Foods That Start With I - Limitless Cooking (2023)

Foods That Start With I - Limitless Cooking (1)

Have you ever wondered how many foods that start with I you know? Can you list down at least ten food items that start with the letter I?

If you’re finding it difficult to start, do not worry. Very few food items start with the letter I. Read today’s article to find out how many of these you can get right!

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Everyday Foods That Start With I

  • Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce, sometimes known as crisphead lettuce, is a pale green and crunchy vegetable that is most used in salads and burgers. Iceberg lettuce has a very refreshing taste and is high in fiber and water content along with vitamins and minerals.

  • Idaho Potatoes

Idaho Potatoes, as the name suggests, are potatoes that are grown in the Idaho region of the United States. Over the years, the name has become synonymous with high-quality potatoes. Idaho potatoes are extremely affordable and need very little prep while making them.

The Idaho Potato Commission claims “Baked Idaho potatoes are fluffier. French fries cook up crispier and absorb less oil, and mashed potatoes have a fluffy, consistent texture.”

  • Inca Berries

Golden berry, or Inca Berries, is the fruit of the indigenous South American plant ‘Physalis Peruviana’, which is native to high-altitude areas like Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador. Inca berries are extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They’re also rich in protein and have the highest fiber content of all dry fruit foods.

  • Indian Mustard

Indian Mustard, or more commonly known as brown mustard, is a type of black seeds mustard. The plant is found in Northern Africa, Western and Central Asia, and some native parts of Europe. Indian mustard is essentially a very important part of many cuisines, including African, African-American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Korean.

Black mustard seeds are also used for condiments, stir-fries, and as seasonings in soups and stews. Brown mustard condiment tends to be spicier than its counterparts and is great for your metabolism, digestion, and cell growth.

  • Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is a type of oatmeal that is processed and grounded until it reaches the desired texture. All types of oatmeal start with whole grains of gradually roasted groat grains. To turn them into instant oats, these grains are cooked, dried, and rolled into thin grains of oats. This process makes it easier to cook them and is essentially what makes them ‘Instant’.

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  • Iodized Salt

Iodized salt is, as the name suggests, is table salt that has been chemically treated with iodine. Iodine is very important for good health. And since your body cannot produce it on its own, it should be a part of your diet. Iodized salt often looks, tastes, and feels the same as normal salt. However, some people do complain about a chemical aftertaste when they use iodized salt. However, it is very mild and often goes unnoticed.

  • Icaco

Icaco, or Chrysobalanus icaco, is a plant that is found near sea beaches and tropical areas of Africa, the Caribbean, Bahamas, and others. The fruit of this plant is called Icaco or cocoplum. These fruits are usually small, round spheres that are either pale white or yellow in color or spot a beautiful dark purple color. The fresh is almost tasteless, or sometimes very mildly sweet, and is often used in jams or sauces.

  • Icing

One of the things I instantly thought of when asked about foods that start with I is icing. And can you blame me? A cake is incomplete without creamy and delicious icing. And icings are often one of the most versatile baking ingredients in my opinion. You can add beautiful colors to it, play around with its texture, even shape it into beautiful patterns!

And did you know that there are so many types of icing out there? Check out this video to learn more about icing recipes!

Foods That Start With I: Main Course And Side Dishes

  • Idli

Idli is a staple South Indian breakfast food item that is popular throughout India and Sri Lanka. It is a savory rice cake that is prepared using fermented rice, black lentils, and water. Although it is a breakfast item, Idli is often also served as a lunch meal along with coconut chutney and Sambar (which is a lentil-based vegetable stew).

I adored my mom’s Idli growing up, and it was always a treat to have a South Indian breakfast first thing in the morning. I will list my favorite recipe for Indian rice cake here!

  • Irish Stew

The first time I had Irish stew, I knew I was in love. Irish Stew is made up of mutton or lamb, with carrots, potatoes, onions, parsley, and root vegetables. Needless to say, it is Ireland’s national dish and a very traditional one at that.

  • Idiyappam

Idiyappam, also known as string hopper, is a traditional south Indian dish that consists of rice noodles made from pressed rice flour. In South India, it is often served with chicken or fish curry, and sometimes with a coconut milk dish called ‘Rasayana’. In Indonesian culture, Idiyappam is served with brown sugar and grated coconut.

  • Iranian Kibbeh

Kibbeh is very similar to kebabs in the sense that they both constitute ground meat as their primary ingredient. But Kibbeh differs in the fact that it requires the addition of bulgur wheat to the meat paste. Kibbeh is the national dish of Lebanon and Syria, and the word roughly translates to ‘small round balls’ in Arabic.

  • Irish Soda bread

Irish soda bread is a type of quick bread recipe that uses sodium bicarbonate as the leavening agent instead of the traditional yeast. What this does to the bread is that the soda creates little air pockets inside the bread that lead to its very unique texture. The Irish soda bread has led the country through some of its darkest times, and still stands as a very popular baked item.

  • Israeli Salad

Israeli salad is at the top of my list of most favorite dinner salads. It’s fresh, refreshing, and very high in fiber content! Although there are many variations to this salad, the basic ingredients remain the same: Tomato and Persian cucumbers in an olive oil dressing, along with salt and lemon. Other ingredients include onions, parsley, chilies, and peppers.

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  • Indian Pea

Indian-style peas is a quick and easy side dish that can be served with practically anything, right from curries and naan to steamed rice and vegetable stew. They’re often used to make a stir-fried version of peas along with onions, garlic, and other spices. Indian peas are high in vitamin C and E, and in minerals like zinc and iron. Out of the many recipes to prepare Indian peas, I will recommend this recipe by Culinary Ginger.

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Foods That Start With I: Desserts And Beverages

How many dessert foods that start with I can you name?

  • Ice cream

Ice cream doesn’t need an introduction now, does it? This creamy, delicious goodness is a blessing to the world, and I believe we don’t hype it enough. Ice cream comes in hundreds of different flavors and colors and is ridiculously easy to make at home too. Is there anything better?

  • Ice cream cake

Ice cream cakes – another one of the world’s wonders. Ice cream cake is usually constructed in a way that a thick, rich layer of ice cream falls between two layers of moist cake. Although not everyone is a fan of this very modern take on a birthday cake, it is something you should try at least once in your life.

  • Ice cream Soda

Ice cream soda, or ice cream float, is a fast-food chilled beverage snack that is made by mixing ice cream with a soft drink, or with a combination of flavored syrup and carbonated water. Ice cream soda, when made with root beer and ice cream, is called a root beer float.

  • Imarti

Imarti is a popular Indian and Bangladeshi sweet food item that is made with rice and lentil flour, saffron, water, and lemon juice. The paste is then deep-fried in a circular flower-like shape and soaked in sugar syrup. Imarti is often considered a part of the ‘Raj Bhog’, meaning a delicacy of the royal food menu.

  • Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a type of concentrated coffee that is generally served with ice-cold milk, or with ice crystals. You can either brew it hot and then cool it down or add coffee and sugar syrup to chilled water or milk and serve. Either way, since the ice tends to dilute the coffee, it is best to brew it in a concentrated form. You can also brew iced tea using the same method.

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  • Irish Cream

Irish cream is a dessert creme liqueur that is made using Irish whiskey, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and other flavorings. It is usually served on its own, or mixed with other beverages like coffee. If you’re looking to find recipes to try at home, I recommend this recipe.

  • Ice Pops

Ice pops are water or milk-based frozen treats. The primary difference between ice pops and ice cream is that while ice cream incorporates air within itself for that light, creamy texture, ice pops are solid blocks of ice that are frozen while they’re resting. You can add a variety of flavors to your ice pops. Some people like to add chocolates, cookies, cakes, or even fruit!

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Final Thoughts

I bet you didn’t know so many foods begin with the letter I. But now that you know, you can quiz your friends and family! Ask them to name at least 10 foods that start with I. And should you feel the need to brag about your knowledge about foods and the letter ‘I’, I wouldn’t stop you.

If you make any recipes from this article, feel free to let us know how they turn out!

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