Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2022 - Liberty Nation (2023)

Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2022 - Liberty Nation (1)

After a year that saw news and media sites take a big hit from the public over spin, bias, and poor coverage, many are searching for solid conservative sites that can be relied upon to keep both the “clickbait” and the fake news to a minimum. With so many news sites available, sorting the good from the bad and the downright ugly gets tricky. But fear not. We want to welcome you tothe most popular Top 20 on the web: Liberty Nation’sTop 20 Conservative News Sites to read in 2022.

Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2022 - Liberty Nation (2)For the last three years,LNhas generated the most wildly successful list of news sites conservative folks are actually reading. Our scoreboard remains the number one DuckDuckGo search result for Top Conservative News sites. And 2022 looks like it’s going to continue from strength to strength.

This Top 20 is not based on Alexa rankings, nor is it just a list favored by LN News; it’s much, much more. The LN methodology involves extensive polling of conservative readers, coupled with input from Liberty Nation authors. Our algorithm factors in last year’s results to ensure balance and to reflect changes over time.

We believe this Top 20 represents the most accurate reflection of the top news sites being read and enjoyed by conservatives on the internet.

Unlike many lists out in the Wild West of the web,Liberty Nation’sis not based purely on how many hits the site receives. Without sounding too imperious, we like to say “clickbait factories” need not apply. Instead, our Top 20 represents sites with a combination of talent, style, readability, analysis, and provocative thought. We believe conservative readers are an intelligent group, where spin is unnecessary.

Without further ado, we proudly present our countdown ofLiberty Nation’sTop 20 Conservative News Sites to Read in 2022!


Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2022 - Liberty Nation (3)# 1 The Federalist –

(Video) Conservative group 'Moms for Liberty' host national summit advocating for parents' rights

Its second year at the top of the list, The Federalist is a powerhouse of conservative thought with superb writers. Rather than focus on breaking news, this site is a bastion of depth, breadth, and analysis. If you’re looking for rational and logical refutations of the leftist worldview, this is an excellent place to start.

# 2 The Epoch Times –

Epoch continues its rise in the rankings after appearing for the first time last year in sixth position. The site offers the whole package: breaking news, analysis, opinion, and some exclusive shows. Although Epoch’s digital site has a bit of a tangled and overcrowded look, readers appreciate its voluminous content that carries with it considerable original reporting.

# 3 Breitbart –

Breitbart is the go-to site for ample coverage of all things political and cultural. It has built a well-earned reputation for its bold style and out-of-the-box conservative/libertarian thought and is the flagship of in-your-face conservative commentary. Breitbart pulls few punches, earning it the eternal contempt of the left – which its writers and editors consider a badge of honor, no doubt.

# 4 American Thinker –

With no-holds-barred deep dives into interactive topics of national security, diplomacy, economic policy, and more, American Thinker has become a staple for those who want more than just surface-level coverage of stories important to conservatives.

# 5 Townhall –

Townhall offers a wide variety of content from notable free-market figures and is considered a must for conservative news junkies seeking reliable coverage of the big issues. It is a classic oldie, but goodie.

# 6 Liberty Nation –

Liberty Nationpresents a full multi-media site, expanding its offerings beyond articles to an extensive array of high-quality videos, podcasts, and a nationally syndicated radio show.Liberty Nationoffers original conservative content not found elsewhere by employing a bodacious, entertaining, and informative writing style.

(Video) DeSantis speaks at Moms for Liberty summit, lauding parental rights

# 7 Just The News –

Still a relative newcomer, award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon’s Just The News continues to make gains. Jumping seven places on the scoreboard, this site has excellent reporting, superb coverage, and a fast-growing media presence – all in a tidy format that is up-to-date and easy to navigate.

# 8 The Gateway Pundit –

Gateway Pundit has a well-earned reputation for offering fresh angles on old news and unveiling stories hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. It’s a go-to site that is certainly one to keep watching in the future.

# 9 PJ Media –

PJM is a casual, entertaining, and thought-provoking site that covers not only politics and culture but also delves into subjects such as faith and parenting. This site doesn’t hold back in going after the left – and it does so in an entertaining and often engaging manner.

# 10 The Washington Examiner –

Hard-hitting news and commentary with a distinctly conservative slant, The Washington Examiner makes its first appearance on the Liberty Nation scoreboard. An easy-to-navigate site, it offers print and digital editions that have become a staple for conservative readers.

# 11 ZeroHedge –

Offering a mix of finance, economics, and politics, ZeroHedge is one of the leaders in the conservative and libertarian markets. With spicy takes, solid data on investing and more than a little humor, this site is a popular resource with a growing audience.

# 12 The American Spectator* –

(Video) DeSantis speaks at Moms for Liberty event in Tampa

A longtime leader in conservative thought, The American Spectator offers up content that is at once strikingly original, thought-provoking, plain-spoken, and often satirical. Conservative readers continue to applaud the Spectator for its high-quality content.

# 13 Reason –

This libertarian site tied to the Reason Foundation covers politics and culture – and a good deal of humor in its videos – through an ideologically consistent lens of individual liberty and the free market.

# 14 The Washington Times* –

A tried and true lifeline for the die-hard conservatives living in and around D.C., WT has rightly been recognized as a stalwart of contrarian opinion coupled with solid journalism. Its slogan says it all: Reliable reporting, the right opinion. A site that continues to deliver.

# 15 Judicial Watch –

Judicial Watch is perhaps best known for its aggressive pursuit of official wrongdoers. It offers a superb example of a site that does not necessarily attract the most viewers but provides exceptional content that our writers and readers value and therefore rate highly.

# 16 National Review* –

Founded by William F. Buckley Jr. in 1955, National Review has been at the forefront of conservative thought for more than 60 years. It has long been an innovator in the industry, offering both print and digital editions. With solid writing and enjoyable observations on culture, the Review is one of the leading lights for those who prefer their news with a little more weight as befits that old fashioned Buckley gravitas.

# 17 Real Clear Politics –

Providing the very best and up-to-date information on national and local polling, coupled with a selection of keen analytical articles, Real Clear Politics is an absolute must for those wanting to stay ahead of the political curve.

(Video) Kid Rock - We The People (Official Video)

# 18 One America News Network –

One America News Network is a firm favorite with conservatives. Offering thoughtful television programs and a companion news site, its growth over the last two years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

# 19 Media Research Center –

Comprising CNS News, NewsBusters, and more, MRC tracks the living pulse of modern media by creating videos, articles, and podcasts that target egregious bias with comprehensive analysis.

# 20 The Western Journal –

With a range of political coverage and a heavy focus on breaking news, The Western Journal is a reliable source for finding out what’s happening in D.C. and around the country.

* The Washington Times, National Review, and The American Spectator have a limit to the number of free articles you can read before requiring a subscription.

LibertyNation.comauthors participating in this survey: Tim Donner, Mark Angelides, Scott D. Cosenza, Jeff Charles, and Graham J. Noble.

Top Conservative News Sites to Read in 2022 - Liberty Nation (4)

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  • The Babylon Bee.
  • Big League Politics.
  • Breitbart News.
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What is the name of the conservative newspaper? ›

The Washington Times holds a conservative political stance.

Are Republicans conservative? ›

The Republican Party has generally associated with socially conservative policies, although it does have dissenting centrist and libertarian factions. Social conservatives advocate for laws that uphold traditional family values, often rooted in Christianity.

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Is Washington Post Democrat or Republican? ›

The Post editorial board endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012; Hillary Clinton in 2016; and Joe Biden for 2020. While the newspaper predominantly endorses Democrats in congressional, state, and local elections, it has occasionally endorsed Republican candidates.

Is The Times a conservative newspaper? ›

In general, the political position of The Times is considered to be centre-right. Political parties: Conservative Party (2010-present)

Is Texas a conservative state? ›

Texas remains a majority Republican state as of 2022, with Republicans controlling every statewide office, Republican majorities in the State House and Senate, an entirely Republican Texas Supreme Court, and having two Republican Senators in US Congress.

Is Florida Republican? ›

In 2021, Democrats registered 35.6%, Republicans 35.9%, and 28.5% other.

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The council is officially nonpartisan; however, all but one current council members and the mayor are affiliated with the Democratic Party.

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