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The towers in Bloon TD 6 don’t appear as towers in the traditional sense but still have that functionality. Instead of towers in a physical sense, you mostly have monkeys. Each monkey requires XP to unlock their upgrades and coins within rounds to apply them. There are five total upgrades that can be applied per monkey's full path plus two of a bonus path and some have a paragon upgrade that’s available once you have all the other upgrades. However, you can choose to mix and match from two different paths instead, but you will be limited on your upgrades in most cases so make sure you choose the best upgrades!

All the towers and non-hero monkeys are separated into categories — Primary, Military, Magic, and Support. This is how all towers, non-hero monkeys, and upgrades are categorized in Bloons TD 6. There are more tips and tricks for how to place the towers and other things to consider if you're a new player.



Dart Monkey

The Dart Monkey has short-range darts that don’t have high pierce damage. It is easy to place many of these and level them as they are a lower-cost tower and one of the best towers in Bloons TD 6. The first path of upgrades focuses on increasing the pierce damage. Speed upgrades are the second path, followed by range for the third path.

First PathSharp ShotsRazor Sharp ShotsSpike-o-pultJuggernautUltra-Juggernaut
Second PathQuick ShotsVery Quick ShotsTriple ShotSuper Monkey Fan ClubPlasma Monkey Fan Club
Third PathLong Range DartsEnhanced EyesightCrossbowSharp ShooterCrossbow Master

Boomerang Monkey

This tower throws a boomerang around their location to pop bloons. This has more range and pierce damage than the dart monkey. The Boomerang Monkey has a very similar pathing idea of the Dart Monkey in that the first is a pierce damage focus, the second is speed, and the third is distance. But unlike the Dart Monkey, this tower ends with MOAB bloon defenses.

First PathImproved RangsGlaivesGlaive RicochetM.O.A.R. GlaivesGlaive Lord
Second PathFaster ThrowingFaster RangsBionic BoomerangTurbo ChargePerma Charge
Third PathLong Range RangsRed Hot RangsKylie BoomerangMOAB PressMOAB Domination

Tack Shooter

One of the few towers that isn’t a monkey is the Tack Shooter. This station has eight different guns to shoot tacks out of to pop bloons. It starts off short-range, but can be upgraded in the second path. The first path focuses on speed and fire ability while the third allows you to grow from eight to more tack paths. The second gives you a wave of blades that spray across the map. For players who want more tacks, the final path will give the most.

First PathFaster ShootingEven Faster ShootingHot ShotsRing of FireInferno Ring
Second PathLong Range TacksSuper Range TacksBlade ShooterBlade MaelstromSuper Maelstrom
Third PathMore TacksEven More TacksTack SprayerOverdriveThe Tack Zone


Bomb Shooter

This slow cannon shoots bombs at bloons. Although it isn’t speedy, it is powerful as it explodes over a large area, affecting many bloons in an area. This tower’s three focus areas are bomb size and damage, speed and MOAB attacks, and range and explosion improvements.

First PathBigger BombsHeavy BombsReally Big BombsBloon ImpactBloon Crush
Second PathFaster ReloadMissile LauncherMOAB MaulerMOAB AssassinMOAB Eliminator
Third PathExtra RangeFrag BombsCluster BombsRecursive ClusterBomb Blitz

Ice Monkey

In addition to popping bloons, this tower monkey can freeze bloons. The Ice Monkey does come with some drawbacks and considerations with your other tower choices. Once the tower has frozen the bloons, they cannot be damaged with sharp attacks such as Dart Monkeys. Lead bloons, white bloons, and zebra bloons won’t be affected by the Ice Monkey. The paths upgrades for this tower focus on pop damage, slowing bloons, and shooting icicles.

First PathPermafrostCold SnapIce ShardsEmbrittlementSuper Brittle
Second PathEnhanced FreezeDeep FreezeArctic WindSnowstormAbsolute Zero
Third PathLarger RadiusRe-FreezeCryo CannonIciclesIcicle Impale

Glue Gunner

Another bloon slowing tower is the Glue Gunner. With the first path you can not only focus on slowing the bloons, but also destroying them with the glue. The second path strengthens the glue’s power toward the main bloons. But finally, you can get extra sticky glue that will affect MOABs.

First PathGlue SoakCorrosive GlueBloon DissolverBloon LiquefierThe Bloon Solver
Second PathBigger GlobsGlue SplatterGlue HoseGlue StrikeGlue Storm
Third PathStickier GlueStronger GlueMOAB GlueRelentless GlueSuper Glue



Sniper Monkey

One of the best long-range towers is the Sniper Monkey. Each shot pops two bloon layers per hit and it can shoot from anywhere on the map so long as the view isn’t obstructed. When you place this tower you will see red areas that mark blindspots, so pay close attention when you’re putting him on the map. These upgrades will give better MOAB attack, increased damage, and speed.

First PathFull Metal JacketLarge CalibreDeadly PrecisionMaim MOABCripple MOAB
Second PathNight Vision GogglesShrapnel ShotBouncing BulletSupply DropElite Sniper
Third PathFast FiringEven Faster FiringSemi-AutomaticFull Auto RifleElite Defender

Monkey Sub

To use this tower you have to have water on the map to place them in. If you have water this is a good option for shooting camo bloons through the first path, which focuses on the range as well as allowing other towers and heroes to see camo bloons as well as water-monkey benefits. The second gives the shots the ability to target more kinds of bloons and makes them strong against MOAB bloons. To increase speed and pierce damage, take the third path.

First PathLonger RangeAdvanced IntelSubmerge and SupportBloontonium ReactorEnergizer
Second PathBarbed DartsHeat-tipped DartsBallistic MissileFirst Strike CapabilityPre-emptive Strike
Third PathTwin GunsAirburst DartsTriple GunsArmor Piercing DartsSub Commander

Monkey Buccaneer


The Monkey Buccaneer is best placed in water with bloon paths on both sides as it shoots a dart from either side of the ship. In these upgrades, you get a variety of options for benefits like speed, MOAB attacks, benefits for other monkeys on the map, damage, and even money. The first path has the most versatility while the second focuses on damage and the third gives money.

First PathFaster ShootingDouble ShotDestroyerAircraft CarrierCarrier Flagship
Second PathGrape ShotHot ShotCannon ShipMonkey PiratesPirate Lord
Third PathLong RangeCrow’s NestMerchantmanFavored TradesTrade Empire

Monkey Ace

Get on even ground by getting a tower in the air! Monkey Ace is a pilot that shoots darts with high pierce damage while flying above the map in circle, figure eight, or infinity patterns. These attacks can be upgraded to be quick, more damaging, or add bombs to the darts.

First PathRapid FireLots More DartsFighter PlaneOperation: Dart StormSky Shredder
Second PathExploding PineappleSpy PlaneBomber AceGround ZeroTsar Bomba
Third PathSharper DartsCentered PathNeva-Miss TargetingSpectreFlying Fortress

Heli Pilot

Another, more flexible air unit is the Heli Pilot. You are able to direct where you want this helicopter to shoot their twin dart guns or even upgrade it to pursuit mode where it will chase the bloons without guidance. The upgrades give more hits from the guns, quicker attacks, camo bloon attacks, support, MOAB defense, and a team of more Comanches.

First PathQuad DartsPursuitRazor RotorsApache DartshipApache Prime
Second PathBigger JetsIFRDowndraftSupport ChinookSpecial Poperations
Third PathFaster DartsFaster FiringMOAB ShoveComanche DefenseComanche Commander

Mortar Monkey


If there’s a location on the map that tends to get bunched with bloons, the Mortar Monkey is going to be a key tower for you. It will send mortar shells to a set place on the map. When you upgrade you get a larger impact area, quicker shots, and effects on special bloons.

First PathBigger BlastBloon BusterShell ShockThe Big OneThe Biggest One
Second PathFaster ReloadRapid ReloadHeavy ShellsArtillery BatteryPop and Awe
Third PathIncreased AccuracyBurny StuffSignal FlareShattering ShellsBlooncineration

Dartling Gunner

A machine gun-style dart shooter that will aim a constant stream down whatever path you guide it toward. Dartling Gunner updates include stronger shots, camo and MOAB bloon damage, and increased speed and damage.

First PathFocused FiringLaser ShockLaser CannonPlasma AcceleratorRay of Doom
Second PathAdvanced TargetingFaster Barrel SpinHydra Rocket PodsRocket StormM.A.D.
Third PathFaster SwivelPowerful DartsBuckshotBloon Area Denial SystemBloon Exclusion Zone


Wizard Monkey

This wizard has some spells to dish out. Upgraded spells lead to more damage, fire attacks, and necromancer powers to turn enemies against each other. This tower has unique and highly focused paths.

First PathGuided MagicArcane BlastArcane MasteryArcane SpikeArchmage
Second PathFireballWall of FireDragon’s BreathSummon PhoenixWizard Lord Phoenix
Third PathIntense MagicMonkey SenseShimmerNecromancer: Unpopped ArmyPrince of Darkness


Super Monkey

Throw darts from across the map super quickly with Super Monkey’s power. Super Monkey can utilize the power of the towers around them to create powerful shots, become an anti-bloon robomonkey with high damage, or a dark hero that has extra effects on all bloons.

First PathLaser BlastsPlasma BlastsSun AvatarSun TempleTrue Sun God
Second PathSuper RangeEpic RangeRobo MonkeyTech TerrorThe Anti-Bloon
Third PathKnockbackUltravisionDark KnightDark ChampionLegend of the Night

Ninja Monkey

Shurikens will fly with the Ninja Monkey tower around. This monkey can target camo bloons from the very beginning and can build damage, slows, or swap out the shurikens with bombs.

First PathNinja DisciplineSharp ShurikensDouble ShotBloonjitsuGrandmaster Ninja
Second PathDistractionCounter-EspionageShinobi TacticsBloon SabotageGrand Saboteur
Third PathSeeking ShurikenCaltropsFlash BombSticky BombMaster Bomber


Monkeys may be known for flinging things, but not typically acid and potions! Take the path of supporting the monkeys around you through empowering them, go more direct with stronger attack potions, or bring in extra gold until you can take down MOAB bloons.

First PathLarger PotionsAcidic Mixture DipBerserker BrewStronger StimulantPermanent Brew
Second PathStronger AcidPerishing PotionsUnstable ConcoctionTransforming TonicTotal Transformation
Third PathFaster ThrowingAcid PoolLead to GoldRubber to GoldBloon Master Alchemist



Another jungle warrior, the Druid takes their powers in several forms. In the first path, you turn your thorns into storms. Grow your thorns into vines that can change bloons, bring in extra cash, and add extra damage with the second path. In the final path you build speed and damage, working stronger in a pack.

First PathHard ThornsHeart of ThunderDruid of the StormBall LightningSuperstorm
Second PathThorn SwarmHeart of OakDruid of the JungleJungle’s BountySpirit of the Forest
Third PathDruidic ReachHeart of VengeanceDruid of WrathPoplustAvatar of Wrath


Banana Farm

Grow bananas for money to buy more towers and heroes. As you upgrade, grow bananas more quickly, improve your banks and get loans, or pair money and HP benefits.

First PathIncreased ProductionGreater ProductionBanana PlantationBanana Research FacilityBanana Central
Second PathLong Life BananaValuable BananasMonkey BankIMF LoanMonkey-Nomics
Third PathEZ CollectBanana SalvageMarketplaceCentral MarketMonkey Wall Street

Spike Factory


If all else fails, leave trails of spikes for bloons to travel over. Along the first path of upgrades the spikes become mines and begin to affect more types of bloons. The second path will increase production speed and have stronger effects against MOAB bloons. In the final path you improve the damage and timing of the spikes.

First PathBigger StacksWhite Hot SpikesSpiked BallsSpiked MinesSuper Mines
Second PathFaster ProductionEven Faster ProductionMOAB SHREDRSpike StormCarpet of Spikes
Third PathLong ReachSmart SpikesLong Life SpikesDeadly SpikesPerma-Spike

Monkey Village

Instantly increase the range of all monkeys this Monkey Village tower touches and continue to grow the benefits as you upgrade. Improve your speed, range, and damage as well as extra ceramic and MOAB damage with the first path. Get early camo detection, protection from growth bloons, and improved damage and speed in the second path. Finally, in the third path you get monetary benefits in cheaper upgrades, free units, and banana farm benefits.

First PathBigger RadiusJungle DrumsPrimary TrainingPrimary MentoringPrimary Expertise
Second PathGrow BlockerRadar ScannerMonkey Intelligence BureauCall to ArmsHomeland Defense
Third PathMonkey BusinessMonkey CommerceMonkey TownMonkey CityMonkeyopolis

Engineer Monkey

The Engineer Monkey uses a nail gun to attack bloons. In the first path you can also upgrade him to have sentry guns to help him take them down. Through the second path you get more range and damage, a foam that will take away the challenge of camo, regrow, and lead while also helping the towers around him. Act as a support through the third path while you build up to the bloon traps.

First PathSentry GunFaster EngineeringSprocketsSentry ExpertSentry Champion
Second PathLarger Service AreaDeconstructionCleansing FoamOverclockUltraboost
Third PathOversize NailsPinDouble GunBloon TrapXXXL Trap

Beast Handler


Once you complete three challenge levels, you will gain access to the Beast Handler. This tower represents utilizing the land, air, and sea to tie yourself to the nature around you. On land you’ll have dinosaurs on your team. In the air you’ll have beautiful birds ready to attack. At sea you have a school of fish to command.

First PathPiranhaBarracudaGreat WhiteOrcaMegalodon
Second PathMicroraptorAdasaurusVelociraptorTyrannosaurus RexGiganotosaurus
Third PathGyrfalconHorned OwlGolden EagleGiant CondorPouakai

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