FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (2022)

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (1)The printable bullet journal habit tracker templates are here!

And best of all they’re FREE for anyone to use. I absolutely loved putting this together for my fellow bullet journalers (if you have no idea what a bullet journal is, here is where you can learn to start your own bullet journal for beginners).

And really anyone that wants to track their goals and habits and create a more productive and organized life.

There are lots of things you can track with a habit tracker and many people use them in lots of different ways to help improve their lives.

In this post, I’ve included SEVEN different habit trackers to choose from.

Some great ways to use a habit tracker

  • bullet journal monthly spreads
  • bullet journal weekly spread
  • exercise log
  • sleep log
  • reading log
  • movie log
  • food log
  • medication tracker
  • meal tracker
  • water consumption tracker
  • bullet journal daily log

Your BUJO tracker can help you keep track of everything you need to get done in either a day, a week, or a month (or a year if you really want to take it that far). And can make an awesome addition to your bullet journal pages.

If you’re looking to get some bullet journal practice, or if you aren’t yet ready to buy a full blown bullet journal, download some FREE dot grip paper here to test the waters!

It’s also great paper to practice your lettering and calligraphy.

Haven’t started a bullet journal yet?

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (2)SHOP NOW!

I LOVE creating printables that are useful and keep you right on track. That’s why I created the The Bullet Journal Starter Kit.

It’s a pre-made bullet journal. Perfect if you think you aren’t that artistic or don’t want to spend a lot of time drawing monthly or weekly layouts. There are 80 BEAUTIFUL pages to help keep well and organized.

You’d be surprised once you start tracking your time and what you do with it how much of it you actually waste. Tracking your habits is SO helpful because you get a visual spread of what you do and when.

Looking at things from a big picture perspective makes sure you are making the actual changes you need to make, you keep on tracking your progress to see how those changes do, and then reiterating over and over again.

(Video) How to Create Healthy Habits | FREE Printable Habit Tracker

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Once you’ve reiterated a couple of times and formed new habits (which takes a whole lot of discipline) you inevitably improve your life in more ways than one.

The hardest part is starting and then after starting the hardest part is sticking with your habits. That’s why these habit tracker printables are SO useful. They’re an adaption of bullet journal habit trackers, so you can print it out and stick it right in your bullet journal or your planner or whatever notebook you use to keep your plans and goals in order.

One of my favorite authors on habits, James Clear, writes about the importance of creating habits and getting rid of old ones that aren’t helpful to you. He actually likes the use of habit trackers himself too, and says its a great tool for anyone trying to create big and positive changes in their life.

Habit trackers and your bullet journal

I know I’ve been rambling on about bullet journals, but in case you don’t know what they are yet, one GREAT habit to create is keeping a bullet journal. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is or how to get started, here is a list of all my resources so you can create your own and organize your life better. Bullet journals are total life changers!

  • 89 Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Inspire Your Next Entry
  • How To Start A Bullet Journal: All The Tools And Ideas You Need
  • How To Create Your Bullet Journal Key
  • Bullet Journal Set Up: How I Set Up My Bullet Journal For Your Inspiration
  • FREE Dot Grid Paper To Get Started Bullet Journaling

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (3)

What is a habit tracker?

A habit tracker is simply a way to track your everyday habits to help you see your progress. A habit tracker can help you stick to your habits, create new ones, and quit bad ones.

Not to mention it’s also a great way to track how you spend your time and where you can improve when it comes to productivity.

This is personally my favorite way to use them. Because it’s hard to remember everything you did on a given day, and then when it gets to the end of the week, your memory doesn’t really store all of the important things you did.

And this is where the habit tracker comes in handy.

How to use your habit tracker

The very first thing to do when starting your habit tracker is decide what your goal will be.

Do you want to get better at remembering to write 500 words everyday? Do you want to track how many times a week you floss? Do you want to track how many times a week you manage to work out?

After you decide what your main goal will be, then you’ll want to determine if you want to track your habits weekly, monthly, in increments of 10 days, bi-weekly. You’ll have to experiment to see what will work best for you.

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (4)

Once you do, choose your favorite tracker from the set (you can download it below) and either stick it in your bullet journal, your goal journal, or somewhere you know you’ll see it often.

(Video) How To Create Habit Tracker with Google Sheets (+ FREE TEMPLATE)

Daily, you’ll want to start tracking whether you did or didn’t do that habit for the day. You’ll write each particular habit in each slot, and you can either put an X, or color in the corresponding box for the day.

After doing this daily, for whatever amount of time you choose (at least a week) you’ll be able to see how well you’re doing with your habits, and what you can do to change them.

Starting with one or two habits can be a quick way to start and to make sure you’re sticking to your habit tracker. Later, as you get better, you can start tracking several things at once!

I find this also works for people who want to change their eating habits. For example, if you want to quit junk food, set up a weekly habit tracker and fill in each slot for whenever you ‘drink a soda’ or ‘eat chips’ or ‘eat chocolate’ or even ‘binge on bread’ to see exactly WHAT you’re eating and HOW OFTEN you’re eating it.

It can be mind boggling once you’ve tracked everything to look back and see what patterns you find. Especially if food tends to affect your moods.

Why does a habit tracker work?

You know the saying, ‘hindsight is always 20/20? That’s basically what a habit tracker does for you. It helps you look back at what you’ve tracked (which can be pretty much anything by the way) and see where you’re falling short or what you want to change.

Keeps you motivated

We all need all the motivation we can get. Habit trackers give you that too. It’s motivating to see how much progress you’ve made in any given day, week, month, and even year.

And once you get motivated, you’ll be encouraged to stick to the habit of using your habit tracker daily to see how you’re doing in forming other habits and tracking your goals.

Creates self awareness

This is a very important perk of habit tracking. You become much more aware of where you’re at in life and with your goals, because everything is laid out right there in front of you.

Maybe, after keeping a habit tracker for a while, you’ll see that you aren’t being as good as keeping a habit as you initially thought.

And the good thing about this is that BECAUSE you can see that you can DO something about it.

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (5)

Helps you quit bad habits

Not only can you form good habits with habit trackers you can also get rid of old ones by tracking how often you do them, which makes it easier to stop them.

Tracking bad habits can be just as effective as tracking good habits, because you get to see how much of that bad habit you’re doing and what you can do to quit it (replace it with a good habit)

It’s gratifying!

There’s a great feeling you get when you look back and see that almost all of your habit boxes were checked off for that one habit you really want to get good at.

(Video) Habit Tracker Template | Track Your Habits | Indesign Tutorial

And this goes back to the whole motivation thing. You just want to KEEP GOING!

How long does it take to form/break a new habit?

Honestly this is a question that I was naturally curious about to…and the answer is all around the place depending on where you look.

But the general range is anywhere from 21-66 days, which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t too long at all. It’s exciting, because that means that you can use your habit tracker throughout those days to make sure you’re sticking to your habits as best as you can.

Habit trackers are perfect for goal setting

Habit trackers are perfect for helping you reach your goals because they help you see all the small progress you’re making and how it accumulates over time. For example, for one of the trackers there are 16 habit slots you can use to track your progress over 31 days, along with a space for notes and reflection at the bottom of each page.

It can be a savvy way to help you stop bad habits or create beneficial new ones.

Habit Tracker Printable Details

These habit trackers are the standard letter size and is designed both horizontally and vertically (there are a total of seven out of where you can choose your favorite habit tracker).

You can even print out a couple to give to your friends and family! These downloads also make a great bullet journal template if you don’t feel like making your own.

It can make a great part of your bullet journal monthly calendar so you can have all the info you need on your everyday habits to track patterns and improvements in your habits.

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Weekly Habit Tracker Printable

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (6)

This weekly habit tracker printable is pretty simple and straight forward. It’s included in the set of seven and can give you a seven day look into how your doing with your habits.

It includes plenty of slots in case you want to track one than one thing at the same time.

10 Day Habit Tracker Printable

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (7)

Sometimes you just want to track something for ten day intervals (basically a month depending on what month it is). This breaks down your habit tracking in a different way, and can help you see things with more clarity.

Vertical Habit Tracker Printable

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (8)

(Video) Track Your Habits 2021 (2/2) | How to Make a Habit Tracker

I didn’t forget you if you like color! I created a colorful vertical habit tracker that can be just as effective in tracking your goals as other black and white trackers. I usually like to fill this one with X’s instead of color (as it can get confusing sometimes).

15 Day Habit Tracker Printable

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (9)

If you want to track a habit for half a week, then this is the PERFECT habit tracker printable template for you. It’s a little different than your conventional habit tracker, but its also what can make it more fun!

Black And White Vertical Habit Tracker Printable

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (10)

This is the black and white version of the vertical habit tracker if you like portrait trackers instead of landscape versions. I find that separating each column with a darker color helps you see each column better.

Monthly Habit Tracker Printable

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (11)

This is probably the simplest and most original version of a habit tracker in the set of seven. Some of use like minimalism when it comes to design and tracking your habits, so this habit tracker is perfect for people that want to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible.

Remember, you don’t have to use ALL the trackers in the set of seven. You can just choose the one you like the best.

For a while, I looked for a printable tracker that was beautiful yet functional, but I couldn’t quite find any that I really liked.

so naturally, I decided to make one and thought I’d put it out there as a FREE printable for anyone that would find it useful.

Eventually, the demand for the habit trackers I was designing grew, so I decided to design a couple more and give them away in a bundle of seven.

Download them here.


Get both the simple and the colorful habit tracker to track your progress and reach your goals.

** Please note these habit tracker pages are for personal use only. If you use any of the images in this post, please make sure to include a clear link back to the original post/owner (me). Thank you for your cooperation.

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(Video) How to track your habits in Excel | Generate PDF habit trackers | Digital habit tracking tips

If you’re still at a loss for ideas on what to track, here is a big list of things you can track with your bullet journal habit tracker template (which you can download below)

FREE Printable Habit Tracker PDF: The Ultimate Habit Tracker Guide (12)


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