Top 10 Meat Companies Worldwide (2023)

The global meat market reached a value of US$ 1.33 Trillion in 2021. Meat refers to the flesh or edible parts of animals and birds, including chicken, goats, turkey, rabbits, pigs, and cows, consumed as food and used as an ingredient in various dishes. It is rich in essential minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, and bioactive compounds. It offers several health benefits, such as strengthening bones, regulating blood sugar levels, and enhancing heart health, brain function, and metabolism.

As per the analysis by the IMARC Group, the top companies in the meat industry are adopting innovative processing technologies and ingredient systems, including pascalization and direct genetic manipulation. They are also employing advanced technologies like robotics for meat processing to automate butchering, cutting, and monitoring processes to prevent contamination, improve production efficiency, and reduce cycle time. In addition, the leading players are launching new and healthier meat products with lower sodium, cholesterol, and fat contents. They are utilizing high pressured, electrolyzed oxidizing water with antimicrobials, irradiation, and surface sanitizers to extend the shelf life and enhance the product quality. Moreover, several advancements in packaging, such as the use of gold nanoparticles and sensors integrated with enzymes for microbial detection, gas sensing, and product spoilage indications, have propelled the market growth. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market value to reach US$ 1.61 Trillion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.10% during 2022-2027.

Top 10 Meat Companies Worldwide (1)

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BRF S.A. is one of the leading food processor companies in Latin America, formed through the merger between Sadia and Perdigao in 2013. The company is engaged in producing and distributing fresh and frozen meat products, including beef, turkey, chicken, specialty meats, frozen prepared entrees, and portioned products. It also offers animal feed, butter, cream cheese, margarine, sandwiches, and plant-based products sold under several brands, such as Perdigao, Chester, Sadia, Quality, and Perdix. BRF primarily functions through Brazil, International, and other business segments. Furthermore, it operates its own animal-feed units, farms, slaughterhouses, incubators, and processing plants.

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Cargill, Incorporated

Establishment: 1865
Headquarter:Minnesota, United States

Cargill, Inc. is a privately-held producer and marketer of food and agricultural, financial, and industrial goods and services. It operates through four business segments, namely animal nutrition and protein, food ingredients and applications, origination and processing, and industrial and financial services. Some of its major businesses include trading, purchasing, and distributing feed, energy, and agricultural commodities. The company markets these products under several brands, such as Nature Fresh, Gemini, Seeker, Rath, Sunflower, Provimi, Purina, Citura, and Cargill. The company also offers farmer services, animal nutrition, biofuels, risk management solutions, and other industrial products.

Clemens Food Group

Headquarters: United States

Clemens Food Group is a leading family-owned, vertically coordinated company that provides hog farming and pork goods production, logistics, and transportation services for the retail, food service, and manufacturing sectors. It has a diverse product portfolio comprising bacon, scrapple, deli ham, pork tenderloin, and breakfast and specialty sausages. Some of its major brands include Hatfield Quality Meats, Prima Porta, Butcher Wagon, Red’s Legendary, Nick’s Sausage Company, PV Transport, CFC Logistics, and Clemens Development. The company sells its products through grocers in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Conagra Brands Inc.

Headquarters: United States

Conagra Brands Inc. is a US-based holding company that manufactures and markets processed and packaged goods for retail consumers, institutions, restaurants, and other foodservice suppliers. Its primary business units are Grocery and Snacks, Refrigerated and Frozen, International, and Foodservice. The company provides meat snacks, meals, entrees, condiments, specialty potatoes, milled grain ingredients, and dehydrated vegetables and seasoning. It sells its products through grocery stores, mass merchandise, and club stores under several brands, including Banquet, Reddi-Wip, Duke’s, Earth Balance, BOOMCHICKAPOP, Birds Eye, Vlasic, Slim Jim, Angie’s, Health Choice, and Gardein.

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Hormel Foods Corporation

Headquarter: Minnesota, United States

Hormel Foods Corporation (HRL) is a leading company engaged in producing consumer-branded meat and poultry products. It operates through grocery products, refrigerated foods, Jennie-o turkey store, and international and other business units. The company sells various perishable and shelf-stable products, including fresh meats, frozen items, sausages, hams, refrigerated meal solutions, guacamoles, canned luncheon meats, nuts, and stews. Apart from this, it is also involved in marketing, processing, and selling branded and unbranded pork, turkey, poultry, supplements, and nutritional food products. HRL primarily sells these items under the Planters, NUT-rition, Planters Cheez Balls, Corn Nuts, Hormel Natural Choice, Herdez, and Columbus brands via sales personnel, distributors, and independent brokers.


Headquarter: Brazil

JBS S.A. is engaged in processing and exporting animal protein products, including beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. Its extensive product portfolio comprises fresh and frozen meats, convenience food items, prepared meals, and dairy and value-added food products. The company also sells collagen, hygiene and cleaning products, metal packaging, natural casings for cold nuts, leather, packaging, transportation, biodiesel, and waste management solutions that promote sustainability along with the entire business value chain. These activities are primarily divided into five business segments, namely Brazil, Seara, JBS USA Beef, JBS USA Pork, and PPC. Some of JBS’s brands include Seara, Pilgrim’s, Gold Kist Farms, Cabana Las Lilas, Friboi, Maturatta, Seift, and Primo.

Minerva Foods SA

Establishment: 1957
Headquarter: Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil

Minerva Foods SA is a leader in producing and selling fresh beef and its byproducts, live cattle exports, and beef processing in South America. The company manufactures healthy and nutritious products and sells them to its customers globally in around 100 countries. It owns and operates 25 slaughtering and deboning plants, three processing plants, 14 distribution centers, and 16 international offices worldwide. Minerva Foods has an extensive and customized portfolio of quality products and invests in the modernization of its industrial units and strategic acquisitions.

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NH Foods Ltd.

Headquarter: Japan

Nippon Ham (NH) Foods Ltd. is a leading food processing conglomerate that produces, sells, and offers packaging services for beef, pork, sausages, ham, and dairy products. It primarily operates through the processing, meat, associated company, and overseas business units. The processing segment manufactures and sells sausages, hams, and other processed meat food items, whereas the meat segment is involved in breeding cattle, pigs, and broilers. On the other hand, the last two business units are engaged in the production and marketing of dairy and aquatic products and managing their subsidiaries.

Sysco Corporation

Headquarter: United States

Systems and Services Company (Sysco Corporation) primarily markets and distributes food products to the food service industry. Some of its products include meat, seafood, canned foods, dairy items, fruits, vegetables, and beverages. It also sells various non-food items, such as personal care amenities, housekeeping supplies, kitchen equipment, and textile, to hospitals, schools, hotels and industrial caterers. Sysco functions through the US Foodservice Operations, International Foodservice Operations, SYGMA, and other segments. Moreover, the organization acquired three major companies, namely Armstrong Produce, J. Kings Food Service Professionals, and Kula Produce, in 2019.

Tyson Foods

Headquarters: United States

Tyson Foods Inc. is involved in the production of processed foods with its integrated operations comprising contract farmers, breeding stock, feed production, processing, marketing, and transporting chicken and meat-based products. The company primarily operates through the Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Prepared food segments. The chicken unit involves all the domestic operations of raising and processing chicken into fresh, frozen, and value-added products. The beef and pork segments oversee stages related to processing live-fed cattle and market hogs and putting dressed beef and pork carcasses into meat cuts and case-ready items. Besides this, the prepared food unit produces and sells frozen food products and logistics services to grocery retailers, meat distributors, military commissaries, industrial food processing companies, distributors, and chain restaurants. Moreover, Tyson encompasses numerous brands under its umbrella, such as Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Wright, Ball Park, and State Fair.

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WH Group

Establishment: 1958
Headquarters: Hong Kong

WH Group Limited is a publicly-traded, China-based multinational meat and food processing company. Its activities primarily include a line of consolidated pork business, including hog production, hog slaughtering and processing, packaged meat, and the distribution of fresh pork. The company is also engaged in manufacturing and selling packaging materials, producing flavoring ingredients, formulating biological pharmaceutical materials, and providing logistic services. WH, along with its subsidiaries, functions through packaged meats, fresh pork, and other segments. Some of its prominent brands include Smithfield, Gwaltney, Eckrich, John Morrel, and Farmland.

Vion Food Group

Establishment: 1934
Headquarter: Boxtel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Vion Food Group is an international producer of meat, meat products, and plant-based alternatives. The company primarily operates through four business units, namely pork, beef, food service, and retail. It has a diverse product portfolio comprising fresh pork, beef, plant-based alternatives, and derived products for retail, foodservice, and processed meat sectors. Currently, it owns 26 production sites in Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, along with 13 sales support offices across the globe

About IMARC Group:IMARC Group is a leading market research and consulting company that offers management strategy and market research worldwide. The company has done multiple projects on the meatmarket, which has enabled clients to set up and expand their businesses successfully.

Some of the company’s offerings include:

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  • MarketResearch
  • Plant setup
  • Plant Expansion
  • Marketing and sales
  • Procurement and Distribution
  • Innovation and Product Development


Who is the biggest meat company in the world? ›

JBS USA is the American offshoot of Brazilian meat producers JBS S.A. Across all of the JBS operations, they are the largest meat producer in the world. Their products include boxed beef, ground beef, fresh pork, bacon, poultry, lamb, seafood, meat-based snack foods, and even plant-based protein.

What company produces the most meat? ›

The 2018 Top 100 Meat & Poultry Processors
RankCompanyNo. of Employees
1 2017: 2JBS USA Holdings Inc. Greeley, Colo. Andre Nogueira, President/CEO73,000
2 2017: 1Tyson Foods Inc. Springdale, Ark. Tom Hayes, President/CEO122,000
3 2017: 3Cargill Meat Solutions Corp. Wichita, Kan. Brian Sikes, Corporate Vice President28,000
32 more rows

Which company uses most beef? ›

In the US, meat processing is in the hands of a few corporations. For beef, it is JBS, Tyson, Cargill and Marfrig that together control 85 percent of the market.

What are the 4 major meat companies? ›

The four major meat conglomerates are JBS Foods, Tyson Foods, Cargill and Marfrig. They are the middlemen in 55% to 85% of all the beef, pork and poultry sold in the U.S., according to White House analysis released in November 2021. They buy livestock, slaughter it and process the meat, and sell it to retailers.

What is the number 1 meat in the world? ›

1. Pork. Pork, the meat from hogs, or domestic swine, is the most consumed animal in the world at 36% (Source: UN-FAO). Pork is commonly thought of as white meat, but it is actually classified as red meat by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

What are the 4 companies that control most of the meat supply? ›

The four major meat companies in the U.S.—Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef Packing—control 55% to 85% of the hog, cattle, and chicken markets.

Who is the biggest beef producer in the world? ›

The world's largest beef and buffalo meat producer is the United States, producing 12-13 million tonnes. Other major producers are the European Union, Brazil and China, followed by India, Argentina, Australia and Mexico.

Which country is largest supplier of meat? ›

International trade

In 2022, Brazil and the United States were forecasted to be the top exporters of beef and veal, with an export volume of 2.6 million and 1.5 million metric tons of beef and veal, respectively.

What are the 3 top meat producing countries? ›

Largest Meat-Producing Nations In The World
RankCountryLivestock Primary In Tonnes
3United States46,832,946
45 more rows
28 May 2020

Who sells the most beef in the world? ›

The United States accounts for roughly 19% of the world's beef production. More... The United States is the largest producer of beef in the world followed by Brazil, European Union, China and India.

Who is the largest beef consumer? ›

Today, Argentina eats the most beef and veal, about 39.9 kilograms per person every year.

Who is the biggest buyer of beef? ›

China accounts for roughly 30% of world's beef imports

China was the largest beef importer in the world in 2020 followed by the United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Five (5) countries imported more than 1 billion pounds of beef in 2020: China, United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

What are the 4 companies that control 80% of beef supply? ›

Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef, for example, control about 80 percent (more than 25 million pounds) of the U.S. beef supply to the wholesale market.

What 4 companies control the beef industry? ›

Some 74% of beef slaughter is controlled by four companies: Tyson, JBS, Cargill, and National Beef (majority owned by Marfrig). But concentration in the beef industry looks different than in other forms of animal agriculture.

What is the most popular meat product? ›

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world (36%) followed by poultry (33%), beef (24%), and goats/sheep (5%).

What are the top 10 meats? ›

Pork, beef, horse, deer, lamb, rabbit, goose, duck, and Turkey are all more delicious than chicken! Pork has some great flavour alone, it's full of rich meat contains not much fat when cooked.

What is the richest meat in the world? ›

Produced in Japan and prized for its rich marbling and buttery taste, high-grade wagyu can cost up to $200 per pound, and the cows themselves can sell for as much as $30,000. But what is it that makes the meat so expensive? The term wagyu literally translates to Japanese cow.

Do Muslims eat pork? ›

The prohibition of pork in Islam may be found and mentioned directly in four chapter of Qur'an, i.e.: Al-Baqarah (2:173), Al-Ma'idah (5:3), Al-An'am (6:145), and Al-Nahl (16:115). From this four verses one can say that pork is totally prohibited in Islam to Muslim and non-Muslims as well.

Does China own US meat processing plants? ›

Smithfield Foods, Inc., is a China-owned pork producer and food-processing company based in Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States, and an independent subsidiary of WH Group.
Smithfield Foods.
Key peopleShane Smith (CEO)
ProductsMeat processing Pork products
16 more rows

Who supplies the US with beef? ›

The United States has imported the most beef from Canada so far in 2022 followed by Mexico and Brazil. U.S. beef imports from Brazil are up 91% so far in 2022. U.S. beef imports from Mexico are up 17% so far in 2022.

Who monopolized the meat industry? ›

Tyson Foods, Cargill and two owned by Brazilian corporations, National Beef Packing Company and JBS. In 1977, the Big Four, as they're commonly called, owned just 25% of the market. Many mergers later, the Big Four now control 85% of all meat packing in America. Cattle beef are a $67 billion industry in the U.S.

What are the top 10 beef producing countries? ›

Top 10 cattle and beef producing countries
1United States12,384
6 more rows

Which country is famous for meat? ›

Spain. Spain is probably the most famous country in the world for its meat dishes.

Which meat is the best meat? ›

Liver, particularly beef liver, is one of the most nutritious meats you can eat. It's a great source of high-quality protein; vitamins A, B12, B6; folic acid; iron; zinc; and essential amino acids.

Which country is No 1 in beef Export 2022? ›

Brazil is projected to be the largest beef exporting country again in 2022 with exports forecast to increase 12.1% year-over-year. Brazil has been the largest beef exporting country for the last five years consecutively and the largest in 14 of last 20 years after first becoming the largest exporting country in 2004.

Is India No 1 in beef export? ›

Since the nineteenth century, the population has grown dramatically, as has the proportion of the population who consumes meat. As a result, India is one of the world's biggest exporters of beef.

What country produces the most beef 2022? ›

Global beef and veal leading producing countries 2021 & 2022

In 2022, Brazil was forecasted to produce some 9.85 million metric tons of beef and veal, making the country the second largest producer of beef worldwide, following only the United States.

Which meat industry is the fastest growing worldwide? ›

Pigmeat is the most popular meat globally, but the production of poultry is increasing most rapidly. 80 billion animals are slaughtered each year for meat.

Who export the most food? ›

Top 10 Export Markets for U.S. Prepared Food*
Top 10 Export Markets for U.S. Prepared Food* (values in million USD)
Korea, South483501
9 more rows

What country buys the most US beef? ›

U.S. beef exports up 6% in 2022

The United States has exported the most beef so far in 2022 to Japan followed by South Korea and China.

Who exports the most beef to China? ›

Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Australia are the top four suppliers to China, followed by New Zealand and Canada.

Which country eats most red meat? ›

Top Red Meat Consuming Countries
RankCountryAnnual Red Meat Consumption Per Capita (in kg)
4United States24.50
6 more rows

Which country eats less meat? ›

Countries with the highest yearly meat consumption per-capita are Austria, Spain, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Portugal. In contrast, the average annual per capita meat consumption is least in Albania, Turkey, Moldova, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Which country eats less beef? ›

Bangladesh is the least meat consuming country in the world.
Countries Who Consume the Least Meat.
RankCountryMeat Consumed in Kilograms Per Person (Source: FAO of the UN)
4Sri Lanka6.3
26 more rows
1 Aug 2017

Who owns the most cows in the world? ›

India had the largest cattle inventory in the world in 2021 followed by Brazil and China. India's cattle's inventory was reported at 305.5 million head in 2021, accounting for roughly 30% of the world's inventory. India, Brazil and China accounted for roughly 65% of the world's cattle inventory in 2021.

What are the top 5 meats? ›

Top 10 Most Consumed Meats In The World
  • Chicken. Chicken consumption is increasing faster than any other meat in the globe, whereas pork consumption is declining in even its most popular areas. ...
  • Pork. ...
  • Beef. ...
  • Lamb Meat. ...
  • Goat Meat. ...
  • Turkey. ...
  • Duck. ...
  • Buffalo.
13 Aug 2021

What are the 4 companies that control 80 of beef supply? ›

Cargill, Tyson Foods, JBS, and National Beef, for example, control about 80 percent (more than 25 million pounds) of the U.S. beef supply to the wholesale market.

What are 3 of the most famous plant based meat brands? ›

Who Are the Leaders in Plant-Based Meat?
  • Amy's Kitchen. Amy's Kitchen is known for its frozen entrees and prepared foods, many of which are fully plant-based and contain vegan meats. ...
  • Beyond Meat. ...
  • Impossible Foods. ...
  • Kellogg. ...
  • Maple Leaf Foods. ...
  • Pinnacle Foods. ...
  • Quorn Foods. ...
  • Sunfed.
24 Sept 2021

What is the most eaten meat in the world 2022? ›

As The Cold Wire notes, chicken remains the most consumed meat in the world, ahead of pork, beef, lamb, goat, turkey, duck, buffalo, goose, and rabbit (in that order).

Who is the biggest importer of beef? ›

For 2022, the largest importers including China/HK, U.S., Japan and South Korea are forecast to account for 65 percent of global beef imports. Other significant beef importing countries include Chile, U.K., E.U., Egypt, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Who is the number 1 exporter of beef? ›

In 2021, the United States was the largest exporter of beef worldwide with exports amounting to a value of 9.3 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Brazil, with eight billion dollars.
Trade value of leading beef exporters worldwide in 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)*
CharacteristicExports in billion U.S. dollars
12 more rows
15 Aug 2022

What are the top 3 quality grades of beef? ›

They have been used by the beef industry since 1927. The first three quality grades — Prime, Choice and Select — are the most commonly recognized by consumers and are considered food-grade labels by USDA.

What is the best meat cow? ›

5 Best Breeds of Beef Cattle
  • Angus.
  • Hereford.
  • Gelbvieh.
  • Limousin.
  • Simmental.
6 Jun 2022

What's fake meat called? ›

Vegan meat — also called faux, fake, mock, meat analogs, or plant proteins — are products that mimic certain qualities of animal-based meat like textures, flavor, or appearance, for example. They are made from a variety of ingredients such as soy, textured vegetable protein, or wheat gluten, to name a few.

What company makes fake meat? ›

Beyond Meat, Inc. is a Los Angeles–based producer of plant-based meat substitutes founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown. The company's initial products were launched in the United States in 2012. Beyond Meat, Inc.


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