Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (2023)

There are several types of free walking tours in Barcelona, Spain with most companies employing local tour guides and offering both a Gothic Quarter as well as a Gaudi/Modernism tour.

But there are also free tours that focus on street art as well as a free bike tour available.

In this post, we will explain your options, provide schedules, and a calendar.

  • Overview + Schedule
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Modernism/Gaudi
  • Other Walks
  • Things to Do in Barcelona


In Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, there are many self-guided tours as well as talks at museums and historic sights that truly cost nothing.

However, most people understand the term 'free tours' to be guided walks that operate on a ‘name-your-own-price’ model or what’s usually called a ‘tips-only-basis’.

Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (1)

There is no cost to take a tour. After the tour, you get to decide how much you thought it was worth or what you could afford, even nothing.

According to reviews on Google and TripAdvisor, past participants seem to leave between €5-€15 per adult.

Many people are drawn to these tours because they are convenient, affordable, and entertaining.

You may also want to consider a Barcelona self-guided game. This is different from a traditional tour, but it allows you to experience the city in a small group and at your own pace.

(Video) Barcelona Free Walking Tour

TIP: If you are planning on purchasing a tourist attraction discount pass, such as the Barcelona Pass, then note that most already include a walking tour of the Old Town and Gothic Quarter for free (not pay-what-you-wish).

Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (2)

These passes also include free tickets to museums as well as hop-on-hop-off bus tickets and boat tours.

Learn more about the different Barcelona tourist passes.


There are several companies that offer pay-what-you-want walking tours in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic). which is arguably the most historic area in the city.

Whether you want to see some of the most notable sites or you’re interested in learning about the significance of major landmarks, these free walking tours serve as an excellent introduction to Barcelona.

Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (3)

During these outings, you can expect to visit some of the following locations:

  • Plaça de L'Àngel
  • Mirador del Rei Martí
  • Plaça Sant Jaume
  • Palau de la Generalitat
  • Basilica de Santa María del Mar
  • Roman Necropolis
  • Las Ramblas
  • And more!

If these sites are of interest, consider taking one of these free Gothic Quarter walking tours to learn more about them.

Donkey Tours

Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (4)

We like Donkey Tours because they are founded and run by local Barcelonians and are very well-reviewed, 5 of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

They offer 2 free daily tours, this one covering the Gothic District and Old Town is available daily in both English and Spanish at 11 am.


Book this tour or get more details.


Like Donkey Tours, this is a local company with great reviews. Their Gothic District tour is available daily at 10:30 in English and Spanish, with more offerings for Spanish.

Book this tour or get more details.

Other Companies

  • Excursions Barcelona
  • Free Walking Tours Barcelona
  • Runner Bean Tours


Rick Steves offers an excellent free audio tour you can use anytime you want. His audio tours are well-produced, easy to follow, and a pleasure to listen to.

The only caveat is that his target audience is Americans, so you might occasionally hear measurements described in Imperial rather than Metric.

Self-Guided Gothic Tour of Barcelona:

This self-guided tour will show you all the main sights of the Mediterranean’s most vivacious city from the Barcelona Cathedral to the Jewish Quarter.

You'll discover some of the most beautiful views and awe-inspiring architecture spanning centuries.


Visitors who want to learn about the artistic history of Barcelona will be glad to hear that there are several free walking tours covering this subject.

On these outings, you’ll learn about how architects and artists such as Antoni Gaudi and Picasso contributed to the artistic movement of modernism.

(Video) Free Walking Tours Barcelona

You will see many of the sights that were inspired by their visions, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (5)

These tours explain the representations of symbolism and help guests to understand the significance of the art and architecture they will see along the way.

Here are a few of the sites you can expect to see on these pay-what-you-wish tours:

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Casa Lleó i Morera
  • Casa Batlló
  • Casa Ametller
  • Palau Güell
  • Casa Milá
  • Eixample District
  • And more!

Learn about all these locations and see the masterpieces by taking one of the following tours.


Their Gaudí, La Sagrada Familia and Modernism Tour takes place daily at 16:00 (4 pm).

Reservations are required. Book this tour here.


We offer a self-guided tour covering all of the main Gaudí sites. As they are spread out, we will need to twice jump on the metro system.

If you are planning on paying to enter the Gaudí houses, the monumental zone of the Park Güell, or la Sagrada Família, you should plan ahead and book tickets to avoid the lines.


While most Barcelona night tours are paid outings, there is at least one free night tour available which shows guests a side of the city they probably won’t learn about anywhere else.

If you’re interested in learning how sex and drugs came to shape the city you see today, this pay-what-you-wish tour should be quite enlightening!

You can expect to see and discover more about some of the following sites and subjects on this journey:

(Video) The Blitz: A Walking Tour of London WW2 Sights

  • Barrio Gótico
  • Barrio Chino
  • Historic Bars
  • Picasso’s favourite brothel
  • Famous Thieves
  • And more!

Be Local Tours

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this tour was suspended and has yet to return live.

This is actually the only company that currently offers a pay-what-you-want tour after dark in Barcelona, and the service focuses on a variety of subjects including the actions of infamous criminals and the favorite bars of famous artists.

Starting at 21:00 (9 pm) every Tuesday and Friday, you can rest assured that this tour will not only start after the sun goes down on most days, but it will also last for approximately 2 hours until 23:00 (11 pm).

Additional Free Tours in Barcelona

There are a variety of other free walking tours provided in Barcelona, and they cover several different subjects which might be of interest.

Free Spanish Civil War Tour

If you’re interested in learning about the history of the Civil War that once destroyed parts of Barcelona, Be Local Tours offers a free tour every Wednesday at 11 am.

Raval Underground Tour

Alternatively, you may also want to consider taking their Raval Underground tour to see some of the more interesting locations in a neighbourhood filled with history, urban art, skaters, and more.

This 2-hour free walking tour is provided every Tuesday at 15:00 (3 pm) and every Friday at 11 am.

Secrets of El Born Tour

Be Local Tours also offers a trip that covers some of the secrets and history behind the El Born neighbourhood, including stops at locations like Santa Maria del Mar, Parc de la Ciutadella, Palau de la Música Catalana and more.

Guests can take this 2-hour tour in both English and Spanish every Sunday at 11 am and every Thursday at 15:00 (3 pm).


If you want to ride around the city on a bicycle instead of just walking, this free bike tour is an excellent opportunity to see some of the most notable sites in Barcelona on two wheels.

Free Walking Tours Barcelona | Free Tour is Best? (6)

The only thing you have to pay for is a bike rental, and that’s actually very affordable at around €10 per person.

(Video) Piccadilly Circus to Soho London Walking Tour

This tour is approximately 3 hours long and it’s available every day at 13:00 (1 pm).


  • Free Tours in Palma de Mallorca
  • Free Tours in Madrid


How much should I pay for a free walking tour? ›

It depends on the length of the tour, how other people are on the tour and and how satisfied you are after the tour, but it's common to tip anywhere from $5-$20 per person. If you consider the cost of paying for a group or private tour, even though “free” tours aren't totally free, you're still saving money.

Are there walking Tours in Barcelona? ›

There are several types of free walking tours in Barcelona, Spain with most companies employing local tour guides and offering both a Gothic Quarter as well as a Gaudi/Modernism tour. But there are also free tours that focus on street art as well as a free bike tour available.

What is a free general walking tour? ›

The Free Walking Tour is much more informal than a conventional Walking Tour: there is no need to book in advance (although advisable to secure your place in very popular destinations), there is no cancellation fee and there is also no fixed price. Tour payment is based on tips.

Why are walking tours good? ›

It's the best way to get to know a city!

Walking is a hassle-free way to navigate a busy city. No more getting stuck in traffic or missing a photo opportunity and a walking tour can take you down small side-alleys and into otherwise-inaccessible spots.

Are free walking tours good? ›

Pay what you want

In any case, you get to determine your own price based on how much you enjoyed the tour and your budget. That said, this is one great activity for budget travelers. Free walking tours are great ways to get local insights, meet other travelers and sometimes even hear personal experiences.

Are walking tours worth it? ›

As a solo traveler engaging in a walking tour is a great opportunity to meet new people. As you learn about the city, you're also communicating with the people in your group (and hopefully hitting it off)! Another great benefit to walking tours is that it brings both tourists and locals together.

What is the cheapest way to travel around Barcelona? ›

Traveling by bus in Barcelona is fast and cheap. The city has over 230 bus lines, connecting all parts of the city. The bus system in Barcelona is more complex than the metro, but practice makes perfect! Make sure you know the exact name of the station you want to get to.

How many days in Barcelona is enough? ›

The best amount of time to spend in Barcelona is between 3-4 days. If you spend up to 4 days in the city, you will have adequate time to visit all of the best attractions that Barcelona has to offer. You can easily spend a full day exploring the surrounding mountains in the city.

Is Barcelona easy to walk? ›

While strolling from place to place to eat we found it very easy to get around. Barcelona is a very walkable city. We could stroll through the differernt neighborhoods first hand and get a feel for the local markets and shops. Of course a stop at the open air market of La Boqueria is a must.

Where can I book free walking tours? ›

Websites to find Free Walking Tours
  • GuruWalk. GuruWalk is the leading website for free walking tours. ...
  • Civitatis. Civitatis is a tour website which offer thousands of products. ...
  • Free Tour. ...
  • Free Tours by Foot. ...
  • Musement.
4 Jan 2021

What are the 4 types of tours? ›

Types of Tours
  • Sightseeing Tours. ...
  • Shore Excursion Tours. ...
  • Adventure or Sporting Tours. ...
  • Other Types of Tours. ...
  • Combining Tours.

What are the three types of tour? ›

According to the UN World Trade Organization, there are three kinds of tours - domestic, inbound, and outbound - and thus three kinds of tour operators who hire tour directors. Many companies offer both domestic and outbound tours.

How do you prepare for a walking tour? ›

A First Timer's Guide to Preparing for a Walking Tour
  1. Book a Medical Check Up. ...
  2. Address Pre-Existing Conditions. ...
  3. Get Active. ...
  4. Add Some Weight. ...
  5. Understand Your Nutritional Needs. ...
  6. Pack Light. ...
  7. Choose the Right Footwear. ...
  8. Accessorise the Right Way.

Are walking tours popular? ›

Walking tours, including self-guided walks, are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, attracting ever more travelers interested in exploring their destination in a slow, no-tech fashion: on foot.

What are the disadvantages of guided tours? ›

The Cons of Guided Tours
  • It always feels rushed. No matter what tour you take or how long you're at your destination, a guided tour always feels rushed. ...
  • There are usually people in your footage. ...
  • 3. [ ...
  • Certain tours might not be worth your investment. ...
  • Guided tours can be exhausting.
30 Nov 2018

Why are private tours better? ›

Why are private tours better? Private tours give you the freedom to choose what you want to do and when. You don't have to consider the needs of other travellers, which provides you with far more room for flexibility and changes to your itinerary at every step of the way.

What to wear on walking tours? ›

To ensure your comfort on the hike, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing. We encourage you to wear quick-dry, lightweight fabrics for your walking t-shirts, pants and shorts, which will help wick moisture away from your skin and prevent you from becoming chilled or overheated.

How long are walking tours? ›

A walking tour is generally distinguished from an escorted tour by its length and the employment of tour guides, and can be under 12 hours, or last for a week or more.

What is a walking tour? ›

a tour on which you walk rather than using transport.

Is it cheaper to travel in a tour or on your own? ›

Tours are usually more expensive than independent travel, but there are exceptions to this rule. In very high cost areas with expensive transportation prices, tours can actually be more affordable than independent travel.

What is the cheapest month to go to Barcelona? ›

Winter: By far, the cheapest months to come are "off months," such as October, November and then February through April. Inexpensive flights can be snagged during these months as well as deals on hotels and rental cars. It is typically too cold to swim in the Mediterranean during these off months.

Is the metro in Barcelona free? ›

The Barcelona metro ticket price is 2.40 euros.

You can also buy a T-Casual card which allows you to make ten trips on all lines of the network for a price of 11.35 euros.

Is there Freenow in Barcelona? ›

Is Free Now the “new Uber” in Barcelona? No, it is the new mytaxi, which in turn is a a new version of a radio taxi in which you "call" a atxi on an app rather than on the phone. It makes sense when calling for a taxi made sense: when you are at a remote point, or perhaps if you have an extremely early flight.

What is the best month to go to Barcelona? ›

April, May, September, and October are the best months to go sight-seeing in Barcelona. Barcelona is least crowded during the shoulder seasons of March - April and September - October.

Is Madrid better than Barcelona? ›

Cheaper, with more variety, better food, and generally more to do than Barcelona, Madrid gets the top prize for a longer trip. If you're in the south of France and want a quick weekend in Spain and to experience Gaudi's architecture, Barcelona is the one for you.

Is it better to visit Barcelona or Madrid? ›

Well, it depends on what you're looking for. If it's traditional culture, Madrid can offer classy museums and easy day trips to historic cities, but if it's a more laidback, perhaps beachy break then it has to be Barcelona.

What is the best way to travel in Barcelona? ›

Public transport such as the metro, tram and FGC are the quickest, simplest, most convenient and most sustainable way of getting around Barcelona. You can choose from the different ticket types and travel cards. Bicycles are a healthy, clean and silent way of getting around the city.

Is 7 days in Barcelona enough? ›

You could practically spend a lifetime discovering hidden local gems that most tourists would never stumble upon. However, a week is still the perfect amount of time to spend in the city. During 7 days in Barcelona, you'll hit up all the major tourist sights, get off the beaten path and even have time for a day trip.

Is 2 days in Barcelona enough? ›

Two days in Barcelona is plenty of time to experience the major attractions, try some of the city's best food and wine, experience the famed nightlife, and do a little shopping.

How much is the Walking Dead tours? ›

The Walking Dead tours typically cost anywhere from US$26 to US$350. You can book a group Walking Dead tour for as little as US$26. This tour lasts for two hours and takes you to many of the major filming locations in the area.

Are Walking Tours profitable? ›

Are They Profitable? Assuming that you're able to make bookings, successful walking tour businesses can earn a significant profit. For example, let's say you run two fully-booked tours each week. A small group size of 6 people spending $30 per tour results in $360 revenue per week.

What is the difference between a walking tour and a bus tour? ›

Walking tours will give you close access to attractions, venues, and the people. If you're on a bus, you'll view everything from some distance, and your experience may not be as immersive. On the other hand, a bus tour may cover more distance and, therefore, more attractions.

What kind of tours are available? ›

7 Kinds of tours that you can offer the traveller
  • Traditional Excursion Tour. ...
  • Mountain Skiing Tour. ...
  • Shopping Tour. ...
  • Sport and Extreme Tour. ...
  • Pilgrimage. ...
  • Gastronomic Tour. ...
  • Wedding Tour.
23 Mar 2022

What tour packages include? ›

A. A domestic tour package usually includes your breakfast, transport, hotels, flights, sightseeing, monument entry, etc. However, if you want to pursue an activity on your own of your choice, which is not included in your travel itinerary, then the cost is on you.

What is free and easy tour? ›

On free-and-easy, you're an active tourist, having to figure out everything, make decisions, and do things on your own. You make the plans, you get to change the plans, no need to explain to anyone.

How do I choose a tour package? ›

Compare place, time and travel

If you're using a travel agent to book, don't go in without having done some prior research. Ask the options from the travel agent and choose the operator who is best for you. This is also the same with sight-seeing options.

How do you arrange tour packages? ›

Here's a step-by-step process for building a tour package
  1. Research similar tours. ...
  2. Figure out timing. ...
  3. Customize the tour. ...
  4. Decide on pricing. ...
  5. Use images. ...
  6. Explore local partnership opportunities. ...
  7. Promote your tours.
8 Jul 2021

How long should I walk a day? ›

Sometimes overlooked as a form of exercise, walking briskly can help you build stamina, burn excess calories and make your heart healthier. You do not have to walk for hours. A brisk 10-minute daily walk has lots of health benefits and counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.

How much should I walk daily? ›

The average American walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, or roughly 1.5 to 2 miles. It's a good idea to find out how many steps a day you walk now, as your own baseline. Then you can work up toward the goal of 10,000 steps by aiming to add 1,000 extra steps a day every two weeks.

What happens when you walk everyday for 30 minutes? ›

Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. It can also reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.

What are 10 tips for walking? ›

General walking tips

Warm-up activity – start slowly, do a few warm-up exercises and stretches first. Don't walk immediately after a big meal. Build activity slowly – start with a 20 minute walk then increase gradually. Try to walk at least three times per week.

How much should a beginner walk a day? ›

Try walking briskly at a 3 to 3.5-mph pace (walking a mile in 17-20 minutes), beginning with 10 minutes per day for the first three weeks. Slowly increase the time you walk by 5 minutes per week until you are able to walk 30 minutes per day, six days per week. If you are already in good shape, start at this level.

What should you not do while walking? ›

Try not to swing the hips from side to side as you walk. Each foot should land under the torso, almost flat and toward the heel – short, heel-toe stride is recommended for walking.

What are the disadvantages of more walking? ›

Negative Effects of Walking Too Much
  • Decreased performance.
  • Depression.
  • Elevated resting heart rate (RHR)
  • Increased irritability.
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss.
  • Nagging, chronic injuries.
  • Persistent fatigue.
  • Persistent heavy, stiff, and sore muscles.
3 Oct 2022

How do you calculate the tour cost? ›

The basic principle of pricing a tour package involves fixed costs, variable costs and markup or profit margin. You will look at calculating costs + expenses + profit + commission structure (which is usually a percentage based on the tour price including the total number of guests).

How much should you tip a walking tour guide? › has a Tipping Guide for travelers that further suggests that the tour guide should receive a tip of 10% to 20% of the tour cost. As a last thought, the guide still needs to earn his or her tip. Just with any other profession, the tip should match the level of service. "

How much is the payment for tour guide? ›

Average ₱36,456 per month.

How much should I pay walking Tour? ›

It depends on the length of the tour, how other people are on the tour and and how satisfied you are after the tour, but it's common to tip anywhere from $5-$20 per person. If you consider the cost of paying for a group or private tour, even though "free" tours aren't totally free, you're still saving money.

How do you arrange a tour package? ›

Planning a tour itinerary guide
  1. STEP 1: Research other tours in the marketplace. ...
  2. STEP 2: Name your tour.
  3. STEP 3: Map out the duration, frequency and departure details. ...
  4. STEP 4: List the major locations and tour highlights. ...
  5. STEP 5: Research tour content and draft commentary.

What is total trip cost? ›

Trip cost includes the total non-refundable and pre-paid trip expenses that are purchased for a vacation. Examples of trip cost include airline tickets, lodging deposits, excursion deposits, etc.

What does a tour package include? ›

A domestic tour package usually includes your breakfast, transport, hotels, flights, sightseeing, monument entry, etc. However, if you want to pursue an activity on your own of your choice, which is not included in your travel itinerary, then the cost is on you.

Should you tip after a tour? ›

Tour & Activity Providers

10 to 20% is a safe guideline. If it is a group tour, or shorter in length you can probably tip on the lower end. But for private tours and day-long activities, you will want to tip on the higher end. The more personal the service, the more you should tip.

What is the highest salary for a tour guide? ›

Tour Guide Salary

Tour guides make $32,323 per year on average, or $15.54 per hour, in the United States. Tour guides on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $18,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $55,000.

How much do you tip a 3 day tour guide? ›

Generally, it's appropriate to tip your private guide $10-$15 per day and another $5-$10 for drivers. For large group tours, you'd tip half of that.

Are guided tours expensive? ›

Cost. There's no denying it, even budget guided tours are going to cost more than independent travel. Some guided tours can be extremely expensive so be sure to shop around.

How long does a tour guide course take? ›

The full time courses are 2 weeks (10 days) long made up of theoretical and practical training.

Can you get paid for walking? ›

Evidation. With the Evidation app, you can earn money for walking, biking, swimming, and other exercises as tracked via the app. You can earn up to 80 points per day for exercise activities and six points per day for logging food, sleep tracking, weighing yourself, meditating, or sharing your health journey on Twitter.


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