Cheap Flights from Nigeria to London from £250 - KAYAK (2022)

Check in crew was very unreasonable and charged me for excessive baggage when I was only 2 kgs over They wasted a lot of time and flight was not on time. They charged extra a a cup of coffee.

Boarding needs to be managed properly

BR sink is not properly draining! Oh my! Water is still in the sink from previous passenger.. gross!!!! No toilet seat paper. Too much trash everywhere.. aisle, tray is taking forever to pick up. Movies are too old- most of them. You should have movies for the past 5yrs only. Mix your food of western and middle east. Food that was served is too much for some passengers who are not so familiar with. Too spicy/smelly for me. One meal of this is enough for me… not the whole flight meals. Crews are so helpful and friendly! They are the best throughout my flight/travel experience. Good job!!! Please prioritize how keep your bathrooms clean! Thank you!

Take off and landing the smoothest I have ever experienced,. The crew were awesome and their overall services excellent.

Horrible Airline. They kept me in Lagos for 2 days after I was scheduled to fly. Reason, flight has been overbooked. I am never using this airline again.

The seats are congested.

Good food, comfortable seating, excellent service, affordable air fares, professional/friendly crew. This was my first Qatar airways travel. Enjoyed the travel very much. I will choose Qatar airways for my future travel and recommend to my family and friends. Thank you for making my travel enjoyable.

This flight was cancelled


Pros: "Amazing crew i must give it to them... super hospitality."

Cons: "for now non, may be later after much observations, other than that... it was excellent !!"

Pros: "Yes loved it"

Pros: "The crew we're super amazing. They made the ride comfortable! The captains are really awesome!! They made ride really smooth. The movies were so great. They made the ride interesting."

Cons: "The food could have been better! I didn't like it at all!!"

Pros: "Flight is spacious"

Cons: "Crew members service is very slow and not courteous, Also, boarding has to be more planned and informed.."

Pros: "The service. The friendly crew. The clean airplane and bathrooms, the food and drinks. A1"

Cons: "Again very impressed with Qatar Airways service on the board"

Cons: "More refreshments"

Pros: "The crew was amazing and delightful"

Cons: "The crew was amazing and delightful but should provide food to kids first before even those special diet or vegetarians."

Pros: "The A330, despite being an old plane, had really good recline."

Cons: "The entertainment was very outdated."

Pros: "Yes"

Cons: "The visa check personnel were the most discourteous airline staff I have ever encountered."

Pros: "Great"

Cons: "Everything thing is fine"

Pros: "Crew was really amazing."

Cons: "Wifi not working- huge disappointment. Seats a bit hard on A350. The overhead bins on the inside suitable only for tall people."

Cons: "TOOO long."

Pros: "Fabulous service from start to finish Excellent cabin, spacious & impeccably clean Super choice of food and drinks We travelled in the business cabin which I have to say, rivals many so-called 'First Class' products. The crew were courteous, addressing us by name and nothing was too much trouble."

Pros: "empty seat next to me!"

Cons: "more cramped than akld to doha"

Cons: "My baggage was lost!"

Pros: "Entertainment is very good"

Cons: "boarding hall was very small, food was below average for Qatar Airways"

Pros: "Excellent service from check in to disembarkation. I was surprised at the amount of leg room, as being a 6+ footer it has always previously been an issue, but not with Qatar."

Cons: "Only downside was the lack of the free traveller pack, eye shade and ear plugs, sleep was denied as I could not block out the sound of the very talkative travellers behind me."

Pros: "The crew were nice and cautious"

Cons: "The food was horrible"

Pros: "The Crew The food"

Cons: "Transiting. Made to stay in the airport for over 8hours after a 9hr 35mins flight. I was not happy about it. I hope that, on the return journey, when transiting time would be over 10hours, i would be lodged in a hotel. Thank you."

Pros: "Boarding was quick and I liked that they didn’t make many announcements which can often keep passengers awake when they’re trying to sleep. Lights were kept off for the duration of the 14 hour flight which was good."

Cons: "I felt that the service was slow and the food was poor. Water was not offered during the flight as is the norm with other airlines. Toilets should be cleaned more regularly. Advertising at the beginning of the inflight entertainment became very repetitive when watching short tv shows."

Cons: "Delayed"

Pros: "Short flight, seat pitch OK and food adequate. Good crew."

Cons: "Bus boarding always chaotic"

Cons: "They drop you at the airport for 16-17 hours Airport hotel costs around 350$/night No entry visa for layovers exceeds 8 hours as they announced The answer they gave No entry visas because you bought a discounted ticket!!"

Pros: "It was actually on time."

Cons: "Horrible customer service."

Pros: "Food"

Cons: "Observed that one flight attendant from India is giving more attention to a person who is from Navy. He avoided asking what we want for drinks etc. He always ignored us and pushed his cart before we answer. We are very unhappy with his behavior, however, adjusted ourselves."

Pros: "Everything is good thank you so mach !!!!"

Pros: "The flight left without me! Nobody called my name or came to find me while I was in the lounge!"

Cons: "The flight left without me! Nobody called my name or came to find me while I was in the lounge!"

Pros: "Polite staff keen to help"

Pros: "it was nice on the plane the guests were professional"

Cons: "before boarding the officials lacked professionalism"

Pros: "Qatar is quite possibly the best airline in the world, especially on its long haul flights. It is heads above the other two major Persian Gulf airlines. All the employees with whom I dealt were excellent and customer-oriented. The planes between Doha and London were new, had more space than older planes and had an excellent selection of movies and TV shows. I ordered special meals on all the flights, and I was very satisfied. I have been a fan of Qatar Airways since I flew it to Australia in 2011. It continues to do a superb job, even in Economy."

Pros: "Every thing"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "As the flight would be long (from Japan to Sao Paulo) they had the gentleness of putting us in the best seats well ahead that were available"

Pros: "Crew Boarding"

Cons: "Food Not so comfy"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I love the help given by ground crew in KLIA upon arrival. The crew waiting at the exit gate to make my transit quick and easy. The staff took me right to the flight gate, issue me the boarding past without me spending time to locate the transfer counter.. It was hassle free. Bravo! Please keep it up with this excellent service"

Cons: "The vegetarian food, noodle with bamboo shoot was too salty and plain."

Cons: "They didnt let me sit with my family and my seats were changed twice after i was checked in without notifying me. I have anxiety issues and it was really hard"

Pros: "Everything...quick board,friendly crew,nice flight, good food, in flight entertainment was good....just a really nice airline to go with"


It’s great staff and very good service



Pros: "I highly appreciated the kind care of all the staff in the plane; especially the great selection of food. Thank you very much! For a plane it was really 5 * service."

Cons: "the correspondence between the staff. On my way to New York, I was brought to the lounge to wait until my boarding will start but nobody picked me up as promised, so I had to walk the way. I needed a wheel chair as well on my way back, extra ordered it at the check in, they said it is noted in the system. But nobody was there to pick me up. When I finally found someone, I was brought to a place, being asked to sit down and wait where I still had to pass stairs to come to the passport controll. From there noone picked me up, so I had to go my way alone with pain in my leg. I don't want to argue, I managed it even with pain but I wonder what happens with people if they cannot walk anymore at all. My advice would be that you work on to improve this service. We extra booked business class but this service was not worth being called business class."

Pros: "The flying smooth, staff pleasant"

Cons: "No charging points, chairs not reclining, plane too small, toilets to far back. Didn't like the plane at all."

Cons: "being treated like a drug dealer at the boarding gate #312 and having passport / boarding pass checked several times"

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Pros: "Food, clean washrooms, attentive flight crew"

Cons: "Seats could be little wider"

Pros: "Nice toiletry bags for all passengers, including economy class."

Cons: "They ran out of apple juice and one of the main dishes very early in the flight. This happened on 3 of my 4 Turkish Air flights during this roundtrip. Unlike the flight from JFK to IST, this one did not include lotion and scent in the bathroom."

Pros: "Sfo-ist I would rate 5 stars, great hospitality and food. IST-SFO 3 stars, bad food, not a welcoming staff."

Pros: "The food and quality of the flight was incredible."

Cons: "The boarding process was chaotic, partly due to the airport layout, however it would be great if they were able to sort a less chaotic way to transport business class passengers out to the jets in less cramped busses."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful. Would choose Turkish Air again."

Cons: "Lost one of our suitcases. It was left in Istanbul and didn’t make it onto our connecting flight to Sofia."

Pros: "The services was excellent."

Cons: "Delay around three quarter an hour."

Pros: "Again a good solid basic service with good food well prepared and agreeably served by a pleasant staff. Thank you"

Cons: "Planes are a little small for a fairly long haul business service. Nice but small - so basic amenities."

Pros: "Comfortable and uneventful flight - just the way it should be!"

Pros: "Entertainment was good"

Cons: "Economy was tight."

Cons: "No, disappointments:)"

Pros: "Fantastic onboard entertainment. Lots of current movies and tv shows to watch. Music was available, too. Even a camera under the plane to see what you’re flying over...usually clouds. USB charging, big screens in the headrests, games, remote control with keyboard and game controller, network cable for laptops without Wi-Fi even. The had pillows and blankets on every seat when we arrived and handed out hot towels before the first meal. They also provided a kit with eye mask, toothbrush, cologne, and slippers. Far better than we expected."

Cons: "We were subjected to at least five security checks after our transfer in Istanbul. At the gate they checked our passports and boarding passes five times before boarding, every carry on bag was searched and every person was patted down. We even watched while one man held up his baby for a guard to pat the baby down! This was all after the security we’d received to get to our gate. So, if you left the gate to use the bathroom, you had to go through all the checks again."

Pros: "Confort"

Cons: "None"

Pros: "The entertainment and food was good."

Cons: "Delayed for almost 2 hours before boarding; and this problem of no USB to charge phones from Abuja to Istanbul is a frequent problem, old fashioned seat and aircraft. Some of the air hostess were mean and hoarding foods.Nigerians patronize Turkish Airlines a lot. Turkish Airlines need to improve better and treat customers right."

Pros: "The Airport and shopping"

Cons: "the flight from Cairo to Egypt was extremely bad . I understand that the relationship between both countries is not at its best. However, this is not an excuse for racist and bigoted behavior from You staff , the plane was 2 hours late, the staff was literally yelling at the passengers because they were standing at the gate assigned to the ticket. And your plane crew was extremely rude, this one flight attendant frowned at my wife's face and starting sanitizing her hand after my wife gave her ticket."

Pros: "Great food!"

Cons: "The aircraft looks a little old."

Cons: "na"

Pros: "You guys are blessed and best of all of time"

Cons: "I didn't hate nothing it was the best"

Pros: "I already posted my remarks above"

Cons: "Same wrote above"

Pros: "Very friendly and willing crew."

Cons: "Sound through headphones could be better. Hope to have free onboard internet one day!!"

Pros: "Service, Food, Crew, short announcements, boarding, entertainment"

Cons: "AC unit was off while boarding, first 20min it was super hot. AC turned off again about 30min prior to landing, again the plane heated up rather quickly."

Pros: "not much"

Cons: "hostesses not so courteous"

Pros: "Setting, speed, arrival"

Cons: "Long queue at passport control"

Pros: "Flight was on time, staff were professional"

Cons: "The food was not sufficient. Only one choice of food which is pasta was served as the chicken was finished. This happened in both flights. They didn't have enough drinks as well.Boarding took a long time. More staff needed to ease boarding stress"

Pros: "pleasant flight attendants good food food always available which is nice for 11+ hour flight superb selection of movies"

Cons: "Turkish Air desk at airport gave us incorrect information that nearly made us miss our flight"

Pros: "I liked the movie options and the fact that we were given blankets and pillows."

Cons: "I was told in Vienna that I would be allowed to carry my Kindle onto my flight from Istanbul to the USA. I was not able to and had to wait in a very long line both in Istanbul and in the US. I understand the change in regulations, but it is important that all employees of Turkish airlines are aware of the change. We also waited one hour on the runway in Istanbul. Additionally, there was a small section of the plane which received food roughly an hour later than the rest of the plane. I was on this section, and was uncomfortably hungry by the time I received food."

Cons: "Noticed that you made NO announcement that you were boarding the plane whatsoever both to London and on return. NONE"

Pros: "Free wifi for business class HD movies + good quality DENON headseat"

Cons: "Terrible foods taste Zero hospitality crews Lack of food and deink service during 13hour flight No airconditiiner at gate 230 and queue like hell!"

Pros: "\"

Cons: "The amount of security we had to deal with. I was searched 3 times and they decided to confiscate my laptop since the battery charger was dead."

Cons: "Vegetarian meals were not good."

Pros: "Very Nice"

Pros: "Everything, fast boarding, good experience overall, turkish airline provides good services for very affordable price, i am pleased"

Cons: "Airport is huge, the walk to gate 701 was long, i thought i would never get there...i think they should arrange some kind of transportation to gates like 701"

Pros: "The food, the service and entertainment!"

Pros: "Great entertainment selection."

Cons: "The cabin was too warm--i was sweating for a good part of the flight. I'm a taller person and felt the seats were uncomfortable--especially when the person in front of me was reclined. It made it nearly impossible to get any sleep."

Pros: "All"

Cons: "Nothing's"

Pros: "Crew is very friendly. The plan is very clean and designed well and fashioned. The entertainer movie is good but the not all the shows."

Cons: "The air condition of the two planes I used was very bad. There is only one type of food for breakfast. There is no much more to watch besides movies; no sitcoms or decomntries found"

Pros: "Nothing, other than the relief after it was over"

Cons: "I was moved 5 times on the plane, each time to accommodate a Muslim woman wanting to sit with female friends. After being pushed to the back, 10 minutes into the flight they moved one of the Muslim woman with crying baby, non stop crying from the check in until landing, to the back across from me. Same woman made me move to sit with friends. Staff had no ear plugs."

Pros: "On my way back my flight before was delayed. When i arrived to the flight people were still boarding but i was told that they knew my flight delayed therefore they aold my ticket."

Cons: "I run to the flight and fall on the way and they didnt even have a first aid kit at the gate, and they sold my ticket!!!"

Pros: "The entertainment selections and technology were great."

Cons: "There were no announcements made during boarding and it was a little chaotic."

Pros: "Punctuallity"

Pros: "Boarding was on time and the service was nice. The cabin crew were nice too."

Pros: "I like the food and the service plus the entertainment on the Telvision"

Pros: "The food on Turkish Airlines is fantastic, and the crew are exceptionally polite. Actually the best meals I've eaten on an airplane."

Cons: "On my flight from Istambul to NYC I was told I had been given an aisle seat but in fact I got the middle of the middle. If there were no aisle seats left, it would have been better if the person had just told me that, rather than saying I had an aisle seat, and I found out later. It was very distressing because I have diverticulitis, which is a serious stomach complaint, which means I need to be able to get to the loo! I felt that they could have been more understanding about this."

Pros: "Departure and arrival were on time. Fairly smooth flight"

Cons: "Boarding process was quite strange. Hand checked some travelers but not all with no explanation. Breakfast was a bit "off""

Cons: "Better boarding and entertainment"

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Pros: "Crew brilliant but seat very tight"

Cons: "Boarding procedure slow and hectic"

Pros: "Nothing. I missed my original connection because the flight from Budapest was late and I was put in a cramped middle seat while there were seats open in First Class. I should have been upgraded"

Cons: "Upgrade passengers that you make late."

Cons: "Security in Frankfurt - long lines"

Pros: "-"

Cons: "Will never use Lufthansa again"

Pros: "As previously stated hated having to go through security again"

Cons: "Chocolate"

Pros: "Very Organised and punctual"

Pros: "Everything except delay"

Cons: "Nil"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Friendly crew, great food, comfy seats"

Pros: "The crew was alright but there was very little leg space in the economy cabin"

Pros: "The flight was adequate."

Cons: "Sandwich was extremely unappetising and there were no hot drinks. The worst thing was that in transiting from the SAA flight to the Lufthansa flight we were obliged to go through security which seems unnecessary. The security staff were awful. Bullying, rude and totally unsympathetic to the fact that having brought water from the first plane to the second plane we had to either drink it or throw it away. One guy in particular, a tall greying man evoked the worst stereotypes of brutal secret policemen. Perhaps he formerly worked for Stasi or he was having testosterone problems. Totally unacceptable behaviour."

Cons: "1hr 20 minutes late"

Pros: "Red wine was OK, passed on the free sandwich as last time it didn’t agree with me"

Cons: "Flight was over an hour late and no compensation from the airlines."

Pros: "great over all experiance. Don't let the other negative reviews put you off"

Pros: "The Lufthansa app provides updates on plane status and gate number, etc."

Cons: "N/a"

Pros: "All"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Did manage to get priority transfer which I requested from Dubrovnik but was told. “We do not do those”"

Cons: "Rest of the flight was bearable nothing write about. Typical cheap alow cost flight"

Pros: "Ok"

Pros: "It was run by UA, better seats then Austrian or Lufthansa in Economy. On time. Very efficient."

Cons: "Could not choose seats online,"

Cons: "To fly Lufthansa some more soon. Good jo b, thank you!!."

Pros: "See above"

Pros: "The crew was wonderful and this is consistent with my previous experiences with Lufthansa. The salami sandwich provided was actually very good."

Cons: "The slimline seats were not very comfortable. I would hesitate to fly Lufthansa's narrow bodies for flights greater than 2 hours."

Cons: "Notifications for Change of Boarding Gate is not very effective. It is dependent on internet connection and may lead to missing flight connection. It happened to me, in spite of the wifi connection at the airport. Some airlines would put up an electronic notification for the change at previously known Gate. It's also possible to miss Airport voice messages due to temporary impairments travellers suffer from the previous flight. You can call out a passenger for all you want and still miss passing out the message."

Cons: "Absolutely perfect."

Pros: "Great service. Friendly and accommodating."

Cons: "I don’t like the configuration of the biz class seats. They are in a row vs in pods. Not as private as other configurations."

Pros: "The staff were all super helpful and friendly! Pleasure to fly with!"

Pros: "the on time scheduled departure"

Cons: "the long complicated walk to terminal"

Pros: "staff"

Pros: "All the staff were friendly and the complimentary food and drink snacks was lovely."

Cons: "Our flights were delayed both on the way there and back"



Pros: "The seats and space was ok. Exit from the plane was directly opposite the passport machines and the exit."

Cons: "The flight was very late leaving meaning I arrived in London over an hour late! With knock on problems!"

Pros: "Usual good service for economy class on this airline"

Pros: "Friendly crew"

Cons: "Plane loaded late then waited on the tarmac, arrived an hour later than scheduled time. This has happened to me on every one of the ten Lufthansa flights I have been on. Apparently they don't know what it is to be on-time."

Cons: "Refusal to board as our flight was a few minutes landing"

Pros: "Gave us snacks when flight was delayed"

Cons: "Flight was delayed Entertainment app didn't work"

Pros: "Pretty much everything. A joy after the Condor flight"

Cons: "What's not to likr?"

Pros: "Darned site more comfortable than the first leg of the journey."

Cons: "Tell your passengers they need hiking boots to get from main concourse to B terminal!"

Pros: "Staff was very friendly and caring."

Cons: "No entertainment and half sandwich with some cookies was the only food we got."

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "They held the gate for us as we got there about 14 minutes before departure."

Pros: "787 seat spacing (a UA plane, not LH)"

Cons: "Took first available train , arr. Freising at 9:50. Arrived at Terminal 2 by bus ca. 10:25. I am handicapped and a slow walker, so I got to departure floor ca. `10:40. Waited in line at self-serve check-in; found out that it does not have ability to process numbers (for US address). Attendant was not helpful and nasty. She told me me to go to the regular check-in line, where I waited another 45 minutes. None of the 3 "help" personnel standing around when approached managed to tell me that there was a special counter for handicapped persons. The one at the express self-check-in refused to give me her lasst name or any form of ID (first name Sophia). After waiting an additional 15 minutes for a wheelchair, I was deposited in a waiting area, where a second wheelchair arrived after another long wait. Told me I might not make the plan (I did). Overall a very unpleasant and nasty experience. With the exception of the very nice lady (Mrs. Ilser?? ) who checked in my luggage, none of the other 3 persons at the express and regular check-in spoke decent German or English, and none was helpful (Go there, wait!!!) Barely made the plane in MUC, Heathrow turned out much better than the touted German efficiency. Please forward to Lufthansa customer relations. Dr. W. Hartwig"

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Check in process was simple and efficient. The crew on the plane were polite and friendly. Flight arrived early."

Cons: "Boarding was a little chaotic. The sandwiches offered were extremely dry."

Pros: "On time and smooth"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Flight was canceled. They packed us on another one 3 hours later. Crying babies, bad food and uncomfortable, squishy seats made the flight unpleasant."

Pros: "We arrived in London ahead of time. We go to Newark ahead of time"

Cons: "The food"

Cons: "Flight had no movies/in-flight service. Departed an hour late."

Cons: "Entertainment didn't work"

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Overall a pleasant flight.

Both airports totally understaffed. Awful experience.

Travelling from Nigeria was a nightmare. Those thugs at the airport gave my husband and i hell because we had our boarding passes on our phone. We had to keep bribing and begging them to let us through. It is the worse travel experience I’ve ever ever had in my entire life. And I travel a lot

Pros: "Overall a nice and good flight"

Cons: "Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting..."

Pros: "The crew was very kind"

Pros: "Great atmosphere, crew was excellent!"

Cons: "I’m 6’5”, so legroom can always be a complaint, but this wasn’t too bad. The plane appeared to be fairly old and didn’t have WiFi. Entertainment also was on an older screen which was navigated by using an old in-seat phone."

Pros: "The socks offered in business were comfortable and nice looking. The red wine was good."

Cons: "The food was just average and the seat not too comfortable"

Pros: "Customer care was super supportive"

Cons: "Inflight sandwiches"

Pros: "Yes"

Cons: "Everything was good"

Cons: "I congratulate the KLM crew!"

Cons: "Fix the damn KIOSKS at Vienna!"

Pros: "Crew helpful. Food good."

Cons: "Better range of movies please"

Pros: "Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!"

Cons: "1. In Flight Entertainment 2. Controlled In Flight Temperature"

Pros: "Seat was good"

Cons: "Depart on time (1 hour late), hostess put a laptop in the overhead, which fell out and hit me when the bin was opened"

Pros: "Our flight was delayed in Bejing, than we loosed the booked flight of KLM. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we get the recheked in flight."

Cons: "Doesn't"

Cons: "There was no wifi on flight"

Cons: "This was just a short commuter flight from Lyon to Amsterdam for connection."

Pros: "Nothing!"

Cons: "We were told they were holding our flight, we ran 3 terminals and they’d already left."

Pros: "Like the overall KLM experience"

Cons: "Food could have had better quality and the stewardess served it all at once versus in the various courses."

Pros: "Good food, friendly service"

Cons: "More trash pickup; only one round of beverage service"

Pros: "Entertainment options."

Cons: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."

Pros: "Everything is alright"

Pros: "Light snack and complementary wine"

Cons: "Flight was delayed, landing at vce took an additional 10 minutes due to no one at the jet way. Luggage service was very slow"

Pros: "Friendly staff"

Cons: "Leg room"

Pros: "Shirt flight but well catered, boarding was efficient and quick."

Cons: "Not lots of legroom but adequate for an hour long hop. It was cold on board and also had to board via steps from outside"

Pros: "Interior of the plane was clean. Smooth landing."

Cons: "Pilot did not avoid turbulence"

Pros: "Wifi on Board"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The leg room, was surprisingly roomy"

Cons: "The food and that there was no entertainment."

Pros: "Friendly in-flight personell"

Cons: "Approx. 1 hour delay, which was not the airline's fault (construction on runways)"

Cons: "Customer service"

Cons: "The cabin crew was racist. She told me to move back from an empty seat just because she wanted one of the guys ( from her country ) to set on it! Very rude and racist."

Pros: "Norhing"

Cons: "They have mabaged to lost my luggage"

Pros: "Fabulous trip with friendly, helpful staff"

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "Cabin crew were very professional."

Cons: "Aircraft returned to gate due to fault and was delayed for 45 min."

Pros: "Short flight with good communication."

Cons: "Nil to complain."

Pros: "Good information and helpfil boarding."

Cons: "Has to wait in confined area fir nearly 2 hrs before boarding. No restroom or refreshments within that area."

Cons: "Please Endeavour to put the expiration date on the food served in the flight."

Pros: "Clean airplane, friendly crew, no rush, nice snacks for a short one hour flight. Just generally a positive experience."

Cons: "The Guy who had an accident when boarding causing a delay. Also I didn’t like the wait fir checking as passengers with children went before business class and should be after."

Pros: "Very little if any."

Cons: "Aircraft was not very clean,the staff seamed quite harsh at times when speaking to customers. The food was really quite poor but it was a short flight to be honest. Overall not as pleasant as the China Southern flights. I would not like to choose them again unless i had to."

Pros: "Crew was class seat was very comfortable and seemed wider than most Nice power outlets great entertainment system"

Cons: "Row 6 in business is after the first 5 rows and Galley and restroom. Very awkward"

Pros: "Everything - Checkin, crew, food, entertainment"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Our flight was canceled from Amsterdam to Bordeaux and did not receive any direction and had to find alternate flights for ourselves with the personal expense of using our own cell phones. Then our luggage lost for 3 days. Not happy!"

Pros: "The flight was delayed by 40 minutes initially then a further 20 making it an hour late. Sitting at the gate there was then suddenly a last call to board the flight and a mad rush for everyone to get on. I appreciate that delays happen but the lack of communication ragardinh altered boarding times didn't make the situation any easier"

Cons: "As above"

Pros: "Staff superb. They even surprised us with an exit row and a gift for my partners birthday! Amazing. Samantha and Dennis also took time to come and personally wish him a happy birthday. A lovely touch. This airline runs like clockwork. They are just great. The sandwich and stoop waffle are nice too."

Cons: "There is a bus to the plane, so that takes a bit of extra time but they are very well organized."

Pros: "Flight was efficient enough and staff were friendly."

Cons: "It was delayed quite a bit and more on-time updates would have been appeciated."

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Pros: "Everytime she passed she was hitting me or I had to hold my drink so that she wouldn't knock it off"

Food and crew were amazing. Seat confer as well. I wish the plane was newer, looked a bit dated plus the entertainment screens were malfunctioning pretty often

The check in operator

Made me check a bag that I have carried onto hundreds of flights . Caused me to miss my connection in Paris because I was flying a different airline and my bags didn’t transfer . The agent was rude and refused to listen. My mother who was three people in front of me in another line Carried the same bag on with no issues . Be consistent

Poor communication from boarding staff, airport staff not a clue. Communication on board was un decipherable and airline lost baggage.

Not the best crew. Extremely annoying with mask wearing. Even when I was eating and drinking they would come up to you to tell you to wear your mask. Extremely annoying.

Cons: "Boarding was a disaster as my companion was selected for random search which held us up as there was no urgency to process us. Then there was no sign for where we should go since upper deck on 747 so we went in "economy" line as indicated on ticket and then was sent to correct line when we got to the front, wasting more time. The seatrs were the most uncomfortable I have ever beeon on for a long flight. I also paid extra to be in the exit row, to have people constantly congregating in front of us.The food was also mediocre."

Pros: "More leg room"

Cons: "Space"

Pros: "Crew were very good."

Cons: "No vegan food available."

Pros: "The crew was OK, but nothing special."

Cons: "Air France should not sell tickets for which the connection flights are almost impossible to catch. My luggage was not transferred to my connecting flight. I had to run to catch the flight to Bucharest. At CDC there were only two custom officers for checking passport of EU citizens, on a Saturday morning with hundreds and hundreds incoming travelers. On top of it, one female officer was rude. Typical french :("

Pros: "n/a"

Cons: "The conditions were very cramped. The entertainment system was quite old and had very little selection. My entertainment system actually stopped working all together. I called for assistance from my seat a couple of times, but nobody came."

Cons: "They made me check my carryon rolly which is allowed on every other plane in the world, which meant going all the way back into a chaos of hundreds of people to check in. Because I had a connecting flight to New York in London, the check in caused many problems...and everything inside soaking wet"

Cons: "Departure time was almost 2 hours late and the communication of the cabin crew regarding this issue was poor. Almost an hour went by without an update."

Cons: "Boarding clusterf..."

Cons: "There was no entertainment and the food could be better"

Pros: "Food and drinks very good"

Cons: "In economy class the movies unable to listen to with ear buds. Bring my own next time."

Pros: "The crew was excellent."

Cons: "The snacks that were handed out prior to landing were not very good and it looked as though a lot of people in our section felt the same way. Also, there were a lot of empty seats in the comfort and premium sections, but non of our gold medallions were offered an upgrade."

Cons: "boarding wasn't good."

Cons: "make passengers from Nigeria to feel respected and important. Imagine no entertainment in the aircraft in addition to a very poor food."

Cons: "There was no entertainment and there was a lot of annoyed passengers and flight attendants"

Pros: "Crew was very nice and the food was excellent."

Pros: "The crew were polite and friendly"

Cons: "Everything was incredibly poor. Flight was delayed, entertainment was outdated and the airport staff were rude."

Pros: "Good quality flight"

Cons: "But delayed and lost baggage"

Pros: "Liked the transfer"

Cons: "Engine noise in the cabin is loud."

Pros: "Timely and smooth teansit."

Cons: "Food has a way to go to be appetising."

Pros: "Flight on time"

Cons: "The usual Air France flights to Rome, that I have been flying for years, are now operated by Joon. For a couple months nothing changed, except the way the crew dressed. But now Joon is showing its true nature as a LOW COST airline.Seats cramped. Snacks and apple juice are now available for purchase only."

Pros: "Everything"

Pros: "Great service"

Cons: "My luggage was lost in Paris. Now I need to wait still."

Pros: "Quiet! No noise-canceling earphones needed. Delicious food."

Pros: "From the boarding, to the friendly hostesses to the food and the business class seat, I was impressed all the way. My first time to fly Air France business to the US and it was great. I recommend it!"

Cons: "I just expected better toilet bag for business but what was given out was just basic."

Cons: "Plane left more than 40 minutes late with no explanation or apology."

Pros: "Ground crew at CDG was helpful to file a claim for the lost luggage."

Cons: "Ground crew at MXP Was inexperienced. She called every one in my flight to form a new line and it was immediately total chaos. And then they lost one of our luggages!"

Pros: "Plane was comfortable and new."

Cons: "Nothing really."

Pros: "Crew were pleasant most of the time"

Cons: "Boarding process is total chaos Took 40 mins to.check in at desk , pre ordered for wheelchair Never showed zoo Beds advertised as lie flat bu they are NOT 180 degree flat , legs hang down - bad for circulation"

Pros: "I liked the crew, they were professional and tried their best"

Cons: "The flight was a chartered flight . Air France informed us that due to cabin crew shortage they couldn't operate an air france flight and hence they hired Air Belgium. Whilst the crew were nice , the actual plane was old and creaky. It wasn't up to the standards expected of Air France. They could have done better in getting a plane up to standard. A lot of the passengers were disappointed ."

Pros: "Courteous crew"

Pros: "Nothing particular"

Cons: "Nothing particular"

Pros: "Boarding & crew (inc ground staff & check-in) all good."

Cons: "Food not great - not all menu options available. Limited choice of drinks. Very small, low-resolution, seat-back screens with a luggish & outdated interface. Limited choice of movies."

Pros: "Short & easy flight"

Cons: "All ok"

Pros: "Flight was only 50% full. Room to spread out."

Cons: "Leg room cramp. Flight arrived late as a result missed connection home."

Pros: "Boarding and punctuality."

Cons: "Lagos boarding with rather annoying wait due to repeat hand check. Perhaps added security carried far."

Pros: "General air of professionalism is reassuring"

Cons: "Food, crew appear rushed"

Cons: "Disappointed to get delayed due to control tower issues at CdG. Landed more than 30 mins late in London"

Pros: "Crew and boarding, not much else to talk about. Late for take off, but made it on time"

Cons: "Late leaving and arriving."

Pros: "Crew was great"

Cons: "Not enough food"

Pros: "Standard stuff"

Pros: "Seat room was better on most economy flights. The food was good and the glass of champagne did not hurt at all. The aircraft flew very smoothly from takeoff to landing."

Pros: "I like that they still feed you and provide alcohol for free, even on a 40 min flight (unlike BA)."

Cons: "At one point during the flight I took a video out of my window with my camera, a member of the cabin crew barked at me in French. In bewilderment I asked her in English to repeat herself and she sarcastically repeated what she had said, in French, I asked for her to speak in English (which she had done to me previously on this Paris to London flight) yet again she scolded me in French. I was left absolutely none the wiser and it left a bad taste in my mouth."

Cons: "Late...delayed from algiers"

(Video) When to buy CHEAP FLIGHTS | Best time to buy airline tickets in 2022


How much is a flight ticket from Nigeria to London? ›

The average price for one-way flights from Lagos to London is 177,000 NGN ($492); The average price for round-trip flights from Lagos to London is 245,000 NGN ($680).

How much does flight from Nigeria to UK cost? ›

Flights from Nigeria to the United Kingdom from USD 4,110*

How can I get a low cost flight? ›

Fly Cheap: Top 10 Tricks to Book Cheap Flight Tickets
  1. Start early: Image Source: ...
  2. Be flexible with the date: Image Source: ...
  3. Use and compare multiple search engines: Image Source: ...
  4. Try budget airlines: ...
  5. Go incognito: ...
  6. Look for frequent flyer miles and points: ...
  7. Use alternative routes: ...
  8. Search the price for a single person:
23 Apr 2021

How much is flight from Lagos to UK? ›

Good to know
Low seasonMarch
Cheapest flight$388
Average price round-trip$973
Good deal round-trip$994
Good deal one-way$747
1 more row

What month is the cheapest to fly to London? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to England

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is February.

Does Arik Air fly to London? ›

Arik Air flies to many destinations in Nigeria, Africa, Europe and the US, including London's Heathrow Airport, and New York's JFK International Airport.

How much is UK visa in Nigeria? ›

The UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visitor Visa Fees from Nigeria in 2021 are US$133 (₦54,530). The permitted paid engagement visitor visa processing time from Nigeria is usually 15 working days.

How much is UK study visa fee in Nigeria 2022? ›

UK Visit Visa Fees
Visa CategoryVisa Application Fee ($)Visa Application Fee (₦)
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry)$132₦55,240.68
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years)$503₦210,500.47
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years)$912₦381,662.88
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years)$ 1145₦479,171.05
13 more rows
19 Sept 2022

How much is student visa from Nigeria to UK? ›

How much will I have to pay for the student visa? To apply for the British Tier 4 (General) student visa, you will also have to pay a fee of 348 GBP. Depending on your situation, British authorities will allow you to pay this fee online, on location at a visa application centre in Nigeria, or through a bank transfer.

Is Kayak safe to book flights? ›

Kayak is as safe as other travel websites. It protects your personal and payment information, and does not require you to share it with any additional parties. Because Kayak books through its partners, users never need to actually book with Kayak, nor are they ever required to enter payment information.

Which day are airline tickets cheapest? ›

Looking at the results for the most popular routes according to our data, Thursday is the cheapest and so the best day to fly. If Thursday does not work for you, make sure you consider flying out on a Monday or Tuesday.

Is Tuesday the cheapest day to fly? ›

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically. The cheapest days to depart if you're flying within the U.S. are midweek — generally Tuesday or Wednesday. For economy tickets, Tuesdays are about 24% lower than peak prices on Sundays, which translates to savings of about $85 per ticket.

How far is Lagos to London by air? ›

How many miles is it from London to Lagos. 3121 miles / 5022.76 km is the flight distance between these two places.

How many hours is Nigeria to UK? ›

Average flight time is 6 hours 37 minutes

The fastest flight from Nigeria to London is 6 hours 30 minutes.

How many hours is flight from Nigeria to London? ›

It takes about 6 hours 31 minutes to fly from Lagos (LOS) to London (LON).

What is the cheapest airport to fly into London? ›

The cheapest city to fly into is London, and the cheapest airport serving this city at the moment is London Gatwick.

What's the best time to go to London? ›

The weather is warmest in summer and it is hands down the best climate to visit London. This is also when the city hosts numerous events and you can feel the vibrant buzz of the city during these months. September to October is a much under-appreciated time to visit London. This is the next best season to visit London.

How much is it to go to London? ›

Average Cost to Visit London

The average price of a 7-day trip to London is $2,549 for a solo traveler, $3,898 for a couple, and $6,596 for a family, with the main components of cost being (1) flights, (2) hotels/accommodation, and (3) meals.

How many kg does Arik allow? ›

On all Arik Air flights passengers are entitled to one item of hand luggage with the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 35cm x 25cm. The maximum weight varies in accordance with the destination thus passengers on domestic flights are allowed 6kg whilst those travelling on international or regional flights are permitted 12kg.

How do I get a seat on Arik Air? ›

Just visit our website, create a booking and select the book -on -hold option, pay later using Quickteller or E-Bills. You can also book, pay and check-in online via our website. Please call our 24 hours Contact Center for further assistance. Thank you for choosing Arik Air.

Can I use my Naira card to pay for UK visa? ›

As before, Nigerians with a Naira credit or debit card can pay for visas using their Naira account. Although the visa fee will be denominated in dollars, the payment will be deducted from their account in Naira. There is no need for anyone to have a dollar account.

How much is a UK visa 2022? ›

Start-up – main applicant and dependants – £378. Global Talent – main applicant – where Approval Letter is required – £167. Global Talent – main applicant – where Approval Letter is not required – £623. Global Talent – dependants only – £623.

How much is visitor visa to UK? ›

Visa fees
FeeMaximum length of stay
Standard Visitor visa for academics£20012 months
2 year long-term Standard Visitor visa£3766 months per visit
5 year long-term Standard Visitor visa£6706 months per visit
10 year long-term Standard Visitor visa£8376 months per visit
2 more rows

How much bank balance is required for UK student visa? ›

Money to support yourself ('financial requirement')

How much money you need depends on where you will be studying. You'll need either: £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses in London. £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses outside London.

Is interview compulsory for UK student visa? ›

Hence, the majority of the students applying to the UK are not required to appear for the UK Visa Interview. However, in case there is a discrepancy in your online UK visa application or your documents are not in order, you will be required to attend the UK Visa Interview.

How much bank balance is required for UK visa? ›

You must submit 6 months of bank statements that clearly show your monthly salary and financial commitments. There must not be any large deposits of cash other than your salary. Total savings must be at least twice your proposed UK trip expenses.

Does UK student visa get rejected? ›

Even if international students secure admission, they have to apply for a valid UK study visa in order to move to there. As per the UK Immigration Statistics, 37,500 Indian students received a Tier 4 (study) visa in 2019 and the UK Visa rejection rate stood at 5%.

Is it easy to get UK student visa? ›

Usually, it takes about 3 weeks to receive the Tier 4 Student Visa. But depending on the place from where you are applying, you should start the visa application process 3 months in advance. Make sure you have the certificate of acceptance for studies (CAS) from your university before applying for the student visa.

How many years visa does UK give for students? ›

If you're 18 or over and your course is at degree level, you can usually stay in the UK for up to 5 years. If it's below degree level, you can usually stay in the UK for up to 2 years.

Does KAYAK charge a booking fee? ›

There are no fees for Standard and Plus plans. For similar requests outside of 24 hours of booking, or non-US markets, in addition to airline company fare rules, our processing fees apply.

What is a hacker flight? ›

A "hacker fare" is when you book a one-way trip with one airline, and then a one way trip back from another airline. Many online travel agencies are actually posting the hacker fares now. You can always check out their deals, but you can look for your own, too. And if you take the time, you can find a better deal.

Which website is cheapest to book flights? ›

The 12 Best Websites for Booking Flights at the Cheapest Prices [...
  • Book Direct Through the Airline's Website.
  • Momondo.
  • Kayak.
  • Expedia.
  • Priceline.
  • Orbitz.
  • Agoda.
  • Hotwire.
2 days ago

Which time is best to book a flight? ›

Timing plays an important part. Specifically, plane tickets usually don't get cheaper closer to the departure date. Instead, flights tend to be the most inexpensive when you book between four months and three weeks before your departure date. According to, you can expect rates to go up after that period.

Will flight prices go down in 2022? ›

Hopper released a report earlier in 2022 predicting that fares would decrease by the end of July—and, according to CNBC, the average cost of domestic roundtrip flights dropped from $413 in May down to $375 by July 14. In August, the average round-trip fare is predicted to drop to $286.

What time do flight prices drop on Tuesday? ›

Tuesday Around Midnight is the Cheapest Time to Book

We found that travelers who search for flights on Tuesday at midnight save about 6% on their flights, making this the cheapest time of the week to book. In general, flights were slightly cheaper at midnight earlier in the week (Monday through Wednesday).

What month are airline tickets cheapest? ›

♦ Cheapest month to fly: January

For the lowest fares on domestic flights, travel in January. But for international trips, you'll find the cheapest fare in August.

What days are cheapest to fly UK? ›

What is the cheapest day to book a flight? From the UK the cheapest day to book a flight is on a Sunday, while the cheapest day to actually fly is usually a Friday.

How far in advance should I book a flight 2022? ›

The best day to buy is slightly further out from your travel date, so keep in mind that the sweet spot for 2022 in terms of booking a reasonable price is about 3 months from your departure date.

Is it possible to travel by road from London to Nigeria? ›

How long is the drive from London, United Kingdom to Lagos, Nigeria? The total driving time is 96 hours, 22 minutes. Your trip begins in London, United Kingdom. It ends in Lagos, Nigeria.

How far is Nigeria to USA by flight? ›

The total flight duration from Nigeria to United States is 13 hours, 42 minutes.

Is London close to Nigeria? ›

The distance between Nigeria and London is 2949 miles.

How much is London ticket from Nigeria? ›

The average price for round trip flights from Lagos to London, United Kingdom is NGN76,663.

Can someone travel from Lagos to London by road? ›

How long is the drive from Lagos, Nigeria to London, United Kingdom? The total driving time is 96 hours, 22 minutes. Your trip begins in Lagos, Nigeria. It ends in London, United Kingdom.

How much is from Nigeria to England? ›

The cheapest way to get from Nigeria to England is to fly which costs $390 - $2,200 and takes 10h 5m. What is the fastest way to get from Nigeria to England? The quickest way to get from Nigeria to England is to fly which costs $380 - $1,500 and takes 7h 22m.

What month is the cheapest to fly to London? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to England

Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly from the United States is February.

How much is flight from Lagos to UK? ›

Good to know
Low seasonMarch
Cheapest flight$388
Average price round-trip$973
Good deal round-trip$994
Good deal one-way$747
1 more row

How much will it cost to travel from Nigeria to UK in Naira? ›

The average price for one-way flights from Lagos to London is 177,000 NGN ($492); The average price for round-trip flights from Lagos to London is 245,000 NGN ($680).

How many hours is Nigeria to UK by flight? ›

The average flight time from Nigeria to London is 6 hours 37 minutes. However, the duration of any flight may differ from the average time based on weather conditions, flight path and congestion in the air.

How many hours is Nigeria to UK? ›

It takes about 6 hours 31 minutes to fly from Lagos (LOS) to London (LON).

How far is Lagos to London by air? ›

How many miles is it from London to Lagos. 3121 miles / 5022.76 km is the flight distance between these two places.

What day of the week is cheapest to fly to London? ›

Tuesday is by far the cheapest day to make the trip to London, so save on your flights while making a week of it and enjoy the lull before the storm that is England's capital on a Friday night.

Can I go from Nigeria to London by road? ›

Nigeria is located around 4786 KM away from London so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach London in 131 hours and 27 minutes.

Can you work in the UK with a Nigerian passport? ›

UK opens visa application for Nigerians, other new immigrant workers. The United Kingdom said it has opened a skilled workers visa application for Nigerians and other foreign nationals intending to migrate and work in the country.

Can someone travel from Lagos to London by road? ›

How long is the drive from Lagos, Nigeria to London, United Kingdom? The total driving time is 96 hours, 22 minutes. Your trip begins in Lagos, Nigeria. It ends in London, United Kingdom.

How much is visa from Nigeria to UK? ›

Frequent travellers from Nigeria to UK can apply for a long-term visitor visa for tourism, visiting family, and permitted business activities. The UK visa fees in Nigeria for long term 2, 5, and 10 years tourist or visitor visa application are US$504 (₦206,640), US$914 (₦374,740), and US$1,148 (₦470,680), respectively.

Which country is 1 hour behind Nigeria? ›

This means that there is a one hour difference between these two countries. In other words, South African clocks are one hour ahead of Nigerian clocks. For example, if it is 20.00 in South Africa, it is only 19.00 in Nigeria.

How much is UK study visa fee in Nigeria 2022? ›

UK Visit Visa Fees
Visa CategoryVisa Application Fee ($)Visa Application Fee (₦)
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry)$132₦55,240.68
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years)$503₦210,500.47
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years)$912₦381,662.88
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years)$ 1145₦479,171.05
13 more rows
19 Sept 2022

How far is Nigeria to USA by flight? ›

The total flight duration from Nigeria to United States is 13 hours, 42 minutes.

Is London close to Nigeria? ›

The distance between Nigeria and London is 2949 miles.

Is Nigeria close to the UK? ›

Distance from United Kingdom to Nigeria is 5,245 kilometers.

This air travel distance is equal to 3,259 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between United Kingdom and Nigeria is 5,245 km= 3,259 miles.

What is the cheapest airport to fly into London? ›

The cheapest city to fly into is London, and the cheapest airport serving this city at the moment is London Gatwick.

What airline is the cheapest? ›

Top 10 Cheapest Airlines
RankAirlineCost per Mile
1.Spirit Airlines$0.209
2.Frontier Airlines$0.225
3.Hawaiian Airlines$0.257
4. (T)Allegiant Air$0.322
6 more rows
16 Jun 2021

Will flight prices go down in 2022? ›

Hopper released a report earlier in 2022 predicting that fares would decrease by the end of July—and, according to CNBC, the average cost of domestic roundtrip flights dropped from $413 in May down to $375 by July 14. In August, the average round-trip fare is predicted to drop to $286.


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