Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (2023)

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Although most of the time we're lucky enough to have clean water easily to hand, it's not always that easy in the outdoors. Even if you invest in the best hiking water bottle and make sure it's filled up before you leave home, long days and hot weather can mean you end up water-less halfway through a hike. And that's to say nothing of wild camping adventures and multi-day expeditions.

In cases where a drinking water tap is elusive, you're left you with the options of either going thirsty, or drinking from local water sources. These can range from fast-flowing streams that are probably fine, through to still water and rivers that probably aren't. While there are a few ways to purify water in the wild, perhaps the easiest is to head out armed with one of the best water purifiers. These are designed to make even the most unpalatable pondwater not only safe to drink, but improve the taste so it's almost like you're just drinking from your kitchen tap.

A quick note before we start. This guide is dedicated to the kind of water purifiers you'd take out and about with you. If you're looking for the kind of thing you keep in your fridge and use to remove impurities from your local tap water, you should head to our best water filter jug guide instead.

What's the difference between a water purifier and a water filter?

A water filter will be a common sight around the home; it'll take standard tap water and clear out unpleasant smells, often using a replaceable filter containing activated carbon. Some are connected inline with home taps to perform the same job. However, they're not designed to tackle water that isn't safe to drink in the first place – that's where the water purifier comes in. A water purifier will actually clean dirty water, removing nasties such as viruses, protozoa, bacteria and cysts, none of which you really want to be drinking. Many of the best water purifiers will incorporate a carbon water filter too, which will remove any non-dangerous smell and flavour from the purified water.

The best water purifiers to buy now

Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (1)Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (2)

(Image credit: Lifesaver)

1. Lifesaver Liberty

The best water purifier for when you want lots and lots of clean water


Best for: group use

Capacity: 400ml

Dishwasher-friendly: no

Filter type: Virus 99.999% Bacteria 99.9999% Cysts 99.99%

Reasons to buy


Super-effective filter




Very practical hose

(Video) Best Water Filter 2022 - Top 5 Water Purifiers Review

Reasons to avoid


Low storage volume


Not dishwasher safe

The Lifesaver Liberty is an impressive bit of kit, offering high-quality water filtration as well as a carbon filter to make even the foulest liquid into sweet-tasting nectar. The ingenious system is essentially a pump with a 400ml capacity, which you can fill from whatever source, then use the pump to force the dirty water through the filtration membranes, creating a spout of clean water. The clever bit comes in with the built-in thread, which fits a range of wide-mouth water bottles, and the 'scavenger' hose, which dangles down into otherwise inaccessible water. The result is a simple and compact water pump, that'll fill as many bottles as you need for your group from whatever water you come across. Simples. The replaceable filter is good for 2,000 litres, while the carbon insert manages 100 litres before needing replacement. Head to our Lifesaver Liberty review to see how we got on when we tested one out.

(Image credit: LifeStraw)

2. LifeStraw Go

The best water purifier for hiking


Best for: hiking

Capacity: 22oz and 1L

Dishwasher-friendly: yes

Filter type: removes 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, 99.999% of microplastics

Reasons to buy


Complete waterbottle and filter


Simple to use


Doubles as normal bottle

Reasons to avoid


Requires sucking to clean water

The LifeStraw Go wears its heart on its sleeve. A standard litre-size BPA-free drinking bottle, the cap has a socket to host one of LifeStraw's filters. The result is clean water – all you have to do is fill with appropriate ditchwater, and then suck it through the filter. The microfilter lasts up to 1,000 gallons (4,000 L) and the activated carbon filter lasts up to 26 gallons (100 L) of water – enough for the average trip, by a considerable margin. The bottle can be used without the filter too, so is handy round the house, gym or office, etc. The company has a strong ethical stance too, giving one child one year of safe water per purchase.

Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (5)Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (6)

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(Image credit: Salomon)


The best water purifier for trail running


Best for: running

Capacity: 490ml/16oz 42

Dishwasher-friendly: yes

Filter type: removes bacteria and protozoa

Reasons to buy


Lightweight, flexible flask


High flow valve


Flask shrinks as you drink

Reasons to avoid


Solid bottle perhaps more durable

The Salomon SOFT FLASK XA has a plan, and it's a pretty good one. By pairing a super-lightweight, flexible flask with a water purifying filter cap, the outdoor brand has created arguably one of the best ultra-trail running water devices on the market. Filtering out bacteria and protozoa from approximately 1000 liters of water, the high flow valve lets you hydrate on the move, top up from whatever water sources you stumble across, and shrinks as you drink. This is important to limit water bounce, as well as help stuff the flask back into your running vest or belt.

Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (7)Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (8)

(Image credit: MSR)

4. MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier

The best water purifier for group expeditions


Best for: basecamps

Capacity: 10L reservoir

Dishwasher safe: no

Filter type: viruses (99.99%), bacteria (99.9999%), protozoa (99.9%)

(Video) Best Countertop Water Filters 2022 | Top 7 Best Countertop Water Filters for Home 🏠

Reasons to buy


Ideal for big groups


Military grade tech


Simple to use

Reasons to avoid


Not portable once set up

If you're off on expedition to a hostile environment, where you know clean water will be in short supply, then you want the MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier in your duffle bag. It's designed to military specifications, so rugged as they come, and it's simple to use, thanks to the gravity element. Just hang it up, fill with filthy water, and let it percolate through the NSF protocol P248 military testing standard filter and two-stage purifier with activated carbon. You'll get up to a litre in 2 minutes with the right setup, an impressive flow rate. While it's not a portable system once setup, it packs down small for travel.

Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (9)

(Image credit: Waterdrop)

5. Lucy Smart Cap

The best water purifier for office or home use


Best for: everyday hydration

Capacity: 600ml

Dishwasher safe: no

Filter type: 256nm UV-C LED deactivates up to 100% of all bacteria, mould or viruses

Reasons to buy


Fast UV purification


Useful companion app

(Video) Best Gravity Bag Water Filter Review 💦 (Ultimate 2022 Guide)

Reasons to avoid


Glass makes it heavy

We're not sure you'd want to rely on the Lucy Smart Cap if you're fending for yourself in the wild, however if you want an easy way to give your everyday drinking water a once-over, with the added benefit of a system to keep you hydrated, this one's well worth checking out. The Lucy Smart Cap has a built-in UV-C LED; put it on one of Waterdrop's water bottles, press the button and most unwanted potential germs will be dealt with in around 90 seconds. Simple and effective.

The Lucy Smart Cap records your water consumption, too, and paired with the Waterdrop Hydration app, the whole setup becomes a smart drinking assistant that monitors your hydration and reminds you when it's time to take another sip. Find out more about our experience with the Lucy Smart Cap here.

Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (10)Best water purifier 2022: clean water, wherever you roam (11)

(Image credit: Sawyer)

6. Sawyer Mini Filter

The best water purifier for lightweight travel


Best for: travel

Capacity: up to 100,000 gallons

Dishwasher safe: no

Filter type: 99.99999% of all bacteria, 99.9999% protozoa

Reasons to buy






Lasts for ages

Reasons to avoid


Potentially fiddly to use


Not dishwasher safe

(Video) Best Countertop Water Filters 2022 | Top 7 Best Countertop Water Filter System

The Sawyer Mini Filter is justifiably popular thanks to its long life (100,000 gallons), tiny size (65 grams) and considerable flexibility. It'll work as a straw, to drink dirty water direct, an attachment to standard threaded bottles, or inline in a bladder-style hydration system. The long life is down to the fact that the filter can be cleaned (backwashed) with the included syringe, which will restore up to 98.5% of the filter’s flow rate. For such a tiny palm-sized device, that's an impressive list of accomplishments. As Sawyer says: 'A lifetime of water at hand'. Indeed.


Is there a water filter that removes all contaminants? ›

Reverse osmosis systems are some of the best options for your water. The Reverse osmosis system in the 4 stage design is a design that will help you remove the maximum number of contaminants from your water.

Which is the best water purifier for all types of water? ›

Livpure is a leading name in India's water purifiers. The Livpure GLO PRO++ is one of the best water purifiers available in the market, and for a good reason. It features a seven-stage advanced purification system that removes impurities from water and makes it safe to drink.

Which water purifier does not waste water? ›

KENT Zero Water Wastage Technology ensures that no water is wasted. The RO purifiers not only give you pure water but also ensure that rejected water is recirculated to the overhead tank with an internal pump resulting in Zero Water Wastage.

Which water purifier is good for home? ›

Best Water Purifiers For Home Use at a glance:
Sno.Model namePrice*
1.Kent Supreme Plus 2020 Water PurifierINR 12,299
2.Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amaze Water PurifierINR 8,999
3.Mi Smart Water PurifierINR 12,999
4.HUL Pureit Copper Water PurifierINR 21,490
6 more rows

Which is best purifier? ›

Summary with Water Purifiers Price List
S No.Product NamePrice
1Rk Aquafresh India Az Series K200₹ 5,399
2Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01₹ 9,299
3PROVEN® Alkaline + ORP₹ 6,299
4Eureka Forbes AquaSure₹ 9,999
6 more rows
20 Apr 2021

Which water filter removes the most toxins? ›

The best water filtration system to remove arsenic from your drinking water is none other than a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system. Reverse Osmosis, also known as RO, is a process that uses pressure to force water through a special semi-permeable membrane to remove dissolved pollutants.

What's the healthiest water to drink? ›

What Is The Healthiest Water To Drink? When sourced and stored safely, spring water is typically the healthiest option. When spring water is tested, and minimally processed, it offers the rich mineral profile that our bodies desperately crave.

Which water filter takes out the most contaminants? ›

A reverse osmosis system combined with a carbon filter is most effective at removing water contaminants.

Do we need to turn off water purifier at night? ›

Don't forget – in general you should not switch your water purifier off at night. Even if it is to save a bit of electricity or wear and tear on the unit. Water purification systems are made to operate almost continuously and switching them on or off unnecessarily can damage the parts.

What is the best way to filter water? ›

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis works by moving water through a semipermeable membrane to filter out and flush away any contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems are best suited for domestic use and provide a highly efficient way to purify your drinking water at home.

Do all RO systems waste water? ›

All RO systems produce waste water.

Some RO systems claim to be zero waste, but their RO process still produces water waste.

How many Litres of water are purified everyday? ›

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification system 6000 liters per hour (144,000 liters per day)

What is difference between RO and UV water purifier? ›

For example, UV filters are designed to kill bacteria and viruses while the RO filters are designed to remove TDS and dead microorganisms from the water. The good thing about RO systems is that they use an activated carbon which enhances the taste of the water.

Is UV water safe to drink? ›

Yes. UV light is normally effective against all viruses, bacteria and protozoa. However, some microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia have protective or thick cell walls that some low power UV light systems are not able to penetrate.

Is water purifier safe? ›

When used correctly, water purifying chemicals are generally safe. They themselves are a safety measure intended to be consumed, after all! However, when in tablet form, they can easily be mistaken for medications, vitamins, or candy, and children who gain access to them can swallow them.

Which water purifier is best 2021? ›

10 Best Water Purifiers for Home in India – Reviews & Buying...
  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier.
  • Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier.
  • Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier.
  • Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier.
  • AO Smith Z8 RO Water Purifier.

What's the healthiest water to drink? ›

What Is The Healthiest Water To Drink? When sourced and stored safely, spring water is typically the healthiest option. When spring water is tested, and minimally processed, it offers the rich mineral profile that our bodies desperately crave.

What is a good TDS for water? ›

What is the best TDS level for drinking water? Ans: Generally, the TDS level between 50-150 is considered as the most suitable and acceptable. Ans: If the TDS level is about 1000 PPM, it is unsafe and unfit for human consumption.

What is the best way to purify water? ›

Boiling: Boiling is the best way to kill disease-causing organisms, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The high temperature and time spent boiling are very important to effectively kill the organisms in the water. Boiling will also effectively treat water if it is still cloudy or murky.


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