11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (2023)

Enjoy a quiet and refreshing holiday when you stay for some time in Carson.

This California city is most known for its pleasant weather and prime location near stunning sandy beaches and beautiful parks.

What’s more, it has a thriving food scene that offers an international medley of cuisines for you to explore.

Discover what dishes are available in a few of the best restaurants in Carson.

1. Darrow’s New Orleans Grill

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (1)

21720 Avalon Boulevard, Suite 102-B
Carson, CA 90745
(424) 570-0531

Darrow’s New Orleans Grill is a laid-back Cajun restaurant offering a Southern-style menu.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

Dark-wood furnishings, art-filled walls, and delicious food presented in a simple way make this spot one of the best rated restaurants in Carson.

Its chill vibe works great if you just want to eat your tasty meal in peace.

What to Eat

Grab the Big Easy Supper special to enjoy catfish, shrimp, and fried oysters.

Then, finish with a Peachy Cobbler.

2. Rockin’ Cajun Seafood And Grill

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (2)

940 E Dominguez Street, Suite C
Carson, CA 90746
(310) 965-9799

Rockin’ Cajun Seafood And Grill is an informal seafood restaurant in Southbay Plaza known for its creole-inspired dishes.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

This place is among the most popular restaurants to try because it offers some of the best food in Carson.

Flavorful and comes in huge servings, this is somewhere seafood lovers will definitely remember visiting during your trip.

What to Eat

Start with a cup of Gumbo and some Lobster Fries.

Then, fill up your hungry tummy with the Rice Jambalaya.

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3. Restaurant 917

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (3)

19800 S Main Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 527-0917

Restaurant 917 is a gourmet restaurant located on the second floor of the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles with views of a racetrack.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

This swanky place is a chart-topper for the best restaurants Carson has to offer because of its unique fine dining experience.

You’ll be able to enjoy your dinner in a clean, minimalist dining space whose floor-to-ceiling windows show off drivers racing around the track.

What to Eat

Begin your meal with a Charcuterie Board shared by your table.

For yourself, try the Cavatelli Pasta and grab the Caramel Roasted Pear for dessert.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Holiday Inn Los Angeles Gateway-Torrance, an IHG Hotel

4. Back Home In Lahaina

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (4)

519 E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 835-4014

Back Home In Lahaina is a cozy Hawaiian restaurant known for its traditional recipes and live music.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

With a stage set up for live music, fairy lights hung up in the ceilings, and its interior dining space made to look like an outdoor location, it’s no wonder this is among the top Carson restaurants today.

Plus, its dishes are not something you’ll commonly find in town.

What to Eat

Grab some Maui Lettuce Wraps for your appetizer and continue to a plate of Lahaina Fried Chicken served with fried rice.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Best Western Los Angeles Worldport Hotel

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5. Top Shelf Tacos

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (5)

23551 Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90745
(424) 364-0123

Top Shelf Tacos is a counter-serve restaurant offering quick Mexican classics and agua frescas.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

There’s no denying that this spot is a favorite pick for good restaurants in Carson for its familiar and tasty dishes.

Its humble dining area also keeps the experience easy and unfussy, perfect for days that you don’t want to think too much.

What to Eat

Pair some Cheese Quesadilla with the classic Burrito, and try the refreshing Watermelon Agua Fresca.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Miyako Hybrid Hotel Torrance

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6. Phantom Carriage Brewery & Eatery

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (6)

18525 S Main Street
Carson, CA 90248
(310) 538-5834

Phantom Carriage Brewery & Eatery is a hip and modern brewery, taproom, and eatery offering experimental craft beer.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

This brewery’s taproom-restaurant setup isn’t just the coolest dining place (hello, walls of barrels) in town, it’s also terrific for birthday celebrations where you just want to drink great beer, eat good food, and spend some time hanging out with friends.

What to Eat

Choose the Stewed Pork Pi and a basket of BBQ Chips to pair with your cold pints of craft brew.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Sonesta Select Los Angeles Torrance South Bay

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7. El Pescador Family Restaurant

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (7)

17421 Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90746
(310) 327-3774

El Pescador Family Restaurant is a casual Mexican restaurant in University Square offering classic recipes, beer, and cocktails.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

This restaurant is a prime choice for the best places to eat in Carson for its elegant atmosphere, occasional live music, and comfortingly familiar food.

It’s awesome for family dinners since the aesthetic is straightforward but refined.

What to Eat

Choose the Fiesta Platter and share it with your party.

Then, grab the Enchilada Suiza de Pollo for yourself.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Hampton Inn Los Angeles/Carson

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8. Chinollo

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (8)

18415 S Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90746
(424) 528-2110

Chinollo is an award-winning New American restaurant in Victoria Park Plaza known for its health-conscious fare.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

If you’re after where to eat in Carson, look no further than this cozy eatery.

Its black, white and wood aesthetic make it bright, clean, and super hip (awesome for social media photos).

Plus, they serve pretty tasty and healthy food.

What to Eat

Try the Korean Tacos for your starter, the Thai Chicken with White Rice Wonder Bowl for your main entree, and a glass of Strawberry Lemonade Refresher.

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Recommended Hotel Nearby: Redac Gateway Hotel Torrance

9. Poke Etc

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (9)

860 E Carson Street, #120
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 847-5520

Poke Etc is an informal local restaurant serving different types of poke bowls.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

For restaurants near you that serve good breakfast and brunch, you’ll probably enjoy the quick and easy experience of this eatery.

Its menu is clearly shown and its ingredients are displayed in a glass showcase.

All you’ll need to do is point out what you want (or choose a pre-planned bowl).

What to Eat

For savory, grab the Adobo Meal but if you’d like something more spicy, go for a Kimchee bowl.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Bluestem Hotel Torrance-Los Angeles, Ascend Hotel Collection

10. Tacolipino (Permanently Closed)

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (10)

22005 S Main Street
Carson, CA, CA 90745
(310) 803-9989

Tacolipino is a casual Asian fusion restaurant downtown that served a Fil-Mex menu.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

A favorite among Carson eats, this eatery’s unique take on two different cuisines and blending them seamlessly together made a trip here worth it.

What to Eat

A few favorites here were the Adobo Tacos, Sizzling Sisig, and Fresh Lumpia.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Travelodge by Wyndham Harbor City

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11. BaBoys at Bahay Kainan

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (11)

330A E Carson Street
Carson, CA 90745
(310) 518-6273

BaBoys at Bahay Kainan is a quaint Filipino restaurant offering authentic Filipino recipes and Fil-Am cuisine.

Why This Restaurant Is a Must Eat

The adventurous foodie is sure to put this eatery on the list of the best restaurants in Carson for lunch and snacking for its unique dishes.

The restaurant itself is humble in design, with its main detail being the bamboo sticks on the counter.

But the fusion food makes the experience of eating here phenomenal.

What to Eat

Choose the Lumpia Burger and Sisig Fried Rice when you visit.

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Recommended Hotel Nearby: Courtyard Los Angeles Torrance/Palos Verdes

Map of Restaurants in Carson

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11 Best Carson Restaurants for 2022

11 Best Restaurants in Carson, CA for 2022 (Top Eats!) (18)
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What is the number 1 most popular restaurant? ›


Which restaurant is number 1 in the world? ›

Noma, the acclaimed tasting menu restaurant helmed by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, landed at No. 1 on the 2021 World's 50 Best Restaurants list. In 2019, the World's 50 Best Restaurants list declared previous No.

What city in California has best food? ›

San Francisco is hands-down one of the best cities for food in the world, and no city has seen its culinary reputation grow over the past decade like Los Angeles.

What is the most visited restaurant in the United States? ›

Every year, Nation's Restaurant News prepares its proprietary ranking of the Top 100 Restaurants based on sales. For 2017's list (which uses 2016's data), McDonald's, as expected, tops the list.

What restaurants pay waitresses the most? ›

Luckily, there are some specific restaurants that servers have revealed to have the best tip earnings on top of an hourly wage.
  • Olive Garden Restaurant. ...
  • Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar. ...
  • The Cheesecake Factory. ...
  • Red Lobster. ...
  • TGI Friday's. ...
  • Local and family-owned restaurants. ...
  • Steakhouses and fine-dining restaurants.
5 May 2022

What is the number one restaurant in 2022? ›

Copenhagen's Noma cedes the title of best restaurant in the world to fellow Copenhagen restaurant Geranium. The World's 50 Best Restaurants honorees for 2022 were announced at a ceremony in London today, crowning Denmark's Geranium as this year's top dining establishment in the world.

What is the #1 restaurant in America? ›

The French Laundry in Yountville, California, made its debut in this year's awards as the #1 Fine Dining Restaurant in the U.S. With over 1,100 “excellent” Tripadvisor reviews, this 20-year-old French restaurant is called “bucket list” or “life changing” by diners who visit.

What American city has the best food? ›

Best Foodie Cities in the U.S.
  • San Francisco.
  • New Orleans.
  • Chicago.
  • New York City.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Napa Valley.
  • Charleston, SC.
  • Seattle.

Which state has the best food in USA? ›

The big winner is Hawaii, which is a top-five state for Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, sushi, and Thai. California shows up in the top five for four different categories of food, and numerous states each fare well in three.

What is the most popular fast food restaurant? ›

1. McDonald's
  • Top 10 Global Fast-Food Brands... Top 10 Global Fast-Food Brands...
  • McDonald's 1. McDonald's.
  • KFC 2. KFC.
  • Subway 3. Subway.
  • Pizza Hut 4. Pizza Hut.
  • Starbucks 5. Starbucks.
  • Burger King 6. Burger King.
  • Domino's Pizza 7. Domino's Pizza.
7 Feb 2014

What is the most popular food in the world? ›

Pizza is the topmost liked food in the world. Today you can find pizza in almost every corner of the world. This traditional Italian dish is made of flattened round dough topped with cheese, and tomatoes, and additionally garnished with basil, olives, and oregano.

How much does a waitress make an hour without tips in California? ›

2022 State Tipped Minimum Wage Laws
State NameBasic Combined Minimum WageMinimum Cash Wage
California$11.00 / hour (see 2 wage types)No tip credit allowed
Colorado$11.20 / hour$8.08 / hour
Connecticut$10.10 / hour (see 2 wage types)$8.23 / hour
Delaware$8.75 / hour$2.23 / hour
51 more rows

How much does a waiter get paid in California? ›

Minimum Wages for Tipped Employees
JurisdictionMinimum Cash Wage 1
Applicable to employers with 25 employees or less$14.00
Applicable to employers with 26 employees or more$15.00
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands$7.25
68 more rows
1 Jan 2022

How much waitress make an hour? ›

How Much Do Waitress Jobs Pay per Hour?
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$35,000$17
75th Percentile$28,500$14
25th Percentile$16,500$8

What restaurant has the most Michelin stars? ›

Of his numerous outposts across the globe, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée and Le Louis XV tend to be the most well-known – and the most awarded, with each boasting the maximum three Michelin stars.

Who is the best chef in the world? ›

Joël Robuchon: 31 stars

Joël Robuchin holds the number one spot amongst the world's top 10 chefs, making him the best chef in the world according to Michelin star ratings. Although he passed away with only 28 stars to his name, at one point Robuchon was the proud owner of 31 Michelin stars.

Who is the best chef in the world 2022? ›

Top 10 Chefs in The World 2022
NameMichelin StarsNationality
Alain Ducasse21French
Pierre Gagnaire14French
Martin Berasategui12Spanish
Anne Sophie Pic8French
6 more rows
2 Sept 2022

How much is dinner at Noma? ›

How much does it cost? About $375 for lunch or dinner without drinks, paid in advance when you reserve on the restaurant's website. Wine pairings cost about $166 and the slate of juices runs about $133.

Why is Noma closing? ›

The last time Noma was unprofitable was in 2017 when chef Rene Redzepi shut it down for about a year for a revamp. The restaurant also plans to temporarily close in Copenhagen later this year and tour to other countries before returning in 2023.

What is the UK's most famous restaurant? ›

Moor Hall, a two-Michelin stars restaurant in the scenic northern county of Lancashire, has been named the U.K.'s best restaurant, beating out London's finest dining options for a second time.

What is the most popular type of restaurant? ›

Fast food is the most widely recognized type of restaurant thanks to franchise chains like Taco Bell, Burger King, and KFC. Fast food restaurants attract diners because of their price, convenience, and speed.

What's the most popular kind of restaurant in London? ›

What are the Most Popular Types of Restaurant in the UK?
  • Number 1: Good, old-fashioned English pub grub.
  • Number 2: English.
  • Number 3: Chinese.
  • Number 4: Indian.
  • Number 5: Italian.
  • Number 6: Pizzeria.
  • What to look out for in 2022.
5 Oct 2020

What is the most popular restaurant in UK? ›

This statistic shows the leading restaurant chains in Great Britain in 2020, ranked by number of visitors over the last 12 months. Nando's ranked first, with an estimated 8.03 million customers visiting in that year.

Who is the most famous celebrity chef? ›

Gordon Ramsay

The ultra-famous chef and TV personality is probably the most well-known celebrity chef ever. His career includes a total of 16 (!) Michelin stars, numerous awards, and a long list of popular TV shows, including Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef US, and Kitchen Nightmares, which have inspired endless memes.

What is the poshest restaurant in the UK? ›

Most expensive restaurants London
  • Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Knightsbridge. What: Gold-leaf Tomahawk steak, £700. ...
  • The Palace Lounge at The Rubens at The Palace, Westminster. ...
  • Imperial Treasure, Waterloo. ...
  • Royal China Club, Marylebone. ...
  • The Ritz London, Mayfair. ...
  • Sushisamba, City. ...
  • CUT, Mayfair. ...
  • Park Chinois, Mayfair.
21 Oct 2021

Which restaurant in London will give you a royal dining experience? ›

1. The Ledbury: Royal, classy and blissful. If you are enjoying a royal vacation in London, make it all the more elegant and classier by dining at The Ledbury. One of the most renowned fine dining restaurants in United Kingdom, this place specialises in British and French cuisine.

What are the top 5 most popular types of restaurants in the USA? ›

Eight types of restaurant were included in the research: pizza, Italian, Chinese, burger, BBQ, seafood, steakhouse, and sandwich shop. Pizza dominates the Midwest, big time, while sandwiches reign king in the Mid-Atlantic.

Do you tip in London? ›

Typically, people tip around 10-15% in London, except for when using taxis or public transport, where a smaller tip is frequently accepted. Tour guides do not need to be tipped, but this is up to the customer to decide. Some restaurants add an automatic tip to your bill.

Which area of London is famous for its entertainment and restaurants? ›

Soho is an area of the City of Westminster, part of the West End of London. Originally a fashionable district for the aristocracy, it has been one of the main entertainment districts in the capital since the 19th century.

What is the most popular fast food restaurant? ›

1. McDonald's
  • Top 10 Global Fast-Food Brands... Top 10 Global Fast-Food Brands...
  • McDonald's 1. McDonald's.
  • KFC 2. KFC.
  • Subway 3. Subway.
  • Pizza Hut 4. Pizza Hut.
  • Starbucks 5. Starbucks.
  • Burger King 6. Burger King.
  • Domino's Pizza 7. Domino's Pizza.
7 Feb 2014

Which is the largest fast food chain in the world? ›

(MCD) McDonald's is the world's largest fast-food restaurant chain and one of the best-known brand names. The company has more than 39,000 locations in about 100 countries.

Which fast food chain has the most customers? ›

What Is the Most Popular Fast-Food Restaurant in the United States? McDonald's is by far the most popular restaurant in terms of fast-food sales.


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