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Bottle printing machines are widely used in the industries of plastic bottle printing, daily chemical bottle printing, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, personalized water bottles business, cosmetic bottles manufacture, etc.

ONCE TECH bottle printing machine manufacturer provides water bottle printer machine, glass bottle printing machine, plastic bottle printing machine, mug screen printing machine, water bottle printing machine, and custom bottle screen printing machines for sale.

If you are finding bottle printing machine manufacturers in China, ONCE TECH is here for you.

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Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machines for Sale

1 Color Automatic UV Silk Screen Bottle Printing Machine

2 Color Automatic UV Bottle Silk Screen Printing Machine

(Video) Bottle Printing Machine - UV Screen printing - WORKHORSE

Features of automatic bottle screen printing machine:

  • Collects complete printing process in a machine.
  • We also have a screen printing machine to print on pet bottles.
  • It integrates automatic feeding, automatic lifting printing, ultraviolet curing, and other functions synchronously.
  • It can check the position of bottles before printing, which makes the bottle screen printing process more precise and efficient.
  • With specialized electronic sensors, it achieves automatic monitoring functions such as “no object, no printing” and automatic alarm when air pressure is lower than its standard.
  • Fully automatic bottle screen printing machines are suitable for large volume water bottles printing, single or multi-color bottle screen printing.

Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Samples

custom printed water bottles
Printed drink bottles
tubes screen printing
Plastic watter bottle printing
water bottle printing machine
custom printed bottles
Cosmetic oval bottle screen printing
clean plastic water bottle screen printing
(Video) Plastic bottle screen printing machine

Semi-auto Bottle Screen Printing Machines

∅110mm Semi Automatic Round Bottle Screen Printing Machine

∅180mm Semi Automatic Round Bottle Screen Printing Machine

Multicolor Semi Automatic Round Bottle Screen Printing Machine

A Semi-auto bottle screen printing machine provides a more flexible process for you. You can adjust the speed of each part of this machine. The gear behind the mold can make printed objects back to the original place after printing, which is suitable for multi-color printing.

This type of water bottle printing machine achieves quick and simple tooling changeovers, precise mechanical registration. All controls of it are shown on the panel. The water bottle printer machine installed motor registration and optical sensor registration system can satisfy different requirements of customers.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Screen Printer Video


Screen Printed Bottle Samples

Customized Bottle Screen Printing Line

If your bottle packaging has a special shape which is difficult to find suitable printer for. Custom printing machine is the best choice for you. Whatever the shape, material, application of objections are, customized bottle screen printing machine nearly satisfy all of your requirements.

We design that the machine integrates printing system into the production line and packing line, then the printing limit of special product design will be eliminated. At the infeed system, filters automatically turn 90 degrees to lay down the infeed conveyor, and at the outfeed system, the filter stands up and goes to the packing line.

We usually customize screen printing lines for personalized bottle packaging business partners. We almost can reach all of the requirements that our customers make. As a small bottle printing machine manufacturer, we have different prices for custom printing machines for different bottle types.

Like plastic bottle machine for sale and glass bottle making machine for sale, these are two bottles of different materials, so the prices of custom printing machines are also different.

If you want more details, please connect with us. Give your comments or spent e-mails to us!

Q&A about ONCE Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machine

What kind of bottles your bottle screen printing machine can print?

When you source the bottle screen printing equipment, you have to know what kind of bottles you will print. And tell us bottle shape, bottle dimensions, colors of the artwork, and annual production.

Here is the brief information of our water bottle printer machines can do,

  • Our glass bottle printing machine can print on wine glass bottles, glass water bottles, glass cups, and glass mugs.
  • Our plastic bottle printing machine provides perfect screen printing on plastic (PP, PET, PE, HDPE, LDPE, Tritan, etc.)
  • metal bottles like stainless steel water bottles and aluminum water bottles.
  • For the bottle shapes, it can print on cylinder, oval, square, and other special shape bottles.
  • For the size, we have a standard bottle printer machine that has a certain bottle size range.
  • We also have customized machines for different size bottles.

What's the price range of your water bottle printing machine.

We have a wide range of machines for bottles from semi-automatic to full automatic type with different models. So we would like you can supply details of the product or printing requirements to us, we will help to find water bottle printer machine solutions, and quote the proper machine prices. The details are required as below:

  • Bottle dimensions (diameter height). This will decide to use a small machine or a big machine.
  • How many colors will be printed? As we have 1 color machine to 6 color machine.
  • Bottle pictures, like printed bottle pictures, bottle bottom pictures, etc. With these bottle photos, we could know the bottle shapes and know whether our bottle printing machine is suitable to screen print it or not.
  • Your bottle printing capacity per day or per month. Then we could give advice of using a semi-automatic silk screen bottle printing machine or a fully automatic solution.

You are welcome to send us your bottle samples and we can help you to choose the correct machine or have a solution for your reference.

(Video) Hot Stamping Plastic Bottle,Embossing Plastic Bottle,Hot Foil Stamping Plastic Bottle

How to test the bottle screen printing equipment before order?

Making a good print demonstration is recommended before buying the automatic bottle screen printing machine. You can come to our factory and check the machine quality and print quality by yourself, then you will know how the bottle screen printing equipment running, how you want to change to meet your print requirements, or our standard bottle printing machine for sale is what you want exactly.

You can send us some bottle samples first and we will know if our machine is capable to print them. If need test on 1 color printing machine, will require around 300 bottles to make fixtures and running whole cycles on the machine, when the machine in 50ppm speed, it takes 5 minutes to finish the printing of the bottle.

Bottle Screen Printing Machines Applications

Silk Screen Printing on Custom Printed Water Bottles

The demand of custom printing machine are increasing. It seems everyone wants to see their name or logo in glitzy & cute glass water bottles, plastic water bottles. And they also want printing on steel bottles. They make beautiful personalized gifts too.
With our high-quality round bottle printing machine, we’re confident that you will make great sales for your water bottle business.

People want to print names on the water bottles and some even want to buy a personalized gifts printing machine. They are willing to pay a premium price for printed water bottles that’s not only high-quality but also aesthetically pleasing.
You need a glass & plastic bottle printing machine with high printing speeds and color durability.
ONCE TECH bottle printing machine manufacturer offers plastic & glass bottle screen printing machines that provide reliable operation and consistent results in challenging environments.

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