8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (2022)

When it comes to social media bios for your brand, are you putting a good bit of thought into writing a creative and engaging intro? If you just treated it as an afterthought or filler content, there’s a chance it’s probably not as strong as it could be. Although you may not realize it, your Twitter bio is an extremely important part of your social media presence.

Your Twitter bio is there for you to explain who you are and also to engage your audience. There are several ways to go about this and we’re here to give you a few awesome Twitter bio ideas to help engage and attract new followers, so let’s get started!

  1. How to create an awesome Twitter bio
  2. Twitter bio ideas and examples for inspiration

How to create an awesome Twitter bio

Twitter bios are limited to 160 characters, so you have to choose your words wisely. How do you perfectly encapsulate your business’s mission, offerings and personality in so few characters?

Lucky for you, we’ve got a few Twitter bio examples to get you started:

1. Add some personality to your Twitter bio

Have fun with it. The brands who see the best results on Twitter really let their personality shine, and that includes within their bio.

But make sure that you’re still staying true to your business and brand voice. For example, if your overall voice is very formal and straightforward, it doesn’t make sense to adopt a personality that simply isn’t you just because you’re on Twitter.

However, if your brand does let some humor out in its voice, Twitter is the perfect platform to really make that work for you.

2. Include keywords

Your brand’s bio is searchable on Twitter, so you want to be sure to include some strong keywords in there as well. Keywords like your industry or your product/service offerings are perfect to include so you’ll show up in relevant search results.

3. Use hashtags sparingly

There is an art to using hashtags on Twitter. Including hashtags in your business bio may be important, but you should aim to use them in an authentic way. Rather than hashtagging #every other #word, you should use hashtags very sparingly. Including more than a few hashtags can look spammy, and it doesn’t always increase searchability.

(Video) 8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Use in 2022 (Turn Your Visitors into Followers)

Instead, you should try sticking to using only brand or campaign hashtags. Focusing on only 1-2 hashtags can improve brand or campaign strength, and also increase hashtag visibility on Twitter search to gain more followers.

Here is a great Twitter bio example of how you might include a hashtag from @SonicDriveIn:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (1)

4. Link to related accounts

Many brands have multiple accounts on Twitter, like a customer support channel, a parent company, a subsidiary, or an affiliated charitable organization. In order to generate more traction for these accounts, and to let their followers know where else they can find information about the company, they’ll link to those other accounts directly within their Twitter bio.

Check out what this might look like from our own Twitter account @SproutSocial:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (2)

By including affiliated accounts with our Twitter bio, we are able to provide an optimal engagement experience for our audience.

5. Play with emojis

Emojis are pretty much their own language now, so why not play with a few of these alongside your words to further emphasis and visualize your point? However, it’s important to be aware of any double meaning the emoji you choose may have attracted from popular use. Check out this guide to understand a few secret emoji meanings.

Check out how @AlaskaAir incorporated the airplane emoji (naturally) into their Twitter bio:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (3)

6. End with a call to action

Let your followers know what to do next! Visit your website? Follow along? Tweet your customer support with any issues?

Including a call to action is pretty much always a good idea, whether it’s your Twitter bio or a social media post or an email.

(Video) How to Write a Twitter Bio for Business - More Followers Clicks and Sales

@Honey’s Twitter bio includes a great call to action for downloading their app and browser extension:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (4)

Twitter bio examples and ideas for inspiration

Now that you know how to craft your awe-inspiring Twitter bio, it’s time to get to the good stuff. It’s time to get those creative juices flowing with these Twitter bio examples!

These are nine different ways that other Twitter users have utilized the 160-character about section in showcasing who they are and what their business does.

1. Be humorous | Pop-Tarts

Brands tend to let loose on Twitter. The voice they use on Twitter is often very different from the voice you’ll see in Facebook or Instagram posts.

Take Pop-Tarts for example. While they tend to share silly content across the board, their Twitter definitely has a more snarky and humorous edge to it than their other platforms. Take a look at their bio below:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (5)

“It’s a very serious matter” definitely encompasses their overall Twitter personality. They’ve incorporated their humor and sass seamlessly into their Twitter bio.

Try your hand at crafting a funny Twitter bio. Humor helps to draw people in and makes them curious about what you’re going to post next. A good chuckle definitely increases the likelihood that a user will want to continue following you.

2. Be intriguing | Fenty Beauty

Talking about yourself or about your business can be a bit dry. Try to up the ante by being mysterious or intriguing in your Twitter bio.

How can you create suspense, or make your audience curious about what’s still to come from your brand? You will want to use your bio in a way that entices new users to follow you and engage with your content.

(Video) Instagram Bio Template (ATTRACT MORE FOLLOWERS)

Here’s an example from @FentyBeauty that shows how they used mystery and intrigue in their Twitter bio:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (6)

Instead of focusing on what their products are or who their founder is within the bio, they’ve kept it short, sweet, and compelling with their single sentence bio.

3. Be on brand | Snickers

Use your Twitter bio to focus on you and what it is that you do. You can achieve this by offering some background information about your business, sharing your products/services or including your branded hashtag.

Staying on brand helps you to stay true to your brand voice, and lets new followers know the authentic you.

Below is a Twitter bio example from @Snickers showing off their brand voice by sharing their infamous tagline:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (7)

4. Be promotional | Hello Fresh

Promote your business in your Twitter bio! Including promotional callouts is one of the best ways to generate leads and new customers on Twitter.

@HelloFresh’s Twitter bio is one example of how you can be promotional with Twitter-specific offers. By using an attention-getting emoji along with their promotional offer, Hello Fresh is able to reel in new customers directly from their Twitter bio.

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (8)

5. Be succinct | Notion HQ

You want to avoid meaningless and unnecessary buzzwords. A Twitter bio with things like “Disrupting the communication industry” or “Lean startup shaking up the tech world.” might sound trendy in your head, but the reality is these buzzwords do little to make your bio more appealing. Remember, you only have 160 characters to get your point across. You don’t want to waste space on words without meaning!

@NotionHQ keeps their introduction very short, sweet, and to the point. No fluff; only including exactly what they need to share who they are and what they do.

(Video) ꒰꒰ 🍙 ✦ how to make an *aesthetic* twitter ─ tips for layouts, bios and more!

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (9)

6. Be personable | Old Spice

Whether you’re working on a Twitter bio for your own Twitter account or for your company’s account, it’s important to offer a human element in your copy. You want to be personable or relatable so that your audience feels like they’re really making a connection with you and/or your business.

@OldSpice demonstrates the ability to be relatable and personable within their content, including their Twitter bio.

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (10)

7. Be transparent | Dove

Being honest and open as a brand is a great way to generate loyal followers who trust your business and care about your brand. Sharing causes and movements that your business supports is a great way to demonstrate who you are as a brand.

Instead of including brand-specific messaging,@Dove chooses to utilize their Twitter bio to talk about their philanthropic campaign to help improve inclusivity around the world:

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (11)

8. Be informative | Pampers

Let your followers know exactly what they can expect to see when they follow you. @Pampers is one example of how to be informative within your Twitter bio. From the start, Pampers is straightforward with the types of content they share: news and exclusive deals. From there, they tell users to follow them for “the inside scoop on Pampers.” This clever Twitter bio shares both an idea of what users will see from Pampers as well as a call to action to follow the brand.

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (12)

9. Be local | Mailchimp

Your Twitter bio gives you the option to add your location in to let followers know where you’re based. This is an essential part of your profile if you only service one specific area. You will want to make sure people in that same area are able to find and follow you.

But it’s still a good idea to stay local and true to your roots, even if you’re a global brand. Many national and worldwide companies still have a single or main hub or headquarters, and it’s a good idea to celebrate that.

For example, @Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that is used all over the world. But they’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, and showcasing that on their profile gives them a more hometown feel.

8 Twitter Bio Ideas to Attract More Followers (13)

Make sure that you’re including your own headquarters or main location within your Twitter bio as well.It may resonate even more with people who live in the same area, and they’ll be excited to share this local business with their friends and family.

(Video) 5 Instagram Bio Tips & Ideas to Get Followers to Your Music Account

Take these Twitter bio ideas and run with them!
If your Twitter bio isn’t as appealing as you think it could be, do a refresh. You can change your bio any time and test different copy to figure out what’s most effective. Take some time to look over your bio and see if you can implement any of our tips to make your Twitter bio more effective.

If you’re looking for other ways to increase your Twitter engagement, look into our Twitter engagement strategy guide for more information.


What is best bio for Twitter? ›

Introduce Yourself

If you don't want to scratch your head a lot, this can be one of the best Twitter bio ideas in 2022. Tell your prospective followers what you do. Talk about the things that define you or the things you love. You can also let people know what they can expect when they follow you.

How can I attract my bio? ›

8 Instagram Bio Ideas
  1. Share Your Story.
  2. Include Targeted Keywords in the Name Field.
  3. Use a Link in Bio Tool.
  4. Add a Call-To-Action and Action Buttons.
  5. Share Your Contact Information.
  6. Choose a Relevant Profile Picture.
  7. Tag Related Accounts and Add Your Branded Hashtag.
  8. Use Instagram Stories Highlights.
25 Jan 2021

What is bio in Twitter example? ›

What is a Twitter Bio? A Twitter bio is a small public summary about yourself or your business displayed under your Twitter profile picture. In the bio, you can include 160 characters of text, hashtags, emojis, and handles of profiles you're affiliated with.

How do I increase my Twitter followers? ›

How to increase your Twitter followers:
  1. Share relevant and useful content.
  2. Post visual content.
  3. Tweet consistently.
  4. Interact with others.
  5. Promote your @name everywhere you can.
  6. Tap into your existing customer base.
  7. Run a followers campaign.

How do you write a cool bio? ›

9 Smart Tips on How You Can Write a Memorable Bio
  1. Follow the rules. Most publishers, including websites, have guidelines for bio writing. ...
  2. Customize it. ...
  3. Start strong. ...
  4. Keep it concise. ...
  5. Choose carefully between first- or third-person voice. ...
  6. Establish credibility. ...
  7. Make sure your words complement your picture. ...
  8. Advertise.
7 Jun 2018

What does 24 mean on Instagram? ›

2 years ago. The newest Instagram challenge has left many users confused as they see their names popping up in people's stories without knowing why. The challenge is called the 24 Motives 24 Names Challenge and sees users post a list of names with each one after a number.

How do u get a blue tick on Twitter? ›

On web, navigate to Settings and privacy > Your account > Account information. Once you enter your password, go to Request Verification. On Android and iOS, tap on Settings and Privacy > Account > Verification request.

What is a short bio? ›

What is a short bio? Short bios are concise, biographical paragraphs that professionals use to introduce themselves. You can often find short bios on social media profiles, personal websites and company team directories.

How do I grow my Twitter in 2022? ›

Twitter tips for 2022: 10 impactful New Year's resolutions
  1. Resolution #1: Set up Twitter for Professionals. ...
  2. Resolution #2: Revamp your Twitter profile. ...
  3. Resolution #3: Create a Twitter schedule. ...
  4. Resolution #4: Start a newsletter at Twitter. ...
  5. Resolution #5: Focus on your personas. ...
  6. Resolution #6: Experiment with Twitter Ads.

How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter? ›

13 Tips for Getting Your First 1000 Followers on Twitter
  1. Choose a Twitter handle close to your artist name. ...
  2. Have a high-quality profile photo. ...
  3. Tweet more than just words. ...
  4. Text tweets should always be concise. ...
  5. Hashtags are your friends. ...
  6. Tweet regularly, but don't over do it. ...
  7. Timing is everything. ...
  8. Aim for retweets.
31 Jul 2017

How do you write a 3 sentence bio? ›

For a three-sentence bio, consider these three objectives: Tell readers who you are and what you do. Reveal a glimpse of your personality. Encourage readers to find out more.

What is the best quote for myself? ›

You've got to be okay on your own before you can be okay with somebody else." “Be yourself, but always your better self.” “Don't sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there's nothing else you can give, and nobody will care for you.” “Keep taking time for yourself until you're you again.”

What's your will find you? ›

In the simplest sense, it means that no matter how impossible, unimaginable, or unattainable, if it's meant to be—if it's truly destined as yours—it'll find its way to you. It might take months, years, or even decades, but it'll get there eventually. This doesn't only pertain to materialistic things or ambitions.

How do you write stylish bio on Instagram? ›

How to Write Instagram Bio in Stylish Fonts - YouTube

What does 22 mean on Instagram? ›

It's most likely a graduation date or launch date for whatever they are doing in their life. Movies have launch dates; schools have graduation dates. I see it most commonly used to denote their high school or college graduation year.

What does 📍 mean on Instagram? ›

A pushpin, as used to indicate a location on a map. Generally depicted as an upright pin with a red, round head. Commonly used to indicate locations and notably featured in the Pushpin Emoji Detour and Distance Between memes on Twitter. Also used unofficially as an icon for Pinterest or Google Maps.

What does 3 mean on social media? ›

The emoticon <3. means "Love." The characters < and 3 (which literally mean "less than three") form a picture of a heart on its side, which is used as an emoticon, meaning "love." For example: Sam: <3. Ali: <3.

Should a 15 year old have Instagram? ›

How old should kids be to use Instagram? According to the terms of service, you have to be 13, but there's no age-verification process, so it's very easy for kids under 13 to sign up. Common Sense rates Instagram for age 15 and up because of mature content, access to strangers, marketing ploys, and data collection.

What should be your first Tweet? ›

Your first tweet idea must be short and relevant. It should focus on one message rather than many ideas. Some of the famous companies like Pepsi, Washington Post, and Myspace have done just that!

What is the best time to post on Twitter? ›

The best time to post on Twitter is early in the morning on weekdays: ideally, 8 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, according to Hootsuite's data. If you need to post on the weekend, still aim for the a.m., but perhaps a little later, when Twitter users are awake.

What makes a good Tweet? ›

Twitter's data actually suggests that even shorter tweets than this generate the most engagement. According to Twitter: ″Concise Tweet copy helps the main message cut through. Research shows that Tweet copy with fewer than 50 characters generates 56% more engagement than Tweet copy with 50-100 characters.”

Does Twitter pay for followers? ›

The cost you pay per follower in your followers campaign will depend on the budget and bid you set for your campaign, as well as the targeting you select. A bid of $2.50 - $3.50 is recommended based on historical averages, but you'll receive real-time bid guidance in your campaign setup. More on Twitter Ads pricing.

How many followers do you need to be Verified? ›

Keep in mind that there's no exact number of followers you need to have to qualify for a verification badge. Whether you have 100,000+ followers or less than 10,000 followers, you can still apply if you meet the criteria noted above.

Does Twitter pay verified accounts? ›

Twitter does not sell the blue Verification badge. A Twitter employee will never request financial compensation in exchange for a badge or as part of the application process. Twitter does not authorize any external agents or individuals to sell Verification on the platform.

What is in a professional bio? ›

Professional biographies (or "professional bios" for short) are short blurbs to get your name, accomplishments, and employment history in front of the right people. Unlike a resume, a professional bio allows you to express the values and beliefs that set you apart from others in your industry.

How would you describe yourself bio? ›

How to write a bio about yourself
  • Give an introduction of yourself. The first thing to do in a bio is to introduce yourself. ...
  • Include some of your achievements. ...
  • Add some personal details. ...
  • Add your contact information. ...
  • Write in the third person. ...
  • Edit your bio. ...
  • Update your bio regularly. ...
  • Be clear and concise.

How do you write a perfect Tweet? ›

5 Steps to Writing the Perfect Tweet
  1. Keep it concise. Twitter's character limit is what sets it apart from other social media sites. ...
  2. Attach a photo. When possible, attach a graphic to your tweet. ...
  3. Attach a link. If you can, always include a link in your tweet. ...
  4. Use hashtags.
10 Jan 2018

What is Twitter user name? ›

Your username –– also known as your handle –– begins with the “@” symbol, is unique to your account, and appears in your profile URL. Your username is used to log in to your account, and is visible when sending and receiving replies and Direct Messages. People can also search for you by your username.

How do I create a unique username? ›

The best way to create unique username ideas is by combining two or three mismatched words with a number. First, come up with two or three categories, and then pick a word from each.
For example, let's choose the two categories fish, and US State:
  1. US State: Idaho.
  2. Fish: Pufferfish.
  3. Number: 13.
  4. @IdahoPufferfish13.
24 Sept 2021

What's a good Twitter handle? ›

Avoid numbers and underscores: Twitter handles should be as simple and memorable as possible. Adding numbers and underscores makes your username more complex and harder for followers to find. Be consistent: Use the titles you embrace on other social channels.

Why is my Twitter name Pink? ›

Theories about the Twitter Pink Microphone

The user has a high engagement ratio. The user is testing a new paid Twitter feature. The user has a subscription option.

What is a short bio? ›

What is a short bio? Short bios are concise, biographical paragraphs that professionals use to introduce themselves. You can often find short bios on social media profiles, personal websites and company team directories.

What is the best words for bio? ›

Until you find your perfect quote for your bio on Instagram, here you have some cool IG bios you can use:
  • Making every day magical.
  • Loving fiercely. ...
  • Captivated from life, showing it here.
  • Trying to become the best. ...
  • Creating a life I love.
  • Trying to remember who I was before the world told me who to be.
23 Sept 2022

What does 24 mean on Instagram? ›

2 years ago. The newest Instagram challenge has left many users confused as they see their names popping up in people's stories without knowing why. The challenge is called the 24 Motives 24 Names Challenge and sees users post a list of names with each one after a number.

How do you write a Tweet to get attention? ›

Do These 10 Things to Get Your Tweets Noticed Right Now
  1. First, Build Your Content House. ...
  2. Create an Activity Schedule. ...
  3. Start Conversations. ...
  4. Curate Content From Other Thought Leaders. ...
  5. Engage With Your Followers. ...
  6. Get Your Bio on Point. ...
  7. Create Witty, Original Content. ...
  8. Keep Product and Sales Stuff to a Minimum.
29 Apr 2021

What should my first Tweet say? ›

Your first tweet idea must be short and relevant. It should focus on one message rather than many ideas. Some of the famous companies like Pepsi, Washington Post, and Myspace have done just that!

How do you write a Twitter style? ›

How to Write Content for Twitter: Follow These 7 Rules
  1. Be engaging. ...
  2. Add a shortened URL. ...
  3. Use trending hashtags. ...
  4. Add an image. ...
  5. Talk to people rather than at them. ...
  6. Add your sense of humor to Tweets. ...
  7. Incorporate viral words.
30 Nov 2016

How do u get a blue tick on Twitter? ›

On web, navigate to Settings and privacy > Your account > Account information. Once you enter your password, go to Request Verification. On Android and iOS, tap on Settings and Privacy > Account > Verification request.

Should I use real name on Twitter? ›

You can use your real name on Twitter if you want to promote yourself, your services, or create a personal brand. However, if you wish to keep your opinions anonymous or want to make tweets that may harm your personal reputation or your business, then you might want to go as an anonymous user.

What should I add to a username? ›

17 Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Name Is Taken
  1. Use Your First or Last Name. ...
  2. Add an Acronym or Job Title. ...
  3. Shorten Your Name. ...
  4. Add “the” in Front of Your Social Media Handle. ...
  5. Use Your Initials. ...
  6. Use “I am” ...
  7. Use “HQ” ...
  8. Let Them Know You're the “Real” Deal.
4 Feb 2021


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