Review of ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD, VOL. 1 (2022)


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Writer: Haro Aso

Illustrator: Kotaro Takata

Translation: Nova Skipper

Touch-up Art & Lettering: Vanessa Satone

Publisher: VIZ Media

Review of ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD, VOL. 1 (2)

ZOM 100, VOL #1, Cover, VIZ Media, Kotaro Takata


The end of the world is finally here in the form of a zombie apocalypse. But for 24-year-old Akira Tendo, this is the beginning of a beautiful life free from the grip of an exploitative corporation.

The beginning will have you recalling Office Space but quickly turns into a fun mix of The Bucket List and The Walking Dead.


(Minor Spoilers)

After finding his dream job at a production company, Akira Tendo finds himself in an exploitative corporation that has him working days on end with no days off. After working there for three years he quickly resembles a brainwashed employee zombie, going so far as to make a comment how he'd never work for a company like that. Then, one day on his way to work, he notices dozens of people have turned into zombies. Now, with zombies walking around, Akira has no reason to go to work. Thus, he can finally live free and make a list of everything he has ever wanted to do.

(Video) Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead - Vol 1 and Vol 2 Review

At a glance, ZOM 100: Bucket List of The Dead VOL. 1 (AKA ZOM100 VOL.1) seems like just another zombie story. But what transpires is more of a cultural universal: a story of companies overworking their employees, and how it takes a zombie apocalypse to make these workers free.


  • ZOM100 VOL.1's cover seems awfully bright, colorful, and cheerful for a zombie story, huh? Well, that's for a good reason! The content inside focuses more on Akira's newfound happiness in life, so the cover matches the tone of the story magnificently.

  • Akira is a relatable and realistic character. Everyone has had those days/months/years where they don't want to go to work and just want to be free. Wanting to be free is a common thing, so we can relate to that. But, something that really stuck out is his response to a zombie is to run like hell. That's one of the most realistic reactions out there.

  • Akira as a character is just plain fun, and a good main character, as well. He isn't overly pervy, annoying, or crazy. Instead, he seems real and you want to root for him. You want him to complete his list and have fun!

  • Aso made ZOM100 more of a character-driven work than a plot-driven one. This helps the story stand out from other works of zombie media and makes it fun. At times, zombies just feel like a device to show Akira being free, which works.

  • The comparisons of working in a demanding job and the zombie apocalypse make so much sense. The feeling of constantly being tired to the point of being a zombie is spot-on.

  • ZOM100 has so many deeper meanings that it deserves to be studied as closely as possible. The many parallels that Aso writes are insane, and the concept that Akira is happy in the zombie apocalypse when others are terrified is amazing. It's such a huge juxtaposition to have Akira so cheery compared to others being terrified and generally not having a good time. This cheerfulness is one of the things that helps set the story apart in the genre.

  • So far, Akira's list is fun, and I'm excited to see more of it.

  • Takata's art works amazingly for the story being told. Nothing looks overdone or unrealistic and the panel work is never confusing.

  • Takata helps contrast the "darkness" of the zombies and the cheerfulness of Akira in a simple yet fun way. Anytime we focus on Akira, the art is lighter, more fun, and just more cheerful. Yet, when it's zombies, you see them decomposing, and the horrors they have wrought.

  • The opening of ZOM100 includes Akira watching a zombie film with the MC screaming he is in hell on a double-page spread. Later on, when Akira realizes that he is in a zombie apocalypse, they mirror that page, but with Akira happy and screaming he is free. This page was fantastic and just smart all-around.

  • The emotions that Takata applies are gorgeous and helps sell how characters feel, especially in key moments.

  • Even though I don't know Japanese, the translator, Nova Skipper, did fantastic with the translation. Nothing seemed off, or "lost in translation."

  • For sound effects, the artist working on them has to "touch-up" the work so they can change it into English. In this case, it was Vanessa Satone. Throughout ZOM100 VOL.1 are some fun sound effects that help build the moment, and Satone is able to make sure they hit to their fullest while looking great.

  • Memorable Quote: "Maybe some women's magazines? The trashier the better." - Mr. Kosaka. I mean, got to have your priorities, right?


  • Content Warning: It's a zombie manga, so go in expecting blood, gore, and guts. There are also some bits including nudity.

  • It does include a little fan service – not much (especially as others), but it does. If that isn't your thing, be wary of that, and of other moments of zombies exposed at the top or in bikinis.

  • ZOM100 VOL.1 strongly revolves around Akira and his newfound happiness, so if you go in expecting zombie-killing action it is not for you.

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  • Akira's friend Kenchiro Ryuzaki feels like he can easily become a one-note character. Although he is fun when we meet him, he quickly becomes the comedy character that seems like he will stay that way. Hopefully this changes in future volumes.

Review of ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD, VOL. 1 (3)

ZOM 100, VOL #1, Page 8, VIZ Media, Writer Haro Aso, Illustrator Kotaro Takata, Translation Nova Skipper, Touch-up Art & Lettering Vanessa Satone


ZOM100 VOL.1 feels different from other zombie media that I have indulged in. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but ZOM100 VOL.1 feels so refreshing that the zombies feel like a side-plot. Instead, the focus is on Akira and him finally having the chance to live his life freely, something we all truly want. The story is so relatable because, even if you love your job, there has to have been times when you didn't want to go in. And although it took a zombie apocalypse for Akira to finally be free, he is the happiest anyone could be. It's honestly invigorating!


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Is Zom 100 bucket list of the dead good? ›

Overall, ZOM 100 is funny, and filled with moments that readers can see themselves in – even with the fanservice. Additionally, the art is fun, gorey, and somehow lighthearted. But truly, my favorite thing about this manga is that Akira isn't your traditional hapless male protagonist living out his fantasy.

How many volumes does Zom 100 bucket list of the dead have? ›

The first volume was released on March 19, 2019. As of June 17, 2022, eleven volumes have been released. In North America, Viz Media announced the English release of the series in July 2020.

Is Zom 100 getting an anime? ›

Netflix Announces Zom 100: Bucket Of The Dead Anime Adaptation.

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How long is Zom 100? ›

160 pages

Is all of are dead completed? ›

The series was released on January 28, 2022, on Netflix. Following its release, the series was watched over 474.26 million hours in its first 30 days on the service. On June 6, 2022, the series was renewed for a second season.
All of Us Are Dead
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseJanuary 28, 2022 – present
28 more rows

How many death volumes are there? ›

MANGA VOLUMES: All 12 volumes of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's addictive series are included in this box. Each volume is about 210 pages in length and, with the exception of volumes 1, 11, and 12, all contain 9 chapters of the total 108 in the series.

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Cheong-san had several brushes with death through the action-packed series, but he was bitten and ultimately infected by his former classmate Gwi-nam. When a pack of zombies attempts to prey on his friends, Cheong-san sacrifices himself by drawing the pack away from his besties.

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The crew sneak back into school and find Nam-ra, who survived the blast. On-jo wants her to go back with them, but Nam-ra says she needs to stay; there are more like her out there. She lets the group know their friendship will endure even when they're not together.

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The 100 (pronounced The Hundred) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series that premiered on March 19, 2014 on The CW, and ended on September 30, 2020. Developed by Jason Rothenberg, the series is loosely based on the young adult novel series of the same name by Kass Morgan.

Is All of Us Are Dead worth it? ›

Critic Reviews for All of Us Are Dead: Season 1

February 12, 2022 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review… This 12-part South Korean Netflix series about zombies invading a high school is gruesome, thrilling, and highly addictive. The series is not really elevated and, at 12 hours, is way too long.

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Who is ONJO's best friend in All of Us Are Dead? ›

Kim Joo-ah as Yoon I-sak, a student of Class 2-5 and On-jo's best friend. Kim Jin-young as Kim Ji-min, a student of Class 2–5, Hyo-ryung's friend, and member of the school's choir.

Who is the best in All of Us Are Dead? ›

Choi Nam-Ra

She formulated the idea of using the school's public address system to lure the zombies into one place so they could escape. Paired with her newly-found strength, Nam-Ra proves to be both the smartest and strongest main character in All Of Us Are Dead.

Did anybody survive in all of us are dead? ›

Jae-ik and Ho-cheol

The duo successfully rescue a newborn, a toddler and the vlogger. Ho-cheol nabs a bus and as they are driving, they hit Eun-ji, who was cycling around the city. Since she is a half-zombie, she survives the crash. Soldiers show up and take everyone to the quarantine camp.

What is the message behind all of us are dead? ›

This heart-thumping series offers commentary on bullying, cyberbullying, social media, backlash against refugees, and even the COVID-19 pandemic's lasting effects on society — all contributing to a more important message behind the jump-scare moments and high school-based drama than you'd expect.

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Who is the hybrid zombie in All of Us Are Dead? ›

After that, Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) decides to abandon the group. She'll be fine though, because unlike the others, Nam-ra has been infected with a strange variant of the virus which has transformed her into some kind of zombie/human hybrid.

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She looks down on Cheong-san's best friend, Gyeong-su, because he's on welfare.

Who's the smartest in all of us dead? ›

1/10 Byeong-Chan Is The Genius Creator Of The Jonas Virus

There's no doubt that the smartest character in the show is Lee Byeong-chan, the creator of the Jonas Virus. At the beginning of the series, the science teacher is confronted with his own helplessness, as he cannot protect his son from being bullied.

Who is the bravest person in All of Us Are Dead? ›

Personality. Han Gyeong-su is the one of the bravest characters in All of Us Are Dead who protected his friends Then Na-yeon infected him with a handkerchief then he turned into the zombie then Cheong-san jump then Gyeong-su fell of the broadcasting room he then runs off.

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Amidst all the chaos at the start of the zombie apocalypse, All of Us Are Dead revealed that Hee-su was actually pregnant.


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