The 4 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Edmonton [2022 ] (2022)

By Noah Murray

For those seeking compensation and legal action, we’re providing a list of the best personal malpractice lawyers in Edmonton today.

We understand that it’s a burden to be maimed or hurt by professional (often medical) negligence. Getting compensation is needed to help fund the problems it causes you.

Well, here are experts in the field of law to help you get the compensation that you need. Many locals who had to get their services pointed them out to us, and we reviewed the top recommendations and compiled them here.

1. James H Brown & Associates

The 4 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Edmonton [2022 ] (1)
BEST FOR Malpractice Lawyer
ADDRESS10123 – 99 Street, 2400 Sun Life Place, Edmonton, AB T5J 3H1
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 428-0088 | [emailprotected]

James H. Brown & Associates or Alberta Injury Lawyers specializes in spinal cord and brain injury settlements. They’re among the best malpractice lawyers in Edmonton for those kinds of cases, and they’ve also done class action lawsuits… including ones that have to deal with COVID-19.

Aside from personal injury, they can handle cases of medical malpractice as well. You can contact them anytime, and they’ll give you a visit for a free consultation at home if your mobility is limited.


  • Free visitation/ consultation
  • Specialises in spinal cord and brain injuries
  • Also handles class-action suits

Customer Reviews

Here’s why clients recommend them:

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

James H. Brown & Associates sure does deliver. The process of filing and proceeding with a lawsuit was made smooth, simple and comfortable through their office and staff. The entire team is very professional and also very personable. My interactions with Kamila Surkont, who handled my case, were very positive. Kamila was easy to talk with and she provided me with regular updates throughout the process, set up appointments with doctors when required and she worked hard to secure a very favorable settlement for me. I highly recommend Kamila (and the James H. Brown team, you KNOW they’re the best!). I’m sending a big thank-you to Kamila and the James H. Brown team. Signed, Lynn B.

—Lynn Lola , Google Reviews

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I would highly recommend August Locke. He was very helpful and relatable with any questions or concerns I had. I was ready to settle and he told me that my case was worth way more than the Insurance company had offered me. After that next offer I had full confidence in Mr. Locke and let it ride out till the end. I am very pleased with his knowledge and skill and very happy I took his advice.

—El Cappelle, Google Reviews

2. Weir Bowen LLP

The 4 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Edmonton [2022 ] (2)
BEST FOR Malpractice Lawyer
ADDRESS2000 Scotia One, 10060 Jasper Ave, Edmonton Alberta, T5J 3R8
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 424-2030 |

Weir Bowen’s specialty is to provide legal services for those taking action against medical malpractice. They offer services for malpractice cases that involve such things as birth trauma, delayed diagnosis, spinal cord damage, and surgical issues.

They also have a patient’s guide on how to handle malpractice injuries and proceed with filing a case. With the experience in their hands, they can help you get a fair settlement over just about any malpractice incident.

They’re one of the best malpractice lawyers in Edmonton when it comes to taking action.


  • LGBT-friendly
  • Guide available to clientele
  • Birth trauma and spinal cord injuries

Customer Reviews

Here’s why clients recommend them:

Great company. In my experience I found my attorney Micheal McVey of Weir-Bowen to be very aggressive and all business approach while explaining every detail and commitments you may be facing as part of your case. If you have a good claim they will let you know right at the beginning and they stick with you and provide advice along the way. The lawyer I worked with allowed me to make my own decisions all the way through my claim and at all times he allowed me to proceed or withdraw with his full support either way. If you are looking for a no B.S attorney who gives you the comfort of strong legal representation, WEIR-BOWEN is the firm you are looking for.

—Shane Kachnic, Google Reviews

Extremely patient and answered all of my questions just having trouble getting ahold of Ian Miller lol great guy probably just on holidays I just don’t handle stress very good hoping to hear from him soon thanks for taking my case ? Yours truly Kevin Derrick.

—Kevin Derrick, Google Reviews

3. Robinson LLP

The 4 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Edmonton [2022 ] (3)
BEST FOR Malpractice Lawyers
ADDRESS10410 81 Ave NW #101 Edmonton, AB, T6E 1X5
CONTACT DETAILS780-429-1717 | [emailprotected]

Robinson LLP understands the pain patients go through after a botched medical procedure. They assure people that they do not need to be hesitant to sue when they’ve experienced a case of malpractice.

They’ve handled malpractice cases of all kinds. Perforations of the bowel and colon, the failure of the doctor to properly diagnose a treatable cancer, or mistakes during labor or delivery are among the ones they’ve dealt with.

As one of the best malpractice lawyers in Edmonton, they promise to stand by the rights of their clientele. Their hotline is always open if you’re ever in need of a lawyer ASAP.


  • Contingency fee basis
  • Personal injury law available
  • Specializes in malpractice

Customer Reviews

Here’s why clients recommend them:

I’ve never used a lawyer before and Kathryn was very patient with my questions and made me feel comfortable with the process. She answered everything very quickly and I was extremely happy with the settlement!

—Krista M, Google Reviews

I would like to acknowledge and recommend the services of Ed Robinson and his firm Robinson LLP. Ed Robinson and his staff provided thorough and excellent service to myself as a client. Mr. Robinson and his staff are open communicators and guided and educated me through the legal process. He kept me informed as to the status of my claim and the steps to follow. Ed Robinson is knowledgeable, very experienced and responsive to all matters and questions. There always appeared to be a light at the end of a long tunnel. Legal matters were fully explained and guidance provided. Thank you to Ed Robinson and his staff at Robinson LLP you truly have made a huge difference and made a long and complicated journey positive. Thank you for being diligent and outstanding! Donna M. Edmonton (2019)

—Donna Mc, Google Reviews

4. Verhaeghe Law Office

The 4 Best Malpractice Lawyers in Edmonton [2022 ] (4)
BEST FOR Malpractice
ADDRESS10525 170 Street NW Suite 203 Mayfield Business Center Edmonton, AB T5P 4W2
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 410-2500 | [emailprotected]
OPERATING HOURS8:00-4:30 (Mon-Fri)

Next on our list of firms with the best malpractice lawyers in Edmonton is the Verhaeghe Law Firm. They’ve helped different clients of all backgrounds and ages, different types of cases since 1956.

They may focus on family law, but they also offer personal injury law, which also covers medical malpractice. Regardless of your legal situation, they’re keen on providing legal consultation that will eventually help you get justice.


  • Industry veterans
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Available by appointment

Customer Reviews

Here’s why clients recommend them:

Tammy Olson is a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. She is dedicated and committed to her clients. Tammy is straightforward and deliberate with her clients and their cases. She worked diligently on my case for ongoing 3 years for the best interest of my daughter and I will forever be grateful. Tammy was always honest and upfront, explaining every detail and step of the way.

Keeping me informed and providing me with information in a timely manner. She is a lawyer that I would highly recommend! On days I felt like I was losing my sanity she picked up the pieces moved forward. I was confident in her every step of the way, having my best interest and daughters front and center!

—Karlana Noel, Google Reviews

Positive: Professionalism

Met with Tim Verhaeghe for my last deal. Very thorough, he went through every detail and didn’t miss a thing. In fact, even though I was a lawyer for 40 years he brought up details I hadn’t thought of! If you’re looking for a great lawyer at a reasonable price, look no further!

—Philip Wiedman, Google Reviews

We hope you found our list of the best malpractice lawyers in Edmonton to be helpful with your search for legal aid. These are the ones we ourselves would turn to if we’re ever in need of legal assistance regarding malpractice within the medical field.

Did we miss some quality services from this list, though? Hit us up in the comments below if so, and we’ll update the article accordingly.

And if what you’re looking for is for personal injury in general, then check out our other list: The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Edmonton.

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