Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (2023)

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (1)

Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (2)


March 10, 2021

Myrtle Beach is home to dozens of buffets and it’s often times hard to pick which one to visit first. The options are nearly endless, including seafood, breakfast, pizza; you name it! If you’re in the mood for a self-serve experience, then this list of the Top 10 Buffets in Myrtle Beach will help appease your appetite.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (3)

Crabby Mike's

290 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

based on 7 reviews

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Look for the enormous crab-mobile to find Crabby Mike’s in Surfside Beach. This popular buffet is described as a world of outrageous, entertaining, fascinating, silly, charming, beautiful, incredibly delicious fun.” The restaurant serves tons of piping hot seafood like baked salmon, seafood casserole, fried catfish and more. Also included on the buffet is a cold bar, soup bar, fruit and dessert bar and a salad bar.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (4)

Bennett’s Calabash Seafood

Bennett’s Calabash Seafood buffet has two convenient Myrtle Beach locations: one on Restaurant Row and one in the heart of town. They offer dozens of buffet favorites and plenty of Calabash-style seafood. Highlights include New England Clam Chowder, large fantail fried shrimp, baked Jack Daniels salmon, T-bone steaks, Low Country boil and more. Visit the raw bar for crab meat, boiled shrimp, steamed crawfish and mussels.

Giant Crab Seafood Restaurant

9597 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

based on 1 reviews

$4 OFF Adult Buffet
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Pose for a picture with a giant crab nestled atop Giant Crab Seafood Restaurant. Their buffet is stuffed to the gills with plenty of seafood — everything from crawfish and steamed oysters to calamari and stuffed flounder. They even feature a hibachi grill with made-to-order dishes. Soups, carved meats, pasta, bakery fresh bread, salads, fruits and desserts line the 170-item buffet. Kids have their very own corner with pizza, chicken tenders, fries and more.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (6)

Pirate's Table

1100 Water Ave., Surfside Beach, SC 29575

based on 8 reviews

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Located in Surfside Beach, Pirate’s Table Seafood Buffet been serving up delicious Calabash-style seafood to the Grand Strand since 2011. Boasting one of the largest buffets in the area, Pirate’s Table is a family-friendly restaurant that serves anything from delicious steaks to Alaskan crab legs, and everything in-between. But the buffet isn’t the only attraction at the Pirate’s Table; this fun restaurant is home to a 10,000 gallon pool where live mermaids swim and pirates hang out. While eating, don’t be surprised if you hear cannons and pirates shouting in the background!

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (7)

Captain Jack's

1400 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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Captain Jack’s Seafood Buffet has been open in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, since 2012. This seafood buffet strives to serve the best quality food on the Grand Strand. The head chef at Captain Jack’s Seafood is Jimmy Gilberto, a local to the Myrtle Beach area for 30 years. Captain Jack’s offers a large buffet to their customers that will have them leaving so full! They even offer group benefits when groups larger than 15 come in. If you’re interested in the group benefits, head to their website and request a group reservation. Their buffer serves soups, salads, a fully raw and steam bar, seafood, steak, dessert, and more!

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (8)

Crabby George's

7904 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

$50 Off Adult Buffet - Entire Check
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Crabby George’s Calabash Seafood Buffet in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the preferred seafood restaurant of the Grand Strand! They are conveniently located a few blocks away from the oceanfront and just minutes away from Broadway at the Beach, Ocean Boulevard, and Myrtle Waves Water Park. Crabby George’s doesn’t only serve a buffet, but they also have regular menu items! They also have Alaskan King Crab Legs, 22oz Maine Lobster and Lobster Tails that you can order separately from the menu. Their southern side items are so good; you might even want to walk the plank for them! Their Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, and Cob Corn are absolutely amazing. The true treasure at Crabby George’s is the dessert! Cakes, Cookies, Pies, Banana, and Bread Puddings will leave you ready to come back for more! Even the picky eaters will find their favorite food at Crabby George’s Calabash Seafood Buffet! Get ready for an amazing meal!

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (9)
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Captain Benjamin's

401 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

based on 5 reviews

Located in the heart of Myrtle Beach is a fan favorite for fresh and plentiful seafood at Captain Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet. Captain Benjamin’s has been serving up authentic Calabash-style seafood since the 1980s.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (10)

Golden Corral

868 Oak Forest Ln, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

based on 1 reviews

This all-you-can-eat paradise has established itself as one of the Great American Buffets over the years. If you’ve eaten at one, you’ve eaten at them all, so get a drink, pick a table, and belly up to the buffet as many times as it takes.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (11)

New China Buffet

1700 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

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New China Buffet is known for its consistency and cleanliness, and crowds having been flocking to this Surfside eatery for years and years. In addition to the 120-item buffet, New China also offers a standard Chinese take-out menu. Among the buffet items that people get excited about are classic favorites like General Tso Chicken and Sesame Chicken, as well as sushi and hibachi cooked to order. The take-out menu has all of the basics – egg rolls, dumplings, chow mein, lo mein, sweet and sour chicken and more.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (12)

Sarku Hibachi & Grill

901 Hwy 17 North, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

Sarku Hibachi Grill & Buffet is located in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. They are open daily and serve a lunch and dinner buffet. Sarku Hibachi Grill & Buffet has an enormous buffet with tons of options. If your family loves to eat Hibachi and sushi, then this is the perfect place for you. Endless options! On Sunday’s they also have a special Sunday Lunch Buffet.

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (13)

Hooks Calabash Seafood

1902 N. Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Hooks Calabash Seafood is an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They have a large buffet with amazing seafood options that the entire family will want to indulge in while visiting Myrtle Beach! The atmosphere at Hooks Calabash Seafood is beachy and fun, so it feels perfect for eating there on a beach vacation. The items on their buffet menu are subject to change and may not be on the buffet based upon availability. The buffet at Hooks Calabash Seafood is perfectly clean, and every food item is so tasty!

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Top 10 Buffets for Seafood and More in Myrtle Beach - (14)

Polynesian Fire

6803 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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Not only will you see fire knife dancers, but you will also get to watch beautiful hula girls dance! After the lei greeting, you will enjoy a Buffet Dinner accompanied by Live Music from the Polynesian Band. The flavors of these delicious buffet dinners are amazing! The show will begin after dinner, and it will include songs and dances from the different Polynesian cultures of Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand, and Samoa. You and your family will be blown away by the Polynesian Fire Live Music & Buffet Dinner Show! You will want to come back every time you visit Myrtle Beach!


How much is the buffet at Calabash? ›

$49 per adult plus drinks.

How much is Crabby Mike's Myrtle Beach? ›

The buffet price is $30.99 and it does include crab legs! We hope to see you soon. over a year ago. 2021 season is $41.99 per adult.

Is Myrtle Beach good for seafood? ›

When you're in Myrtle Beach, amazing seafood is never far. It's the region that made calabash seafood famous, but it's more than that today. Sure, you can still get your delectable battered basket of shrimp, but there's a variety of seafood on The Grand Strand, too.

What is Calabash fish? ›

One of the Grand Strand's most popular regional delicacies is Calabash seafood, a distinct style that involves lightly battered, deep fried and freshly caught seafood harvested from the Atlantic Ocean and inlets along the Carolina coast.

Does Captain Benjamins have alcohol? ›

8 answers. We offer a full service bar with many bottle beers including Domestic, Import, and IPA's . We also offer frozen drinks, a large selection of wines, and a specialized drink menu of beach favorites.

What seafood is in season in Myrtle Beach? ›

Call Captain “Bone” for a Live Local Myrtle Beach Fishing Report (843) 249-2600
Sea BassJanuary – December
Sea TroutJuly – November
Spanish MackerelMay-November
12 more rows

What seafood is Myrtle Beach known for? ›

The Myrtle Beach area is literally swimming in seafood, with local waters producing some of the best hauls of fish, shrimp, crab and oysters. The 60-mile stretch of coastline that makes up the Grand Strand includes two of the best fishing ports on the East Coast.

What food is Myrtle Beach known for? ›

From fresh seafood and traditional southern cuisine to Mexican, Italian, and more, Myrtle Beach is full of options. Some of the restaurants in Myrtle Beach offer ocean views, a large selection of desserts, international cuisine, and much more.

What is the seafood capital of the world? ›

The town of Calabash, NC is less than 30 miles up the coast from Myrtle Beach, SC and has long been known as the Seafood Capital of the World. Whether the nickname was coined by a New York Times' editor, it stemmed from late radio show host Jimmy Durante's national signoff, “Goodnight, Mrs.

Is Calabash shrimp the same as popcorn shrimp? ›

(You'll find Calabash shrimp is a favorite part of many of our coastal seafood buffets, too.) It is likewise traditional to have hot hush puppies as an accompaniment. And the shrimp for Calabash-style dishes are quite small—often referred to on menus as “creek shrimp," "popcorn shrimp" or “baby shrimp.”

What is Calabash buffet? ›

The name comes from the nearby fishing village of Calabash, North Carolina, known as the “Seafood Capital of the World.” Calabash is located just over the Carolina border about a half-hour drive north of The Breakers Resort, but guests don't have to travel that far to taste the lightly battered and deep-fried treasures ...


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