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May 03, 2022

After reviewing player feedback and reading many discussions about the topic, we have concluded that Vaniki may benefit from having a longer duration in each expansion. The current plan is to adjust the schedule to the following - allow 2 months for eras with one expansion and level cap increase, and 3 months for eras with more than one expansion and level increase. For example, the duration of OoW through PoR would previously be 2 months and would now be 3. The duration of SoF would previously have been 1 month and would now be 2. The reasoning behind this is we want more players to be able to reach the goal of beating the specific raids needed at each level cap. It is quite fast to expect people to beat an expansion in one month, at 10 levels behind the original cap.

In summary, Vaniki will have an accelerated rate of expansion and level unlocks up to level 60 at which time expansions and level unlocks return to a normal rate of 8 and 12 weeks. Level is capped at 10 levels below the original level cap of the newest opened expansion. Here is the currently planned schedule for Vaniki (still subject to change):

  • Open at level 40 with expansions up to Gates of Discord unlocked
  • Four weeks later: level 50 unlocks
  • Two weeks later: level 55 unlocks
  • Four weeks later: level 60 unlocks along with expansions up to Prophecy of Ro
  • Twelve weeks later: level 65 unlocks along with expansions up to The Buried Sea
  • Twelve weeks later: level 70 unlocks along with Secrets of Faydwer
  • Eight weeks later: level 75 unlocks along with expansions up to Underfoot
  • Twelve weeks later: level 80 unlocks along with House of Thule
  • Eight weeks later: level 85 unlocks along with Veil of Alaris
  • Eight weeks later: level 90 unlocks along with expansions up to Call of the Forsaken
  • Twelve weeks later: level 95 unlocks along with expansions up to Empires of Kunark
  • Twelve weeks later: level 100 unlocks along with expansions up to The Burning Lands
  • Twelve weeks later: level 105 unlocks along with expansions up to Claws of Veeshan
  • Twelve weeks later: level 110 unlocks along with Terror of Luclin
  • Twelve weeks later: level 115 unlocks
  • Twelve weeks later: level 120 unlocks

Now on to some questions and answers:

Q: What are the challenge rewards mentioned in the producer’s letter?
A: Here is a list of the challenges and the challenge rewards. All challenges are to defeat the listed boss when you are at or below the listed level.


Current Expansion




Gates of Discord


An item that grants low stat food at a click. This item has unlimited charges.


Gates of Discord


Teleport - Western Wastes (Scars of Velious)

(Video) Everquest - New Mischief Server - Time Locked Progression


Gates of Discord

Cragbeast Queen

Raid Currency (Choose a batch of currency from all raid currencies in the game at the time of this server’s launch. The amount is based on 2.5x the price of a breastplate item, or an equivalent high-value item.)


Omens of War / Dragons of Norrath / Depths of Darkhollow / Prophecy of Ro

Riftseekers (King or Queen)

Illusion: Vaniki


The Serpent’s Spine / The Buried Sea

Ashengate - Lethar

An item that grants low stat drink at a click. This item has unlimited charges.


Secrets of Faydwer

Meldrath's Mansion - Meldrath

Teleport - Fortress Mechanotus


Seeds of Destruction / Underfoot

(Video) COIRNAV TLP ( Time Locked Progression ) SERVER 2018 - PODCAST

Korafax - Pallorax the Soul Slayer

Raid Currency (Choose)


House of Thule

Fear Itself - Cazic's Final Stand

Illusion: Gigyn


Veil of Alaris

Resplendent Temple

Removable Purity Augment (35)


Rain of Fear / Call of the Forsaken

Shard's Landing 

Teleport - Epicenter


The Darkened Sea / The Broken Mirror / Empires of Kunark

Plane of Hate - Innoruuk

Raid Currency (Choose)

(Video) Vaniki Server - FAQ - New Everquest TLP server! May 25 !


Ring of Scale / The Burning Lands

Balance of Power (Raid) 

Illusion: Gnomework (Leadbetter)


Torment of Velious / Claws of Veeshan

Griklor the Restless

An item that grants a shadowstep at a click. This item has unlimited charges.


Terror of Luclin


Teleport - Maiden's Eye (Terror of Luclin)


Future Expansions

To be decided

Raid Currency (Choose)

[The chart below has been added and this article updated on June 9, 2022]

Defeat Phinigel Autropos, Lady Vox, and Lord Nagafen by level 40Title: the Valiant
Defeat Severilous, Gorenaire, Talendor, and Trakanon by level 50Metamorph Wand - Trakaraptor
Defeat Emperor Ssraeshza by level 55Metamorph Wand - Emperor Ssraeshza
Defeat Solusek Ro by level 55Title: the Penultimate Element
Defeat Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn (Raid) by level 55Token of the Magus
Defeat Vishimtar the Fallen by level 60Raid Currency
Defeat Sendaii, the Hive Queen by level 60Metamorph Wand - Lava Spider
Defeat The Tolling of Dissonant Bells by level 60White Skystrider Whistle
Defeat Mayong's Mistresses by level 65Bright Bag of Collection
Defeat Fippy's Revenge by level 75Title: the Relentless
Defeat The Doomscale Horde by level 90Contract of the Nihil
Defeat Defense of the City by level 90Bridle of the Tranquil Shriekpaw
Defeat Doorstep of War by level 95Trinket of the Frontier Mountains
Defeat Fight Fire by level 100Contract of the Phoenix
Defeat Tantor by level 105Raid Currency

Additionally, simply for playing to level 60, you will be granted Illusion: Vaniki and a primitive weapon ornament for reaching each level cap after that. [Updated May 20, 2022]

Level Locked Time Locked Progression Server FAQ (1)
Q: Can I get these rewards on my main character?
A: Yes. These rewards are granted as a Claim that you may claim on any one character on the same account. These will be available on other servers and expansion locked in the case of progression servers.

Q: What is the experience rate on this server?
A: The experience rate is the same as standard progression servers. Standard progressions servers receive a bump to experience when Gates of Discord opens. This server will begin at that level of experience.

Q: What are the level requirements for gear?
A: On this ruleset the required level to equip an item will instead function as a recommended level. If an item has both required and recommended levels, it will use the highest as the recommended level. The required level to activate spells on items will be ten levels lower than on standard ruleset servers.

Q: How are zone requirements being handled?
A: Zone filters and other similar zone requirements are being relaxed by ten levels. For example, a zone with a level 42 minimum requirement will have a level 32 minimum requirement instead.

Q: Will Mitigation of the Mighty be in effect?
A: Yes.

Q: Will spells be able to land on anything if we’re ten levels behind?
A: Yes, we're using a new spell resist system for this server that includes an exception for Level Locked Progression servers. NPCs who are hit by a PC spell on a Level Locked Progression server will not have a resist bonus based on level differences, as they do on regular servers.

Q: Will stuns, mesmerization, charm, and similarly level limited spells still be capped at the original level limit?
A: The level cap on the following crowd control spell effects will be increased by 10 to allow PCs to engage with the content as expected: Charm (Excluding Dire Charm), Fade, Fear, Fling, Gravitate, Mesmerization, Spin Stun, and Stun.

Q: Are there adjustments to quest level requirements including epics?
A: This one is mixed. Old quests will not be adjusted. Very few of these require a level. Tasks and missions will relax the level limit by ten levels.

Q: Will the server increase the amount of loot coming into the world?
A: Yes. All non-scripted, non-global loot drops will be doubled. The scripted keys given in later expansions will use the standard progression server acceleration.

Q: Will keying and flagging still be required?
A: Yes. There are no significant changes to this other than the lower required levels to enter zones as mentioned above.

Q: Will the Gloomingdeep tutorial be available at launch?
A: Yes.

Q. Will the Challenger’s Perk that prevents you from losing levels work on this server?
A. Yes. There are currently no plans to disable this perk on Level Locked Progression.

Q. Will out of combat regen be active on this server?
A. Yes. In the April patch, the out of combat requirement was relaxed to the Gates of Discord expansion, and it will be active on the new Level Locked Progression.

Q: Are there any changes to how or at what level Alternate Abilities are acquired?
A: No. Alternate abilities will be acquired as normal.

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Q: Can we complete the challenge achievements in the open world?
A: Except for the Queen Pyrilonis and King Gelaquain in Omens of War, characters must complete the challenge within an Agent of Change instance or the normal instance for the appropriate raid in later expansions. [Updated 5/11/2022]

Q: Will Plane of Fear be in the Secrets of Luclin state at launch?
A: The following zones will be in their launch state until Omens of War unlocks: The Lair of the Splitpaw, The Ruins of Old Paineel, Temple of Cazic-Thule, The Plane of Fear, The Temple of Droga, The Mines of Nurga, The Plane of Mischief, and The Plane of Hate. [Updated 5/11/2022]

Q: Will Vaniki have True Box?
A: This server starts with standard True Box. Only one EverQuest client may be run per computer. When Prophecy of Ro unlocks, we will move to a Relaxed True Box. You may have up to 3 clients per computer logged into the server at the same time. When The Buried Sea unlocks, True Box will be removed. [Updated 5/26/2022]

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For additional questions regarding Progression Servers: https://www.everquest.com/guides/eq-what-is-a-progression-server
To become an All Access member, click here: https://www.everquest.com/membership

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