Top 10 Magazines for Food Lovers (2023)

Top 10 Magazines for Food Lovers (1)

Food magazines are packed with inspiring recipes and foolproof techniques to prepare sumptuous home-cooked meals. While there are scores of different magazines being published and sold, here’s Buzzle’s list of the top 10.

“For a growing number of Americans, cooking, an activity that was once an obligation, has become a spectator sport.”
New York Times (1989)

With free recipes being shared all across the Internet today, food magazines have seen a decline in their popularity and sales. At a time when the Internet hadn’t seen the light of day, these magazines were what kept food lovers going. With all their delectable delights adorning the pages, people would simply find themselves eagerly waiting for the next issue. However, today the scene is very different.

No longer do common folks shell out money on magazines. Most people prefer to browse the Internet for recipes and tips. Nevertheless, a small percentage of people still value the golden information passed on in magazines. Devoted food lovers prize the information offered by expert chefs and culinary geniuses. So, which are these magazines that food lovers can’t do without? Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Popular Food Magazines

There are plenty of reliable magazines being published and sold all across the US today; however, let’s take a look at the top 10 magazines for food lovers in the US today.

Taste of Home
With over 3 million subscribers, it is touted to be America’s #1 cooking magazine. Currently belonging to The Reader’s Digest Association, this popularly loved magazine takes you through a culinary road trip with numerous real home cooks. The recipes given in this magazine have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to work! The magazine not only provides scores of different recipes, but also provides numerous ways to prepare meals on a budget, various ideas about food gifts, etc.

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If you’re unsure about this magazine, just opt for the free issue, and only if you’re satisfied with the magazine, you should go in for the yearly subscription. Taste of Home provides umpteen offers and discounts. Browse through their website, and keep a tab of their offers. There’s also the option of receiving emails and updates about the latest offers. Their ‘Gift of Taste of Home’ is also great, wherein you can gift your loved ones a year-long subscription of this amazing magazine. It’s a great gift not just for moms and grandmas, but anybody who’s simply addicted to cooking!


Cooking Light
With obesity being a leading problem these days, eating healthy and staying fit has taken first priority. Understanding this need of the masses, Cooking Light is a magazine that focuses on healthy eating, and has a subscriber base of over 1.8 million. The magazine comprises delectable delights that satiate the palate, without adding to the waistline. By subscribing to it, you can learn the art of low-fat cooking and incorporate it into your daily lives. The recipes are great, although some of the ingredients used may be difficult to get hold of.

Besides providing insight on low-calorie meals, it also gives tips on smart shopping, and even has a helpful ‘dining out’ guide! It also contains sections on fitness and general nutrition advice. The recipes given are extremely helpful during the holidays, because it teaches you how to prepare various goodies that aren’t loaded with calories. So, if you’re looking to prepare nutritious, yet flavorful meals for you and your family, this magazine is definitely the one!


Every Day with Rachael Ray
This magazine authored by America’s celebrity chef, Rachael Ray, has a subscriber base of over 1.7 million. Rachael Ray is known for her 30-minute meals, which you can learn from her magazines. It also provides meal planners, which help you plan dinners for the entire week. This helps us remain organized and fit through a hectic week.

The recipes are explained in a simple manner, such that even a novice can prepare the dish with ease. The magazine is perfect for all those trying to prepare a quick, yet delicious meal through the week. Rachael Ray also provides insight on how to entertain. You will also find lots of information about menu ideas, games, décor ideas, etc., for all kinds of parties. She also gives recipes for pet treats! However, with all the fancy talk about throwing parties, their themes, etc., you may find the focus shifting away from food. Nevertheless, the magazine is a lovely all-rounder!


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Food Network Magazine
With a subscriber base of over 1.6 million, this is another magazine that is loved by many food enthusiasts. If you’re into trying out new dishes, cuisines, etc., and just love trying out things differently, this magazine is meant for you. Moreover, it is a rostrum for great men and women of the culinary world. You will also be given a sneak peek into their kitchens, and you can learn from their experiences.

The Food Network magazine does not confine itself to recipes. It also showcases information about various food ingredients, restaurant reviews, kitchen tools, etc. The recipe index given at the beginning contains the name and photograph of the recipe, which makes locating dishes easy. Although this food guide has numerous devoted subscribers, some say the recipes aren’t creative enough, and a lot of focus is given to the star chefs in the magazine.


Bon Appétit
This trendy magazine has a subscriber base of over 1.5 million. Besides offering a large number of innovative recipes and kitchen tips, Bon Appétit is known for its pop culture style and entertaining articles in the ‘Trends + News’ section. Articles like brewing beer in space, playlist information, and so on, keep the readers interested in the same.

Bon Appétit also features interesting competitions, including asking subscribers to cook the recipe on the cover page and send photographs of the same. Their ‘Callout to Readers’ section is quite interesting and encourages interaction between the food editors and subscribers. This section also encourages other readers to try out the same dish.


Kraft Food & Family
Published quarterly, this magazine has a subscriber base of over a million. It used to be free; however, today subscribers have to pay a nominal charge to get a copy in their mail. However, the email version is still free. The 60 – 70 page food guide contains several interesting and appealing recipes that call for fewer ingredients. Food is the focus of this magazine, which is what the reader is looking for.

Besides recipes, you will also find information about entertaining, budgeting, etc. Moreover, you can also learn about various quick and easy meals from their Timesaver section. Another highlight of this magazine is its coupons! Various coupons have been scattered throughout the magazine, which help readers avail discounts for several Kraft products.



Food & Wine
The Food & Wine magazine is subscribed by 9,50,000 paid subscribers, and as the name suggests, it focuses on food and wine. It’s a magazine for the elite, contains recipes with exquisite ingredients, and is generally the kind a gourmet would prefer. If you’re looking for fancy dinners, wine pairing information, cocktail recipes, etc., this is the magazine for you.

Average families looking for healthy, nutritious meals may seem disappointed with the magazine. Nevertheless, travelers and wine lovers are sure to enjoy the articles published in here. It provides information about different tourist places with various restaurants you can dine in. Thus, the magazine targets gourmets and travel enthusiasts!


Cook’s Illustrated
Since this magazine does not have advertisements, its product (cookware, kitchen equipment, and supermarket ingredients) reviews are more reliable, as the magazine is not bound to speak highly of a certain product because of its ties with the company. The recipes given here have a systematic approach to them and provide instructions to the T!

The best part about the recipes here is that the chefs and food experts work on each recipe 20 to 30 times, before they jot down the final recipe. Their constant aim is to provide the perfect foolproof recipe that will work every single time, if followed precisely. Moreover, they test different ingredient brands and provide information about the best-tasting ingredients available at supermarkets. Their Taste Tests corner is definitely worth reading!

So, you not only get a reliable recipe, but also get information about which brands of ingredients to prepare it with. Moreover, their scientific approach helps look at cooking from a whole new angle. Once you understand the science involved in cooking, it helps you cook to perfection, which is what this cookbook talks about! The magazine helps you perfect your roasts, steaks, stews, etc. However, it is all about perfecting traditional home-cooked meals, and does not extend to new cuisines. So, if you’re looking to better your day-to-day cooking, this magazine is perfect for you!


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EatingWell Magazine
This magazine focuses on healthy and nutritional recipes that help keep one’s waistline under control without displeasing the palate. The recipes are simple and informative, with nutritional values given beside each recipe. Moreover, tantalizing recipes are accompanied by great photographs. A lot of delectable meat recipes are included in this food guide; however, if you’re looking for exquisite vegetarian ideas, you may find yourself getting disappointed.

This food guide aims to provide recipes with low-fat content, and teaches readers to substitute fatty ingredients with low-fat ones. Various nutritional tips and cooking techniques are also included in this magazine. Then there’s lots of information about breaking bad eating habits, how to prepare 1200 calorie meals, etc. Readers are furnished with enough information to help them make positive lifestyle changes.


Saveur Magazine
It’s a global magazine with great information about international cuisine. You can try your hand at different cuisines including Asian, Middle Eastern, French, Italian, etc. The magazine quenches a food enthusiast’s desire to know more about world cuisine, different cultures, cooking styles, etc. The reader learns more about various dishes and also obtains information about the stories associated with the dishes. Thus, it’s not a traditional food magazine, but is a guide about culinary tradition and culinary tourism that can be read again and again!

This magazine doles out information about food, travel, and wine. People who love traveling, going on wine-tasting trips, and learning more about foods prepared in other parts of the world are sure to enjoy it. Besides presenting interesting stories from different parts of the globe, it also features a restaurant review section, which is quite insightful. Some may find this publication too glamorous and impractical; however, Saveur-branded cooking classes are conducted to help food enthusiasts prepare recipes provided in the cookbook with ease.


Since these magazines are available in the print and digital versions, food lovers can browse their favorite ones online as well. Most of them offer saver packs and discounts that you can take advantage of! Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with the magazine, you will receive a 100% refund on the undelivered copies! So, it’s all about guaranteed satisfaction! Subscribe to any one of them, and hone your cooking skills!

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Top 10 Magazines for Food Lovers? ›

Top 10 Magazines for Food Lovers
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray. ...
  • Food Network Magazine. ...
  • Bon Appétit. ...
  • Kraft Food & Family. ...
  • Food & Wine. ...
  • Cook's Illustrated. ...
  • EatingWell Magazine. ...
  • Saveur Magazine. It's a global magazine with great information about international cuisine.

What is the most popular food magazine? ›

Best Sellers in Cooking, Food & Wine Magazines
  • #1. Food Network Magazine. 4.6 out of 5 stars 12,849. ...
  • #2. Taste of Home. 4.6 out of 5 stars 8,610. ...
  • #3. Good Housekeeping. 4.5 out of 5 stars 6,879. ...
  • #4. AllRecipes. 4.5 out of 5 stars 9,620. ...
  • #5. Food & Wine. ...
  • #6. Woman's Day. ...
  • #7. The Pioneer Woman Magazine. ...
  • #8. Taste of Home.

Is there a Food Network Magazine? ›

Food Network Magazine : Recipes and Cooking : Food Network | Food Network.


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