[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (2023)

Part of the fun of playing a rogue in D&D 5e besides defeating monsters and stealing their loot is discovering extremely rare items and weaponry.

Fortunately, since Rogues do not necessarily have a moral code (I laugh as I type this), there are no restrictions concerning weapons, items, and to an extent, armor. Read on to find out more about these exciting weapons and items Rogues can find or swipe when no one’s looking!

10. Amulet of Health

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (1)

Not only is health important in real life (IRL), but also for your Player Character (PC). Constitution scores for Rogues are not always the highest because Dexterity is what is needed for their class, so the Amulet of Health will make a nice addition and a fancy piece of bling to adorn your favorite Rogue! Read on to find out more about this attractive and elusive amulet!

What makes Amulet of Health awesome on a Rogue

  • The Amulet of Health brings the wearer a Constitution of 19 while the amulet is attuned and, on the person.
  • Since Rogues sometimes miss rolls on climbing items, setting, or dismantling traps, or miss during a sneak attack, a higher Constitution score is helpful to possibly survive the fallout.

Amulet of Health Description and Stats

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  • This amulet is considered as a wondrous item and requires an attunement before using.
  • I would not use this on a character who has a natural Constitution score of 19 or higher already. (It would be rendered useless.)
  • The Amulet of Health is also a rare item and is available in Minor, Medium, and Major with gp values of 4,000 gp, 16,000 gp, and 36,000 gp respectively.

9. Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (2)

After browsing through the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, I found another amulet I couldn’t pass up for this article. Not only is it an attractive shiny, but the Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location can assist Rogues with stealth. Read on to find out more about this wonderful magical item!

What makes Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location awesome on a Rogue

  • The item is another layer of protection for Rogues, as they cannot be detected through magic or magical scrying sensors.
  • Rogues can continue doing their sneaky business without detection, at least magically.
  • It would also be great to have this amulet if the party is small or does not have a lot of magical protection available.

Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location Description and Stats

  • The amulet is not as rare as the Amulet of Health, but it is also a wondrous item, uncommon, and requires an attunement.
  • According to D&D 3.5, the cost of the Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location is 35,000 gp. (Like everything else in D&D, the cost is ultimately up to the DM.)

8. Boots of Elvenkind

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (3)

PCs who played several D&D adventures (and the DMs who guide them) probably know about the Boots of Elvenkind. Although they are considered uncommon, Boots of Elvenkind are a popular magic item used in adventures. These would be particularly helpful for Rogues who decide to choose the Assassin Archetype at 3rd level. Keep reading to find out why!

What makes Boots of Elvenkind awesome on a Rogue

  • Wearing the magical boots ensures that the Rogue cannot be heard, as the steps do not make any sounds, even if crossing a creaky wooden floor!
  • The boots will give an Assassin Rogue extra Stealth when sneaking up on an opponent. (Unless you roll a 1, then you are on your own.)

Boots of Elvenkind Description and Stats

  • Having these boots on hand (or rather, on foot) gives the Rogue an extra advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
  • If the PC plans to part with the Boots of Elvenkind, the cost is at least 500 gp and/or what the DM decides.
  • The boots may require an attunement. They are very soft and usually a shade of green.

7. Dagger of Venom

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (4)

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A Rogue Assassin or Thief Archetype would benefit from the Dagger of Venom, since daggers are small and can be easily concealed. Plus, poisonous weapons and Rogues tend to go well together, as there is no moral code against using poisonous weapons. Read on to find out more about this amazing weapon!

What makes Dagger of Venom awesome on a Rogue

  • A main feature of this magic item is that the Rogue can use an action to have the dagger coated in a milky black poison. This happens until the opponent is hit or one minute, whichever comes first.
  • The opponent must make a save of a DC 15 Constitution or they will be poisoned for one minute and suffer 2d10 poison damage. For a low-level opponent, that can be fatal!

Dagger of Venom Description and Stats

  • The Dagger of Venom is curved, ornate, considered as a rare weapon and is worth at least 8,000 gp. Pricing can be based at the DM’s discretion.
  • The user of this weapon enjoys a +1 for attack and damage rolls against an opponent.
  • The dagger can only be used once a day, as it regenerates at dawn.

6. Dust of Disappearance

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (5)

The Dust of Disappearance sounds more like an amazing cleaning tool rather than a magical item! Since Rogues are the masters of stealth, these magical grains of sand-like powder could be considered like gold! Read on to find out more about this small but significant magical item and why they should be in every Rogue’s possession!

What makes Dust of Disappearance awesome on a Rogue

  • The magical dust is useful for PCs who need to disappear quickly. When the rogue tosses the dust into the air, they, other PCs, and objects in a 10-foot range will disappear for 2d4 minutes.
  • This is another opportunity for Rogues to hide out and stay under the proverbial radar.

Dust of Disappearance Description and Stats

  • The Dust of Disappearance is considered as a wondrous item and uncommon.
  • If anyone affected by the Dust of Disappearance attacks or uses magic, the dust no longer works.
  • The price of the Dust of Disappearance ranges from 101-500 gp.

5. Gloves of Thievery

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (6)

One of the best magic items for Rogues would be the Gloves of Thievery. The name alone is a selling point for me!)These would be excellent for the Rogue Archetypes of the Arcane Trickster and Thief because both types are master burglars and rely on their thievery to assist the party. Read on to find out more about these magical gloves!

(Video) Top 10 Magic Items For Rogues in D&D 5e! | Nerd Immersion

What makes Gloves of Thievery awesome on a Rogue

  • The invisible gloves add Dexterity bonuses and will increase stats for Rogues who already have (or should have) high Dexterity scores.
  • Gloves only weigh two pounds, so they will not be cumbersome for the wearer.

Gloves of Thievery Description and Stats

  • Considered as both an uncommon and wondrous item, the Gloves of Thievery are worth between 5,000 and 6,000 gp.
  • The wearer of the gloves enjoys a +5 bonus to Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) checks, and Dexterity for picking locks.

4. Potion of Poison

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (7)

A Rogue Assassin’s kit is not complete without at least one Potion of Poison! This potion suspiciously resembles the red elixir of the Potion of Healing, so hapless opponents will believe they are being cured instead of envenomed. Read more to find out about the effectiveness and potency of the Potion of Poison for Rogues!

What makes Potion of Poison awesome on a Rogue

  • Potion of Poison is perfect for Assassin Rogue Archetypes to use to defeat enemies.
  • Anyone who drinks the potion will automatically take 3d6 poison damage, so the poison may be potentially fatal to lower-level creatures.
  • In addition, if the creature drinking the potion fails to make a DC Constitution save of 13 will be poisoned, and that is bad news, as the creature will take an additional 3d6 damage per turn. If the creature makes the save (once per turn), then the damage is reduced to 1d6 and ends when the damage is 0. (The Amulet of Health would come in handy here!)

Potion of Poison Description and Stats

  • This potion can be easily detected by an identify spell.
  • Buying a Potion of Poison is not horribly expensive, but it will set back PCs 100 gp.
  • The Potion of Poison is considered uncommon.

3. Ring of Evasion

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (8)Like Gollum’s Precious in Lord of the Rings, magical rings are coveted in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, and the Ring of Evasion is no exception. Fortunately, this ring is not cursed: rather, the ring is a sort of stealth insurance for Rogues. Read on to find out more about the Ring of Evasion and why Rogues would appreciate this treasured jewel!

What makes Ring of Evasion awesome on aRogue

  • This is great to have when the dice are not rolling well in your favor. When a Dexterity saving throw fails, the ring allows the wearer to succeed on the saving throw (as long as there are charges available.)
  • In addition to serving as protection, the magical item is a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear!

Ring of Evasion Description and Stats

(Video) Top Magic Items for Rangers and Rogues in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

  • This ring is not only ornate (gold with a hummingbird), but valuable. The Ring of Evasion is valued at 25,000 gp!
  • An attunement is required to use this magic item.
  • The wearer of the ring has up to three charges a day and every morning, the ring is automatically recharged.

2. Sword of Life Stealing

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (9)

The name itself is alluring to your favorite Rogue! This rare, two-pronged weapon (with a space in-between) is silver and razor sharp and is effective against opponents that are not constructs or undead. Read on to find out more why Rogues should covet this magical item!

What makes Sword of Life Stealing awesome on a Rogue

  • If the PC rolls a 20, the opponent will suffer 10 extra points of necrotic damage, while the wielder benefits and gains 10 hits points.
  • This weapon would be perfect for the Assassin Rogue archetype.

Sword of Life Stealing Description and Stats

  • The Sword of Stealing requires an attunement.
  • Leave the sword at home if you are entering a campaign with undead, as the undead are immune to the effects of this weapon.
  • According to research, the cost of the weapon is around 1,000 gp, but of course, it is at the DM’s discretion.

1.Sword of Sharpness

[Top 10] D&D Best Rogue Weapons and Items (10)

Lastly is the Sword of Sharpness. This sword needs to be in every Rogue’s repertoire! You do not want to be on the receiving end of this very rare weapon, as you could literally lose your head over it. Read on to find out why the Sword of Sharpness would benefit any Rogue!

What makes Sword of Sharpness awesome on a Rogue

  • When the Rogue attacks an opponent and rolls a 20, the opponent takes 14 extra slashing damage. If the PC rolls an additional 20, the opponent’s limb or body part is severed.
  • The sword also substitutes as a light source. When a command word is spoken, the sword lights up (10 ft) and emits dim light for an additional 10 ft. If the wielder speaks the command word again and/or is covered, the light goes out.This sword would be great to have in a dark cave!

Sword of Sharpness Description and Stats

  • This weapon is rarer than the Sword of Life Stealing, and requires an attunement.
  • The Sword of Sharpness is worth 2,000 gp.

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What is the best weapon for a Rogue? ›

True to the theme of the Rogue, a Dagger of Venom is a great starting weapon they could invest in. Given its simple nature, a Dagger of Venom is easily craftable in most cities and even given as rewards after carefully-curated quests.

What equipment should a Rogue have? ›

Rogue Equipment

Rogues have proficiency in light armor, simple weapons, and a smattering of melee weapons including shortswords, longswords, rapiers, and hand crossbows.

What is the best Rogue in DND? ›

For a classic rogue feel, consider the Lightfoot Halfling. For a highly-skilled rogue, consider the Half-Elf or the Kenku. For a high-damage melee rogue, consider the High Elf. For a ranged rogue, consider the Fairy or the Owlin.

What is the strongest Rogue spec? ›

Best Leveling Spec for Rogue in Dragonflight

Out of all three Rogue specs we recommend Subtlety as the best choice for leveling. It offers the best single-target burst damage and allows you to dispatch enemies within only a few seconds, jumping from enemy to enemy in quick succession.

What is the best class for Rogue? ›

While most classes have their uses in certain situations, we recommend the Chef, Duelist, Valkyrie and Ronin as the best class in Rogue Legacy 2, as they are effective in fighting both regular enemies, and bosses.

What is the best armor for a Rogue? ›

Rogue Legacy 2: 5 Best Armor Sets, Ranked
  • 5/5 Warden.
  • 4/5 Sanguine.
  • 3/5 Drowned.
  • 2/5 Kin.
  • 1/5 Leviathan.
9 Jul 2022

Which elf is best for Rogue? ›

A Roguish Race

Elves have the dexterity bonuses that a rogue needs and darkvision to boot, so they're the perfect match for a rogue; wood-elves, in particular, are the best choice, as they've also got an extra 5 feet of movement and stealth abilities of their own.

Can a Rogue Take dash twice? ›

A rogue using Cunning Action and a monk using Step of the Wind can use Dash twice on a turn (action + bonus action).

What race is best for Rogue DND? ›

Elves are a particularly excellent choice of race if you intend to make a rogue, as they're naturally dexterous (ability score increase to dexterity), have Darkvision and proficiency in perception.

What do Rogues usually wear? ›

Rogue usually wears clothes that cover up most of her body due to her powers. Given her reclusive nature, she also wears a lot of dark clothing — thus giving her somewhat of a "goth" fashion sense. Every once in a while, Rogue will bare a little skin, but for the most part, we usually see her pretty bundled up.

What should a Rogue 5e buy? ›

10 Best Magic Items For Rogues In D&D 5e, Ranked
  • 10/10 Goggles Of Night.
  • 9/10 Bag Of Holding.
  • 8/10 Bag Of Tricks.
  • 7/10 Dagger Of Venom.
  • 6/10 Stone Of Good Luck.
  • 5/10 Winged Boots.
  • 4/10 Weapon Of Warning.
  • 3/10 Gloves Of Thievery.
18 Aug 2022

Can a Rogue wear a bow? ›

Rogues can still equip ranged weapons as a concession to those rogues that got legendary bows back in the day.

What Rogue is best for PVP? ›

Overall outlaw is best for pvp. That being said a good sub rogue will beat a good outlaw any day of the week.

Which Rogue spec is easiest? ›

Assassination is slower paced and more forgiving, so I'd say it's generally the easiest.

Does Rogue have a weakness? ›

Although fans continued to admire her for her great strength and fighting abilities, the truth of the fragility of her broken minds became a significant weakness for her. Also, her powers leave her without the ability to touch another living soul with skin-to-skin contact without hurting them.

Can a Rogue absorb power? ›

Rogue is part of a subspecies of humans called mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. She has the ability to absorb and sometimes also remove the memories, physical strength, and superpowers of anyone she touches. Initially, Rogue considered her powers to be a curse.

What stats are best for Rogue? ›

The general multi-target stat priority for a Subtlety Rogue is:
  • Critical Strike;
  • Versatility;
  • Mastery;
  • Haste.
25 Oct 2022

What weapons should a combat Rogue use? ›

Rogues can use a variety of one-hand weapons in Classic WoW: 1H Swords, Daggers, 1H Maces, Fist Weapons. They can also use the Ranged weapons Bows, Crossbows, and Guns.

Can a Rogue wear an AXE? ›

Rogues can use axes in the current patch.

Can a Rogue wear a gun? ›

Rogues can only wear leather or cloth armor, are unable to use shields, and can only wield one-handed weapons (daggers, swords, maces, fist weapons) and ranged weapons.

How far can a Rogue run? ›

Using cunning action, a rogue can dash as a bonus action allowing them to dash twice in one turn. This means a Tabaxi could repeat this dash of 120 ft for a total of 240 ft.

Can a Rogue Triple move? ›

Yes a rogue can move three times their movement in one round

Use their full normal movement speed. Use 'Cunning Action' to Dash for a Bonus Action, moving your full movement speed again.

Does dash affect flying? ›

Yes, Dash will double the flying speed of the pegasus, allowing it to fly 180 feet in a round. Horseshoes of Speed only increases your walking speed, so it won't help your flight.

What is the most powerful class in DnD? ›

Of all the classes in D&D's latest edition, the paladin is perhaps the most powerful of all the classes in combat. Combining all the best aspects of a fighter and a cleric into one terrifying, monster-smiting machine makes the paladin one of the most dangerous characters in any fight.

Is Rogue fun to play DND? ›

Rogues are one of the most popular classes in Dungeons & Dragons. Their ability to efficiently hide from enemies, deal with traps and locks, and their high mobility in combat, makes them a fun class to play in most games.

What is a group of Rogues called? ›

A Group of Rogues is Called a Thieves Guild.

What God do rogues worship? ›

Many rogues, regardless of motives or morals, worshiped gods such as Beshaba, Cyric, Mask, Oghma, Shar, Sune, Tymora, or Waukeen. In addition to this, rogues had a variety of secret codes and languages, the most common of which being thieves' cant.

Can rogues go invisible? ›

For rogues, only the Soulknife archetype can turn invisible, gaining a class feature called Psychic Veil at level 13. Warlocks, on the other hand, have several options. Archfey warlocks can use Misty Escape at level 6, and learn Greater Invisibility at 7th level.

Can rogues move 90 feet? ›

If you have 30 feet of speed as a Rogue, you can move (30 feet), dash as a bonus action (30 feet) AND dash as an action (30 feet) for a total of 90 feet of movement. For your other question: Yes.

Which Rogue has a sniper? ›

Phantom is a Rogue featured in Rogue Company. Phantom is a Sniper, a Rogue Company member that excels at dealing substantial damage in long range combat. Her Nano Smoke ability reveal enemies that are in the area of the smoke. Her passive ability delays an enemy's health regeneration when they are damaged by a firearm.

Is Kestrel the best Rogue? ›

Kestrel is the newest addition to Rogue Company, and might arguably be one of the best Rogues you can use. Her loadout is pretty much unstoppable and her abilities are way overpowered, which is why she costs 20,000 Reputation to unlock.

What race is Umbra? ›

Umbra is a high ranking Jackal assassin, and a true believer of the Jackal cause.

Can a Rogue join a clan? ›

When your cat becomes a rogue, they can do pretty much anything they please; they can become a traveling nomad cat, looking out only for themselves and never sleeping in the same place twice, for example. Or, they can try to join a Clan, or even settle down and start a Clan of their own!

Can a Rogue be a tank? ›

Rogue Tank is absolutely viable. Rogue tank is viable. They end up 1AC lower than heavy armor users, but can feasibly kite enemies drawing opportunity attacks from allies. They also can use uncanny dodge to halve damage when they get hit, and defensive duelist to boost AC.

Can a Rogue carry a shield? ›

The main limitation is that Rogues are restricted only to leather and studded leather armor (AC11 and AC12 respectively) and can't use shields.

Which Rogue spec is best for solo? ›

Best Rogue Spec for Solo Leveling

If you're setting out to level by yourself as a Rogue, the best spec for you to choose is Subtlety. Subtlety Rogues have an immense amount of utility and survivability, and they're a lot of fun to level up and gear as well.

What weapons should combat Rogue use? ›

Rogues can use a variety of one-hand weapons in Classic WoW: 1H Swords, Daggers, 1H Maces, Fist Weapons. They can also use the Ranged weapons Bows, Crossbows, and Guns.

What weapon does a Rogue use? ›

Rogues can use five types of melee weapons: daggers, fist weapons, one-handed maces, one-handed swords, and one-handed axes.

Are swords or daggers better for Rogues? ›

Swords if you want to be effective at all. I have seen a sum total of maybe 4 Dagger players in all of Tbc, literally everyone else uses Swords, and likely for very good reason. For rogue pve and pvp from what i see slowest possible main hand weapon with the fastest possible offhand weapon.

Can a Rogue have an AXE? ›

Patch 3.2.

After much quiet contemplation, rogues now possess the ability to learn how to use one-handed axes. Comes in WotLK.

Can a Rogue wield a shield? ›

Rogues aren't proficient with shields and the best melee weapon they can use is one handed, so if you don't want to be dual wielding what would be something useful to have in your offhand in combat? Magic items allowed.

Is curved or straight sword better? ›

Nomadic horsemen learned from experience that a curved edge is better for cutting strikes because the arc of the blade matches that of the sweep of the rider's arm as they slash the target while galloping. Mongols, Rajputs and Sikhs used scimitars in warfare, among many other peoples.

Is switchblade a good rogue? ›

Strategy. Switchblade is a very forceful Rogue, and she can easily make a difference in a fight due to her offensive tools, which can make her a great Duelist in case her team is missing one. She can use her napalm launcher for different purposes, and it is able to throw her enemies off guard.

Can a rogue wear a bow? ›

Rogues can still equip ranged weapons as a concession to those rogues that got legendary bows back in the day.

What race makes best Rogue? ›

Orcs are still overall considered the best Horde race for Rogues, as their Blood Fury ability gives such a considerable boost to attack power that it's hard to choose any other race. Plus the stun resistance from Hardiness is always appreciated.

Do rogues want a fast offhand? ›

Your off-hand speed is largely irrelevant. A slower off hand is actually, arguably, better in all cases. Even pvp. This is due to daggers just not getting that slow to begin with, so more white hits from both hands = more innate poison application.


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