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I play GTA V Roleplay almost every day and on both PC and PS4, so I do understand why/what you are looking for.

Getting into a Roleplay on PS4 or even Xbox is very easy but you just need to do few extra steps to enter an RP server.

To join a GTA 5 Roleplay server on PS4 you need to create an account on discord and use the same name in your Gamertag. Then join a reputable GTA 5 Discord server like united roleplay server and apply for roles. The moderator will take your interview and invite you to a server

Let’s look into that, what that means and what you need to do to join an RP server on PS4.

first of all, I am assuming you created a discord account and you are using the in-game name of GTA 5 as your discord account name. This will make the process easy for the moderator of discord to invite you into the server.

You can use discord on your mobile or Tablet while interviewing but you need to do this process because this is the only secure way to join a GTA V roleplay server.

Servers I recommend for you to join

I’ll be honest it’s hard to find a server that supports PS4 and Xbox roleplay and also is well populated but I did found a few reasonably good GTA 5 roleplay servers.

Most of them are recommended by other YouTubers or have their own YouTube channel so you can trust them but at the end of the day, you will decide on which server will play.

United Roleplay Server

How To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (1)

Discord Link: To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (2)


the first one is United roleplay and if you ask me I will definitely recommend this one over any other because it has over under 100k and increasing rapidly with 1000 uses per week. this one might be a little competitive but I am sure the staff is fast enough.

San Andreas Roleplay Server

How To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (3)

Discord Link: To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (4)

It’s not clear how many members are active on the server but there are over 40+ applicants right now so I guess this server is well populated.

Exile Roleplay Server

How To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (5)

Discord Link: To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (6)

I had a lot of good things about exile role play and with 60 + applicants I guess this is a safe bet.

These two were recommended by a youtube creator Honey Brasi and this is her video if you want to know more about these servers.

First step: Finding a reputable Roleplay server

With all that out of the way let me explain to you how to find a good discord server. A good way to find a reputable GTA V roleplay server is by browsing

You can find many reputable roleplay servers in this forum, you just simply need to search RP or PS4 in the search bar and it will show you a huge list of active roleplay servers.


A Pro tip, you can get an approximation about the reputation of the server by looking at the number of likes.

After finding a server you like you need to join the discord server. There might be e a few exceptions where some GTA 5 roleplay servers need you to login into a website and apply for an interview. If that’s the case with your server then you need to pass the interview first and then they will add you to their discord server.

But the majority will add you first on discord and then ask you to read the rules, choose a role and apply for an interview

Some Common rules in every server that you need to follow!

Obviously, I am not going super in-depth with the rules, And since every server, you join will have a different set of rules in their discord server so let’s talk about some common ones that are most important.

  1. Killing another player for no RP reason

The first one is killing another player for no reason or robbing all the stuff from another player for no reason. In some servers looting and killing other RP players is acceptable to some extent but this changes from server to server so I highly recommend you to read the DM or Deathmatch rules off the server.

  1. Running over someone with your Vehicle with no RP reason

This one is similar to the first one but this time you are not allowed to kill anyone running over anyone with your vehicle for no reason. The only one allowed in the server is the police department and might be some other role to do VDM or vehicle deathmatch. Most servers don’t allow you to Ram over someone but again this rule might differ server-to-server so keep an eye at VDM.

  1. You need to keep the game mechanics as realistic as possible

The easiest way to understand this is the game mechanics can be a little unrealistic like breaking the laws of Physics by just spamming wheelie in the air and speeding up to the place. You need to act like real life for example you are police and you are catching the thief in the mid-air.

  1. Using the information anyone else gave you or trading information on discord

To put the simply you cannot get information any other way. You need to play the game and use the information you get in the roleplay. you cannot use any information given on discord you have to play it like real life and use that information in your roleplay.Consider this as the most important rule, someone WILL report you to the moderators and you WILL get banned for not following this rule.

Second Step: Apply for a role and wait for an interview.

The discord server might look different but there are few common tabs that you need to know about.

The first one will be #Roles or #Roles-Assign or something similar to this, don’t worry if you are new to the discord, this is pretty straight forward and I am pretty sure that the moderators and the community will help you 24×7.

So #Roles is where you will apply for a job/role. If you joined a reputable GTA 5 roleplay discord server, then you will see over 100+ civilian jobs, Police departments, fire departments, etc.

(Video) How to Join and Play GTA 5 Roleplay! QUICK START GUIDE! (Installations, Common Rules, and more!)

to choose the job type, you need to click on the emoji representing that job. this will give you a tag of that job type.

After applying for the job you need to select your device type. it’s the same as applying for a job just click on the emoji representing the device type.

Here’s a screenshot to clarify how this will look like.

How To Play GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 in Only 3 Steps | Nerf Gamer (7)

Now the moderators know your job interest and your device type and will alert the discord interviewer about you, now recruiter will reach you according to your role.

After you apply for the role then the only thing you have to do is wait for the third step

By the way, if are planning on going GTA online then trust me you need this guide.

The fastest way to get your destroyed car back in GTA 5

Third Step: Giving a Interview for a role in GTA 5 RP

Now I do understand that giving an interview is not very gaming comfort zone friendly but trust me this step is the easiest one out of the three and this way the server manager will get to know you and add you on PlayStation or Xbox.

So how do you get recruited into the roleplay server?

This might be a little bit different for every roleplay discord server but the process will be the same.

Let me take an example of the United roleplay server, If you join the United roleplay server(which I highly recommend if you are looking for a good and huge roleplay server), you will see multiple Tabs on your discord server.


Now we discussed the rules tab, roles assign tab now we will talk about the Waiting recruitment voice channel.This is a voice channel and you will join this voice channel to get an interview.

In the United discord server, they have a tab where they have a whole schedule for recruitment timing posted for a whole week. This is common in every roleplay discord server so wait for the recruiting time.

They might also announce any random recruitment timing in the announcement tab so keep an eye for the announcements if you want to join the roleplay server instantly.

So keep an eye on the timings and join the waiting room which will be a voice channel and wait for the recruter to drag you down to another voice channel where he will ask you few questions related to your job and your behavior in roleplay.

What will they ask in the interview?

These interviews are usually pretty straight forward the recruiter ask you question like-why do you want this role? and how long have you been playing GTA V roleplay?

They might ask you about the rules and if you have agreed to all those terms but besides that, every other question will be easy so don’t worry.

These questions are generally asked to check if the player will behave and act according to the rules and will not harm the gameplay for others.

What after passing the Interview?

After passing the interview, which you will, I believe in you, You will be guided to another channel where they will train you about the commands and again rules when will guide you how to join and the timings of the roleplay server.

I know this is too much of a hassle but trust me this is worth it. take this as a one-time investment where you have to do all these steps for once and get to enjoy the rest of your life assuming you do follow the rules and don’t get yourself banned from the server.

This is it now you know how to get GTA 5 Roleplay in PS4 or any device, You can join the server if you are Xbox player you can even join these servers if you are Pc player.

So go try these servers and please feel free to post a good reputable GTA 5 roleplay server recommendation in the comment. This will help other players who are new to this roleplay community.

(Video) How To Join A Gta5 Role Play Server On Ps5/Ps4/Xbox1/Xbox Series X


Can I Roleplay GTA 5 on PS4? ›

GTA 5 RP is a roleplaying modification for GTA 5 that is played with the help of mods like FiveM and RageMP. These mod clients allow the creation of isolated multiplayer servers that support various mods. Although console players can play GTA RP, they cannot do so with these mod clients.

How do u play GTA 5 Roleplay? ›

How to play GTA 5 RP
  1. Open Steam.
  2. Log into your account in FiveM.
  3. Find out about the Legacy Server by heading over to the Servers Tab.
  4. Join the Discord server by copying their Discord link.
  5. In order to set up your Team Speak Client, you will need to press Ctrl+K and search 'Toko'.
9 Aug 2021

Can you download FiveM on PS4? ›

New to RP in gta v online. Does FiveM work on Ps4? Nope, that a PC only thing.

Is there a roleplay game on PS4? ›

Well, the PS4 is home to a vast library role-playing games. From MMOs and open world epics to niche Japanese RPGs (or JRPGs) and traditional adventures stuffed with text, there's something for just about everyone. It's an expansive genre in which East meets West, and we see numerous takes on a similar formula.

Is GTA RP free? ›

GTA 5 RP is a free-to-play mod that allows users to create customizable stories in Grand Theft Auto 5 PC with the help of custom online servers.

What is GTA 5 Roleplay called? ›

It's true, and it's called GTA RP. In GTA RP, players must – under the ironclad rules of their server – commit to roleplaying their life as a regular citizen of Los Santos. In GTA RP servers, players are encouraged to simply live in Grand Theft Auto 5 – nothing more, nothing less.

How do I join RP? ›

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to join an RP server.
  1. Register for a Discord account.
  2. Join your chosen GTA RP server.
  3. Read the 'how to join' page on the Discord thread.
  4. Before interview, gamers must supply "role request" info.
  5. Successfully complete interview (hopefully).
  6. Pass through to training servers.
3 Apr 2022

Is GTA 5 Roleplay a mod? ›

GTA V roleplay is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Players who jump into one of the user-created RP servers become even more immersed in the game as they take on the form of a normal NPC, which can be customized in a number of different ways.

Is FiveM legal? ›

"The FiveM project is an unauthorised alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy.

How do you get Discord on PS4? ›

Power on your PS4 and navigate to its web browser function. Visit the Discord website and log into your Discord account through the PlayStation. You should now be able to chat with people using the text box.

What are the controls for GTA 5 RP? ›

GTA 5 PC Controls
  • WASD – Forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right.
  • Shift – Sprint.
  • L-Alt – Character switch.
  • Q – Cover.
  • F – Enter/exit vehicle.
  • R – Reload.
  • Caps Lock – Special Ability.
  • Space – Jump/handbrake.
11 Mar 2022

Is GTA RP easy? ›

Though, it's incredibly tough. NoPixel has almost 200 server slots for players, but getting whitelisted and accepted is no easy feat. You've got to donate and go through a rigorous application process before you can prove your RP skills. However, some of the other best GTA RP severs are easier to access.

Can you play GTA V RP solo? ›

Playing GTA Online Solo will hinder your character's growth in terms of RP gained and GTA$. However, if you want to complete only a few certain missions or activities in Freemode, playing Solo is a good option.

How popular is PS4? ›

117.2 million

What is the longest RPG for PS4? ›

Persona 5 Royal improved on the original by adding another semester, new characters/confidants, and new relationships. Persona 5 Royal is the longest role-playing game in PlayStation 4 history. Players can delve deep into this game as they attempt to beat over 140 hours of content under a completionist run.

How can you be a cop on GTA 5? ›

To become a cop after stealing the cop car in GTA Online, head to the Rockstar Editor in the menu and select the Director Mode. From here, players will see an option for Actors. Select it then Emergency Services, then LSPD. The game will reload and allow players to assist the cops in the city as a police officer.

What is role play English? ›

Role play is the act of imitating the character and behaviour of someone who is different from yourself, for example as a training exercise. Group members have to communicate with each other through role-play. 2. verb. If people role play, they do a role play.

What does JP mean in GTA? ›

Answer: JP or Job Points are earned after completing Jobs while online. Different quantities of Job Points are earned based on how well you performed during the course of the Job. These points are used to decide who wins a Playlist and help determine what Jobs are played within a session.

What is Fail RP? ›

Fail roleplay, or FRP, is when a person fails to roleplay properly, whether that be through going down an unrealistic route in history or intentionally disrupting the roleplay by trolling. Fail roleplay is the most broken rule in Risk and tends to be a problem in the Public and Customs servers.

How do I exit Grand RP? ›

Alt+F4 works, and brings a menu asking if you're sure you want to quit. Pressing Enter quits the game at that point.

What is the biggest GTA RP server? ›

5 Best GTA Online RP Servers (2022)
  • Eclipse RP. [LT] ECLIPSE Roleplay Traileris. ...
  • NoPixel. GTA 5 NoPixel 3.0 Roleplay Update Gameplay Trailer. ...
  • Mafia City. Mafia City Roleplay: Beginners Guide. ...
  • New Day RP. New Day RP | 2.0 Trailer.
28 Aug 2022

How do you start a RP starter? ›

Tips for Writing a Good Roleplay Starter
  1. Don't make it too short. ...
  2. Don't get lost in the details. ...
  3. Make it make sense. ...
  4. Don't force your roleplay partner's character to act out-of-character. ...
  5. Remember that YOU are starting the scene. ...
  6. Don't be too worried about impressing the other person. ...
  7. Get to know your roleplay partner!

Does GTA RP cost money? ›

Is GTA Roleplay free? A: Yes, GTA Roleplay is free as long as you own the GTA V PC version, for the most part. There are some GTA 5 RP servers that require donations in order to join, but there are plenty of servers where joining and playing are completely free.

What does RP GTA stand for? ›

Reputation (RP) is a feature in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is the experience point system used to level up your online character.

How do I make my own GTA server? ›

Making a private GTA Online server in 2021
  1. Go to the FiveM website and click on Create your own server > Host your own server. ...
  2. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or newer from the given link near the top.
  3. Create a server folder anywhere on the computer and create two subfolders within it.
29 Aug 2021

Who is the FiveM owner? ›

Mahdi Pourzaferani is the Founder and CEO at FiveM Store L.L.C .

Was FiveM hacked? ›

The popular Grand Theft Auto 5 mod FiveM has been hacked, and user data is being sold on the internet. FiveM is a multiplayer mod for GTA V that allows players to access custom role-playing servers.

How much does it cost to create a GTA server? ›

At around $10,000 a month, in just one year the server can run up costs totaling nearly $120,000.

Will PlayStation get a Discord app? ›

More features are set to come. According to a screenshot taken from the Discord mobile app, the next stage of the integration will let users show what game they're playing on their Discord profile on both PS4 and PS5. Voice chat will only be available on PS5, however.

Is Discord a safe app to use? ›

Is Discord safe? With the right privacy settings and monitoring, it's easy to use Discord safely. However, there's always a risk when it comes to sites and apps with open chat. The safest way to use Discord is to only accept friend requests and participate in private servers with people you already know.

Does PS5 have Discord? ›

Version 6.00 is September 7th, 2022. So Discord integration on the PS5 is March 8th, 2023 (if nothing else changes). PlayStation users have already been able to link a PlayStation account with Discord since early 2022, with integration between the two services limited to sharing players' game activity.

Does PS4 do mods? ›

To install mods on PS4, scroll through the main menu to the mod submenu, find a category, and pick the mod — clearly a lot easier than before! Mods in this game can be tools and tractors, vital to any farming fanatic, or great for getting newcomers deep into the weird world of farming sims.

Are mods free? ›

Many mods are free and range in scope from smaller changes here or there to entirely new items, characters, maps, or missions. Other mods may add expansive community-created content equaling hours of new gameplay and storyline, or even an entirely new game built from the ground up.

How do you control the controls in GTA 5? ›

Free roam combat is really basic, the first part to it is to lock on by pressing L1 (PS3/PS4) or LB (Xbox 360/One) or RMB (PC). You can dodge by pressing Square (PS3/PS4) or X (Xbox 360/One) or Space (PC).

How do you sit in a car in GTA 5? ›

As per the opinions of people on Reddit, there is no key/button that can automatically allow you to change your place from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat. The only way you can change the seat is if you get out of the car and enter from the opposite side.

How do you get RP fast? ›

Completing missions is the intended way to gain RP, as they're the bulk of GTA Online and contain all sorts of objectives and play styles. You can compile some of the missions that give out the most RP in a playlist, either by yourself or with a crew, to tackle them efficiently.

Why is GTA RP so fun? ›

At the heart of GTA RP are the interactions you have with other players. After all, it's a social game so you're inevitably going to make some friends and want to play with them again in the future. If you're shy speaking to strangers, then you could join GTA World, a purely text-based GTA RP server.

Is GTA RP still popular? ›

Grand Theft Auto V's roleplay servers are still very popular thanks to streamers producing tons of new content. The game is part of one of the most recognizable franchises in gaming history. GTA V is also the 'highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours' with over $815 million USD generated.

How do you solo a public lobby in GTA 5? ›

How To Get Into A Solo Public Lobby In GTA Online On Console
  1. Load into GTA Online, join a public session and then head into a building you own.
  2. Unplug your ethernet cable or disconnect from your wifi network.
  3. The game should kick you from the session so you do not impact other players.
6 Sept 2022

Can you play GTA offline? ›

You should be able to play GTA V offline in its story mode. You cannot, however, play GTA Online (the multiplayer game mode) offline without the internet.

Is GTA 5 and GTA Rp the same? ›

Both games are heavily tied to the GTA 5 engine. However, GTA RP has existed in other games in the series. Still, there are similarities between the two types of GTA games. Some GTA RP servers require the player to own a legal copy of GTA 5, and GTA Online is the same in that regard.

Is GTA roleplay on console? ›

"If you want to roleplay in GTA V on Xbox, LSLRP is the #1 place to be. The community is the perfect size to build connections with other members, and still have a full lobby every single day. There are so many different departments and jobs you can have, that the possibilities are endless.

Does GTA 5 have roleplay? ›

GTA V roleplay is a multiplayer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Players who jump into one of the user-created RP servers become even more immersed in the game as they take on the form of a normal NPC, which can be customized in a number of different ways. The level of roleplay depends on the server.

Can you download Discord on PS4? ›

The service allows users to create their own server or join existing ones. You can now download Discord on PlayStation 4. This means you can access Discord from more than just your laptop and your phone – you can now use it using your PS4 controller.

What does FiveM mean? ›

FiveM is a mod for GTA V which allows you to play multiplayer on customised and dedicated servers, and is powered by and relying on the RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine).

How do I play Discord on PS4 without computer? ›

Unfortunately, Discord isn't officially available on PS4. Sony has its own 'Party chat' app, but it's limited and doesn't have the features that Discord offers.

Does PlayStation have Bluetooth? ›

Select (Settings) > [Devices] > [Bluetooth Devices] to automatically search for nearby Bluetooth® devices. Paired devices and other Bluetooth® devices will appear in the list. Devices not supported by your PS4™ system may appear in the search results.

Can you mod on PS4 without jailbreak? ›

You can't because there are no Mod Menu's on PS4. Nobody has been able to jailbreak the system. And if there will ever be one, you will get banned within a couple of days because Rockstar is extremely strict with that.


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