Mallorca in May: The Best Things to See and Do (2023)

With the departure of the Easter celebrations, we welcome the month of May and the official beginning of the summer season in the Balearic islands. May is one of our favorite months! We can start to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the sea again. So enjoy our guide about Mallorca in May and pack your suitcase for the summer trip!

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Mallorca Weather in May

The weather in Mallorca in May is pleasant. During the day you can take part in outdoor activities without the risk of overheating. The weather is perfect for cycling and sports such as hiking and swimming in the sea. There are approximately 14 hours of sunshine and it’s starting to feel like summer.

  • How hot can it get in May?

Mallorca can be hot in May, so you go to the beach and sunbathe. As an average, the daytime temperature can vary between 20-25 degrees. The highest temperature recorded in May was 35 degrees in May 1958.

  • Can you sunbathe in Mallorca in May?

Yes, and hopefully it will be nice and hot for you.

  • What should I pack with this weather?

In your suitcase to travel to Mallorca in May, you will need shorts and T-shirts during the day. It is also recommended to bring a jersey and a light jacket just in case.

  • Will it rain in Mallorca in May?

Yes, it will rain in Mallorca in May. We can´t say with any certainty when it will rain, but sometimes there can be storms . The best advice is to be prepared just incase.

  • What time are the sunset and the sunrise in May?

The Sunrise is at around 06:30 and the sunset at 21:00 approximately.

You can check the average temperature on the official website of AEMET.This is the official website of the state meteorological agency. Here you can find useful statistics on temperature and average rainfall.

What to See and Do in Mallorca in May

May in Mallorca is the beginning of the main tourist season. All the attractions are open and prepared for the influx of visitors. Here we will try and give you some inspiration for interesting activities and events that you can enjoy with your family.

What can I do with children during May?

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Here we will outline some of our favorite beaches to visit in May. Some are off the beaten tourist track and will need a hire car or some independent modes of transport as public transport is not guaranteed.

A visit to the beach with the family

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There are many secluded beaches in Mallorca, Es Trenc on the east coast being one of the most famous and frequently visited. There are endless secret calas and small coves that are difficult to get too and of course, you won’t find much competition for a space on the sand. This is all well and good if you are a couple with time on our hands and romance in the air but with 2 children and the contents of the apartment in tow and nearly the kitchen sink, the priorities change a little. What is needed is a beach with easy parking, a wide sandy beach and shallow water with access to toilets and somewhere simple to get drinks and food and preferably a supermarket as well. Here we will give a few examples of places we like that are convenient and are some of our family favorites.

A visit to Alcudia Beach

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This has to be our top pick for somewhere to take the family and especially if you have very young children. The beach is enormous and even if there is an escape attempt, as long as you have encamped in a good location there is no way mum or dad won’t catch the offender before they reach the shoreline. There are plenty of beach bars to get snacks and small spar supermarkets dotted around. There is a large burger king in the port of Alcudia as well as several big-name fast-food outlets. The beach bars are expensive, but there are also many small mom and pop fast food places that are value for money.

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The water in the port is shallow and this beach stretches for about 10 kilometers so there is plenty of space. Parking is usually not a problem, and we recommend having a look on google maps before you go and deciding the general area that you want to visit. Then you can check for landmarks as when you drive to Alcudia the beach is not visible from the main road. Parking is free in Alcudia, but pay attention to entrance and exit ways and remember at weekends it is generally much busier than weekdays.

If you are staying in the north of the island, we also have a seperate guide with the list of the best beaches near Alcudia. Check it and plan your best beach experience in Mallorca in May!

The best beaches near Alcudia

There are more than 200 beaches in Mallorca’s beautiful coastline. Our experts have prepared this article for you to help you choose the best beach near Alcudia and in the north area of the island of Mallorca.

A visit to Santa Ponsa Beach

The beach in Santa Ponsa evokes memories of childhood. It’s a firm family favorite for us as all there are ingredients are required to have a great day at the beach. Shallow water, a great beach bar, and plenty of room for the children to run around. Parking in Santa Ponsa can sometimes be difficult to find so again it’s better to plan in advance and have a look at the general layout of the town as there is a one-way system in place in several areas. There are 2 large car parks in the resort and both are near the beach.

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A curious attraction on the beach is the colony of monk parakeets, these are small green parrots that are not indigenous to the area, but are the result of released pets many years ago. The colony has grown considerably and can be quite fun for the children to watch.

For those of you who would like to explore more beaches around Mallorca in May we have prepared the special article with our expert,s best info.

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Best beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca in May offers plenty of things to do and to visit while on holiday, and you will probably want to spend a day or two at one of the stunning beaches. Check the info about the best of them directly from our experts.

A visit to Son Serra De Marina Beach

There is never a summer that passes that we don’t make at least a few visits to the beach at Son Serra de Marina. This is a beach popular with locals as many have summer houses here and it is not a beach that is near to any tourist resort. Son Serra De marina can be described as a village that comes to life in the Summer time and hibernates in the winter time as most of the buildings are summer or weekend houses.

There is no industry to speak of and the main pastime is going to the beach and enjoying the sunshine and the sea. There are a few restaurants and the main beach bar is called café Sol which is just a stone’s throw from the main sandy beach. We have to say that there is always a great atmosphere at café sol and especially if they have live music. It’s a great place to spend a summer afternoon with children of all ages, the food is also great.

Spotlight on Gastronomy - whats interesting to eat in Mallorca in May

Sopas de Matanzas

This Mallorquin farmhouse favorite may not grace the tables of many fine-dining restaurants, but it will surely be one of the highlights of your gastronomic experience whilst in Mallorca in May. This is a hearty thick soup and just the ticket to satisfy your hunger for Mediterranean cuisine.

Ingredients of the sopa de matanzas include pork loin and rib, butifarron sausage, onion, garlic, parsley, mushroom, tomato paste, Mallorcan soup bread which is thinly cut, salt and pepper. The dish is prepared in a traditional Mediterranean greixonera (earthenware dish) and served piping hot.

Although not on the menu card in many tourist restaurants it can be commonly found in local establishments in many pueblos and often included on a menu del dia.

Lechona Asada a las Hierbas con patatitas doradas

The lechona is a typical celebratory dish that can be found throughout Spain. Here on the Balearic Islands there is a particular breed of pig that is used, because they are bread and fattened naturally either in the mountains or on the few farms that specialize in free-range pig husbandry.

One such producer can be found in the northeast of the island, at Rancho Grande. The owner specializes in the breeding of Porc Negre. It is an indigenous species of pig from the islands with a particular skin type that gives it the ability to withstand the different challenges the Balearic climate can throw at it. The pigs live in the open air all year round foraging for acorns, figs, and fruit from the extensive orchards that Rancho Grande has. This gives them a quality that cannot be said of any Mass-produced animals.

Rancho Grande has its own restaurant that is open daily and we recommend booking in advance. They have spectacular views over the countryside and are only a few minutes’ drive from the beach at Son Serra De Marina. The Ranch also proved an island-wide service to villas and private houses. In this case, the Lechona is cooked in one of their wood-fired ovens and transported to you ready to eat. This service is quite popular for celebrations and especially in the summer months for clients who have big families in villas etc. As to prepare a full Lechon can be an all-day affair and let’s be honest who wants to spend all day cooking on a full day of their summer holidays.

Fideos Marinera

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This classic Spanish comfort food is a warming and a healthy way to enjoy seafood without breaking the bank. This is a farmhouse method of combining local seafood and pasta noodles in a tasty soup. Ingredients are Spanish noodles that are typically made with durum wheat and are quite similar to Italian noodles. Onion, peppers, garlic, Tomato paste, Calamar, Prawn, Clams, Langoustine, mussels, White wine, olive oil, and saffron. Sometimes the saffron can be substituted by a less expensive alternative.

The chef uses their alchemy to convert these ingredients into a magnificent tribute to the local seafood and can be enjoyed and many local restaurants and can often be found on a good Menu de Dia, a real taste of the sea.

A drop of good stuff: Palo and Herbias to keep the doctor away

For the last 20 years, the village of Selva at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains has been holding a fair that is dedicated to the magical and mysterious qualities of herbs and plants. Each year, the Fira de Ses Herbes celebrates the olive leaf, rosemary, orange flower, the fern, estepa Joana, and arrayan. Estepa Joana is St. John’s Wort, while arrayan is derived from an Arabic word for the aromatic plant, and in Selva, this refers to myrtle.

Mallorca in May: The Best Things to See and Do (9)

Only one of these six is, strictly speaking, a herb and that’s rosemary. The word ‘herbes’ does therefore have a rather broader meaning, but what these six all have in common is their health-giving properties. Myrtle is beneficial in fighting pain and fever and it is the plant that takes center-stage at the Selva fair. Village folk head off from 7.30 am to pick myrtle. When they return, it is distilled as myrtle water.

Mallorca in May: The Best Things to See and Do (10)

The Catalan word herbes is the Spanish hierbas and Hierbas liqueur is to be found in abundance in Mallorca’s bars and supermarkets. Primarily a digestif, the liqueur is said to originate from the sixteenth century, but it is probably older. There is evidence to suggest that monks in medieval times were making it as a digestive aid.


Hierbas is essentially a Mallorcan invention. It is an aniseed-flavored liqueur made mainly by extracting the aromas of various plants. In times gone by, it combined pretty much whatever was available – rosemary, fennel, juniper, orange, and lemon peel, and so on. It wasn’t until the end of the nineteenth century that formulas and standards started to apply, and this came with the founding of various distilleries. One of these produces the Túnel brand, a name synonymous with Hierbas.

Mallorca in May: The Best Things to See and Do (11)


Palo, the original Spanish name for quinine was also originally conceived as a medicinal aid. From the seventeenth century, its principal use was as a remedy for malaria, which was once a serious problem in Mallorca’s coastal wetland areas. It contains quinine and gentian, both of which are traditionally used for malaria. Palo de Mallorca originated in Mallorca, yet its original ingredients – gentian and cinchona (which yields quinine) – were imported from South America. Locally-produced concentrated sugars from grapes, figs, and carobs were added and took away most of the astringent flavour. Palo, a dark liqueur, is now enjoyed in the Balearics before dinner to whet the appetite.

Over time, the quinine and gentian content was reduced. The medicinal properties of Palo have long since been superseded by its more pleasant taste and alcoholic content. In Mallorca, Palo liqueur is the aperitif to the Hierbas digestif. We recommend to try both during your stay in Mallorca in May 😉

Mallorca’s colourful tourism history

Tourism in Mallorca was once for a select and wealthy few. It is sometimes said that tourism started here in the late nineteenth century when the Austrian Archduke Louis Salvador invited intellectual friends to stay at his various properties, which included Miramar in Valldemossa.

Mallorca in May: The Best Things to See and Do (12)

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In the early twentieth century, these tourists mingled with figures from the world of the arts – poets, novelists, and painters. El Terreno, then just a suburb of Palma, became a popular place for visitors. The city was naturally at the heart of this tourism. In time, coastal parts of the island also started to open up to tourism.

Mallorca in May: The Best Things to See and Do (13)

Cala Ratjada was a summer retreat for Mallorca’s rich, none more so than the “infamous” banker, Joan March Ordinas. You can find a branch of the Banca March in every town, set up by the multi-millionaire businessman from Santa Margalida. His first business involved smuggling tobacco into Spain from North Africa. During World War I, he became rich by trading with both the Allies and Axis. It was the beginning of a very colourful career. The March family are among the most wealthy people in Spain today. A palace was built for him at Sa Torre Cega. The palace and gardens are open to visitors.

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Soller, in the northwest, and its port attracted French visitors, a reflection of a historical sea-trading association. Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa, meanwhile, started to appeal to the British and the Americans.

Puerto Pollensa and north of Mallorca

This was in part due to the reputation which Pollensa had acquired as a center for painters, whose works promoted Mallorca and especially the northern region of the Tramuntana Mountains. They came from Catalonia, from Central America and South America to paint. The Pollensa ‘school’ was a term adopted by a friend of some of these painters – a journalist called Pedro Ferrer. There were also some hotels, such as the Miramar Hotel, which opened in 1912. But it was developments in the 1920s that really put Puerto Pollensa on the map. Two more hotels – the Hotel Formentor and Illa d’Or – opened at the end of that decade, but in 1924 there was an occurrence that the tourism authorities of the time could not have planned.

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In 1924, the British Royal Navy in a major show of force combined both the Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets off Pollensa. Battleships, including the mighty battlecruiser Hood, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, and support vessels all dropped anchor in the Bay of Pollensa in 1924. Enthralled with the beauty of Pollensa, many of the Royal Navy sailors returned to holiday in Mallorca and they spread the word of Mallorca’s beauty worldwide.

In 1932, Agatha Christie came to Mallorca for the first time. There was nowhere to stay in Palma, so she took a taxi, intending to book into the Hotel Formentor. As she passed through Puerto Pollensa, she realized that this was where she wanted to stay. While at the Illa d’Or, she wrote, ‘Problem at Pollensa Bay’.

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We hope you have found this article about Mallorca in May useful, and that it helps you to plan your travel to Mallorca. If you liked the article, please share it on your social networks so other travelers can see it. If you have some extra suggestions for January in Mallorca, leave us your comment and we will add it to the article.

Mallorca during the year

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  2. Mallorca in February
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Is May a good time to visit Mallorca? ›

The best time to visit Mallorca is the shoulder season in April–May and September–October—days are warm and crowds are few. Most hotels and restaurants are open, and it's a prime time to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking. Hot summers bring a notable surge of tourism to Mallorca, so book early.

What is Mallorca like in May? ›

Mallorca in May and the mercury is rising. Summer has arrived and the temperature creeps up into the mid 20s, with 17°C as a daily average. Rain does occur this month, so while most visitors will feel comfortable in vacation clothes thanks to stronger sunshine, it's sensible to bring along a light waterproof.

Where is the most beautiful part of Mallorca? ›

Fornalutx. If you stay by the coast you'll never see it, but Fornalutx is regarded by many as the most beautiful village on Mallorca, and one of the most stunning in Spain. You'll find it deep in the Sierra de Tramuntana, with winding streets, narrow stone steps, and flowers and greenery everywhere.

Is Majorca warm enough in May? ›

The average temperature in Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza is 18ºC in May, with Majorca reaching the warmest average high of 23ºC. Although it gets warm enough to relax on the islands' beaches during the day, you'll need some extra layers for evenings out wherever you go, as temperatures can get quite cool after dark.

Can you swim in the sea in Mallorca in May? ›

The weather in Mallorca in May is pleasant. During the day you can take part in outdoor activities without the risk of overheating. The weather is perfect for cycling and sports such as hiking and swimming in the sea. There are approximately 14 hours of sunshine and it's starting to feel like summer.

Can you swim in sea in Majorca in May? ›

It's possible to swim in the sea at this time of year but it's generally a little too cool for most. The average sea temperature is 18 C.

What clothes to wear in Majorca in May? ›

Pack for the weather

Wear sturdy shoes or boots, trousers, jumpers, scarf and a jacket. Spring (April and May) and autumn (September and October) are cooler too. Clever layering is the key to dressing for changeable weather.

Does it rain in Mallorca in May? ›

From March to May Majorca sees moderate rainfall (Majorca rainfall is around 29 mm in April and May) although the amount of rain tails off towards the end of May as summer arrives.

How many days in Mallorca is enough? ›

Two days in Mallorca are enough to experience the atmosphere of its capital and some of the surrounding areas. It is a large island, so if you venture much further afield, you will find yourself spending quite a lot of time on the road and rushing from one attraction to another.

Where is the best town to stay in Majorca? ›

For limestone cliffs which fall dramatically away into clear turquoise seas the best places to stay on Mallorca are around Deià and Valldemossa. If you hanker after long, spacious sandy beaches then Sóller, Port de Pollença, Alcúdia, Canyamel and Ca'n Picafort are obvious choices.

Is it windy in Majorca in May? ›

May until early summer bring warm days, but still cool nights, sometimes 14 º C. It can occasionally be some rainy days. The wind, at this time of the year is alternating from west or north or even northeast but most frequently thermals start to be a constant, starting at 11.00, often reaching 12-16 kts.

Which Spanish island is hottest in May? ›

Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are the hottest islands in May, with practically no rain predicted. However, the sea will be slightly warmer in Tenerife and Gran Canaria if you are planning to spend time on the beach.

Which part of Spain is hottest in May? ›

If you're looking for a beach holiday, the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz are the hottest places to stay in Spain in May. Malaga will be around 25ºC with Marbella around 24ºC, each with 9-10 hours of daily sunshine.

Can you sunbathe in Majorca in May? ›

We had a fortnight in Majorca at the end of May many years ago. We had a lot of rain, but it was localised and because we had hired a car we just chased the sun around the island. It was warm enough to sunbathe during the day, but you needed a cardigan in the evening.

Why can't you drink tap water in Mallorca? ›

Where you cannot drink the tap water in Mallorca. There are still several areas of Mallorca in which the water that circulates through the public network is not suitable for drinking or cooking with it due to a high presence of nitrates.

What is the rainiest month in Majorca? ›

Sunshine and rainfall

The driest month is July with 1 mm of rainfall and 31 perfect sunny days. The wettest month is September with 23 mm of rain over 2 days.

Is there sharks in Majorca waters? ›

Endangered species

The blue shark that also caused panic in Mallorca last Friday is common. Like many of its congeners, this fish is also on the Red List as an endangered species.

Can you sunbathe in Alcudia in May? ›

In May, average temperatures in Alcudia hover around 18°C, making it a pleasant month to sightsee on the island without the intense heat of summer. With highs of 23°C it's warm enough to relax on the beach, but sea temperatures are still quite cool at 18°C.

Is Palma hot in May? ›

Average daily temperatures

It's pretty mild at this time of year, but it's a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 25 C and the average daily minimum is 13 C.

Do people tip in Mallorca? ›

Tipping is nevertheless voluntary in Mallorca, and is simply a way of showing that the customer is satisfied with the service. Conversely, this means that with unsatisfactory service the tip may well be withheld. Depending on the level of satisfaction, an amount of 5-15% of the invoice amount is appropriate.

Do I need mosquito repellent in Majorca? ›

Mosquitoes are often rife here, so come well prepared with insect repellent and burn citronella candles by night if you're in your own villa. Another natural threat are the many different types of the jellyfish that can plague beaches at different times of the year.

Can you wear shorts in Majorca? ›

Dress Code

Discretion with clothing is also advisable in city centres. Only the young wear shorts, with most working people wearing trousers or skirts. Nine in ten visitors to Spain don't go beyond the coastline, which means most people come here expecting to wear little.

Is it warm enough to swim in Spain in May? ›

Swimming in Spain in may is cool (in the best case scenario)

So though the sea temperature may sometimes reach 71°F, it can also go as low as 63°F. Note that the average is 67°F. Swimming in may in Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santander and Vigo is possible... with a wetsuit!

Is it easy to get around Mallorca without a car? ›

Public transport is a good way to get around Mallorca without a car. The island has a fairly extensive network that connects the capital with many towns and tourist areas, with two overground train lines, one metro line, and 8 bus lines.

Which is better Mallorca or Majorca? ›

It's actually both! “Mallorca” is the Spanish spelling of the island, while “Majorca” is quite a popular spelling in English, as well as more languages and countries. Officially, the name of the island is Mallorca, which is technically the correct spelling.

Do I need a car in Majorca? ›

To travel around the most visited island in summer, where you can live unforgettable moments, you will need a transport to move not only to the most beautiful beaches and coves but also to know their charming villages. In short, you will need a car to easily get to the most important spots in Mallorca.

What is the most exclusive area in Mallorca? ›

1. Son Vida. The private community of Son Vida is Palma's most expensive neighbourhood located in the city's hilltops. The area is always under construction by world-famous architects drawn to the area for its affluent clientele.

Where do celebs stay in Majorca? ›

Celebrity (spotting) hangouts in Mallorca
  • Port d'Andratx. Port d'Andratx is one of the hottest places to buy a property at the moment and continues to be a favourite amongst celebrities for being a more discreet holiday setting. ...
  • Puerto Portals. ...
  • Palma. ...
  • Deia. ...
  • Valldemossa. ...
  • Soller & Port de Soller. ...
  • Manacor. ...
  • Formentor.
16 Oct 2018

What is the best way to get around in Mallorca? ›

The best way to get around Mallorca is by car. Having your own set of wheels gives you the most freedom to explore the island on your time. Buses are an option, too, but service is limited, especially on weekends.

Where is the clearest water in Majorca? ›

1) Cala d'es Moro

Located in the South East of the island, Calo d'es Moro is home to some of the clearest blue water to be found in the world. Bordered on either side by steep cliffs full of greenery and caves, the combination of colours is truly stunning.

How long does it take to drive around the island of Mallorca? ›

Mountainous and packed with twisty roads, beautiful beaches and lucious scenary, driving in Majorca is enjoyable and the roads are quiet. The longest route is 312 kms (193 miles) running in a loop around the island, so you can get around the whole island parameter in around 6 hours (non-stop).

What is Mallorca best known for? ›

Mallorca is known for its beautiful coastline, secluded coves, limestone mountains, Spanish architecture, wineries and fresh produce farms, and stunning beaches. From quaint mountain villages to dynamic nightclubs, you'll have no trouble finding an adventure that matches your mood and liking.

Where is the main strip in Mallorca? ›

The Magaluf strip is located on the west side of the Island of Majorca. It is located about 30-40 mins drive from the main airport in Palma. The strip sits on a road just off Carrer Punta Ballena.

Is 4 days in Mallorca enough? ›

With its 3640 sq. km Mallorca is not overwhelming, although 4 days aren't enough to see the whole island, especially if you enjoy slow travel.

What is the difference between Mallorca and Majorca? ›

The 'j' was introduced as an acceptable and easily pronounced alternative. They're the same place; the only difference is that Majorca is the Anglicised version of the Spanish spelling Mallorca.

Is Mallorca cold in May? ›

Average Temperatures in May in Mallorca

The average is 17°C, with the mercury hitting the mid 20s most days. Evenings are usually in the comfortable mid-teens, meaning you can venture out with just a light sweater.

How warm is the water in Mallorca in May? ›

Swimming in may on the beaches of Palma de Majorca is possible but the sea water is cool. So even though the sea temperature sometimes climbs to 72°F, it can also be as low as 61°F! Note that the average is 67°F.

Which side of Mallorca is warmer? ›

The southeast regions (Palma, Magaluf, El Arenal) are generally warmer and drier than the mountainous northwest and in the coastal towns you can bask in around 300 days of sunshine per year.

Which is warmer Ibiza or Mallorca? ›

Overall, Ibiza has better weather for a longer period of time over the year and can be enjoyed in the months around peak season, but if you're after really hot and humid Mediterranean weather for a holiday then Mallorca is the better choice.

Is May a rainy month in Spain? ›

The rains are more frequent between September and November, January is the coldest month of the year although the winters are generally mild.
MonthSea Water Temperature °C
9 more rows

Is Spain rainy in May? ›

Spain Weather in May

Nights are warm and the days are famously long, so you can sit out on a terrace in short sleeves at 9 p.m. before the sun has set. Rainstorms are a possibility, but they are typically shorts bursts of rain instead of long wet spells.

Can you wear shorts in Spain in May? ›

There is no dress code in Spain, so tourists can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. However, shorts are a popular choice for both men and women, especially in the summer.

Can you go to the beach in Spain in May? ›

Best Time for Beaches: Those who want a beach-focused holiday in Spain will want to go when the weather is warm, and the sea temperature makes for good swimming too, which is typically anytime between May and early to mid-October.

Where in the Mediterranean is hot in May? ›

If you're set on finding the warmest area in the Mediterranean, head to Crete, which is the hottest destination in the Mediterranean in May. Similarly to Corfu, Crete has plenty to offer, from its beaches to tavernas, making it perfect for a spring holiday.

Is Mallorca Open in May? ›

By the beginning of May, most of the island's beach bars and beach clubs are open, and Mallorca's beaches and ports are prepped for the season.

What is the best month to visit Mallorca? ›

The best time to visit Mallorca is from March to May, when average temperatures are in the 60s and 70s and the crowds of summer tourists haven't yet descended on the island.

Does it rain in Majorca in May? ›

From March to May Majorca sees moderate rainfall (Majorca rainfall is around 29 mm in April and May) although the amount of rain tails off towards the end of May as summer arrives.

Is Majorca hot in May June? ›

It's pretty mild at this time of year, but it's a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 26 C and the average daily minimum is 14 C.

How many days do you need in Mallorca? ›

Travelling is not only staying in the destination area, it is much more. In Majorca, you will need at least five days to realise that not only does it have an immense variety of plans but that it is an island you can easily live on.

Is 4 days enough in Mallorca? ›

With its 3640 sq. km Mallorca is not overwhelming, although 4 days aren't enough to see the whole island, especially if you enjoy slow travel.

Is Majorca or Mallorca better? ›

It is the same place; it is the same island! While most of the people write always Mallorca, some English people write Majorca rather than Mallorca to refer to our island.

Is Alcudia Nice in May? ›

Alcudia weather May

If you want to avoid the high season crowds, it's a great time to visit Alcudia. In May, average temperatures in Alcudia hover around 18°C, making it a pleasant month to sightsee on the island without the intense heat of summer.


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