50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (2022)

History is evergreen with knowledge and quiz questions and answers. History multiple-choice quiz MCQ questions and answers will cover some parts. Be the historian and solve this history quiz of 50 questions and answers. This is the best way to practice your concept of history multiple choice quiz MCQ questions and answers and improve. y taking this history quiz questions and answers challenge, you can also be able to outrun your friends, competitors, and peers.

enhance your World Historical past information with our free online history quiz questions and answers. Simple and laborious questions on Historic information and occasions. Our history multiple choice quiz MCQ questions and answers are enjoyable and entertaining, merely choose from the very best query and reply rounds beneath.

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (1)

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Our online history quiz questions and answers are readymade and free to use in any online competition. Take a look at your information on the Historical past with our free history quiz questions and answers.

You may print out our collection of history multiple choice quiz MCQ questions and answers after which print out the Solutions that are offered on a separate checklist! Nice for household quizzes, colleges, or a college Quiz.

Children, teenagers, and adults can study necessary information and data with our free historical past quizzes questions, and solutions that are printable at no cost.

Our fascinating questions are primarily based on well-known landmarks and occasions in the history multiple choice quiz MCQ questions and answers together with wars and battles which have taken place all through the world in nations together as Nice Britain and the USA of America.

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (2)

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What was the term for the official policy of racial segregation in South Africa until 1994?


2. Published after her death, what did teenager Anne Frank leave behind?


3. In 1912, which famous human made sea vessel sunk?


4. In 1999, Boris Yeltsin resigned as President of Russia, who replaced him?


5. In 1994, Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty that ended a state of war between the two countries that had existed since what year?


6. What is the roman name for the goddess Hecate?


7. Who was the first US President to declare war?


8. In what year did the United States return the Panama Canal to Panama?


9. Who won the first American Idol Contest in 2002?


10. The attack on Pearl Harbor took place in which month?



11. Which F-word is used for the delay of a Senate matter by debate or proceudral motions?


12. Saint Patrick's Day was originally associated with what color?


13. John Wilkes Booth assassinated which US President?


14. What was the name of the first "talkie" feature length film to have synchronized dialogue in 1927?


15. The popular 1970s television series Laverne & Shirley took place in which American city?


16. What kind of animal did Bill Clinton had in office?


18. Who assassinated Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles, California in 1968?


19. How many Catherine's did King Henry VIII marry?


20. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a


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21. Which popular fast food chain restaurant was first opened in 1955?


22. What does the "B" stand for in Lyndon B. Johnson?


23. What holiday was first observed under its current name on November 11th, 1954?


24. Joseph Smith was the founder of what religion?


25. Who is the only U.S. president to serve more than two terms?


26. How long did the Siege of Leningrad last until being broken in 1944?


27. On what day of the week did the Normandy Invasion of June 6, 1944 take place?


28. How many people have walked on the moon?


29. How many U.S. states are needed to ratify an amendment for it to become part of the constitution?


30. How much did a single US Postage Stamp cost in 1995?


31. In what year did New Mexico become a state?

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32. In what year was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for car racing built?


33. In 1936, Jesse Owens won 4 Gold medals at the Summer Olympics in what city?


34. The soft drink 7-UP was invented by Charles Leiper Grigg in what year?

35. In 1904, the area that is known as "Times Square" in Manhattan was renamed to Times Square, what was it called before?


36. The year 1987 was shortened by how many seconds to adjust the Gregorian calendar?


37. Algeria gained its independence from what country in 1962?


38. Who became the British Prime Minister in 1937?


39. Which Kentucky-born U.S. president is honored in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?


40. Which designer, who was a Studio 54 regular, made Jackie Kennedy's trademark pillbox hat for her husband's inauguration?


41. In 2006, Pluto was downgraded from a planet to what by the International Astronomical Union

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42. In what year did Maine become a state of the USA?


43. The first World Cup for Soccer (Football) was held in which country in 1930?


44. Which President is on the United States 1,000 dollar bill?


45. Historically, parts from which animal were used to stiffen corsets?


46. What space shuttles name means to strive or make an earnest attempt?


47. Which famous US car manufacturer that was formed in South Bend, Indiana in 1852 stopped production in 1963?


48. In what year did the Golden Globe Awards start?


49. Which popular entertainer was inducted into the US army in 1958?


50. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?



European civilizations “found” North and South America in the late 15th century A.D., while people from Asia had been in the Americas for at least 15,000 years. Many American civilizations had come and gone by the 15th century, but many were still enormous and thriving. Get a glimpse of the richness of ancient America’s civilizations.

3000-2500 BC: Caral Supe Civilization

The Caral-Supe culture is the first sophisticated civilization uncovered on the American continents. The Caral Supe communities, discovered only in the twenty-first century, were located along the coast of central Peru. Nearly 20 distinct settlements have been discovered, with the metropolitan town of Caral serving as the focal point. Caral’s metropolis contained massive clay platform mounds and monuments that were buried in plain sight (thought to be low hills).

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (3)

Olmec Civilization lasted from 1200-400 BC

On Mexico’s gulf coast, the Olmec civilization flourished, building the first stone pyramids in North America as well as the famed stone “baby-faced” head sculptures. The Olmec had rulers, built massive pyramids, devised the Mesoamerican ballgame, farmed beans, and invented the world’s first writing. The Olmec also brought chocolate to the world by domesticating the cacao tree.

500 BC-800 AD: Maya Civilization

Between 2500 B.C. and 1500 A.D., the ancient Maya Civilization inhabited most of the central North American continent, located on the gulf coast of what is now Mexico. The Maya were a collection of separate city-states with common cultural characteristics. Their intricate artwork (especially murals), sophisticated water control systems, and elegant pyramids are examples of this.

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (4)

500 BC-750 AD: Zapotec Civilization

Monte Alban, in the Oaxaca Valley in central Mexico, is the capital of the Zapotec Civilization. Monte Alban is one of the Americas’ most researched archaeological sites, as well as one of the world’s few “disembedded capitals.” Building J, an astronomical observatory, and Los Danzantes, a beautifully carved chronicle of captured and murdered warriors and rulers, are additional notable features of the city.

1–700 AD, Nasca Civilization

The Nasca culture, which flourished on Peru’s south coast, is most renowned for its massive geoglyphs. These geometric designs of birds and other creatures were created by traveling over the huge parched desert’s polished rock. They were also skilled in the fields of textiles and ceramics.

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (5)

550-950 AD: Tiwanaku Empire

The Tiwanaku Empire’s capital was located on both sides of the border between Peru and Bolivia, on the beaches of Lake Titicaca. Their unusual architecture is the result of collaborative efforts. Tiwanaku (sometimes called Tiahuanaco) ruled over most of South America’s southern Andes and coastline during its height.

750-1000 AD: Wari Civilization

The Wari (sometimes written Huari) state was in close rivalry with Tiwanaku. The Wari polity was located in Peru’s central Andes highlands, and its influence on subsequent civilizations may be observed at sites such as Pachacamac.

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (6)

1250-1532 AD, Inca Civilization

When the Spanish conquistadors came in the early 16th century, the Inca civilization was the biggest in the Americas. The Inca were known for their distinctive writing system (the quipu), excellent road systems, and the beautiful ceremonial center of Machu Picchu, but they also had some fascinating burial traditions and an incredible capacity to create earthquake-proof structures.

1000-1500 AD: Mississippian Civilization

Archaeologists use the term Mississippian culture to refer to cultures that lived along the Mississippi River’s length, but the highest level of sophistication was found in the central Mississippi River valley of southern Illinois, near present-day St. Louis, Missouri, and the capital city of Cahokia. Because the Mississippians of the American southeast were first seen by the Spanish in the 17th century, we know a lot about them.

50 History Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers - Trivia QQ (7)

1430-1521 AD: Aztec Civilization

The Aztec culture is the most well-known in the Americas, owing to the fact that they were at the pinnacle of their power and influence when the Spanish came. The Aztecs conquered most of Central America because they were warlike, obstinate, and aggressive. The Aztecs, on the other hand, are far more than warriors.

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