Best Hospital, Multispeciality Hospital in Pune | Jehangir Hospital (2023)

  • “Aishwarya Jiman here. Our family has been blessed with our little princess on 23-Jul-2022 I would like to write a heartfelt thank you note to Dr.Nina and her team.Hello Dr. Nina Ma\\\'am.... Words are not enough to express the joy of delivering a baby with the support of your expertise and the commendable efforts of the entire Team of Jehangir Hospital... There was a point where I was about to give up hope and your words of determination to push myself to the finish line made our bundle of joy arrive with normal delivery... Jehangir facilities staff, Maternity Nursing staff, Dr. Sayali, Resident Dr. Prakhriti, Dr. Mehek Mukhi (making me understand to push with my mouth closed and not scream cuz that would drain out all the energy), the entire team was alert and hands on during the entire birthing process.Our first prenatal workshop U and Me Baby was an experience that we will always cherish. The breathing techniques demoed in the session were the most helpful during the birthing process. 100 sqauts > castor oil. + Milk .. all made the trick for a challenging yet smooth delivery. You were always determined to ensure I had a normal delivery despite being a diabetic. All the tests were performed at the right time during the pregnancy cycle.. Dr. Saket was always prompt to answer any doubts we had..Dr. Sarita K made sure my sugar levels were under control with the insulin dosage though I was very tensed if high insulin dosage could have any effects..Overall.. the comfort level that Dr.Nina Ma\\\'am has with her patients ..being clear and vocal ..shows how much of an expert she is in her profession that is her passion for a lifetime.. I remember she said during my delivery in the labor room..OBGYN is something that I can\\\'t live without..🙂 (Ma\\\'am - I could catch only some of those words .Thank you for all your efforts and dedication.And follow Ma\\\'am on Instagram for all the helpful tips and facts about OBGYN and salad dressings too..”

    - Aishwarya Jiman, Jul 2022

  • “I Shradha Sanjay Chavan, granddaughter of subhadra vijay chavan. My grandmother is facing spine pain, she is having cramp since 4 years from CGHS we came to know about jehangir hospital and Mr. Sanjay Gandhi Sir. My family was scared about spine operation. And many of the peoples are given feedback for spine operation. Some people are given feedback that the sine operation will not work or patient will suffer a lot after operation. But the operation goes very well. My grandmother is able to walk now and the pain which she is having before that pain is no more with her. The services of the hospitals superb. In jehangir hospital I noticed there is less paper work. All staff and doctors are so friendly and handled politely. And I will make sure I will refer my family and friends for future treatment in jehangir hospital only”

    - Shradha Sanjay Chavan, Apr 2022

  • “Detect tumor in MRI before only 7 day headache & vomiting.At 04-12-2021 Dr. Sachin Gandhi operated at Poona hospital after surgery of 8 days doctors declared that patient survives from cancer fourth grade, so we have done 45 day medication & chemo therapy at budhani hospital. It completed at 31st Jan 2022. After 1 month gap we had do monthly 5 days chemo line with reference to Dr.Piplani(Jehangir Hospital). There is 3 chemo line done up to June 2022 after Dr. Piplani said we do MRI. In that MRI again detect tumor is increased at same stage so Dr Şahin Gandhi operated 2nd time(27-06-2022). He is recovering from 2nd surgery after we will do chemo lines in jehangir hospital with ref to Dr. Sanjay PiplaniPatient name - Akshay Konde”

    - Tejaswini Konde, Dec 2021

  • “Dear Dr. Lad & Team,The last 2 months were tough for us to go through our child was suddenly put into ICU & Ventilator. these things were very difficult for us to accept.Rutvi has gone through difficult times with different medical complications for a child & her age it was very difficult to imagine such pain & such a challenging situation.The team of doctors & healthcare gives at Jehangir Hospital were just on top of the job to help Rutvi come back to normal.The challenges were many but each time the team was proactive and reactive.She has got the perfect treatment with the medical expertise & the diagnosis. We got many re-affirmation about the line of treatment and many experts assured us that our child is in safe hands. We are so delighted to give the best possible medical treatment to our child & bring back her with little or less impact.The smile & happiness on Rutvi\'s face right now assures us that the care she got is unmatched Our Gratitude & thanks beyond words”

    - Sneha And Alok Patwardhan, Jun 2022

  • “To the Best physiotherapist Dr. Radhik Patil & Team.Thank you for pushing me to limits I didn\'t think were possible from the first visit to the last, I am always stoked to see the difference. Thank you for getting me back on the field quickly Sitting out kills me, and you guys are the best at getting me back on the field in the shortest amount of time possible Thank you for encouraging me to keep going even when it hurt Even when I felt my arm was going to fall off, thank you for encouraging me to keep going as it will get it stronger.Thank you for treating me like a person, not a number, and caring about my life outside of my injuries. I enjoyed the talks just about life in general and getting to know you guys Thank you for continuing to work with me even when your next patient has arrived Thank you for learning my sport to target the specific muscles needed in my daily game. Thanks for being a huge part of my success as an athlete.”

    - Himanshu Jadhav, Jun 2022

  • “Excellent doctors & services provided by our staff especially Dr. Snita Sinukumar for all of her dedication and personal attention towards the patient.Thank you for sharing time to time all information and bare our questions.”

    - Pramilla, Apr 2022

  • “I, the undersigned here Mohammed Ali Al Badri, the vice president of Supreme Court in Republic of Yemen, have the honour to submit herewith my sworn declaration that I accompanied my wife Safia Mohammed Qadri from Yemen to India as a patient after 2 years of suffering, motionless in her room, can not walk more than 10 meters.l presented her to all specialists available in Sanaa, Yemen but of no use. So we. reached Pune.And due to her good luck,I exposed her to hounarable Dr.Sandeep Borse in Jehangir hospital, in view of advice given by one surgent in Pune to do nails in her lower spine. But when she was examined by Dr.Sandeep he refused that view and said: No need of surgery, I will prescribe a medicine for her that will enable her to walk again, I was astonished. I couldn\'t believe what I have heard, just after 4 days of using that medicine, she felt that the ropes tighten her body started to untightened, and with a help of physiotherapy exercises, she was able to walk independently for long distances gradually. However, I hereby express my family\'s gratitude for DR.SANDEEP BORSE, the statue and pillar of medicine in Pune, who deserves all thanks for his efforts In relief ing human suffering. Alongside him, there are others who deserve the same gratitude.This is a real witness under my oath, and according to the best of my belief.”

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    - Mohammed Ali Albadri, Aug 2021

  • “Super Staff, Excellent Doctors. Very Comfortable Experience. Thanks to Team Jehangir”

    - Darius Dorabjee, Jul 2021

  • “All Service and treatment is very good Thank you for everything”

    - Sandeep Borse, Jul 2021

  • “Every staff was appreciated happy with the treatment given by the doctors. very good coordination between nursing staff and doctors. They treated me like a brother. ward sisters & housekeeping staff had treated me very nicely. Thank you for all your service”

    - Raghundan Rathi, Jul 2021

  • “Our experience at Jehangir hospital was and always is lovely. Ms. Maya took care of us so well.all the labour room staff were extremely caring and efficient. Dr. Ninan Mansukhani and Dr. Kamattook care of us very well. The nursing staff at cardiac care is also excellent. All in all a great experience”

    - Zara, Jul 2021

  • “We received very good service from everyone in the hospital. I am very much thankful to Maya & the Doctors.Thank You so much for everything”

    - Sham Balani, Jul 2021

  • “Would like to thank all the people who took good care of me during my short stay”

    - Dr Shilpa Yadav, Jul 2021

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  • “We received a very good service from everyone at Jehangir. All the nurses and doctors gave the all requiredsupport. We all like to thank everyone for their support”

    - Shikha Bose, Jul 2021

  • “The staff were very kind, from Maya head of admin to the nurses everyone was tremendous a special thank you to Maya, snehal, Rutika, Aishwarya & Priyanka for taking my care.”

    - U R Dani, Jul 2021

  • “I would like to appreciate the entire team at Jehangir for taking such good care of me. I would especially like to mention Maya Mahale\'s name her personal touch and presence made me confident.”

    - Devyani Mungali, Jul 2021

  • “Excellent Service at operation theater, Special thanks to doctors and nursing staff”

    - Sunita Dinde, Jul 2021

  • “We are very satisfied with the service, the nursing staff is caring and works professionally. the attendant was prompt. we thank you for all the care provided.”

    - Nargis Nagarwalla, May 2021

  • “Felt totally at home. overall extremely grateful to the entire team of Dr. Gadgil the nurses and ward boys. Everyone took lots of care with a smiling face.”

    - Pathik Divate, May 2021

  • “I am grateful to all the team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff. all staff worked well in my treatment and recovery. thank you Jehangir Hospital.”

    (Video) Noble Hospital - Best Multispeciality Hospital in Hadapsar Pune

    - Chetan Tolia, May 2021

  • “The excellent medical facility provided Dr. Kamat and the team are excellent and very supportive Staff have a good sense of humor.”

    - Tejas Belhekar, May 2021

  • “A very pleasant stay, good medical staff, best nursing plus cleaning facility. IN this pandemic Medical staff was taken care of very well thank you so much. also very happy with the check-out procedure.”

    - Yehan Morris, May 2021

  • “Patient\'s treatment handled very well by nursing, housekeeping staff, and doctors as well. Thank you so much for your help & Support. God bless each one of you and your family member.”

    - Joel Pinto, May 2021

  • “My first experience of hospitalization. The staff, doctors, sisters, pantry all contributed well. Thank you for living to your motto We Add Care.”

    - Randeep Khokar, May 2021

  • “Outstanding medical care, Excellent nursing staff. Thank you for everything”

    - George, May 2021

  • “Whenever I have come here I have been always treated well. staff is efficient and caring. I and my family found Jehangir Hospital Doctors and medical staff has been most helpful always.”

    - Avantika, May 2021

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  • “Very caring and most attentive medical staff. All doctors were completely professional and at the top of their subject. the care is warm, personalized, and genuine.”

    - Lianne Poonawalla, May 2021

  • “Dear Team Covid, Namrata Pimpalkar got admitted at Jehangir Hospital on 14th April 2021 due to symptoms of covid - 19. I was initially under a 6 days treatment of another doctor but due to the severity of the injection and the HRCT scan report I was advised for immediate hospitalization Mr. Shailesh and Ms. Maya from the administration and admission department helped me get a bed at the hospital. I was immediately given treatment after taking in the casualty. This helped my fever and head pain to relieve faster. Dr. Ambike, Dr. Chaitanya, Sister Sneha, Shaila, Libina were all very supportive during the treatment. They followed the doctor\'s instructions carefully and frequently took feedback about how I was feeling. Being a Covid patient I was away from my family, but these people gave me care and warmth.The dietician Ms. Manpreet was very protective and used to call me every day to check food preferences. Nikhil & Arvind both ward boys were very good at their job and on-time delivering food & water overall thank Jehangir Hospital 4th floor ward for helping me get recovered and their help towards me.”

    - Namrata Pimpalkar, May 2021

  • “On behalf of the School Management and staff, I would like to say a huge thank you to all at Jehangir Hospital for the care and relentless support rendered to our colleague during his illness due to Covid.We would like to thank all the Doctors, Nurses and staff at the hospital for working tirelessly during this pandemic and caring for him. To show our appreciation and gratitude, please accept a small snack and tea goody bag for all the staff at the ICU and Covid ward. This is gesture from all of us to show that we care for their well-being in these trying times.Thank you once again,”

    - Mahindra International School, May 2021

  • “My baby was born in Mid of June in Jehangir Hospital which is also a Covid treatment center. Since the day he was born, he has been under consultation/supervision of Dr Shilpa Yadav. Be it while being inside hospital or after discharge, she has always been there to guide us. Even in this COVID situation, she helped as much as possible by being available as a professional health-care provider”

    - Amita Singh, Aug 2020

  • “Thank you Dr Mayur Kardile for your excellent work while performing surgery on my father for spine injury. Your hands are skilled as my incision is very small and my father’s pain has been minimal during recovery. I will be recommending you to everyone I know who also as spine related challenges. Sachin Aher (Jan 2020)”

    - Sachin Aher, Apr 2020

  • “Expressing my gratitude with a humble heart and extend a warm thank you to Dr Chaitanya Kopikker for all you did with precision, skill and expertise. I would like to appreciate & Acknowledge the difference you made each & every day with care and compassion. I\'m truly grateful to the Jehangir Hospital services and utility rendered by the supporting staff. - Dr Dilip M.Jain [Medico Legal Consultant] (April 2020)”

    - Dilip M Jain, Apr 2020

  • “I cannot describe with words, how grateful i am for Dr Mayur Kardile\'s guidance, help and approach. Thank you for everything that you have done for me as well as for saving my legs so i can walk without any problem. Excelent outstanding performance with the spine surgery. Thank you million times - Peter Skol (March 2020)”

    (Video) Tallest Hospital in Chhattisgarh | Multi-super speciality hospital Bilaspur | Bilaspur Guide | CIMS

    - Peter Skol, Apr 2020

  • FAQs

    Which is the biggest hospital in Pune? ›

    Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center, Pune

    This multispecialty center today is the largest hospital in Pune with 800 beds.

    Does Pune have good hospitals? ›

    Pune is fast emerging as technical & medical hub of India. With top quality doctors and best in class hospitals with international standard in providing medical services, the Hospitals in Pune provide all-rounded medical services.

    Which is the No 1 hospital in India? ›

    All India Institute of Medical Sciences

    Which hospital is best for treatment? ›

    Top 10 Hospitals in India
    • BLK Super Speciality Hospital.
    • Max Super speciality Hospital.
    • Medanta Hospital.
    • Fortis Hospitals Group.
    • Artemis Hospital.
    • Wockhardt Hospital.
    • Narayana Health Hospital.
    • Columbia Asia Hospital.

    Who is owner of Jehangir Hospital Pune? ›

    It began as Jehangir Nursing Home when its founders, Sir Cowasji Jehangir and Lady Hirabai Jehangir, invited the eminent Dr. Edul jee H. Coyaji to set up a facility to offer personalized care of high quality at an affordable price to the people of Poona.

    Which hospital is best for angioplasty in Pune? ›

    Best Coronary Angioplasty Hospitals in Pune
    • Chat. Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. Pune , India Established in : 1959 Number of Beds : 750 Multi Specialty, About Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. ...
    • Chat. Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Center, Pune. ...
    • Chat. Sancheti Hospital, Pune.

    Which is the best hospital in Pune Quora? ›

    VishwaRaj Hospital is the leading Multispecialty hospital in Pune serving patients through its multiple services and patient-centric philosophy.

    Which hospitals are covered under ESIC in Pune? ›

    Esis Hospitals Pune
    • Dr.Shreeniwas S.Raut MBBS MD Medicine DM Oncologist. 4.8. 255 Ratings. ...
    • V. Chakan Criticare Hospital. 4.2. ...
    • C. Aditya Birla Hospital. ...
    • Aundh Chest Hospital. 4.2. ...
    • Employee's State Insurance Corporation Hospital. 4.1. ...
    • Nirmal Hospital And De Addiction (Vyasanmukti) Center. 4.9. ...
    • C. Esic Government Hospital. ...
    • ESIC Center. 3.9.

    How many beds are there in Jehangir hospital? ›

    Which is the highest paid hospital in India? ›

    Top Hospital Doctors Salaries in India
    NoHospital Name IndiaHighest Salary
    1Apollo Hospitals630K
    2Best Doctors1,333K
    3All India Institute of Medical Sciences833K
    4Government of India288K
    8 more rows

    Which is the best Multispeciality hospital in India? ›

    Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai is the top most hospital across India. It offers elevated medical procedures and technologically advanced facilities. It is spearheaded by internationally trained health-care experts in various specialties.

    Which is the No 1 hospital in Asia? ›

    rankingWorld RankInstituto
    113Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital
    216Taipei Veterans General Hospital
    325Xinqiao Hospital Third Military Medical University
    428National Taiwan University Hospital
    65 more rows

    Which is the biggest hospital in Maharashtra? ›

    At 17 acres (6.9 ha) and 2,000,000 sq ft (190,000 m2) of built-up space, the Mumbai hospital was designed to be the country's largest hospital in a single location.
    SevenHills Hospital.
    SevenHills Hospitals
    Emergency departmentYes
    Beds1,500 (Mumbai)
    Opened1986 (Vishakapatnam), 2010 (Mumbai)
    11 more rows

    Which city has best doctors in India? ›

    Mumbai. International and domestic visitors come to Mumbai due to its highly qualified doctors, medical staff, and great medical facilities. The city boasts highly rated treatment facilities and super-specialty hospitals and Research and Diagnostic hubs making it the fastest-growing destination for medical treatments.

    Which is biggest hospital in world? ›

    Ranked by staff
    HospitalTown or cityStaff
    Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São PauloSão Paulo19,000
    Massachusetts General HospitalBoston15,000
    Sahlgrenska University HospitalGothenburg17,000
    University Medical Center GroningenGroningen17,000
    17 more rows

    Which is the No 1 hospital in the world? ›

    World's Best Hospitals 2022
    1Mayo Clinic - RochesterRochester
    2Cleveland ClinicCleveland
    3Massachusetts General HospitalBoston
    4Toronto General - University Health NetworkToronto
    92 more rows

    Who is best doctor in India? ›

    Best General Physicians in India
    • Rank 1. Dr. B.S. Gupta - General Physician - 50 Yrs. ...
    • Rank 2. Dr. Anantha Subramaniam - General Physician - 48 Yrs. Exp. ...
    • Rank 3. Dr. Jawahar Ticku - General Physician - 44 Yrs. Exp. ...
    • Rank 4. Dr. S.K. ...
    • Rank 5. Dr. Bhagwan Swaroop Gupta - General Physician - 43 Yrs.

    Which Indian city has best hospitals? ›

    Best Hospitals in India
    • New Delhi(60)
    • Hyderabad(39)
    • Chennai(38)
    • Bangalore(37)
    • Mumbai(34)
    • Gurgaon(26)
    • More Cities. Gurgaon(26) Kolkata(18) Noida(9) Ahmedabad(9) Jaipur(8) Delhi(6) Faridabad(6) Pune(5) Visakhapatnam(5) Bengaluru(5) Gurugram(4) Kochi(4) Navi Mumbai(3) Ghaziabad(3) Indore(3) Surat(3) Amritsar(3) Vadodara(3)

    Which is Asia biggest hospital? ›

    Amrita Hospital, Asia's biggest hospital in Faridabad, Haryana unveiled by PM Modi. A 2,600-bed Amrita hospital, Asia's biggest hospital with state-of-the-art technology was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Faridabad, Haryana.


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