How To Check The FSSAI License Number Online? (2022)

  • October 26, 2020

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How To Check The FSSAI License Number Online? (2)

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The regulatory authority for maintaining rules and regulations for doing business related to food products in India is the Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India. The FSSAI time to time issues standards and practices required for the Food Business operators to follow to safeguard the manufacturing and handling of food products. FSSAI issues a fourteen digit FSSAI license number to the food business operators to certify that the food product is good for consumption.

This license is to be printed on the food product along with the FSSAI logo. It is very simple to check the FSSAI license number online through the FSSAI website. It is mandatory for the Food Business operators to follow the instructions issued by FSSAI such as food safety audit with regards to storing, manufacturing, importing or serving, regular inspection of the business, FSSAI Licence documents, paying FSSAI license fees, etc

1. WHAT IS FSSAI license number?

FSSAI license number is a 14 digit FSSAI number issued to every food business operator irrespective of the scale and size of the business Operation. There are different kinds of FSSAI licenses depending upon the business and its operation size.

The fourteen digit FSSAI license number represents distinct information about the Food business operator. It is divided into five different sections. The details regarding the FSSAI number are:

  1. Section 1 (first digit)

This digit represents if the food business is registered or unregistered

  1. Section 2 (next 2nd and 3rd digit)

The next two digits represent the code of the state where the food business operates

  1. Section 3 (4th and 5th digit)

The fourth and the fifth digit of FSSAI license depicts the manufacturing year of the specific food product

  1. Section 4 (6th 7th and 8th digit)

The sixth, seventh, and the eight digits of the code are the Quantity of the enrolling master

  1. Section 5 (Digits from 9th to 14th)

The digits from ninth to fourteenth represent the makers permit number

How To Check The FSSAI License Number Online? (3)

2. What are the different types of FSSAI license?

The FSSAI number are of different types depending upon the Annual turnover namely:

  • Registration in Form A if the turnover is up to 12 Lakhs
  • State FSSAI license in Form B when the turnover is between 12 Lakhs to 20 Crores
  • Central Licence in Form B when the turnover exceeds 20 crores

3. How to check the FSSAI Licence number online?

When you check the FSSAI license number online you get to know the details about the Food business operator regarding the name of the company, the address of the premises where the business takes place, Licence number, its expiry date, the kind of business, the products that are manufactured, the status of the license.

Following is the procedure to check FSSAI Licence number online:

  1. FSSAI login with number has to be done on the official government website
  2. On this page, you find a tab for entering the FSSAI license or registration number
  3. Enter the 14 digit FSSAI license number correctly and click on the Submit button. Upon entering the wrong license number it gives an error message.
  4. On clicking the submit button if the license number is valid, the website displays all the details of the food business operator. Also, the status of the food business operator can be verified.

4. Guidelines for FSSAI license number

  1. Every Food business operator has to print the 14 digit license number on the particular product along with the FSSAI logo. The shade and font color should be such that the logo and the license number is identifiable.
  2. When a product is imported from outside the country, the name and the FSSAI license number is to be produced in front of the competent authorities
  3. The measure of digits, alphabets, letters should be according to the Food safety standards (packaging and labeling) Regulation, 2011
  4. The printing of the FSSAI license and logo on the food product is essential to give an assurance that the food business operator holds a legitimate license
  5. The addresses of the different units should also display the permit number. Along with the license number, the quantity of the delivery organization should also be displayed
  6. The food business operator can print only a valid license number. It cannot be printed if the FSSAI license number is expired.

5. Conclusion

To perform business in India Food license number is compulsory statutory compliance for every Food Business operator. The food license is valid up to a maximum of five years. After the validity of the license is completed you have to get your license renewed or you cannot continue the food business.

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6. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on FSSAI License

1. How can I check my Fssai license status?

1. Enter the 14 digit FSSAI license number on the official Government website of FSSAI
2. Get basic information by clicking on check validity
3. Log in with your FSSAI username and password
4. Get all the possible details of the FSSAI license number

2. What is the FSSAI registration number?

FSSAI registration number is issued to registered Food business operators. It is a fourteen digit number that is divided into five sections representing different information about the food business operator. This registration number along with the FSSAI logo is to be printed on the food product.

3. How can I get a duplicate Fssai license?

Once the FSSAI license is issued, any renewal, modification, or request for duplicate FSSAI license numbers can be done through the online official website for FSSAI. State Licence is normally issued by the state authorities according to that particular state.

4. What is FBO FSSAI?

All the food-related safety acts are monitored and regulated by one supreme authority Food Safety and Standards Authority of India since 23rd August 2006. This institution has authority in the manufacturing of food, packing, processing, distribution, and transportation of the same.

All the Food Business Operators who are in the food handling chain have to compulsory obtain the FSSAI license. The registration and license application are based on several factors such as an area of operation, food business activities, capacity of production, etc.

5. How many days it will take to get Fssai license?

The basic license is normally issued in seven days while the central license and state license takes around thirty days for issuance.

6. What is the difference between Fssai registration and licensing?

All the petty food business operator has to obtain FSSAI registration while all those who are out of the ambit of petty food business operator has to obtain FSSAI license for operating a food business in India.

7. What are the fees for an FSSAI license?

The fees for an FSSAI license is as follows:

Rs 7500 for a central license
Rs 2000 for the state license
Rs 100 for registration

8. Is it easy to get Fssai license?

Yes getting the FSSAI license is very easy and simple. You can also get the same by applying online and making the payment of the required fee along with filing the necessary FSSAI license documents

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