Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (2023)

We have to say – creating a food blog is a marvelous idea for all food lovers out there. You are writing about things that you like, you have as many chances to explore and try new recipes as you like, and above all, you can make money as a food blogger. But, there’s a catch! You see, lots of people don’t fully understand that blogging is not as easy as they believe. Of course, if food blogging is something you want to do just for fun and to entertain your friends, then it probably is. But if you want to build a career as a food blogger and make a living with it, you got to be prepared for some hard work.Now, this may sound totally surprising, but one of the biggest challenges food bloggers face is related to finding unique and equally appealing food blog names.

Our Story

In our case, it took quite some time before we managed to create a good that grew to be a source of our income.

We knew we are good writers with plenty of ideas, and so we wrote about different things we knew something about.

Over the years, some of these blogs were more successful than others, but none of them thrived as we hoped.

We were sure that we are doing everything right.

The only reason for the lack of success, we could think of, was that we wrote about the topic we weren’t skilled enough.

Then, we figured as we have plenty of experience and knowledge about food that maybe this is what we should write about.

So we gave it a go and started a food blog.

From the beginning, it went okay enough, but still not as we expected.

We were almost desperate because this was something we wanted to do, and we thought that problem would be solved since we chose to write about something that is our expertise.

And then it dawned on us: it’s about a food blog name, of course!

We were so focused on the quality of the content, design, etc., that we completely forgot the importance of a food blog name creation.

In a hurry to start posting, we chose a name that, from this perspective, now sounds blunt and even confusing.

After we changed the name and the blog blossomed, we had another epiphany.

Suppose it was so challenging for us, how hard it must be for people who are just starting?

So we decided to share our experiences and discoveries with all of you who love and have a passion for writing about food.

In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of the food blog name formula and find a plethora of food blog name suggestions.

Food Blog Names

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Besides thinking about whether you are writing a general or more specific food blog, you also need to think about things that will make your blog stand out.

Therefore, while considering food blog name titles, think about your target audience and inspiration.

Plenty of people are already blogging about food, so there is very little chance that you will be able to produce something original.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful.

What do we mean?

Well, take, for example, vegan food.

There are plenty of vegan food blogs, right?

But say you want to write about balanced vegan meals for busy women who don’t have a lot of time for cooking.

It is pretty different than writing about vegan meals for bodybuilders and powerlifters, isn’t it?

And it is even more different from writing about vegan food for growing teenagers!

Keep in mind that you can always Google your idea and see what comes up.

It will allow you to see whether your idea is similar to something that already exists.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t use it, but if it is possible, it is better to think of a unique food blog name.

Now, before we go to some more specific explanations and food blog name examples, we want to draw your attention to something else.

If possible, when creating your food blog name, try to avoid dashes numbers and misspelt words.


The problem with this kind of name is that they are quite confusing and difficult to remember.

You might think these are minor details!

They might be as well, but it doesn’t mean that they are not essential.

As previously mentioned, we have been blogging for quite some time now but only when we applied these tips, we managed to create a super successful blog, which enabled us to quit regular jobs and devote all of our time to writing.

Best Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (2)

Okay, before sharing ideas to give you food blog name inspiration, we would like to say a few more words about choosing the best name.

Keep in mind that after you pick the right name, everything will be much easier.

Here are some tips on what the best food names should be like.

Consider food blog name length.

Even unique and attractive, a name that is too long will be challenging to remember.

Thus focus on finding a short but creative name.

It should also be simple and memorable.

Besides, you should think of the name that attracts people and make them curious about reading your texts.

Here’s the list of ideas for best food blog names:

  • Better With Cookie
  • BBQ Food Hub
  • Bite My Kitchen
  • Bronze from Food
  • Big Taste Table

Witty and Creative Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (3)

As we said, your goal is to be creative.

In this sea of food blogs, it might be challenging, but far from impossible!

We suggest you brainstorm all the words that you think can be useful for your food blog name.

So, what you can do is create two lists – one that will contain the origin of the food blog name like cooking, eating, etc.

The other one should contain words related to your specific topic.

We advise you to not think too much about them – virtually jot down every idea that pops up in your mind.

Below, you can see the example of lists.

General words

Eat, snack, delicious, table, seasoned, yummy, delight, cookbook, melting, flavor, dash, chop, meals, food, cuisine, etc.

Focused words

Baked, sweet, gooey, chocolate, warm, greens, veggies, fresh, healthy, clean, fit, cake, etc.

Do the words you came up with seem a bit ordinary, maybe even generic?

Don’t panic!

Now it’s the time to play with words and spice things up. Websites likethesaurus.comexist for a reason, you know!

Use it maximally to find as many words and synonyms possible and play with combinations.

Here are some suggestions for creative food blog names:

  • Cooking Heavenly
  • Cookie & Ash
  • Cookin’ the Books
  • Cook with Hubby
  • Cook with Dusk
  • Cooking Heavy
  • Cultural Cooking
  • Mix to Liquefy
  • My Food Cravings
  • Pop the Blender
  • Not Tasted Before
  • Copper Parlour
  • Altering Recipes
  • Always Eating Good
  • Cooking Time
  • Head Over Meals
  • Family Feast
  • Kitchen Kitten
  • Smoky and Tasty
  • BBQ Delight

Good Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (4)

If you are writing about food in general, then, as we mentioned, you need a kind of a general name.

It is a perfect moment for you to start playing with words.

The advantage here is that you are talking to a wide audience here, so you have a wide range of words at your disposal.

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If you like music as much as cooking, you can use some song names and change the words.

Following are a few good food blog names to help you get started:

  • Eating My Empire
  • You Gotta Eat Here
  • Crazy & Flavorful
  • Delicately Flavored
  • Dribbling Spoonfuls
  • Tried Something New
  • My Grandma Taught Me This
  • Yum Yum & Tum Tum
  • Gal & BBQ
  • Dad & Dinner Simplified
  • Growing Up Eating

Clever Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (5)

Finding amazing and smart food blog name ideas isn’t always easy.

You want to be original and attract readers, but at the same time, you don’t want to appearas a misogynist, for example, and put something like Blondie Goes on Diet.

So, we prepared some suggestions that can inspire you to find an exciting and smart word combination for your blog.

Here are some clever food blog names that you might want to try:

  • Amazed with Tastes
  • Add a Pinch
  • Awesomely Eating
  • All I Ate
  • Curious Appetite
  • Damn Heavenly
  • Dine-In My Kitchen
  • Easy Cooking Bite
  • Culture and Cuisine
  • A pinch of sugar
  • Wine and Cheese Delight
  • Cupcake and Dreams
  • Fabulous Flavours
  • Flying Aprons
  • Flour Shower
  • Real Foodies
  • Tasty Delights
  • Tangy Table Delights
  • Spoons and Spices

Funny Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (6)

In these challenging times, we all need a good laugh.

So if you are starting a food blog and you have a good sense of humor, you have a good chance to create a super funny name.

But, this can be tricky sometimes, so you have to be careful.

The thing is that many of the jokes that we know can carry prejudice against some groups of people.

It is something you need to avoid.

Of course, the sentence you choose won’t be funny for everyone, because we all have a different sense of humor.

But if you are aiming for a funny food blog name, make sure that it’s not insulting to anyone.

Following are some funny food blog names to help you get started:

  • Flavorful Minds
  • Lord of the Fries
  • Bake Me Fresh
  • Happily Forever Eating
  • Hungry Gals
  • Just Tasting
  • Queen of Tarts

Punny Food Blog Names

Are you someone who loves puns?

Here are some super punny food blog names for you to consider:

  • Bread Pitt
  • Dinnermite
  • Butter Lane
  • Grate Minds
  • Donut Panic
  • Dinnermite
  • Meloncholy
  • S-peac-hless
  • Souperb Cooking
  • Rolling Scones

Unique Food Blog Names

As food bloggers, we’re always on the lookout for something unique.

However, with most wonderful names already taken up by existing bloggers, it can be difficult to find a unique food blog name idea.

Here are a few unique food blog names to help you get started:

  • Indian Classic Recipes
  • Cocktail Recipes
  • Crunchy Grandma
  • Awesome Cooking Time
  • Flavours 101
  • Farmers Market
  • Fragrant Food
  • Culinary Cloud
  • Budget Meals
  • Healthy Meals
  • Yummy in My Tummy
  • Yumplatter
  • Sweetopia
  • Steaking
  • Souperman
  • Safrifries
  • Pizzawork
  • Picnickie
  • Mushroomant
  • Meloneto
  • Marination
  • Kitchenela
  • Foodtruck
  • Flavorita
  • Elemeal
  • Dinnermite
  • Bakeology
  • Soulful Stories

Catchy Food Blog Names

What better idea than to find your blog a catchy name?

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Cupcake Empire
  • A Bite of Crunchy
  • Yummy and Creamy
  • Queen of Flavours
  • Bake Up
  • Meals Appeals
  • Kitchen Flavours
  • Meals Appeals
  • Spicy Toast
  • Happy Chopsticks
  • Missing Apron
  • Lost Chef
  • Where Veggies Meet
  • Food Desires

Food Blog Name Ideas

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (7)

As we said before, originality is crucial when you want to build a successful food blog.

It is also the most challenging aspect of it as there are already so many food blogs with amazing names.

Let’s say you want to write about Indian cuisine.

If you Google to get some ideas and see if they’re also blogs with names similar to what you have in mind, you will see a plethora of names that contain words like Indian, spicy, Asian, etc.

If you want to make sure that your blog stands out, you can use your name or nickname.

What works well is when you combine it with the name of the speciality of the house.

There are other suggestions that we are going to share here with you.

Here are a few blog name ideas for your consideration:

  • Cooking with Rohit
  • Ram’s Tandoori
  • Masala Trail
  • Crazy Mughal Recipes
  • Delicious Mumbai
  • Garam Cuisine

Healthy Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (8)

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Here we need to be more focused.

People who are curious about eating healthily pay even more attention to food blogs.

Nowadays, there are lots of variations in healthy eating, and everyone has different preferences. For example, some people choose to follow paleo regiment while others prefer the ketogenic diet, etc.

So you have to think about whether you are writing recipes forprotein cookies, for example, and who they are for.

There is something else that is good to think about in this case.

Your readers might be people who still don’t eat healthily but are considering the idea of changing their habits.

If your food blog is food-oriented, it is good to choose a name having them in mind.

If you have a catchy healthy food blog, name, you may play a role in people’s decision to leave more healthily.

Following are a few healthy food blog names to help you get started:

  • Healthy Food Junkie
  • Fit Guy’s Cuisine
  • Joyful Healthy Eats
  • Eat to Change Your Life
  • Healthy on a Budget
  • Real Green Recipes
  • Easy Healthy Yummy
  • Healthy and Yummy
  • Weight Loss Recipes
  • Side Dipping
  • Aromatic Meals
  • Fresh and Seasonal
  • Lemons and Love
  • Joyful Eats
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Seasonal Recipes
  • Clean Eating
  • Healthy Kitchen Stories
  • Changing Habits

Food Blog Names Using Your Name

A wonderful idea is to use your name for your food blog.

People will be able to find your blog easily and remember it.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Foodie’s Eatery
  • Millie and Cookie
  • Amelia’s Delights
  • Patricia’s Delights
  • Better with Jessica
  • Karl the Butcher
  • Jack’s Kitchen Table
  • Servings of James
  • Secrets of Emily
  • Jennifer the Baker
  • Sally’s Flavours
  • Oliver’s Spoons

Vegan Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (9)

Ah, a group of people always looking for new food ideas are vegans.

Veganism is becoming more and more popular lately.

However, vegans are still running into difficulties when they want to try something new.

Therefore if you are vegan, as well, or know a lot about this type of nutrition, writing a vegan blog is a fantastic choice. Here are some examples of vegan food blog names that enable people to find exactly what they need.

Following are a few vegan food blog names to help you get started:

  • Living Raw
  • Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen
  • For & Beans
  • Healthy. Happy. Life
  • Lazy Cat Kitchen
  • Post-Punk Kitchen
  • The Compassionate Road
  • Keepin’ It Kind
  • Black Vegans Rock
  • Vegan Chick
  • Beans and Fork
  • Vegan Chick
  • Flavours From The Farm
  • Vegan and Green
  • Kind Life
  • Vegan Treats
  • Fruits and Veggies

Dessert Food Blog Names

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (10)

Last but far from least, we have to talk about blogs about desserts.

You might think, “Okay, this is simple!”

Yes and No.

It depends on whether you are writing about cakes from one country or continent or the entire world.

Also, things are different if you focus only on wedding cakes or desserts for a weekend family gathering.

Are you writing about raw desserts, vegan desserts, or some other type? Are they homemade?

Here are a few dessert food blog names for your consideration:

  • Bake Or Break
  • Natural Born Baker
  • Beyond Frosting
  • Call Me Cupcake
  • Butter & Brioche
  • Crazy for Crust
  • Baking a Moment
  • Dancing With Desserts
  • Dreamy Desserts
  • Sugar Baby
  • Sweet Indulgence
  • Sweet Surprise


Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (11)

What Should I Name My Cooking Channel?

Similar to choosing food blog names, if you are building a cooking channel, you first need to define your niche.

After that, try to get as informed as possible about your audience.

Focus on understanding their needs, their likes, things they want to learn, etc.

Choosing an ideal name can be tricky.

Here are some suggestions to help you get going:

  • Purple Carrot
  • Crewbar Home Cooking
  • Cooking Passion
  • Bake Miller
  • Family Affair

How Do I Find My Perfect Blog Name?

After you decide on the niche and jot down words that are in accordance with it, try mix-matching them and see what comes up.

(Video) How To Make Baked Spiral Malaysian Curry Puffs Recipe | FLAKIEST PASTRY EVER

Once done, think about its relevance and potential.

Consider whether this name will work for your readers in a couple of years from now.

What Should I Name My Lifestyle Blog?

As you know, lifestyle blog is a blog that promotes a specific way of life.

When choosing a name for this type of blog keep in mind that it doesn’t have to carry a specific meaning.

You should focus more on something catchy and easy to remember that will attract the readers.

Here are some examples:

  • New Wanderlust
  • Living Loving Earning
  • Living for Passion
  • New Retro Green Living

What Should I Name My Cooking Show?

Here are some suggestions that can help you think of the name for your cooking show:

  • Taste the Best
  • Meat & Veggies
  • Velvet Flavor
  • Red Chef’s Apron
  • Classy Cuisine
  • Kitchen Fad

What Should I Name My Food Instagram?

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular platform.

Thus, creating an account and promoting your business there can bring a lot of success.

Here are some name ideas for your food Instagram:

  • Married to the Cuisine
  • The Fry Guys
  • Devoured
  • Pasta Wonderland
  • Breakfast Trip
  • Knockout Nuggets
  • Your Daily Bread

What Should I Name My Food Blog?

We mentioned handy tips for the things you need to consider when creating a catchy food blog name. Your food blog name should be creative and memorable. In addition, it should be short so that your readers can remember it.

Here are some more suggestions to help you get started:

  • Busy Bee Oven
  • Homemade Desserts Digest
  • Homemade Culinary Experiments
  • Spice Up the Curry
  • Bake Me Up
  • Lovely Lettuce
  • Eating Empire
  • Appetizing Meals
  • Delicious Desserts
  • Decadent Desserts
  • Tempting and Tasty
  • Divine Desserts
  • Heavenly Meals
  • Toothsome Treats

What Should I Name My Food Channel?

As we mentioned earlier, the same as a blog, a food channel needs to be catchy.

Some people insist that it has to be 100% unique.

We would say that it is always better if you can be original.

However, since there are already a lot of food channels and blogs out there, this can be somewhat challenging.

Try to be as original as possible and focus on the name that is easy to remember and makes people curious.

For instance, here are a few names for your food channel:

  • Indian Healthy Recipes
  • Cheap Vegan Food
  • Simple Green Smoothies
  • Grand Feast
  • Green Chef
  • Foodie’s Favourites
  • Friendly Cook
  • Chef’s Table
  • Cupcake and Carrots
  • Sprinkles and Chocolates

What Should I Name My Blog?

Deciding on a blog name can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a blog name:

  • Include a Keyword. This will also help optimize for SEO as each of your articles will have the focus keyword. It’s best to choose an industry-related keyword. For instance, we run a food blog and therefore, decided to name our blog “F and B Recipes” which stands for Food and Beverage Recipes.
  • Use Your Name. Including your name is an excellent way to personalise your blog. It’s a great idea especially if you’re already established in your industry.
  • Use The Thesaurus. It’s wise to look for relevant words. It will help you choose a name that’s relatable and easy.
  • Use Acronyms. It’s a great way to condense the name of your blog to make sure it’s easy. It will be easy to remember, type and make for an effective blog name.
  • Use a Blog Name Generator. You might find something awesome using a food blog generator so be sure to give it a try!

Do Food Bloggers Get Paid?

Yes, food bloggers get paid through different streams. You can establish your blog or your food channel and get paid. In addition, you can publish a cookbook to earn more money.

What Are Good Cooking Names?

Here are a few good cooking names for you to consider:

  • Sugary Treats
  • Deliciously Vegan
  • Blissful Recipes
  • Simple and Soulful Food
  • Passionate Chef
  • Cooking and Catering

In Conclusion

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (12)

Food Blogs are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

If you love food and writing, you can combine both of your passions and create a blog that will give you a lot of pleasure and joy.

It will likely be also a good source of income.

When looking for ideas for a food blog name, you can check the options your competitors used to see in which direction you can go.

We hope that our food blog name recommendations we listed here will be helpful in your journey.

If you have any food blog name ideas, please share them with us in the comments section below!

Food Blog Names: 180 Best Names For Your Food Blog (13)

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Thomas is a freelance writer, passionate cooker, gym enthusiast, and a car lover. He fell in love with various processes of food preparation when he was a university student. Since then Thomas is in endless search of new recipes to diversify his healthy diet. He loves to share his knowledge through articles to engage people in healthy living.


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  4. Create blog content. ...
  5. Promote your blog. ...
  6. Monetize your food blog.
17 Mar 2022

Are you a foodie quotes? ›

Best Food Quotes
  • The secret ingredient is always cheese.
  • Don't go bacon my heart.
  • First, we eat. Then, we do everything else.
  • Lifes is uncertain. Eat dessert first.
  • There's no we in fries.
  • I like people who love to eat. ...
  • Eat gelato like there's no tomorrow!
  • I'm on a seafood diet.

How can I use Blogger? ›

You can create and manage your own blog with Blogger.
Create a blog
  1. Sign in to Blogger.
  2. On the left, click the Down arrow .
  3. Click New blog.
  4. Enter a name for your blog.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose a blog address or URL.
  7. Click Save.

Can a vlog replace a blog? ›

In “blog VS vlog”, visual content performs better than written content. Vlogs can do the same job as blogs, but even better. Vlogs can be a great addition to your blog in the form of engaging content. Moreover, blogs can be a useful platform to promote your vlogs.

Can you edit a blog? ›

Edit a post

Under the name of a blog, click Posts. Click the title of the post. Make your changes.

How long can a blog name be? ›

The ideal blog name is 6-15 characters long – anything above that is considered too long. Long blog names are harder for audiences to remember it. It's best to keep your blog name short and memorable. A short name also works well for social media handles.

What is a blog for students? ›

A blog is an online space where you can store your thoughts and ideas as you learn and develop in life and in study. Some student blogs are academically driven, while others explore more personal themes.

How a blog looks like? ›

A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appear first). Blog content is often referred to as entries or “blog posts”. Blogs are typically run by an individual or a small group of people to present information in a conversational style.

What are some cool food names? ›

Fun Food Names
  • horseradish relish.
  • guava jelly.
  • mango chutney.
  • pickapeppa sauce.
  • ginger jam.
  • smoked sprats.
  • conchiglioni.
  • pancit luglug.

What are some unique food names? ›

10 Surprisingly Odd Food Names
  • Sweetbreads. Neither sweet nor bread. ...
  • Headcheese. A jellied and compressed loaf made from the head, feet, and often heart and tongue of a pig. ...
  • Welsh Rabbit. Photo: Jeremy Keith on Flickr. ...
  • Rocky Mountain Oysters. ...
  • Boston Cream Pie. ...
  • Ladyfingers. ...
  • Tripe. ...
  • Scotch Woodcock.

What is the best theme for food blog? ›

Our clear recommendation for the best food blog WordPress theme is Gourmand, for its beautiful responsive design, space for images and great recipe integration. The social media integration and extensive theme customizer options are useful, too, making it the best WordPress theme for food websites.

What is a good word for food? ›

synonyms for food
  • bread.
  • cooking.
  • cuisine.
  • drink.
  • fare.
  • feed.
  • foodstuff.
  • meal.

What are 30 vegetables name? ›

List of 30+ Vegetable Names
Vegetable Names List
Ash gourdBroccoliCelery
TomatoGreen peasApple gourd
OnionCauliflowerRidged gourd
6 more rows

What are foods names? ›

Food Names
  • Salad.
  • Sandwich.
  • Bread.
  • Steak.
  • Tuna Steak.
  • Fish.
  • Shrimp.
  • Rice.

What is a foodie blog? ›

Food blogging is a feature of food journalism interlinking a gourmet interest in food, blog writing, and food photography. Food blogs are generally written by food enthusiasts often referred to as a “foodies” and can be used commercially by the blogger to earn a profit.


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