Top 10 countries with the worst drivers in the world - AvtoTachki (2023)

Top 10 countries with the worst drivers in the world - AvtoTachki (1)


  • 10th place. Chad (Africa): 29,7
  • 9th place. Oman: 30,4
  • 8th place. Guinea-Bissau: 31,2
  • 7th place. Iraq: 31.5
  • 6th place. Nigeria: 33,7
  • 5th place. Iran: 34,1
  • 4th place. Venezuela: 37,2
  • 3rd place. Thailand: 38,1
  • 2nd place. Dominican Republic: 41,7
  • 1st place. Niue: 68,3

There is motion on the roads - there is an accident. Unfortunately, this axiom exists, and there is no way to leave it. The government of most countries places high demands on drivers, thereby reducing accident rates. However, some states are not paying enough attention to this issue, with the result that road death rates are staggering.

Every year, WHO collects all data related to accidents in the context of each country, calculating the number of deaths per 100 population. These statistics allow countries to soberly assess the situation in order to take appropriate measures. Unfortunately, we are not able to change anything, but we can tell you about 000 countries with the most dangerous roads. Sit back and go straight to the point.

10th place. Chad (Africa): 29,7

Top 10 countries with the worst drivers in the world - AvtoTachki (2)

Chad is a small country in Africa with a population of 11 million people. The country is not rich. In total, 40 thousand kilometers of roads of "African quality" are recorded here. But the main thing cause high mortality on the road is not in poor infrastructure, but in the low age of drivers. Just think about it: the average Chadian driver is only 18,5 years old. Drivers of the older generation are only 6-10%.

As the saying goes, numbers never lie. Statistics say that the fewer elderly people in a country, the more accidents occur in it. Chad confirms the validity of these words.

Another reason for the large mortality rate on the roads in Chad, driver aggression. People of different faiths live in the state. On religious grounds, local people do not get along well with each other. Including on the roads.

9th place. Oman: 30,4

A small Asian state located in the Arabian Sea. There are really a lot of fatal accidents here. According to WHO analysts, the main reason is the demographics of the population.

As in the case of Chad, there are very few older people: residents aged 55+ are less than 10%, and the average age of drivers is less than 28 years old, which affects the overall level of responsibility on the roads.

Result on the face: 30,4 deaths per 100 population.

8th place. Guinea-Bissau: 31,2

The country of West Africa with a population of 1,7 million people. The locals have an aggressive driving style. Endless “showdowns” on the roads here are commonplace.

The population of Guinea-Bissau is young. Residents older than 55 years are less than 7%, and under 19 - as much as 19%. The result of such demographics is a low average age of drivers and a large number of accidents.

7th place. Iraq: 31.5

The demographics of Iraq are similar to most countries on this list. Young population it also prevails in number: the number of residents over 55 is only 6,4 percent.

Of course, it has not been scientifically proven that younger people tend to get into accidents on the roads more often, but this can be clearly seen through the prism of statistics. Iraq in this case was no exception.

6th place. Nigeria: 33,7

Top 10 countries with the worst drivers in the world - AvtoTachki (3)

Nigeria is the most populous African country. Here, the average life expectancy is only 52 years. As a result, people aged 55+ live here very few. More traffic accidents are far from the only cause of high mortality in the state. Many people here die from AIDS, infectious diseases and armed conflict.

If you are planning a trip to this country, then you should be careful not only on the roads. Here danger awaits literally at every step.

5th place. Iran: 34,1

Iran is geographically located next to Iraq, but mortality at the roads here is much higher. 55+ inhabitants here 10 percent. This suggests that the demographic indicator is not the only reason for the high number of accidents.

There are many reasons why so many people die on Iranian roads. This is poor regulation of road movement, a low level of education and cultural development. Of course, these circumstances are called by WHO experts informally.

4th place. Venezuela: 37,2

Oddly enough, one of the main reasons for the high accident rate on the roads of Venezuela is the warm climate. In such conditions, the service life of cars increases significantly, because they are not subject to corrosion. Add to this the country's poverty and we get that the vast majority of its population drives old and old cars with a dubious level of safety.

It is also worth considering that the machines of the "last century" require special spare parts for repair, which are not so easy to get. Therefore, local "craftsmen" are flourishing in the country, repairing vehicles with improvised means.

According to statistics, a technical malfunction of a car is the most common cause of fatal accidents in Venezuela.

Top 10 countries with the worst drivers in the world - AvtoTachki (4)

3rd place. Thailand: 38,1

Thailand is famous for its wildlife and tropical climate. Despite the tourist popularity, the country and its inhabitants are not very wealthy. As a result, old cars of dubious safety prevail on the roads of the kingdom.

Accidents in Thailand happen a lot. Often they have a global scale, such as resonance accident 2014, in which a school bus collided with a truck. Then died 15 people, and another 30 were injured. Later it turned out that the cause of this accident was the failed brakes of an old bus.

Experts note that the country has extremely low standards on the roads, and drivers often ignore traffic rules, creating emergency situations.

2nd place. Dominican Republic: 41,7

The culture of drivers in the Dominican Republic is at a lower level. According to statistics, local drivers do not actually follow the rules of the road, and the red light for them is an empty phrase. There is no question of priority driving and row compliance here. But overtaking in the oncoming lane and cutting through a row is normal practice. Actually, the irresponsibility of drivers has caused such a high death rate on the roads.

1st place. Niue: 68,3

This is a very small island country in the Pacific Ocean, with a population of 1200 people. The total length of the roads is only 64 km along the coastline. At the same time, over the past 4 years, 200 people have died on state roads, which puts it in first place in the world in terms of mortality from road accidents.

The local population has something to think about. With such successes, the whole country could die under the wheels of a car ... Literally.

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  1. I live in northern Thailand, have done for 7 years, it is not initially for the faint of heart, ultra aggressive drivers travel at fantastic speeds even down narrow sois, and worse on the highways, seems their whole existence behind the wheel is to overtake everyone and never let anyone go past them, make them lose face. Any part of the road is fair game regardless of what side, especially the motorbikes, a contributor to around 70% of the accidents, careless and inept driving, speeding, weaving through traffic, total disregard to for anyone’s safety including their own. And no one ever looks before they turn into traffic, you are expected to «make room» in other words get pushed into the cars and trucks to avoid crashing, I saw a poor guy get run over and flattened by a lorry because of that, the fender just kept riding off, none of his concern, he was ahead of the other guy, so not his fault, they ride like that and if you hit them because they pulled some stunt like that, it’s your fault, hit him from behind, Thai road rules. And no one ever takes the blame for anything, never… always someone or something else, thanks to very strict defamation laws here, so people get away with everything … It’s slightly better then when I first got here, it was really mental then, first day in Chiang Mai I saw two middle aged guys on a motorbike get killed by a pick up driving all over the road at speed and bang…. You can’t let it bother you or you’d never go out the door..

  2. Chad isnt small unless you mean by population, it has an area of nearly 500,000 square miles ranking it world number 20 in size.

  3. Edit the article, a lot of mistakes. In particular, the ending in words.

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