Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (2024)

Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (1)

Valorant Patch 8.11 brought a lot of amazing changes to the table, such as some powerful buffs, nerfs, and additional improvements to the game, and we're all excited to try everything that the new update has to offer. With Patches 8.09 and 8.10 being somewhat disappointing in terms of changes, Patch 8.11 is definitely one of the most promising ones so far.

It introduced some major buffs to Neon and Iso, and it reworked Reyna, Clove, and Raze. One of the most exciting aspects of Patch 8.11 is the new map that was added to the map pool, called Abyss. Now it's time to take a look at all the maps present in the current map pool and rank them from worst to best, so you can be well-prepared for your next match. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

  • Current Map Pool
  • Tier List Explanation
  • B-Tier Maps
  • A-Tier Maps
  • S-Tier Maps
  • Summary
  • Best Valorant Maps in Patch 8.11


Tier List Explanation

The 3tiers used to divide all Valorant mapsare the following:

  • B-Tier Solid maps with good size
  • A-Tier Great overall layout and strategic elements
  • S-Tier –The best maps in Valorant

The list ranks all Valorant mapsfrom worst to best, following the order with B-Tier maps, in this case, beingthe worst to S-Tier being the best. Now it's time to dive into the good stuff - details! Here's a detailed description of each Valorant map and its respective tier.

Valorant Patch 8.11 Current Map Pool

Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (2)

Valorant Patch 8.11 definitely did not disappoint in terms of maps. Some of the most significant changes that came with the new update are the introduction of the Abyss map and the removal of Split and Breeze. The two maps that are out of the pool are supposedly taken out for maintenance; however, Riot Games has yet to confirm whether we will be seeing them again in the next Valorant Patch. The current Valorant map pool contains:

  • Icebox
  • Lotus
  • Sunset
  • Abyss
  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Haven (Returning)

The seven maps currently present in the map pool are very different from one another. They vary in terms of layout, size, strategic elements, and general gameplay experience. It's also very important to adjust your Agent selection based on the map that you will be playing on, so let's take a look at each battlefield and the best Agents to play there.


Valorant Patch 8.11 B-Tier Maps


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (3)

The Icebox map is one of the hardest ones to get used to, and even seasoned Valorant players struggle to win there. It is full of unexpected angles, and although it's regarded as very tough, it's still a pretty balanced map with a lot of places to hide. The best advice for playing this map is to not panic. Pay attention to your surroundings, and you have a good chance of winning.


  • Sage, Omen, Jett


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (4)

Sunset is a good map that is relatively gimmick-free and very straightforward. It has the traditional three-lane layout, and mid-lane control is often crucial for victory. However, the lack of quirks and shortcuts is often seen as a drawback by Valorant players.


  • Sova, Jett, Brimstone


Valorant Patch 8.11 A-Tier Maps


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (5)

Lotus is a solid map with a beautiful layout. But you have to be careful! Don't get distracted by the breathtaking scenery, because there are countless spots that can cause trouble if you don't pay attention. Although all three spike sites are close to the Defender Spawn, the map is considered to be one of the most balanced battlefields by the Valorant community.


  • Killjoy, Raze, Breach


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (6)

The Abyss map is similar to Counter Strike's Vertigo; there are no walls on the outside perimeter, and you can easily fall off the side, so you have to be very careful when you move around. It is the first vertical map in Valorant, and it was released as part of the new Patch 8.11. Although it's a very exciting map that offers many opportunities for surprising the enemy, it might be difficult to navigate if you're not experienced enough.


  • Jett, Harbor, Omen


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (7)

The Bind map doesn't really have a middle point, so you have to choose either left or right. However, you can always use the teleporter to switch your location easily and quickly. The map offers endless unpredictable outcomes, and it's definitely one of the most versatile battlefields in the game.


  • Raze, Viper, Yoru, Gekko


Valorant Patch 8.11 S-Tier Maps


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (8)

Prepare for the return of Haven! This is one of the most popular maps in Valorant, and it's amazing for intense firefights. It is hands-down one of the most balanced maps that supports balanced games. It looks like a walled Japanese fortress, and it contains some of the best planting sites in Valorant.


  • Breach, Sova, Cypher


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (9)

Ascent is a great map that people fell in love with the moment it was released. It's definitely the map that feels the most like a Counter-Strike map, and it puts emphasis on mid-control. Don't hesitate to focus on gathering information while you're playing on the Ascent map; it will give you plenty of opportunities for victory.


  • Omen, Killjoy,Jett



Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (10)

It's important to note that Valorant is always changing and evolving, along with its tier lists. Each map in the game has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the developers have done their best to deliver balanced gameplay for all Valorant fans.

This tier list serves as guidance to make better decisions so you can climb to the top andrank up in Patch 8.11. Don't be afraid of playing on all the different maps that Valorant has to offer. After all, that's all part of the thrill! The good news is that now you have all the information you need to win every match.

Best Valorant Maps in Patch 8.11

Enjoy our take on the rankings, and be aware that the ratings may vary in different lists. Now it's time to take a look at our shortsummary of the best maps in Valorant Patch 8.11!

B-TierIcebox, Sunset
A-TierLotus, Abyss, Bind
S-TierHaven, Ascent

Have fun and good luck on your next adventure! For more information about Valorant, you can check out this article.


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List (2024)


Valorant Patch 8.11 Maps Tier List? ›

Map rotations are used in Competitive, Premier and Deathmatch, keeping seven maps in the pool at once and disabling all other maps from appearing.

What is the best agent in Valorant right now? ›

Valorant S-Tier Agents
  • Jett. If you love action, Jett is your agent. ...
  • Omen. Omen has gained popularity during the last few patches. ...
  • Sage. For obvious reasons, Sage will always be among the best Valorant agents – unless she gets a massive nerf in the upcoming future. ...
  • Neon. ...
  • Gekko. ...
  • Phoenix. ...
  • Sova. ...
  • Breach.
Jun 11, 2024

What is the map rotation in Valorant? ›

Map rotations are used in Competitive, Premier and Deathmatch, keeping seven maps in the pool at once and disabling all other maps from appearing.

Who is the best agent for Ascent? ›

Ascent map best agents

Omen is a fantastic pick for Ascent due to his ability to close off spaces and keep enemies from choosing their own path. He's a great ally in controlling mid, while the rest of the team push.

What is the name of the new Valorant map? ›

Thankfully, we don't have to wonder when the Abyss map will be added to the map rotation. It will be released as a part of the new Valorant Patch 8.11, coming on June 11, 2024. Now that we have the details surrounding the new map, Valorant fans were quick to express their excitement on various platforms.

Who is Agent 1 in Val? ›


Who is the #1 Valorant player? ›

Global Leaderboard
RankPlayer nameK/R
4ZOL JoshF0.8
57 more rows

Why was Pearl removed from Valorant? ›

They mentioned how the Overwatch community disliked the idea, ultimately leading to its removal. MetalSandwiches simply wants to experience all the maps available in Valorant and finds the limited pool frustrating. Similarly, Sweet_Application529 shared their frustration with the randomization of maps.

What is the smallest Valorant map? ›

All Valorant Maps: Key Takeaways

Lotus is the smallest Valorant map. Breeze is the largest Valorant map. Pearl has the simplest and most traditional layout. Icebox and Breeze are currently out of the active Valorant map rotation.

Was haven removed from Valorant? ›

Summary. Players miss the balanced gameplay of Haven and feel disappointed by its removal. Some suggest implementing map bans or bringing back older maps to diversify the gameplay experience. There is a sentiment that the current map pool lacks variety and balance, highlighting the need for changes.

Is Raze the best agent? ›

Another option in this category is Raze. The Brazilian bomb-lover scores even higher than Jett in terms of pure damage, but for the element of surprise needed to do that damage, she's just a little too dependent on her blast packs to really come close to the qualities of her South Korean colleague.

Who is the best agent to unlock in Valorant? ›

Skye and Killjoy are the best Valorant Agents to unlock first for beginners. Phoenix and Reyna are the best Valorant Agents for aggressive playstyles. Sage, Skye, or Brimstone are the best Valorant agents for supportive playstyles.

What map did Valorant remove? ›

BREEZE and SPLIT have been removed from the above map pools. Stage E8A3 playoffs for Premier will have the E8A3 map pool: BIND, LOTUS, ASCENT, SUNSET, BREEZE, SPLIT, and ICEBOX. Week 6 of Premier will still be played on SPLIT.

What is the old name for Valorant? ›

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Windows. Teased under the codename Project A in October 2019, the game began a closed beta period with limited access on April 7, 2020, followed by a release on June 2, 2020.

Is Haven in Unrated? ›

Players express delight in being able to enjoy maps like Pearl, Fracture, and Haven in unrated games. The inclusion of all 11 maps has revitalized the gameplay experience, making each match feel fresh and exciting.

What is the number 1 rank in Valorant? ›

Valorant Rank Distribution
1KRÜ keznitdeuS #JEKERadiant
2heat #carolRadiant
3poppinsguide com #BUYRadiant
4M80 Zander #swagRadiant
91 more rows

Who is the current best Valorant team? ›

TeamTotal PointsStage 1 Challengers Playoffs
1 OpTic Gaming750
2 The Guard200
3 Cloud95050
4 XSET4545
8 more rows

Who should I main in Valorant? ›

There's a right Valorant agent for everyone. If you're confident in your aim, opt for Jett or Chamber. But, if you're a master of strategy and cunning, Cypher or Killjoy will let your genius shine through.

Is Breach the best agent? ›

A skilled Breach can demolish the enemy team with meticulous flashes and careful concusses. He is a solid pick on every map but specializes in closer-range maps such as Bind and Split.

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