that can be harmful for your dog's health and should not be fed to them. These types of meat meal are often made from leftover parts of animal carcasses that are not fit for human consumption.

In addition, these meat meals are typically rendered using a process that is not very good for your dog's health. The rendering process is a combination of liquid, air, and heat that break down the proteins in the meat.

Because of this, if you're considering giving your dog a meat meal-based diet, make sure it's a whole meat meal. Specifically, look for products that have whole chicken, turkey, or salmon meal as their first ingredient.

What is Meat Meal in Dog Food? (2024)
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