GTA 5 RP Servers: Where Are They, And How Can You Join Them? (2023)

Grand Theft Auto 5 turns eight years old this year. That’s a long time for a video game franchise to go without a successor. Thankfully, GTA online has plenty going on to keep us entertained as we wait for the next GTA game. From heists, and stunt races, to running illegal businesses, there’s plenty to do in GTA Online. But there’s only so much to do in Los Santos, what if you’ve done pretty much everything and need something else to do? Well, that’s where GTA 5 RP servers come in.

We’ll be talking about GTA 5 RP servers in this post. What they are, how it works, and how you can join them:

  • What is a GTA 5 RP server?
  • How to install
  • How to join
  • List of GTA 5 RP servers
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

GTA 5 RP Servers: What Is It?

RP stands for Role Playing. As it suggests, a GTA 5 RP server is a multiplayer server where you can roleplay. Specifically, you can roleplay as NPCs such as a cop, medical personnel, or a shop clerk. Or if you like the criminal life, you can still be a criminal as well. This is possible thanks to the modding community.

Each RP server has its own set of rules. Some allow you to do what you want, others will expect you to abide by the rules to ensure greater immersion in the world for everyone else. If you’re in such a server, be sure to check with the moderators and chat room before you go on a killing spree. Otherwise, you’ll get banned from the server.

Other servers are still very crime-focused. On certain servers, they have crime factions for you to join. Similar to the gang warfare system they used to have in GTA San Andreas. Some servers are also still well-integrated to the standard GTA Online server, so you can still play games that Rockstar has provided such as the Cayo Perico heist.

Whatever it is you prefer, there’s plenty to do in GTA 5 RP servers. Enough to keep us entertained until the next GTA game comes out. This is great since the next installation of the GTA series is still at least a couple of years away.

One of my favorite series to come out of the RP server is the Cops n Crooks series from Sonny Evans. Where he takes the role of a criminal while other players playing as cops are tasked with finding him before he can escape:

GTA 5 RP Servers: How It Works

RP servers rely heavily on the player’s ability to maintain character. For example, if you roleplay as a firefighter and someone points a gun at you asking you to give them your vehicle, then you have to either comply or fight with your bare hands. Some servers may allow normal citizens to have a gun, but you probably won’t be able to fight with a rifle as there’s no way a firefighter will be carrying an automatic rifle in their daily life.

Communication relies heavily on voice chat. Some servers may prioritize text chat, but most will use voice chat. When using chat, you will have to stay in character and roleplay. Be sure not to say anything that’s out of character as it will ruin the immersion for everyone else. There’s usually an out-of-character chat room that you can use should you want to talk about something that isn’t related to your roleplaying.

Finally, death is slightly different in an RP server. For example, if you die for whatever reason and respawn, you cannot return or be involved in the same situation for a certain amount of time, usually about 15 minutes. There’s also a thing known as a character death. This means that your character has died and you will have to create an entirely new character with a new backstory. It’s all very complicated and relies heavily on the player’s compliance, best to read a server’s rules and guidelines before joining in.

GTA 5 RP Servers: Why Is It Popular?

Like a lot of other games, a long-running game like GTA 5 found new popularity with the modding community. While Rockstar still adds new content to GTA Online, a lot of the content is rather repetitive. There’s usually a new character that has a job for you to do, then you buy things to prep for the heist. Once you’re ready, you’ll be able to do the heist with other players.

Worse still, a lot of the time the prep requires a lot of money since you need to buy expensive equipment. Often making the content essentially inaccessible. This is especially true for new players who don’t have a lot of money and will have to either grind or buy Shark cards to be able to buy the necessary equipment. For example, the Cayo Perico heist requires players to buy the Kotsaka submarine which costs at least $2,200,000.

(Video) How to Join and Play GTA 5 Roleplay! QUICK START GUIDE! (Installations, Common Rules, and more!)

Modding, the RP server included, gives players new things to do in an older game like GTA 5. Giving the game a new life for older players, and even getting new players to join in. Additionally, the RP experience has been quite popular amongst Twitch streamers, including auronplay, Sykkuno, and buddha amongst others.

If you are into driving games. Then you might want to consider Fortnite also. Here is a list of all the cars available in Fortnite.

How To Install GTA 5 RP Servers

Before we proceed, we’d like to note that this GTA 5 RP server installation process is for PC. If you’re playing on PS4 or Xbox One, you won’t be able to do this since consoles have a closed ecosystem and you can’t access the game files. That being said, there are RP servers for consoles, but we’ll talk about that later on.

Now, if you’re looking to join an RP server on a PC, you will need to download a set of mods and third-party tools required by the server. Most servers will either run on the FiveM mod or the RageMP mod. Head over to their social media or forum to check which mod you will need to install to join them. We’ll guide you on how to install both FiveM and RageMP:

How To Install FiveM

If you’re joining a server that requires FiveM, here’s how to install it:

  1. Ensure you have an up-to-date version of GTA 5 before you install FiveM.
  2. Go to FiveM’s website and click “Download Client”. You’ll need to agree to the terms of service to continue the download.
  3. Launch the .exe FiveM file to start the installation. Be patient since the launcher may take a few minutes.
  4. Be sure to install FiveM to the same drive where you install GTA 5 to avoid any errors.
  5. FiveM will automatically locate your GTA 5 files. But if it fails then you will need to locate it manually for FiveM.
  6. Give FiveM permission to update your game cache, this is necessary to finish the installation process.
  7. Launch FiveM and you can see the server list available by clicking on “Play.”

How To Install RageMP

Meanwhile, if the GTA 5 RP server you’re looking to join requires RageMP, here’s how to install it:

  1. Go to RageMP and download their installer.
  2. Run the installer and make sure you install RageMP on the same drive as your GTA 5 file to avoid errors.
  3. RageMP will automatically detect your GTA 5 file. However, if it fails you will need to manually select the installation folder.
  4. A server list will pop up and you can click on them to join the server.

GTA 5 PC Requirements

I personally would not go out of my way to buy a PC just to play on GTA 5 RP servers. I’m perfectly happy with the standard GTA Online version on my PS4. However, if you’re looking to buy a PC to play GTA 5, here are the specs you will need:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1.
  • Processor:
    • Required: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (Quad-Core) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (Quad-Core) @ 2.5GHz.
    • Recommended: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (Quad-Core) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (Eight-Core).
  • Memory: 4GB (required) or 8GB (recommended).
  • Video Card:
    • Required: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11).
    • Recommended: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB or higher.
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible.
  • HDD Space: 65GB (SSD recommended for faster launch speeds).

You generally don’t need anything very high-end to play GTA 5. You can get a PC to play GTA 5 for around $500, and it’ll run relatively smoothly. But you’ll probably need another $200 or so to get decent peripherals like monitors, a mouse, and a keyboard.

Additionally, a microphone will be necessary for some servers as they only communicate in voice chat. Also, keep in mind that if you decide to go buy a PC or laptop with a minimum required specs, you’re going to have to turn down the graphics setting to keep the game running smoothly.

However, if you’re planning to play big game titles other than GTA 5, then you should consider getting a proper gaming PC. They may cost thousands of dollars, but you’ll be able to play big titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Call of Duty, and Forza Horizon 4.

How To Join GTA 5 RP Servers

Now that you’ve installed either FiveM or RageMP, you’ll need to be granted entry to an RP server. Each server has its own set of rules, so be sure to read them first to make sure you can abide by their rules. Additionally, the big servers will often have an application that they will ask you to fill out. The moderators will then evaluate your application and if you pass, you will be put on a queue where you can ascend your priority if you follow the rules.

(Video) FiveM - How to Join a GTA RP Server! GTA RP Servers Explanation (PC) (2021)

The rules are mostly similar across different RP servers. Such as no breaking character or acting “immature” even if someone else broke the rules around you. Also, some servers might ask you to provide a backstory for your character if you’re looking to play as a citizen. Read this GTA 5 RP rules from RolePlay UK as an example.

This might sound a bit complicated for what is essentially just joining a multiplayer game. But it is necessary since the set of rules is established by human moderators and not enforced by the game itself. Unlike say, using a cheat, where Rockstar will ban your account from GTA Online, breaking a rule in the RP server won’t get you automatically banned by the system. This set of rules helps to keep the server from crashing and keep the game fun for everyone on the RP server.

Here’s a guide on how to join and play in a GTA 5 RP server:

Best RP Servers GTA 5

So, which server should you join? Well, there are a few well-known GTA 5 RP servers that you might be interested in joining. However, you might be put on the waiting list as they’re popular and tons of other players are looking to join as well. This is because they enforce strict rules and they have managed to keep the server fun and enjoyable, mostly free from players that just rampage around Los Santos. Here are some of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers you should try joining:

1. NoPixel

This is where you’ll find some of Twitch’s big names such as LIRIK, Moonmoon, shroud, and many other popular GTA 5 streamers. This makes NoPixel one of the most popular RP servers since players will want to play with their favorite GTA 5 streamers. Who knows, maybe you’ll appear in one of their streams or Youtube videos?

If you’re not interested in playing with Twitch streamers, it’s still a great server to join. However, it might take a while for you to join since the server only supports 32 players at a time and you’ll need to be whitelisted. Of course, you will need to abide by their rules and fill out a form on NoPixel’s official website. Keep in mind you will need to sign up first and provide your Steam ID before you can access the content of their website.

If you find it’s taking too long to get whitelisted, NoPixel also accepts donations to support the creators. Players who donate will always be whitelisted even if the server is loaded with applications.

2. Eclipse RP

If you find NoPixel’s 32-player limit a bit small, then Eclipse RP might be for you since the server supports up to 200 players at a time. However, it’s one of the most popular servers out there, so you might still have to wait on a lengthy waiting list. That being said, it seems like a fun server as there are both government and non-government factions in the game for you to join in.

Of course, be sure to follow their rules and guidelines before joining in. Eclipse RP has laid out clear rules for whatever you choose to roleplay as in the server.

3. MafiaCity GTA RP

MafiaCity is another GTA 5 RP server with a clear faction system. You can choose your career to be whatever you want. You can become a cop that’s feared by every criminal in Los Santos, or become the most wicked criminal the server has ever seen. Or, you know, just be a regular average Joe that puts out fires for a living. This is GTA 5 roleplay, after all, you can be anything you want.

It’s also a very well-built server that allows you to buy houses, businesses, and other properties that are normally available in GTA Online.

(Video) How You can join a Roleplay Server on GTA 5 Roleplay in 2022-2023

4. GTA World

Most other servers will require you to use voice chat when playing in an RP server. This helps to make roleplaying more fun and immersive, as well as making communication between players a lot easier. However, not everyone is comfortable with voice chat for one reason or another. If like me, you’re one of those people, then the GTA World RP server is probably for you.

GTA World stands out as one of the few servers that encourages text chat rather than voice chat. So if you’re uncomfortable with voice chat, or you don’t have a microphone, then consider GTA World. Of course, there’s a sign-up process that you will need to follow through with.

However, if you prefer text chat, then this is the server for you. There are currently 500 active players on the server and more than 30 active factions that you can join.

5. The Family RP

The Family RP server is known to be the server for players who take their roleplaying to heart. It’s not as popular as the other servers on this list, but you will still need to wait to get admitted to the server. It’s also a bit more barebones than other servers since you won’t be able to buy properties or cars.

That being said, if you’re into roleplaying more than anything else in GTA 5, The Family RP is filled with hardcore roleplayers, making the experience more immersive when you interact with these players. Keep in mind you’ll need to link your Steam and Discord accounts, Twitch is optional.

6. LucidCity RP

If you find the big servers taking too long to respond to your application, then you’re probably looking for an alternative RP server to play in the meantime. This is where LucidCity comes in, as it’s more welcoming to new players. It boasts features of NoPixel and includes gameplay from the standard GTA Online such as the Cayo Perico heist.

However, because there’s less filter to the server, it does mean things can go south real quick when a player decides to go rogue and starts blowing things up with a sticky bomb. Still, if you want to sharpen your roleplaying skills, LucidCity is the server to go to.

7. Other Servers

There are actually plenty of other GTA 5 RP servers you can join. As mentioned, after you installed FiveM or RageMP, you will find a list of RP servers available. Simply pick one that has room for you to join in and you’re good to go. These servers are often less regulated, so that does mean things may become chaotic very quickly if you happen to be playing with an immature player.

Still, you can hone your skills as a roleplayer on these servers. So when you’re admitted to the big servers, you’ll be ready to play with the big boys. And who knows, you might just find a hidden gem among these smaller servers.

Are There GTA 5 RP Servers For Console?

Modding, and therefore roleplay servers, aren’t a thing on consoles. As mentioned, consoles have a closed ecosystem meaning you can’t access the files, therefore you can’t install mods on them. Think of it as how you can only install applications available on the App Store for an iPhone, that’s what a closed ecosystem is like.

Surprisingly, there are RP servers for players on consoles, albeit not as popular and with a different mechanism. Also, RP players on consoles are known to be somewhat immature and not as serious as RP players on PC. So be wary if you’re joining an RP server on a console. Your best bet is still to play GTA 5 RP servers on PC. If you’re curious about how to join a roleplay server on a console, watch the video below:

GTA 5 RP Servers: Common Slang

When you join a roleplay server, there might be some slang that you’re not familiar with even if you’ve played GTA Online for a while. Slang might also appear in forums and guidelines, so you’ll need to understand them to make sure you can comply and fit in with the server:

(Video) GTA 5 Roleplay Server - How to Join on PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE & SERIES X

  • RP: role-play, obviously.
  • OOC: Out of Character, usually refers to OOC chat rooms where you can chat with other players but not in your roleplay character.
  • LOOC: Local Out of Character, basically the same as OOC but only with players surrounding you.
  • IC: In Character
  • CK: Character Kill, this is when you kill or your character is killed and therefore no longer exists to other players. There’s a process required for Character Kill.
  • PK: Player Kill, is when your character is killed but followed by a respawn and continuation of the character’s story before they were killed.
  • RDM: Random Death Match, is when a player attacks another player without engaging in any form of roleplay. For example, if you point a gun at another player so that they will give you their car, but then you shoot them without giving them time to respond, this is considered a random deathmatch or RDM.

There is plenty of other slang and rules to follow when you’re playing in a GTA 5 RP server. Be sure to read GTA 5 RP forums or subreddits to understand these terminologies.

GTA 5 RP Servers: In Conclusion…

If you don’t like roleplaying, we won’t recommend that you get into GTA 5 RP servers. Roleplaying depends on how well you can get into a character. And of course, how willing you are to stay in character, both in text and voice chat. The strict set of rules means you can’t just randomly kill people like you normally would in GTA.

However, if you find the original GTA Online server boring and repetitive, roleplay servers are a great way to introduce a new life to GTA 5. You can play as a criminal and it will be business as usual in GTA 5. Or as a law-abiding citizen trying to lead a normal life in Los Santos without getting shot by a rampaging criminal.

If you decide to give GTA 5 roleplay a try, be sure to read and follow the rules that a server poses. Failure to do so will result in getting banned from the server. And possibly even an infamous reputation that will prevent you from getting into any other major server. Not to mention ruining the fun for everyone else, don’t do that!

FAQs On GTA 5 RP Servers

If you still have some questions about GTA 5 RP servers, our FAQs here might have the answer you’re looking for…

How To Join RP Servers GTA 5

If you want to join a GTA 5 RP (role-playing) server, you first have to install any mods, tools, and plugins that are required for the server to run on your machine. The majority of GTA 5 RP servers are hosted either using FiveM or RageMP. Our guides here should cover all the steps necessary to install either FiveM or RageMP. Once you have those mods and plugins running, both FiveM and RageMP should display a list of RP servers that you can join. Just click on any of the available servers, and you’ll soon be loaded into the RP world. Just be wary that there are rules and laws within those RP servers. Be sure to study them, as otherwise, breaking said rules could get you banned.

How To Join GTA 5 RP Servers PS4

Unlike on the PC, console GTA 5 players aren’t able to access the same, dedicated and thoroughly designed RP servers. This is primarily due to the fact that consoles (either Playstation or Xbox), unlike PCs, are closed ecosystems. Simply put, you can’t modify GTA 5 as easily (or at all, even) that’s running on a PS4 or an Xbox One, unlike you can with a computer. Regardless, there are still RP servers on consoles. However, owing to the inability to install and run mods on consoles, these RP servers function differently from PC-based servers. They lack much of the role-playing aspects, and players on these console-based RP servers tend to not be as serious. Therefore, it’s best to stick to PCs if you want a proper RP experience.

Is GTA Cross Platform

Disappointingly, GTA 5 isn’t a cross-platform game. While most games that have any semblance of multiplayer capability these days are cross-platform, GTA 5 isn’t one of them. In other words, if you’re playing GTA 5 on a PS4, you can’t play with other GTA 5 players that are gaming on the PC or Xbox. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to play GTA 5 across different generations of the same console. If you’re playing GTA 5 on PS4, you can’t join GTA 5 online servers that are hosted for players on the PS5. As of now, it’s yet to be seen when Rockstar Games would finally allow cross-play for Grand Theft Auto V. This is despite fans clamoring for this addition for years now.

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How do you join a roleplay server on GTA? ›

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to join an RP server.
  1. Register for a Discord account.
  2. Join your chosen GTA RP server.
  3. Read the 'how to join' page on the Discord thread.
  4. Before interview, gamers must supply "role request" info.
  5. Successfully complete interview (hopefully).
  6. Pass through to training servers.
3 Apr 2022

What is the best GTA V roleplay server? ›

5 Best GTA Online RP Servers (2022)
  • Eclipse RP. [LT] ECLIPSE Roleplay Traileris. ...
  • NoPixel. GTA 5 NoPixel 3.0 Roleplay Update Gameplay Trailer. ...
  • Mafia City. Mafia City Roleplay: Beginners Guide. ...
  • New Day RP. New Day RP | 2.0 Trailer.
28 Aug 2022

How do you join other servers in GTA 5? ›

Start by clicking “Play” on the upper right corner:
  1. Choose from over a hundred Roleplay and custom online servers from the list:
  2. Click on 'Connect':
  3. Your chosen server might require some prerequisite files, which FiveM will automatically download:
  4. Make sure you give the server rules a good read!
  5. Done!

How do you join NoPixel GTA RP? ›

There are two main ways to play NoPixel. There is a public server option, which anybody can access. Alternatively, there is the whitelisted server, which is where the more popular players often play. Both variations of NoPixel involve a similar process.

Is GTA RP free? ›

GTA 5 RP is a free-to-play mod that allows users to create customizable stories in Grand Theft Auto 5 PC with the help of custom online servers.

How hard is it to get into GTA RP? ›

Though, it's incredibly tough. NoPixel has almost 200 server slots for players, but getting whitelisted and accepted is no easy feat. You've got to donate and go through a rigorous application process before you can prove your RP skills. However, some of the other best GTA RP severs are easier to access.

Is FiveM legal? ›

"The FiveM project is an unauthorised alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy.

Do you have to pay for NoPixel? ›

Although as the NoPixel store indicates, these are subscription-based so these aren't a one-time fee, they're a monthly fee.

Who is the best driver in GTA RP? ›

Octavio "Goofy" Stenberg is an illegal street racer, getaway driver, and car booster currently racing under the alias "Goofy". Octavio is widely considered the best driver in the city, and has seen great success in getaway driving and boosting as well.

Is GTA Roleplay on Xbox? ›

Los Santos Life Roleplay. Los Santos Life Roleplay is the most professional and immersive Grand Theft Auto Community on the Xbox one, offering a wide array of fun and rewarding, challenges, events and activities to build a lively and fulfilling atmosphere for our members.

Is it easy to get into NoPixel public server? ›

The NoPixel Public RP server offers an easier alternative. This server allows everyone to join and thus is a boon for beginners who are unable to join the NoPixel whitelisted server and don't really care about broadcasting to a Twitch audience.

Do you have to be 18 to join NoPixel? ›

Anyone can apply on the NoPixel website but you need to follow a series of rules in order to maintain the immersion of roleplay. Potential players need to be 18-years of age and up, have a working microphone and you must stay in character at all times.

How much does it cost to join NoPixel? ›

How does NoPixel make money? Developed and managed by Koil and the rest of his team, NoPixel relies on the support of its community to maintain the server. With monthly subscription options starting at $15, and the ability to donate directly, NoPixel's lifeblood comes from its fans.

How do you get RP on GTA 5 for free? ›

How to download GTA RP server mods
  1. Disable any antivirus before you download FiveM. ...
  2. Once FiveM is installed, add FiveM to the whitelist/exclusions of your antivirus.
  3. Make sure you have installed and updated GTA V.
  4. Download FiveM off the website.
  5. Run FiveM.exe. ...
  6. Start FiveM from your Windows start menu.
1 Nov 2022

Is GTA RP still popular? ›

Grand Theft Auto V's roleplay servers are still very popular thanks to streamers producing tons of new content. The game is part of one of the most recognizable franchises in gaming history. GTA V is also the 'highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours' with over $815 million USD generated.

What does JP mean in GTA? ›

Answer: JP or Job Points are earned after completing Jobs while online. Different quantities of Job Points are earned based on how well you performed during the course of the Job. These points are used to decide who wins a Playlist and help determine what Jobs are played within a session.

How do I get started in RP? ›

So, for the sake of getting your toes wet—without feeling supremely awkward—here's our topline beginner's guide to giving role-play a shot.
  1. Know what you want.
  2. Talk about it (a lot!)
  3. Make a game plan together.
  4. Start our small with the props (then work your way up)
  5. Don't be afraid to laugh.
16 Sept 2021

Can normal people play GTA RP? ›

Can anyone play GTA V roleplay? Anyone with a copy of GTA V on PC can play GTA V roleplay, but it is significantly different from the normal multiplayer mode that is built into Rockstar's hugely popular title. You also need access to the modified game client, like FiveM or Grand Theft Multiplayer, to get the mod.

Can you play GTA RP alone? ›

Solo and Invite Only Sessions

You can launch an Invite Only Session from the single player mode: select Options > Online > Invite Only Session. You can also choose to launch a Solo Session if you don't even plan to invite any friends to your game.

Who is the FiveM owner? ›

Mahdi Pourzaferani is the Founder and CEO at FiveM Store L.L.C .

What company owns FiveM? ›

FiveM, Mahdi's own venture, has hit the ground running in the gaming and mod community as a marketplace that provides gamers with the best experiences.

What country is FiveM from? ›

FiveM, which is based in Kentucky, caters to the security needs of large companies.

Who is the richest NoPixel player? ›

Description. Marcus Griffin was a mechanic employed by Harmony Repairs Garage. Marcus Griffin is the MOST followed model on Instagram. Reaching over 9 followers, he also is the richest man in the city - with over $16 billion dollars in his bank account.

How much money does Jean Paul have NoPixel? ›

Jean Paul was unable to pay his weekly loan from Marlo Stanfield, so he sold the Lamborghini to Marlo for 1 million dollars and cleared his debt.
License PlateX09273TW
StatusOwned (LOAN)

Who is the owner of NoPixel? ›

Koil is the owner and lead developer of NoPixel as well as a long-time roleplayer. He is well known for his range of characters, helping to maintain the balance of citizens in the server.

Who is the most loved GTA character? ›

8 Best Characters In Grand Theft Auto 5
  • 7/8 Lester Crest. Lester is an important part of GTA 5's main story as he's the man who usually sets up the elaborate heists for Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor. ...
  • 6/8 Wade Hebert. ...
  • 5/8 Lazlow Jones. ...
  • 4/8 Franklin Clinton. ...
  • 3/8 Michael De Santa. ...
  • 2/8 Lamar Davis. ...
  • 1/8 Trevor Phillips.
28 Jul 2022

What rapper plays GTA RP? ›

Lil Durk is the most recent rapper to get into gaming.

What is the fastest car in GTA RP? ›

The Pariah takes the crown as the king of fast cars! Fully upgraded, the Ocelot Pariah is almost certainly the single fastest car in GTA Online.

Can you play FiveM by yourself? ›

FiveM also ships with a customized singleplayer mode. This brings the FiveM experience to singleplayer. For this to work, you currently need to have a valid savegame from the original game.

Is FiveM getting shutdown? ›

FiveM shut down hoax tweets

A rogue set of tweets from the FiveM Twitter account on July 19 had some viewers believing that Rage had attacked them and forced FiveM to shut down. However, that wasn't the case and it was quickly cleared up as a hoax.

Why can no one join my FiveM server? ›

When this happens, make sure other people can connect to your server using direct connect. This issue usually is a result of bad port forwarding or some firewall issue. Make sure your network configuration is correct. Server configuration is also important.

How much is a server for GTA RP? ›

Suffice to say, the NoPixel server costs are significant. At around $10,000 a month, in just one year the server can run up costs totaling nearly $120,000.

What does FiveM mean? ›

FiveM is a mod for GTA V which allows you to play multiplayer on customised and dedicated servers, and is powered by and relying on the RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine).

Is GTA 5 and GTA Rp the same? ›

Both games are heavily tied to the GTA 5 engine. However, GTA RP has existed in other games in the series. Still, there are similarities between the two types of GTA games. Some GTA RP servers require the player to own a legal copy of GTA 5, and GTA Online is the same in that regard.

Can u play FiveM on PS4? ›

Nope, that a PC only thing.

How do you be a cop on GTA 5 Online? ›

To become a cop after stealing the cop car in GTA Online, head to the Rockstar Editor in the menu and select the Director Mode. From here, players will see an option for Actors. Select it then Emergency Services, then LSPD. The game will reload and allow players to assist the cops in the city as a police officer.

How do I use NoPixel on my phone? ›

How to play on NoPixel in GTA V
  1. Visit the NoPixel website and make an account.
  2. Donate to upgrade your account.
  3. Once that has processed, you'll be granted access to the donor app.
  4. Fill in your details in the app, and then wait up to 15 to 30 days.
  5. Check the messages in your account for confirmation.
27 May 2021

Can you join NoPixel on console? ›

GTA RP NoPixel server is only available for PC players, while the standard version of GTA 5 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Why did train get banned from NoPixel? ›

Trainwreckstv has been accused of metagaming on the NoPixel GTA RP server, which could result in the streamer being banned. After an exchange with another player on the server, it became clear that Train was using knowledge given to him by someone else.

Who is the most famous NoPixel player? ›

1) Buddha. Buddha is one of the most-watched roleplay streamers on Twitch. He began with his character, Lang Buddha, on the NoPixel ARMA role-playing server. His character has undergone quite the arc over the years, starting as a lowly gangster and maturing into an incredibly wealthy crime boss.

How many slots is NoPixel? ›

80 slots on Nopixel now. I'll highly consider a cop character if they end up hiring again.

How does NoPixel earn? ›

How does NoPixel make money? NoPixel relies on its community to maintain the server. With monthly subscriptions and direct donations, it's the fans that keep this amazing GTA RP server alive.

Is NoPixel steam only? ›

Even if players use the Rockstar versions of GTA 5, NoPixel requires their Steam account to be open.

Is NoPixel available for everyone? ›

NoPixel is an exclusive GTA RP server where players have to fill out an application form to be accepted into the platform. After players receive the owners' approval, their login information is whitelisted and they can play on the server.

How can I roleplay in GTA 5? ›

Anyone with a copy of GTA V on PC can play GTA V roleplay, but it is significantly different from the normal multiplayer mode that is built into Rockstar's hugely popular title. You also need access to the modified game client, like FiveM or Grand Theft Multiplayer, to get the mod.

Can u play FiveM on ps4? ›

Nope, that a PC only thing.

Can you roleplay GTA 5 Xbox? ›

"If you want to roleplay in GTA V on Xbox, LSLRP is the #1 place to be. The community is the perfect size to build connections with other members, and still have a full lobby every single day. There are so many different departments and jobs you can have, that the possibilities are endless.

Do you need FiveM to play GTA RP? ›

The process to join NoPixel's public server for GTA RP is simple, especially if you already own the game for desktop. This server is not available to play on console since you need to add the FiveM mod in order to play.

How much does GTA roleplay cost? ›

Is GTA Roleplay free? A: Yes, GTA Roleplay is free as long as you own the GTA V PC version, for the most part. There are some GTA 5 RP servers that require donations in order to join, but there are plenty of servers where joining and playing are completely free.

Can you join a GTA 5 roleplay on PS4? ›

How to Play GTA RP on PS4. You need to join a reputable RP server to play GTA 5 RP on your PS4. First, you should create a Discord account with the same Gamertag and then find a genuine GTA 5 Discord server like San Andreas Roleplay Server, United Network Roleplay Server, etc., and submit your role.


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