Rachel Carson College - Visiting Housing Guide (2022)

Rachel Carson College - Visiting Housing Guide (1)

The Housing Application

When you complete your online housing application you will have the opportunity to rank preferences for various room and theme options. This will give us an idea of the types of housing you are most interested in.

You will also be asked to complete a Lifestyle Questionnaire. Roommate assignments are based on the questionnaire so it is in your best interest to answer the questions as fully, thoughtfully and honestly as possible. Specific roommate requests may be met as long as they are mutual.

Your Housing Experience

Assigning rooms and roommates is not an easy task. Your roommates may or may not become your best friends, but will surely be remembered simply because of the experiences you will share. We will do our best to find you compatible roommates, but please do not assume they will share all your lifestyle preferences. Regardless of where you live, remember one thing: much of what living on campus really offers is what you and students like yourself bring to it.

Your attitude toward, and your enthusiasm for, your new living situation is the real key in determining what your new life will be like. We do promise one thing… given the opportunity, we will do all we can to make you feel welcome and at home.

Living in a Triple Room

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Rachel Carson College has traditional residence halls and apartments, with first-year students being housed in the residence halls. We have eight traditional residence halls, two in each quad. Each quad consists of a three story “L” shaped building with a two story “Garden” building. The quads share a courtyard with an open grassy area with lots of sunlight.

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Inside The Halls

Your residence hall may be looked at as an extended family and, like a family, you will share a number of common areas. Each quad has a lobby with a TV and DVD player and serves as an informal setting for card games, study breaks, movie nights, residence hall meetings, and discussion groups in conjunction with residential and academic life.

Students can choose between single-gender or mixed-gender residence halls/floors. While bedrooms are single-gender, bathrooms may be mixed-gender and are designed to ensure privacy. On single-gender floors, bathrooms are primarily used by people identifying with that gender.

Apartment Living
In addition to the residence halls, our college also has apartments that house students in shared and private rooms. The apartments are available to upper-division students.

Rachel Carson College Room Options

Double Suite

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Rachel Carson College - Visiting Housing Guide (7)

View Virtual Tours

In addition to room options, there are also a variety of housing themes and options for those who are interested. Based on academic pursuits, hobbies, individual backgrounds, and lifestyle preferences, these living/learning options complement a student’s experience in residence. Unless otherwise noted, themes and options are in mixed-gender areas.

ABC-Themed Housing

Apartment. A living-learning space for students whose interests span historical, present-day, and future experiences of predominantly African, Black, and Caribbean peoples. (Not available to frosh.)

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International Living Center (located at College Nine)

Apartment. A unique living environment composed of both international and domestic students in an apartment/flat style living arrangement. This thriving community of residents from around the world lives and learns together to foster international understanding and form intercultural friendship. Students will have the option to take a 2-unit Intercultural Understanding class in the Fall quarter. Explore your global perspectives! (Supplemental application required.) Learn more »


Residence Hall. This housing option allows those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and other identities within the LGBTQIA+ community as well as allies to live together in an open and supportive environment. (Only available in mixed-gender areas.)


Residence Hall and Apartment. Students of any gender live on the same floor or apartment and share a commitment to cooperative living through respect and consideration for one another. Bedrooms are single-gender while bathrooms may be designated as mixed-gender with private toilet and shower stalls.

R.PAATH: Rosa Parks African American Theme House (located at Stevenson College)

Residence Hall (freshmen) and Apartment (continuing students). R.PAATH: Rosa Parks African American Theme Housing provides a living-learning space for students whose interests span historical, present-day, and future experiences of predominantly African, Black, and Caribbean peoples. Designed to intentionally create space for students to feel connected, safer, and supported in a community centered on the experiences of African/Black/Caribbean peoples, R.PAATH is available to students of any college affiliation. Students develop cultural competence/cultural intelligence and ally development through organizing, living, studying, and socializing with peers passionate about political, cultural, popular, social, and economic issues of the African Diaspora (supplemental application required). Learn more »


Residence Hall and Apartment. Students of a single gender live on the same floor or apartment (availability is based upon demand). Bathrooms are primarily used by individuals who identify with that gender.

Residence Hall and Apartment. Trans-Inclusive Housing communities are intended to create safer and supportive living spaces for transgender, genderqueer, gender nonconforming (GNC), and gender nonbinary (GNB) students, as well as questioning and ally-students. A trans ally is someone who advocates for and supports members of the community and actively contributes to creating a positive, affirming, living environment for people of all gender identities. Students may room together regardless of gender. Please note that this room assignment is likely to be on a mixed-gender floor/apartment and all students share common areas (e.g. bathrooms). (Supplemental application required.) Learn more »

Residence Hall. The WISE community fosters success for women in the sciences, engineering, and math. WISE offers themed programming, guest speakers, and peer support. Available only to female identified students.

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Students find mealtime an opportunity to meet friends, visit and relax, study, and, of course . . . eat! All students living in campus residence halls have a meal plan included in their housing contract. Meal plans are optional for apartment residents.

Your student ID card functions as your meal card and is accepted at the all-you-care-to-enjoy dining halls situated throughout the campus, and at all UCSC Dining operated markets, cafes, and coffee bars. Slug Points declining balance plans provide the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

Dining hall renovation project

The Rachel Carson/Oakes Dining Hall will be undergoing renovation during the 2022-23 academic year. To provide additional service for the west side of campus, the nearby Porter/Kresge Dining Hall will offer expanded hours, including weekends and Late Night service. Also, the nearby Oakes Cafe is open and students can use their meal plans at the cafe. Students can use their meal plans to get food at any open UCSC Dining-operated location on campus, so they can visit a location that’s convenient to their next class, a trip to the gym, studying at a library, or meeting up with friends.

Deliciously Sustainable

Delicious, fresh menu items are served throughout breakfast, lunch, dinner, between meals, and late night! Our rotating menus provide variety and we try to always keep your everyday favorites available.

Our program is nationally recognized as a leader in sustainability and this means plenty of local and organic selections available to you. A wide selection of vegetarian and vegan options are available throughout the day and night, and our Nutrition Specialist helps to develop meals for those with restricted diets. Our staff continually strives to meet your needs.

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Additional Housing & Dining Resources

  • What to Bring
  • Disability Related Housing Accommodations
  • Campus Eateries Map
  • Meal Plans
  • Menus
  • Nutrition

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