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When you think about a car, you think of your typical compact car, sedan, or SUV. But there are other types of vehicles that you might be interested in if you are looking for a little extra fun on the road.

These light, high-powered vehicles, stripped down of much of what you can find in a regular car (radio, AC, safety features), are sometimes referred to as motorcycle alternatives, exocars, trikes, etc. Nevertheless, for this article, we will call them go-karts.

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts

Today, we will talk about the twelve best street-legal go-karts you can buy at your local car showroom.

We will cover the following street-legal go-karts:

  • Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE
  • Caterham Seven 360
  • Vanderhall Carmel Roadster
  • Campagna Motors T-REX 16SP
  • Ariel Atom 4
  • Drakan Spyder
  • Ariel Atom 3RS
  • Elemental RP1
  • KTM X-Bow GT
  • Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS
  • BAC Mono

Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE

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Let’s start with the cheapest go-kart on the list, Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring LE. This vehicle will make you feel special, not just because of its uniqueness and luxury but also because there are less than 300 of them made globally. And with a base price of just under 34k, Polaris Slingshot is one of a kind three-wheel bullet that has the potential to make you money in the long run.

Polaris is one of the least powerful cars on this list, with 203 bhp and 144 pounds of torque produced by GM Ecotec 2.4L DOHC 4 Cylinder engine. Zero to 60 mph time is also not that impressive, considering it only weighs 1,640 lbs, but at 4.9 seconds is not all bad at all compared to your regular cars. A top speed of 124 mph is also not something to brag about but do you need to go faster than that?

There are other trim levels that Polaris comes in, S, SL, SLR, and Grand Touring. If you do not want to spend 35 grand on the LE or cannot get your hand on one because no one can, you can buy Polaris S for as low as $20,999.

And in case you are wondering, Polaris does not come with an airbag. For that reason, some states might require you to wear a helmet.

Caterham Seven 360

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (2)
(Video) Segway Ninebot Gokart Pro Review: EXTREME FUN!!

Next on the list is Caterham Seven 360, and I consider it more of a go-kart than Polaris for the simple fact that it has four wheels. Its naturally aspired Ford Duratec 1999cc 4-cylinder engine produces 182 bhp with 194 lbs of torque. It is less powerful than Polaris, but it weighs an incredible 400 lbs less. At 1,235 pounds, it is the second lightest vehicle on the list.

You would think that a car that weighs that little would be incredibly fast, but that’s just not the case. It takes 4.8 seconds for Caterham to get to 60 mph, barely beating Polaris. And considering it can only hit 130 mph, I wonder if the base price of $43,500 is justified.

Vanderhall Carmel Roadster

Another three-wheel two-seater vehicle on the list sports a smaller engine than the previous two, yet 0-60 time is only 4.5 seconds. 1.5 L inline Turbo 16 DOHC engine produces 194 bhp and 203 lb-ft of torque.

To justify the base price of $46,950, the manufacturer has included luxurious features, such as heated seats, a Bluetooth enabled sound system, and a wooden steering wheel.

Weighing only 1,505 pounds, it sits in the middle of the cars’ weigh list on this list.

Retro people might enjoy the look of Vanderhall Roadster, but to me, this car is probably towards the bottom of the list of the most handsome looking cars here. I think only the next car can match its “beauty.”

Campagna Motors T-REX 16SP

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (4)

I know that personal taste is just that, personal, but this is by far the least attractive vehicle on the list. It reminds me of a frog for some reason. Probably because of those hideous headlights.

Considering that it has BMW 1649CC inline six-cylinder engine under the hood, you would expect higher horsepower and torque numbers. It only has 160 bhp and 129 pounds-feet of torque. That, however, is not reflected in the performance of the car.

(Video) £35 vs £3500 Go Karts

Campagna T-REX 16SP is the lightest go-kart, weighing only 1,157 pounds, which allows this three-wheeler to reach 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and achieve the top speed of 130 mph. We are approaching supercar speeds, and I guess that is the only way to justify a steep base price of $65,999.

Ariel Atom 4

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In my opinion, Ariel Atom 4 takes the cake when it comes to the value and fun factor. Ariel Atom 4 is a genuine legal go-kart, that if it weren’t for its shape, would be considered a hypercar.

Why do I say that?

Well, Ariel Atom 4 only needs 2.8 seconds to get up to 60 mph from a standstill. Now, this is not the fastest go-kart on the list by any means, but for the base price of $74,750, I don’t think you can do better.

Direct-injected, turbocharged Honda K20C 4Cyl i-VTEC engine produces 320 brake horsepower and 310 pounds-feet of torque. This engine will push this 1,312-pound go-kart up to 162 mph. Far more than cars listed so far.

Drakan Spyder

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (6)

This American built, formula-style car has the biggest engine on this list, 6.2L Chevrolet E-Rod LS3 naturally aspirated V8. This engine produces the most amount horsepower, 430 bhp, and torque, 424 lbs. The maximum speed you can expect to reach is 165 mph, and it will take you 3.2 seconds to get from 0-60 mph.

The downside of the V8 engine is its weight. Even though Drakan Spyder has a lightweight fiberglass body, it still weighs 2,000 pounds. That is quite a bit more than most other cars on the list. That extra weight can also be due to the fact that this car was built for comfort as well, not just speed like most other cars on this list.

The price? As low as 100k. Not too bad for a comfortable and reliable sports car.

(Video) Worlds First Street Legal Sierra Car!

Ariel Atom 3RS

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (7)

Remember how I said that Ariel Atom 4 takes the cake for the value and fun factor? Well, Ariel Atom 3RS is as much fun, if not more, but it comes at the steeper price of $119,995. Not too shabby for a go-kart.

Ariel Atom 3RS is a bit less agile than its cheaper brother because it weighs 1,450 lbs, but it is by far more powerful. Turbocharged 2.4L Honda 6-speed manual transmission engine produces 425 bhp and 365 lb-ft of torque, with a top speed of only 155 mph.

But who needs top speed when you can get to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. You are almost sure to win a drag race against anyone, even motorcycles, and that makes it the fastest street-legal go-kart on this list.

Elemental RP1

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (8)

At first, I thought I would omit Elemental RP1 from the legal go-karts list because it looks more like a roadster, but I included it because it is so cool looking. Unlike the “frog wheeler” up above, elemental RP1 backside screams Ferrari, by far my favorite car.

The performance also resembles the one you could expect to get if you bought a Ferrari. Zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds; 320 bhp and 325 lb-ft of torque; top speed of 170 mph. This 1995cc 16v 4-cyl turbocharged engine can do it all and deserves the fastest legal go-karts’ second-place tie.

The engine’s power, combined with only 1,311 lbs, justifies the hefty price you can expect to pay. Elemental RP1 will cost you £98,700.00 (precisely 134,656.41 at the time of this writing). Yes, pounds. You can’t buy it in the USA, unfortunately. If it only had a windshield.


KTM X-Bow GT pronounced KTM CrossBow GT is the two-seater sports car made in Austria. X-Box GT is the closest you will get to a bike on 4 wheels, and that is because KTM company is mainly focused on making motorcycles.

(Video) Here's why this go kart is worth $50,000

What separates X-Bow from mostly anything on the market is the way it is built. The carbon fiber body is built in a way that exposes a lot of the inner parts of the vehicle, including its engine and suspension. As a driver, you can actually see the suspension coils expanding and contracting when adjusting to bumps on the road.

This masterpiece of a go-kart weighs 1,867 lbs and will propel you to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. It does that thanks to the Audi TFSI Inline-4, DOHC, 16v engine that produces 300 bhp and 420 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is only 144 mph. This makes KTM X-Bow GT not very fast compared to some other cars on the list, but it will still cost you up to $139,000 if you go with the GT4 model.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (10)

I dare you to pronounce Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS three times quickly; I can bet my house you won’t be able to do it. The Dutch really challenge you with their names something.

What is amazing about this car is the way it is built. Almost everything is made out of carbon fiber. The doors weigh about 2 pounds, the same goes for the two seats, and a waterproof fabric covers the back storage compartment. All these extra savings add up to a total car weight of about 1,532 lbs.

D8 GTO-RS, the Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI, Front, 5 cylinders inline engine pushes this car to a maximum speed of 174 mph. It produces 380 bhp with only 284 pounds of torque and gets you from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. The original price of this car is € 151,173.00 ($181,993.40). It might be worth it if you consider only about 40 of these were built in 2016, and it might increase in price over time.

If you like a retro yet modern look, Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS might be the car for you. The design of this two-seater is definitely going to turn heads.

BAC Mono

Best Street-Legal Go-Karts You Can Buy in 2021 | GoKartLife (11)

This insane single-seater is the closest you can get to owning a true street-legal race car. It will propel you from 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds, offering incredible performance in a straight line. Mountune-sourced 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine puts out 332 bhp and 295 pounds of torque, with a top speed of 170 mph.

Because it is so low to the ground and its design, the cornering capabilities of BAC Mono are unmatched by everything you will encounter on the road. At 1,257 pounds, it is one of the lightest cars on the list and is incredibly enjoyable to drive. If I had $250,000 to spend, BAC Mono would be one of the go-karts I would consider buying.

(Video) Driving Race Go Kart to School in Front of Cops

Among many positives, including Formula 1 inspired cockpit, suspension, removable steering wheel, and a custom seat, BAC Mono has one negative aspect that bothers me. It is deafening. Yes, we all love the sound of a screaming engine, but not to the point of losing your hearing. Earplugs are definitely recommended with BAC Mono.

There you have it, guys; these are the craziest street-legal cars, in my opinion. Some of them are affordable, and some of them not so much. If you can’t buy one, maybe you can go a different route and make your own go-kart street legal. Read all about it at my guide How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal – 2021 Guide


Can you get road legal go-karts? ›

You also need to cover the wheels, any sharp edges and keep the various internal parts in safe locations. A road legal go-kart will also need to be raised. There are regulations determining how high off the road headlights can be. So by the time you've modded your go-kart it will look not much like a go kart at all.

Are go-karts street legal in America? ›

To translate that idea to legalese, some states define a go kart the same way as other oddball vehicles, like golf carts – in other states, they're not even considered motor vehicles. In short, states are usually reluctant to make a go kart street legal.

What car is most like a go-kart? ›

Lotus Elise

Without a doubt, Lotus is one automaker that gets it when it comes to the whole kart-for-the-road thing.

Is the Ninebot go-kart street legal? ›

Is the Ninebot Gokart pro street legal? The Ninebot Gokart can be street legal if it is properly registered as a low-speed vehicle, has the required equipment installed and meets the weight limitations.

Are open wheel cars street legal? ›

Open-wheel cars are built both for road racing and oval track racing. Street-legal open-wheel cars, such as the Ariel Atom, are scarce as they are often impractical for everyday use.
Open-wheel car
ApplicationRecreation, sports
Fuel sourceGasoline, electric, hydrogen
5 more rows

How do I choose my first go-kart? ›

Choosing your first Kart - YouTube

What is the fastest go-kart? ›

The fastest go-karts in terms of speed are 250cc 2-stroke superkarts. These come with a 2-cylinder engine, and they can produce up to 100hp. They have a top speed of 130-140mph (209-225 km/h), but some have reached higher speeds when tuned.

How much HP for off road go-kart? ›

A typical rental go-kart with a 4-stroke engine and a displacement of 150 – 250 cc will have 5 to 16 horsepower. However, the most powerful go-karts have a horsepower rating of 20 to 48 horsepower.

Are there any American made go karts? ›

Off-Road® go-karts are made in America with the best quality on the market. Our off road go carts for sale come with all of the standard features you want to tear up some trails. Hammerhead Off-Road® go-karts make every ride a blast. Come check out our full go kart selection at our dealership in Madison, TN!

What age is good for a go kart? ›

These are as follows: Kid: Ages 5 to 7. Cadet: Ages 7 to 12. Junior: Ages 12 to 15.

Does Honda make go karts? ›

Honda GX200 Clone | Predator 212 | up to 26hp.

How fast do professional go karts Go? ›

How Fast Do Go Karts Go? The speed of go karts can vary considerably, depending on the kart itself. Many go karts you can buy for kids are limited to 9mph or so. Whereas professional superkarts can approach top speeds of over 150mph!


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