Hotel Review: Zoëtry Mallorca Wellness and Spa, Mallorca in Spain (2022)

Zoëtry Mallorca combines the magic, nature and tradition of Mallorca with the attention and services of a five-star luxury hotel.

Tucked away in a quiet, private setting on the beautiful island of Mallorca, away from the bustle of those all-too-common (and busy) beachfront resorts, you’ll find Zoëtry – a luxurious countryside escape away from the busyness of life where you can rest, relax and enjoy life’s pleasures by the boatload.

Not being the youngest of whippersnappers anymore, I tend to lean towards the quiet and classy as opposed to the loud and lively when it comes to summer holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love an adventure, but an outbreak of fisticuffs over the last pool lounger, or getting an elbow to the eye when ordering a drink at an overcrowded bar isn’t usually my cup of tea.

On the rare occasion that I get to travel on my own, I want peace. I’m talking real, complete and utter feel-it-in-the-air peace. From the moment I walk into the hotel’s reception until the reluctant closing of my room’s door for the last time, I crave a stress level of a whopping zero. Even with the seemingly endless selection of lovely luxury hotels and resorts out there, that kind of no-stress experience is pretty hard to find. Enter Zoëtry, one of the most stress-less hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit.


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Part of the AMR Collection with sister properties in the Caribbean and Mexico, Zoëtry’s intimate getaways combine distinctive culture, heritage and natural beauty, which is evident the moment you step out of the car and gaze up at the manor house’s arched entrance.

The 14-century Spanish manor house-turned-resort boasts 90 beautiful suites and rooms spread throughout the impeccably manicured grounds. From gorgeous private hideaways in the main building offering views of the neighbouring neo-gothic chapel and windmill, to sophisticated villas by the pool, the five-star resort has a perfect space for everyone.

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The spectacular climbing-vine-laden inner courtyard is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the hotel’s wow factor; whether you’re leisurely strolling through the winding botanical archways, lounging peacefully by one of the two crystal clear pools, enjoying a drink at Coto Cocktail Bar or dining al fresco under the light of the moon, you’ll find no shortage of luxuries at Zoëtry.


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I don’t know about you, but I love a hotel that’s had a former life. Knowing you’re staying somewhere steeped in history makes everything so much more enchanting, and you can’t turn your head at Zoëtry without feeling the intrigue of the past.

All of the rooms have been restored to preserve their architectural flair and authenticity, and the richness of the 14th-century manor house luxury shines through. Each room, suite and villa offers plenty of space, elegant décor, modern amenities (think Nespresso machines, fast Wi-Fi and smart TVs) and private terraces with views of the Spanish countryside, historic chapel or gardens.

The interior design is a combination of rustic luxury and subtle comfort; completely elegant and entirely functional at the same time – a perfect pair if you ask me. Choose from a variety of large (and I mean large) suites such as the Suite Exclusive Villalonga, the resort’s most impressive accommodation with exposed beams, high ceilings, dining area and luxury bathroom; or, stay in the Double Speaker room, complete with private patio overlooking warm tones of the Mallorcan countryside.

Food and drink

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Dining at Zoëtry is exactly what I dreamt it would be; the photos on their website aren’t just good angles and clever marketing – what you see is what you get, and what you get is wonderful. The main restaurant’s interior is impeccably decorated with neutral colours, rich woods, cream fabrics and dotted with earthy pottery, wicker baskets and glass to create a truly relaxing atmosphere.

The outdoor dining area is even better, with tables either hiding under a fabric-laden awning, or out in the courtyard to enjoy the last of the rays before the sun goes down behind the courtyard walls.

Food at Zoëtry is nothing short of exquisite, blending infusions of traditional Spanish cuisine (with a touch of Mallorcan heritage, of course) and modern, organic Mediterranean flavours. I’d recommend the Mallorcan goats’ cheese toast with caramelised onion, honey and sobrasada (spicy Mallorcan sausage), or if you’re feeling fancy, the lobster thermidor is heavenly. Poolside, you can enjoy a variety of freshly prepared meals at lunchtime – perhaps grilled sardines with a squeeze of lemon, or tomato and burrata salad.

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Breakfast is how breakfast should be at a luxury hotel – a sweeping buffet of delicious breads, pastries, charcuterie, fruit (oh, the fruit!) and a yogurt bar with every topping imaginable. And yes, a cooked breakfast of your choice is included –from the Benedict of the day to the brioche French toast, you’ll never run out of new options to enjoy.

But wait, let’s not forget the drinks! Zoëtry’s four bars offer a little bit of everything, served fresh and with flair. Try a signature cocktail, enjoy a refreshing Spanish beer, or you can’t go wrong with an icy Aperol Spritz in the sunshine. For the ultimate holiday experience, don’t miss out on a visit to Cotó Cocktail Bar, with live music each evening. Think dreamy Spanish guitar under the moonlight. Utter bliss.

Spa and wellness

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Zoëtry Mallorca’s Pure Spa is the icing on the cake when it comes to relaxation. The indoor oasis, oozing with class, is the perfect place to unwind and while the day away. The heated pool, with its numerous massagers and water jets, is surrounded by comfortable loungers and is the perfect place to start. Then, take your pick of the eucalyptus-scented Turkish baths, saunas, ice fountains, foot bath, aquadome or sensory shower – or, if you’re feeling wild, try them all. Top your day off by surrounding yourself with the aromas of lavender, lemon, honey and almond as you drift away during an expert massage.

To do

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In my humble opinion, Zoëtry is the type of place you visit to be idle, to take a hard-earned break, to sit and read a book, enjoy a cocktail and let your body and brain rest. But, if you do fancy a day trip, Palma is only a 20-minute drive away, with its beaches, attractions, bars, restaurants and nightlife.

For your history and architecture fix, check out the Catedral de Mallorca; for crystal-clear waters and soft sands, head down to Calo Des Moro beach; or, for food, drinks and fun, don’t miss La Lonja in Palma, a maze of winding streets filled with cafés, bars and restaurants with music galore and a great atmosphere.

In a nutshell

For an escape away from it all with all the wonders of true Mediterranean hospitality, and more peace and relaxation than you can imagine, Zoëtry is second to none. Only 20 minutes from Palma de Mallorca airport, even getting there is low stress, and the rooms, restaurants, bars and pools are just what the doctor ordered for a blissful, stress-free holiday in the sun.


Rooms can be booked starting from €200/night bed and breakfast.

Address: Camí de Sa Torre, Km 8, 7, 07609, Balearic Islands, Spain
Phone: +34 911 22 97 44

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Zoetry Mallorca Wellness & Spa

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