Best Gluten Free Chinese Food: Recipes & Dining Tips (2024)

Are you looking for delicious gluten free Chinese food recipes?

If yes, then you've come to the right place. This article contains some of the best gluten free Chinese dishes you'll ever eat.

Chinese cuisine has become very popular over the years. It offers a wide variety of flavors and ingredients. There are also many health benefits associated with Chinese food.

But if you have celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten, you may be wondering what Chinese food is gluten free?

This article covers common ingredients in Chinese food that may contain gluten, tips for eating gluten free at Chinese restaurants, and 15 of the best gluten free Chinese food recipes to make at home!

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Ingredients to Watch Out For:

When ordering Chinese food at a restaurant, there are a few items to watch out for as they typically contain gluten. Either stay away from these items altogether, or ensure that the restaurant has a gluten free version.

soy sauce

Soy sauce is, unfortunately, an item that typically contains fermented wheat and thus, contains gluten. Instead, look for tamari or gluten free soy sauce.

Learn more about soy sauce and gluten free substitutes in this post.

brown sauce

Brown sauce is a popular flavor enhancer in restaurant Chinese food–especially stir fry or beef & broccoli. This popular sauce typically contains soy sauce (which has wheat), so avoid any items made with brown sauce unless it is specifically gluten free.

fried items

Fried items are typically coated in a wheat-based flour. However, some restaurants will use rice flour or cornstarch. If you verify that the recipe uses a gluten free batter, be sure that the restaurant uses a dedicated gluten free fryer for these items.


The noodles typically used for lo mein or chow mein are wheat based. Either stay away from noodle dishes, or verify that a gluten free noodle is being used.

If making your own Chinese food at home, check out these noodle options.

The good news is, if you are wanting to make your own gluten free Chinese food at home, there are SO many delicious options and you can substitute just about any ingredient to make it gluten free!

Eating Gluten Free at Chinese Restaurants

When going out to a Chinese restaurant on a gluten free diet, here are a few questions you may be wondering:

What Chinese food is gluten-free?

Unfortunately, there is not a clear cut answer to this question. Produce, rice, meat, and seafood are all naturally gluten free. However, many of the sauces and flavorings in Chinese cooking commonly contain gluten and this will vary by restaurant.

When ordering Chinese food, be sure to ask questions (like the ones in this guide to eating out gluten free) and stay away from the foods to watch out for listed above unless it has been verified to be gluten free.

Is most Chinese food gluten-free?

While there are many Chinese food options that are gluten free; unfortunately the amount of options at specific restaurants for individuals with celiac disease will vary greatly.

What can celiacs eat from Chinese restaurants?

Your safest bet if you go out to a restaurant that doesn’t clearly identify specific items as gluten free is to order items that are steamed (such as steamed seafood, veggies, and rice) and avoid anything with a dark sauce.

Best Gluten Free Chinese Food Recipes to Make at Home

These are some of the BEST recipes for homemade Asian food that you are absolutely sure to love! Not only are all of these recipe gluten free, but there are gluten free vegan Chinese food recipes as well.

Plus, making them at home with gluten-free ingredients can give you the safety and assurance that the meal meets your dietary needs.

Gluten Free Chinese Soups and Appetizers

These gluten free Chinese appetizers and soups are so delicious, they're definitely sure to please!

Simple Edamame Salad

This simple and easy Edamame Salad Recipe is quick to throw together and makes the perfect start to a homemade Chinese meal.

Easy Egg Drop Soup

Egg group soup couldn’t be easier to make yourself! You can prepare this take out favorite at home with this super simple recipe.

Gluten Free Steamed Bun Recipe

This gluten free steamed bun recipe is steamed to soft and fluffy perfection after being shaped around a flavorful and savory meat filling.

Vegan Miso Soup Gluten Free

If you’ve been looking for a way to make miso soup gluten free, then look no further!

This Vegan Miso Soup can be enjoyed all year long as a starter or a complete meal. It's light, healthy and packed with umami flavors. It requires 5 ingredients and will be on your table in 15 minutes!

Be sure to use gluten-free miso paste, you can see my top choices for gluten free miso here.

Hot and Sour Soup

If you’ve been wondering: is hot and sour soup gluten free? Often it’s not, but you can totally make it gluten free at home!

The classic hot and sour soup that is so popular at Chinese restaurants is a quick, easy soup to make yourself! It tastes so good, you'll have a hard time stopping at one bowl.

Gluten Free Chinese Main Dishes

These options for main dishes contain some of your favorite takeout options as some more classic dishes as well.

Gluten Free Sesame Chicken Recipe

This Sesame Chicken is gluten-free, but you'd never know it by the taste OR texture. Great for the whole family - Gluten-free or not!

Keto Kung Pao Chicken

Better than take-out! This Keto Kung Pao Chicken is low-carb & gluten-free with all the sweet, spicy, & salty flavors you love.

Best Gluten Free Chinese Food: Recipes & Dining Tips (8)

Get the full recipe for Gluten Free Kung Pao Chicken here.

Healthy Orange Chicken

This healthy orange chicken is such an easy and flavor packed dish that tastes even better than takeout. Be sure to use gluten-free soy sauce or tamari and serve it over rice or quinoa and a side of veggies for a balanced weeknight meal!

Beef & Egg Over Rice

This hearty and delicious beef and egg over rice recipe is a traditional Chinese recipe that is so easy it only takes about 10 minutes to put together! This must-try recipe is seriously the perfect weeknight dinner. Just be sure to use gluten-free soy sauce or tamari!

Gluten Free Chinese Side Dishes and Chinese Sauces

These gluten free side dishes and sauces will elevate your meal to perfection!

Easy Gluten Free Fried Rice

This gluten free chicken fried rice is simple and easy to make–and a great way to use up leftovers! Even faster than takeout, this dish is sure to please the whole family.

Best Gluten Free Chinese Food: Recipes & Dining Tips (11)

Get the full recipe for Easy Chicken Fried Rice here.

Gluten Free Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe for homemade gluten free sweet and sour sauce, this one is it! The best part is that it uses ingredients you likely already have at home making this one easy sauce to whip up.

Air Fried Spring Rolls

Egg roll wrappers may not be gluten free, but rice paper is! These vermicelli and vegetable filled spring rolls are gluten free, vegan and delicious. It takes less than 10 minute to cook in an air fryer.

Vegetable Lo Mein

You can have this side dish on the table in 10 minutes! A quick & easy 10-Minute Gluten-Free Vegetable Lo Mein recipe that's better than Chinese take-out, is vegan, and allergy-free! Great for dinner and perfect for using as healthy leftover lunches!

Gluten Free Chinese Desserts

These gluten free dessert recipes will take your gluten free Chinese food to the next level!

Mango Cream Mochi

This recipe for Mango Cream Mochi is a delicious sweet frozen treat with a taste of the tropics. It features a chewy glutinous rice skin and an aromatic, creamy mango filling.

(and yes! Glutinous rice is gluten free!)

Black Sesame Dessert Soup

Soup for dessert? Yes! Black sesame soup is a sweet and creamy Chinese recipe that is quick & simple to make. With nutty overtones, this easy black sesame soup is a dessert with a complex depth of flavor.

This 3-ingredient traditional Chinese tong sui is naturally vegan, gluten-free, delicious & very nutritious.

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Best Gluten Free Chinese Food: Recipes & Dining Tips (17)

Best Gluten Free Chinese Food: Recipes & Dining Tips

Best Gluten Free Chinese Food: Recipes & Dining Tips (2024)
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