Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (2023)

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Shopping for a water filter can feel like a trip through the twilight zone. Trying to make sense of the technical jargon and sorting through manufacturers’ claims is frustrating, and if you’re like some folks, you’re ready to throw in the towel.

But improving the quality of your drinking water is one of the most impactful things you can do for your health, so we’re going to ease the confusion for you with our comprehensive buying guide plus a review of seven top-rated water filtration systems that are designed to mount under a kitchen or bathroom sink.

Best Undersink Water Filters
Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (1)Editor's PickEditor's PickWaterDrop Ultra Filtration
    • 3-Stage filtration process
    • Ultra filtration membrane
    • DIY Quick installation setup
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Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (2)Great ValueGreat ValueAquasana Claryum Direct Connect
    • Replaces more than 6,250 plastic water bottles
    • Works with existing faucet
    • 99% of contaminates removed
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Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (3)Great OverallGreat OverallWaterDrop Direct connect
    • Quick Installation process
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Long Lasting Filters
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6 Top Rated & Reviewed: Under Sink Filters

#1. CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

📝 Type: KDF-55 | Process: Single Stage In-line |Contaminants Removed: 10+ | Filter Life: 50,000 gallons | Testing: NSF Certified components | Cost: $

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (4)CuZn’s UC-200 is the ultimate install-it-and-forget-it under sink water filtration system. It’s a no-nonsense unit with a minimalist design — set it up under the sink in minutes and enjoy clean water for five years or 50,000 gallons with no costly cartridge changes.

Activated charcoal filter media removes sediment, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and more, while a unique bacteriostatic layer reduces heavy metals and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter — all without a significant drop in water pressure.

With no cartridges to replace, the UC-200 is maintenance-free and has one of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.



    • High-capacity
    • Works with any kitchen faucet
    • Installs in minutes
    • Comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 5-year warranty
    • Exceptional customer service


    • Designed only for use with biologically safe city water

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (5)FAQs

Q: Does this filter remove minerals that cause scale build-up?
A: No, unlike a water softener, the UC-200 does not remove beneficial minerals.
Q: Does it remove fluoride?
A: No.
Q: Can this be used to purify well water?
A: The UC-200 is recommended only for city water that has already been disinfected and is free of harmful microorganisms.

My Take

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (6)CuZn isn’t a household name, but it should be — this is an excellent water filter. The UC-200 removes increasingly common city water contaminants, like lead and pesticides, as well as chlorine. Its total capacity is enormous — 50,000 gallons — and it’s one of the few filters you can install and not think about for five full years.

But if you’re worried about lead, it removes slightly less than other models — 98-percent versus 99.9-percent. The difference is small, but because lead is highly toxic, especially to children, it’s large enough to matter.

If your water isn’t at risk for lead contamination and you want a long-lasting, hassle-free filter that makes water taste great for the lowest possible price, this is one of our top picks for best undersink water filter.

Product Updates:

  • 36″ Stainless steel hoses included

#2. APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter

📝Type: Carbon Block | Process: 3-Stage In-line |Contaminants Removed: 10+ | Filter Life: 2,500 gallons | Testing: NSF certified components | Annual Cost: $28

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (7)Apec has been making filters for more than 20 years. This triple-stage system is made in the U.S.A. and is designed to remove sediment and chemical tastes from bacteriologically-safe city water.

Three separate filters in heavy-duty housings remove particles like dirt and rust that make water cloudy and eliminate the heavy chlorine residue found in heavily-treated municipal water.

Super-capacity cartridges last more than a year between changes, reducing maintenance costs, and the system comes with a compatible, 100-percent lead-free faucet.

(Video) Best Water Pitcher Filters Tier List - 3rd Party Laboratory Tested



    • Affordable annual filter changes
    • Easy to install
    • Doesn’t remove healthy minerals
    • Superior chlorine filtration
    • Certified by the Water Quality Association


    • Does not remove lead or other heavy metals

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (8)FAQs

Q: Is the faucet that comes with the kit available in other colors?
A: No, only chrome.
Q: Can this be used with hot water?
A: No, it’s recommended for use only with cold water.
Q: Will this system reduce my water pressure?
A: In water with an above average sediment level, a drop in pressure is expected with all filters, but under normal conditions, most users report a minimal change.

My Take

If your water tastes like it came from a swimming pool, APEC’s WFS-1000 has a triple-filtration system with two separate carbon block filters for maximum chlorine extraction.

The initial cost is reasonable, it’s well-made, easy to install and filters need changing only annually. It requires a dedicated faucet — not my favorite feature — but it’s included, and like the CuZn, it doesn’t remove the healthy minerals I want in my water.

It does not, however, remove lead. If a heavy chlorine taste is your primary problem, the water from this filter tastes fantastic, but if you have kids and are worried about lead, other models may be a better investment.

Product Updates:

  • Apec now provides a 2-year extended warranty when you register your purchase.

#3. Aquasana AQ-5300 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter

📝Type: Activated & Catalytic Carbon | Process: 3-Stage In-line |Contaminants Removed: 77 | Filter Life: 600 gallons | Testing: NSF Certified 42, 53 & 401 | Annual Cost: ~$125

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (9)This Aquasana 3-Stage kitchen sink water filter is NSF-certified to remove more than 77 common contaminants including chlorine, chloramine, pharmaceuticals, lead, heavy metals and chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

It doesn’t remove most microorganisms, but its catalytic carbon filter captures chlorine-resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia — a noteworthy plus.

Filtering capacity is 600 gallons between cartridge changes — roughly every six months — and as a bonus, a battery operated filter change alarm tells you when time to replace cartridges.

Installation is easy, and the kit comes with a compatible faucet.



    • Removes chloramine without compromising filter efficiency
    • The faucet is attractive and available in three colors
    • Features a filter change alarm
    • Cartridges are easy to replace


    • Weak exterior housing
    • Limited customer service

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (10)FAQs

Q: How long does the battery last on the filter change indicator?
A: It’s a lithium battery and should last approximately 1600 hours.

Q: Does this system remove beneficial minerals?
A: No, it does not remove healthy minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Q: Does this filter remove fluoride?
A: No.

My Take

I wanted to like this filter, but it has some serious issues. First, the good — it removes a broad range of contaminants including chloramine, a secondary disinfectant that select cities used in addition to chlorine. Other filters, including the CuZn, don’t. It has a high flow rate, a filter change alarm and an excellent sediment filter that reduces clogs and improves its overall efficiency.

The problem lies in its construction and lackluster customer care. The exterior housing that holds the cartridges is weak and prone to cracking, and what’s worse, Aquasana isn’t backing this product as vigorously as it could, and replacement parts aren’t readily available.

(Video) Top 5 Best Sink Water Filter Review In 2022

The filter has its merits, including a faucet that’s available in three colors, but with companies like CuZn wowing their customers with superior support, it’s a disappointment overall.

Product Updates:

  • Now comes in three faucet finishes.

#4. Woder 10K-Gen3 Ultra High Capacity Water Filter

📝Type: Activated Carbon | Process: 3-Stage In-line |Contaminants Removed: 10+ | Filter Life: 8,480 gallons | Testing: NSF Certified 42, 372 | Cost: $

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (11)The Woder Gen3 is designed to work with cold, biologically safe municipal water. It removes lead, asbestos, chromium, mercury, sediment and volatile organic compounds and reduces the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine while leaving in healthy minerals.

The kit contains everything necessary for installation. It sets up in minutes without special tools and works with any faucet.

The total filtration capacity is 10,000 gallons between cartridge changes and replacements are affordably priced.



    • Effortless installation
    • High capacity
    • Low total cost of ownership
    • Selective filtration technology retains healthy minerals


    • Lacks a filter change indicator


Q: Can this filter be used with a water softener?
A: It’s not recommended for use with softeners that use salt because it can shorten the life of the filter. Check with the manufacturer for recommendations related to salt-free softening systems.

Q: Can this be used with pull-out faucets?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Will this filter reduce the water pressure from my faucet?
A: All filters may depending on the level of contaminants in your water, but most users report less reduction than with similar models.

My Take

Woder makes a fine filter. Like the CuZn, it’s cartridge has an extended life span — 10,000 gallons or up to three years — and it capably removes most worrisome contaminants without affecting water’s mineral content. The flow rate is high at 2 gallons per minutes — almost double that of the Doulton — and it works with any kitchen faucet, even pull-outs.

Installation is a breeze, cartridge replacements are inexpensive, and while it doesn’t last as long as the super high-capacity CuZn, it does remove more lead. Gallon for gallon, CuZn’s UC-200 is a little less expensive to operate, but both are about the same size, essentially hassle-free and perform like champs. If lead is your worry, the Woder is good choice. If cost and low-maintenance matter more, I’d opt for the UC-200.

Product Updates:

  • Now offers two hose types: Steel or PVC

#5. Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Water Filtration System

📝Type: Carbon Block | Process: Single Stage In-line |Contaminants Removed: 10+ | Filter Life: 2000 gallons | Testing: NSF Certified 42, 53 | Annual Cost: ~$40

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (12)Filtrete filters are manufactured by 3M — a longtime leader in filtration technology. The system is little more than a basic cartridge, so it’s low-profile enough for installation under kitchen and bathroom sinks with less-than-average space.

It works with your existing faucet, and set-up takes less than 30 minutes. It has a 2000-gallon total capacity — an average family can expect about six months between filter changes.

This system is recommended only for water that’s been treated for microorganisms. It removes sediment, rust, chlorine, lead and microbial cysts, but leaves in healthy minerals.



    • Low-initial cost
    • Fits in small bathroom cabinets
    • Easy installation
    • Can be used with any faucet
(Video) Top 5 Best Sink Water Filters Review in 2022


    • Expect a decrease in water pressure


Q: Does this filter remove Fluoride?
A: It does not.

Q: Can it be mounted horizontally instead of vertically?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Can this be used to purify well water?
A: It’s recommended only for biologically safe water, but like similar filters, it can be used as a secondary system.

My Take

If you’re on a budget, this Filtrete filter has the lowest initial cost to buy and is a pleasure to recommend with a few cautions. Among similar models, it has one of the highest micron ratings.

That means it filters out more contaminants overall, but because of that, it also tends to accumulate more sediment and may reduce water pressure a little more than expected. It has a fairly low 1500-gallon capacity, and cartridges need to be replaced every six months but are reasonably priced.

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to clean drinking water — this model fixes that. It’s almost as cheap as a pitcher and costs less in the long run. Sign up for text reminders and Filtrete will let you know when it’s time to change to the cartridge!

Product Updates:

  • No news, yet.

#6. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System

📝Type: Carbon Block| Process: 2-Stage In-line |Contaminants Removed: 10+ | Filter Life: 1,600 gallons | Testing: NSF Certified 42, 53| Annual Cost: $

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (13)You can kiss bottled water goodbye with this inexpensive system from Frizzlife. Each cartridge removes sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, VOC’s and other chemical contaminants from 1600 gallons of water.

Kits come complete with a brushed nickel faucet and adapters for both 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch water lines, and the cap has a unique auto shut-off feature that means your home’s water supply doesn’t need to be turned off for installation or cartridge changes. Replacement filters are among the least expensive in the industry despite their high quality, and Frizzlife backs this unit with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.



    • Doesn’t remove beneficial minerals
    • Lower-than-average long-term cost of ownership
    • Installation kit contains everything including plumber’s tape
    • Comes with a two-year warranty


    • Won’t work with every faucet


Q: How long do filter cartridges last?
A: Depending on usage, they can last one to three years, but in most practical circumstances, they should be replaced every six to eight months.

Q: Can this system filter hot water?
A: No, it’s designed for cold water only. Use with hot water would significantly decrease its filtering efficiency.

Q: Are cartridges easy to replace?
A: Yes! The process requires no tools, and with the auto shut-off feature, it can be done without turning off the water supply.

My Take

With performance that’s similar to the Filtrete, the Frizzlife system is a single cartridge with a moderate capacity that comes in an all-inclusive kit that has both 3/8-inch 1/4-inch connectors and plumber’s tape!

The cap that connects the filter to the cold water line features an automatic shut-off so cartridges can be changed without turning off the water supply — that’s convenient and less messy.

(Video) Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water? | Talking Point | Full Episode

Replacement cartridges are inexpensive and a breeze to replace. The system does, however, require the use of the faucet that comes with the kit, and although it’s very modern and attractive compared to similar models, it adds to the cost of the system and may not offer the look you want.

If need a budget-friendly filter, but like your existing fixture, consider the Filtrete first.

Product Updates:

  • No news, yet.

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Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (14)

Compare Brands & Models

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (15)

#1 CuZn UC-200 Filter

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (16)

#2 Apec WFS-1000 Filter

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (17)

#3 Aquasana AQ-5300

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (18)

#4 Wonder 10k-Gen3

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (19)

#5 Filtrete Advanced System

Best Under-Sink Water Filter Reviews 2022 (Don't Be Fooled) (20)

#6 Frizzlife UnderSink Filter

Contaminants Removed
Filtration Capacity50,000 gal.2,500 gal.600 gal.8,480 gal.2000 gal.1,600 gal.
NSF Certified componentsNSF certified componentsNSF Certified 42, 53 & 401NSF Certified 42, 372NSF Certified 42, 53NSF Certified 42, 53
Annual Cost
Warranty5-year2-year1 year limited1 yearn/a2 year

Undersink Water Filter Buyer’s Guide

Undersink filters are less complex than costly whole-home systems, and unless you want to soften your water or need biological filtration, they offer a significant improvement in water quality and peace of mind without breaking the bank. Compared to using filtration pitchers or bottled water, an under counter water filter will save you lots of money. Here’s our buying guide to help you choose the best undersink water filter for your home.

1. What are the benefits of having an undersink water filter?

Municipal water is treated for harmful microorganisms and is biologically safe, but does that mean it’s as pure as it should be? Lead and other metals from aging pipes may be present, and new contaminants — like industrial chemicals and residue from discarded pharmaceuticals — have been discovered, but are not routinely tested for. A better under sink water filtration system removes these contaminants and more, and also makes water smell and taste better by reducing the chemicals that are used to make it safe to drink — like chlorine.

2. How does an undersink water filter work?

Undersink water filters connect to the cold water line under a kitchen or bathroom sink. These are known as point-of-use systems, and they treat only the water coming from one tap — unlike point-of-entry filtration systems that filter water to all faucets.

Water from the line enters the filter cartridge and flows through filtration media that traps contaminants — the type depends on the filter you buy — and then exits through the tap. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to filter the water you drink and cook with versus using a more complicated and costly whole home system.

3. What type of undersink water filter do I need?

The type of system you need depends on the contaminants you want to remove. If you’re on a city water supply, the top issues are chlorine, sediment, lead from aging pipes and industrial chemicals like pesticides. A water test for lead can tell you how much of a problem it is.

4. What to look for in an undersink filter system:

Several key criteria reflect how well a water filter will meet your needs: capacity, flow rate, micron rating and longevity. Here are their definitions and what they mean to you when you’re looking for the best under counter water filter.

  • Capacity: This reflects the maximum number of gallons a filter can process before cartridges require replacement, but water with unusually high levels of contaminants make them less efficient over time, and it’s possible they’ll need to be changed sooner.
  • Flow Rate: measured in gallons per minute — is the speed at which water moves through the filter media and out the tap. The filters on our list have flow rates from one to two gallons per minute maximum, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Other factors such as the level of particles in your water, your home’s water pressure, cold water temperature and how easily a filter’s media clogs may reduce the flow rate to well below maximum. Always consider the big picture.
  • Micron Rating: Think of water filters as strainers with holes measured microns — millionths of a meter. The size of the holes determine what size particles can pass through, and the smaller the micron rating, the more the filter removes. Micron rating is critical for filters that claim to remove bacteria, but is less significant with undersink filters. Filters with smaller micron ratings can remove parasitic cysts and finer sediment, but the trade-off is that they tend to clog faster.
  • Longevity: A filter’s longevity is determined mostly by its capacity. The length of time between cartridge changes is determined by several factors including how contaminated your water is, but in general, the larger the system’s capacity is, the longer they last.

How To Install & Maintain Undersink Water Filters

Because replacements contribute greatly to a system’s maintenance requirements and the total cost of ownership, consider how many are in the system, how often they need replaced and what they cost before buying. To maintain efficiency, changing them as recommended is a must.

  1. If the filter sits in a bracket, attach it to the wall of the cabinet using a hand drill or screwdriver.
  2. Turn off water to the sink, disconnect the cold water supply line and attach it to the filter head.
  3. Using the included connectors, attach the filter head to the line that leads to the faucet.
  4. Turn the water back on and run it to check for leaks.

Installation is a little different for each model, but this is the typical process.

How do you change an under sink water filter?

Changing filter cartridges may require a filter wrench — most kits include them. Others can be replaced without tools. Processes vary, but to change most filters:

  1. Turn off the water and put a towel or tray under the area to catch drips.
  2. Using your fingers or filter wrench, twist the cartridge off and away from its housing.
  3. Install a new filter and tighten it.
  4. Turn the water supply back on and test the filter for leaks.

Undersink vs. Countertop Water Filters

Countertop water filters do the job, but they have significant limitations. Most attach to your faucet with a hose, use valuable space on the counter, and they’re not particularly attractive. They have less capacity overall and usually won’t supply water fast enough for most families, and while they are marginally less expensive, as the cost of undersink systems comes down, the gap is narrowing, and that makes them even less of a bargain.

(Video) Epic Water Filters Smart Shield Direct Connect Under-Sink Water Filter System Review

Undersink water filtration systems are an excellent value. They don’t remove every contaminant, and they don’t have the capability of comprehensive whole-home systems, but they’re convenient, affordable, simple to use and give you clean, great-tasting water that’s as good as bottled at a fraction of the cost and with far less environmental impact.

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Is there a water filter that removes all contaminants? ›

Reverse osmosis systems are some of the best options for your water. The Reverse osmosis system in the 4 stage design is a design that will help you remove the maximum number of contaminants from your water.

Which faucet water filter removes the most contaminants? ›

Faucet-mounted water filters eliminate many more contaminants than pitcher filters do, last longer between replacements, and give you filtered water from the sink on demand. After months of in-home testing, we've concluded that the Pur Advanced Faucet Filtration System is the one we'd choose for our own kitchens.

What should I look for in an under-sink water filter? ›

Carbon Filters

The effectiveness of a carbon filter alone will vary, so look for the level of filtration noted on the product, including the contaminants it will remove. An RO system combined with a carbon filter is generally the best under-sink water filter systems for eliminating toxins from tap water.

Are under-sink water filters good? ›

Even though under-counter filters don't produce chilled water, they provide cleaner, better-tasting water for your entire household than water pitcher filters. Moreover, the ease-of-use and quality filtration offered by under-sink water filters make them a better choice for many homeowners.

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants 2022? ›

Our pick for the best water filter pitcher is the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher. It is a workhorse, removing 2,000% more common contaminants than the leading competitor. This includes crucial materials like lead, chlorine, cadmium, microplastics, herbicides, and pesticides.

Which contaminants are not removed by a filter? ›

Most standard-issue pitcher filters aren't capable of removing water contaminants like:
  • Viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
  • Lead.
  • PFAs.
  • Arsenic.
  • Fluoride.
Oct 1, 2020

What is best water filtration system for a home? ›

The 8 best water filters worth the investment
  1. LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher. ...
  2. Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet. ...
  3. LARQ Pitcher. ...
  4. Cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System. ...
  5. Waterdrop Lucid 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher. ...
  6. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter.
Jul 1, 2022

How long do under sink water filters last? ›

How Long Do Under Sink Water Filters Last? Under sink water filter cartridges typically last on average six months before needing replacement. However, the time period could vary considerably due to a number of factors.

Is Pur or Brita better? ›

However, during our taste tests and TDS tests Brita performed notably better. Both Brita & PUR offer a variety of pitcher sizes and types. If you have a wider range of contaminants you need to remove PUR is the better choice, but for most consumers, Brita is better.


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