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Destinations in Croatia don’t get much more popular than the seaside city of Split. Not only is Split the perfect place for few days sightseeing, it’s an ideal place to base yourself as you explore Croatia’s Dalmatian coast and islands. From Split you can head in nearly any direction on a day trip and uncover somewhere new and amazing. The things to see in Croatia outside of Split could be other cities, national parks, or Adriatic island getaways. What’s nice is that they can all be explored from the comfort of Split, making it no surprise that Split is a must see on any Croatia itinerary. So that you’re not aimlessly venturing out, here are some recommendations for the very best day trips from Split.

How to Get Around

Although many of the day trips mentioned below can be done by public transport, consider renting a car for the day to give yourself more flexibility and independence. Your own four wheels allow you to be in control of your time and schedule, and depending on how many people are in your group, renting a car might even work out cheaper than other forms of transportation. You can compare car rental deals and find the cheapest prices at Rentalcars.com, an aggregation site that searches and displays prices and availability from hundreds of car rental companies so that you can be sure of getting the best possible car for your budget

Don’t want to drive or deal with the hassle of public transport? No worries, we have listed the best tour for each day trip (where available).

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1. Hvar

People love to visit the islands of the Adriatic Sea when they come to Croatia, and the island of Hvar is the perfect place to start. As one of the best Split day trips to take by boat, a visit to Hvar is ideal if you want to balance sightseeing with some time on and in the warm Adriatic water. Cruising out to the island, you’ll want to see historic Hvar Town and soak up its idyllic island atmosphere. Sights to see here include the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the Hvar Public Theatre, and the views from the Fortica fortress. If you have more time on Hvar, and want to see more great scenery, visit the island’s other charming towns, such as Stari Grad and Vrboska. Alternatively, head over to the Pakleni Islands in secluded island bays.

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Getting there: While there are ferries that connect Split and Hvar Town, the best way to combine sightseeing in Hvar with some open water swimming is with this full day cruise.

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2. Blue Cave

Among the many small islands that dot the Dalmatian coast near Split, one that has grown quite popular with visitors is the island of Biševo. Out past Hvar, this small island has become one of the most common day tours from Split, thanks to the incredible Blue Cave found there. Found on the island’s east coast, the Blue Cave is a flooded sea cave which you can take a boat into. What makes this cave special is that light comes up through the water, illuminating the cave in an extraordinary blue glow. Unfortunately, you can’t swim in the cave due to safety reasons.

Getting there: To fill a day around visiting Bisevo, it’s best to hop aboard this island cruise which brings you to the Blue Cave among other beautiful Adriatic islands, like Vis and Ravnik.

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3. Trogir

If you’re looking for a beautiful coastal town like Split, but one that’s less busy, then a trip to nearby Trogir is in order. In some ways the island Old Town of Trogir is similar to Split, with its splendid Venetian architecture and pretty waterfront lined with palm trees. But Trogir isn’t heaving with tourists quite like Split, and once you delve into its web of stone streets, it can be quite a peaceful place. Don’t miss a visit to Kamerlengo Castle by the water, for its sense of history along with the spectacular views from its walls. Trogir is also known for its beaches, with visitors often making a beeline for Rozac Beach and Okrug Beach on the next island over past the marina.

Getting there: Trogir is just a short trip from Split, lying due west from the city along the coast. The easiest way to get there is by taking a 45 minute ride on one of the regular buses between Split and Trogir.

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4. Krka National Park

As nice as the Croatian coastline is, some of the best places to visit from Split are actually found in-land. Krka National Park is one of them, and is home to seven enchanting waterfalls and an abundance of beautiful nature. Sightseeing around the park, you can see wonderful scenes like the Skradinski Buk waterfall and Visovac Island. Even better, you can swim in the freshwater pools below the waterfalls, like at Roski Slap waterfall. There are also all the wonderful nature hiking trails which dot the national park. The small stone houses and watermills found throughout the park only make Krka National Park all the more fantastical.

Getting there: To reach Krka National Park on public transport, you first need to get the bus to the village of Skradin, which takes 1 hr 15 minutes. From there you can either walk 5km or take a boat ride to the falls which is included in your park ticket. However for a simpler and more stress-free approach, it’s easier to visit with a guided day tour.

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5. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia’s other famous waterfall destination, Plitvice Lakes National Park, lies a fair bit further from Split but is still very much worth the visit. Inside this vast national park near the Dinaric Alps, you’ll find a canyon where 16 lakes cascade from one to the next via a series of waterfalls. There’s much to admire at Plitvice, like the Veliki Slap waterfall, and the park offers visitors plenty of opportunities to get around and see it all, from strolling on boardwalks to more demanding hikes, as you seek out one view after the next of this beautiful series of lakes. And while you can’t swim in these lakes, a boat ride across Lake Kozjak is the next best thing.

Getting there: With buses taking 3.5 hours to get from Split to Plitvice Lakes, the park is right on the boundary of what is reasonable for a day trip. A better way to go to ensure you don’t miss out on seeing the park is by taking this guided tour there.

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6. Mostar

As a visit to Mostar will prove, there’s no reason that the best side trips from Split necessarily have to be within Croatia. Located across the border in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the historic city of Mostar allows travellers to get a taste of the country in a quick and easy day trip. Starting with the city’s atmospheric Old Town, most people rightly head straight for the iconic Stari Most bridge. It’s from this bridge that you can watch brave locals dive into the Neretva River below in what is a local tradition of sorts. Next, move on through the shops and stalls of the Old Bazaar to see the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque and appreciate its views of Mostar’s cityscape. With enough time, consider including nearby stops like Blagaj Monastery and Medjugorje in your jaunt across the border. Find out more about Mostar in our dedicated Mostar guide.

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Getting there: To make a day trip to Mostar, and also fit in multiple stops in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a guided tour to Mostar is the only sensible way to go. Public transport is going to take too long, and driving yourself means taking the time to navigate and will cut down on actual sightseeing time.

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7. Dubrovnik

Easily one of the best places to visit in Croatia, Dubrovnik is another gorgeous and historic city on the country’s Dalmatian coast. Recently made famous as a filming location for Game of Thrones, there’s much more to this destination then that. Start your visit with a walk down Stradun, the main street of the city which is made of limestone. As you take in exquisite Venetian architecture, stop to see the eye-catching St. Blaise Church and the refined Sponza Palace. If you can, be sure to spend some time exploring the exhibits in the Franciscan Monastery museum. After a walk up one of the city’s many long staircase streets, make your way up onto the city walls for some superb views, both across Dubrovnik’s orange tiles, as well as out to the blue waters of the Adriatic. Then stop for a drink at one of the cliffside bars which sit just outside the city walls.

Getting there: Unfortunately, Dubrovnik is too far away to reach by ferry or public transport. To really see the city as a day trip, it’s best to take a guided tour which can show you exactly what to see and do.

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8. Cetina River

For those craving a little adventure as they explore beyond Split, Cetina River is the place to go. Off in the highlands, near the border, Cetina River is the perfect destination for fun outdoor activities. If a quiet paddle along the river is what you have in mind, then consider taking a gentle canoe safari. Much more adventurous is river rafting which will take you down some second and third grade rapids, and is sure to get your heart beating. Our absolute favorite thing to do there, however, is canyoning. You can read more about our canyoning adventure here.

Getting there: Tours are the best way to visit Cetina River, since you’re going to need to hire instructors and gear anyways for whichever activities you choose on doing. That being said, the river is only a 40 minute drive out of Split if you are only looking to go for a hike.

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9. Brac

One last island trip to consider from Split is to Brac, one of the closest islands to the city. But Brac isn’t just a good choice because it’s close, it’s because a visit here combines superb coastal scenery with plenty of time for swimming. After cruising over to the island, start by exploring idyllic coastal towns and villages like Supetar and Bol. Then head over to the wonderful vineyards which stretch along the south coast, and the island’s highest point Vidova Gora for its sweeping views. From there, head down to Golden Horn Beach, Brac’s best known beach for swimming and sunbathing. More cruising about the Adriatic will lead you to several truly memorable swims at various secluded bays, including Lučice bay.

Getting there: While there is a car ferry which connects Split with Supetar on Brac, for a complete island experience including swimming, a full-day catamaran cruise is the way to go.

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10 Best Day Trips from Split, Croatia - Road Affair (10)

10. Sibenik

The next major city up Croatia’s coast from Split, the city of Sibenik, has plenty to offer visitors, despite being overshadowed by other coastal destinations. A city with a lot of history to it, Sibenik sets itself apart by being the oldest coastal city founded by Croatians. Begin your visit by first seeing the St. James’s Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its architectural and cultural importance. Wander the streets of Sibenik’s Old Town, admiring the Venetian buildings as you go. Later, head up to St. Michael’s Fortress or go even further up the hillside to Barone Fortress for panoramic views over the city.

Getting there: Sibenik is one of the few easy train trips from Split, with the journey taking 1 hour 45 minutes. Buses take about the same amount of time and run fairly regularly. If you want to combine Sibenik with nearby Krka National Park, a group day tour is your best guarantee to fit it all in.

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You shouldn’t have any problem finding things to do now with your extra time in Split. As great as it is to explore the sights of Split, the city also makes a great base for exploring more of Croatia and beyond.


How many days is enough in Split? ›

Two days in Split are enough to cover all of the main activities in town. However, due to its ideal location, there are so many day trips that you can (or rather should) take while in Split.

What day trips can you do from Split Croatia? ›

Can you do a day trip to Brac from Split? ›

Day Trips from Split – Supetar, island of Brac

On the northern side of Brac, there are numerous daily ferries (with Jadrolinija) to this town which take about 50 minutes from Split.

How many days are enough for Croatia? ›

Planning Your Trip to Croatia

Spending a week in Croatia is a great choice for most travelers. In seven to 10 days, you can easily explore Dubrovnik, Split, and the Dalmatian Islands, with enough time left over to add another region or national park to the itinerary.

Which is better Split or Dubrovnik? ›

Maybe you just want a quick answer to the question: Is Dubrovnik or Split better? Dubrovnik is a better travel destination for foodies, and has a better Old Town. Split offers better nightlife, better day trip options, and is generally cheaper than Dubrovnik. Both destinations offer excellent beaches.

Is it better to stay in Hvar or Split? ›

Split has some great beaches but also the bars and parties for those that want them, while Hvar has a more explorable landscape with plenty of hidden coves, sleepy fishing villages and luscious beaches.

Where is easy to get to from Split? ›

Brac Island

If you don't take the island-hopping tour to Brac, you can visit on your own as it's one of the easiest to access from Split by ferry, just seven nautical miles away. Once here there is regular bus service to all areas of the island.

Which island is closest to Split? ›

Some of the most popular Croatian islands are located in the Split archipelago and can be reached from Split by ferries or catamarans in 30 minutes or more. The biggest, closest and most popular islands which you can visit from Split are Brac, Solta, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo and Korcula.

How do I get to the Blue Lagoon from Split? ›

While there are ferries that can take you to Drvenik Veli, to reach the Blue Lagoon you'll have to hop on a speedboat, which takes 30 minutes from Split. That means you'll want to plan a stay in the ancient city as most excursions depart from there or from nearby Trogir.

How long is the ferry from Split to Brac? ›

Split to Supetar (Brac) Ferries

In the low season it runs 7 to 9 journeys per day, in total 61 times per week. Journey time is 50 minutes. Ticket prices for foot passangers range from 28 Kn to 33 Kn.

Can you take a car ferry from Split to Brac? ›

From Split you can take car ferry to Supetar on Brac (50 minutes), or from Makarska to Sumartin on Brac island (60 minutes). The choice of ferry might depend on where is your final destination on Brac, the price, the frequency of departures and the lenght of crossing.

How do you get from Split to Dubrovnik? ›

Without a doubt, driving is the best way of getting from Split to Dubrovnik. Boarding a ferry and cruising along Adriatic is another great way to get from Split to Dubrovnik during the summer season. There are anywhere between 20 and 30 daily bus connections between Split and Dubrovnik, including a night bus.

What is the best month to visit Croatia? ›

The best time to visit Croatia is during the summer months, from June to September, when sunlight is plentiful and temperatures are warm, between 66°F and 86°F. These conditions are ideal for boating and swimming in the blue waters around the islands.

Is 10 days enough for Croatia? ›

How Many Days are Enough in Croatia? 10 days is the ideal amount of time for most travelers to explore Croatia. With that said, Croatia is an incredibly diverse place to visit with a lot of things to do, so if you have more time you can visit for three weeks or even a month.

Is Zagreb or Split better? ›

Zagreb Vs Split – our conclusion

On top of that, Split has one of the most incredible old towns outside of Rome, and a buzzy nightlife that's fueled by summer holidaymakers. Zagreb is better for an authentic look at modern Croatia, art galleries, and urban vibes.

Is Split cheaper than Dubrovnik? ›

Split is also a big of a larger city, giving tourists more places to stay, and the combination of its less famous status and larger footprint makes it a bit cheaper to visit than Dubrovnik (and you'll have plenty of choices when deciding where to stay in Split).

What is the best area to stay in Croatia? ›

Where to Stay in Croatia 2022
  • #1: Zagreb: Croatia's charming inland capital.
  • #2: Pula: Gorgeous coastline and Roman ruins.
  • #3: Split: The sunny heart of Dalmatia.
  • #4: Dubrovnik: A medieval town with a modern lifestyle.
  • #5: Hvar Island: Lavender hills and coastal vistas.
  • #6: Zadar: A unique historical town.
13 Dec 2021

Is Split more expensive than Hvar? ›

When comparing the travel costs between Split and Hvar, we can see that Split is more expensive. However, the two cities are actually relatively comparable in price, as the difference is somewhat minimal. Generally, this means that you could travel with generally the same travel style and level of luxury in each place.

Is a day trip to Hvar enough? ›

Whether you've got 10 days in Croatia or a month, Hvar Island is a necessary stop. What is this? Reaching any of the nearby villages or beaches would take up too much time. With just 24 hours in Hvar, you'll need to spend almost the entire day around the main port.

How long is ferry ride from Split to Hvar? ›

Journey time is between 50 minutes and 2 hours 15 minutes depending on the route.

Can you do a day trip to Dubrovnik from Split? ›

A Dubrovnik to Split day trip will take you about 7 hours in drive time, and then you typically get 4 hours to explore the city.

Do you need to pre book ferry from Split to Hvar? ›

The Split to Hvar ferry route is extremely busy during the height of summer, so recommend booking at least 24 hours prior. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased in Split at the tourism centre on Split Riva, opposite Diocletian's Palace, or at the ticket booths further down the Port of Split.

Can you drive to Hvar from Split? ›

It's important to know that Hvar town is not directly connected with any car ferry. If you are traveling with your car then Split – Stari Grad ferry is the only possibility to reach Hvar town. For getting to Hvar just follow the 20 kilometer road through the villages of Selca and Brusje to the town.

Is Split a good base in Croatia? ›

With excellent ferry connections and close proximity to other coastal towns, Split is the perfect home base for day trips around Croatia. Vis, Brac and Hvar are all great islands you can day trip to, and another must-visit is Krka National Park (without a doubt, the top attraction here is its waterfalls).

Can you get a ferry from Split to Dubrovnik? ›

Split to Dubrovnik Ferries. Connects ferry port Split on the Croatian mainland with ferry port Dubrovnik on the Croatian mainland. This ferry route to Dubrovnik is currently served by 3 companies: Jadrolinija, Kapetan Luka and TP Line. In the high season it runs 4 journeys per day, in total 28 times per week from Split ...

What is Korcula Croatia known for? ›

This island is known for its dense forest and the ancient Greeks called the island Black Korcula (Kerkyra melaina) for this reason. The main resorts are Korcula Town (people call it “Little Dubrovnik” because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses), Vela Luka and Lumbarda.

Is Blue Cave Croatia worth it? ›

Nowadays, though, with Croatian tourism booming and so, so many people flocking to the Blue Cave during summer, it's absolutely not worth it. You lose so much time sitting on an overcrowded dock just for 5 minutes in a cave.

Is the Blue Lagoon in Croatia worth it? ›

You'll feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Split! The main reason you should visit the Blue Lagoon is to swim and snorkel. The sandy ocean floor (unusual for Croatia!) and shallow crystal clear waters make this the perfect spot to snorkel and see what sea life you can find.

Can you visit Blue Lagoon on your own? ›

While many tour services, including Hekla, will take you to visit the Blue Lagoon, you may choose to visit this hot spring on your own. Still, you will need to buy Blue Lagoon tickets in order to have access.

Is Split worth visiting? ›

Is Split worth visiting? It is definitely worth visiting Split. Croatia's second-largest city has plenty of things to do for visitors, especially the historic sites within the Palace of Diocletian, which is a World Heritage Site. The city is also full of culture and has a host of excellent museums.

Is 3 days enough in Dubrovnik? ›

With four to five days in Dubrovnik, it is also possible to take a day trip from the city. Three days allows you to fully experience both the gleaming old town and the city by way of the Adriatic with time to venture outside of the Dalmatian capital.

How many days should I spend in Budapest? ›

If you are wondering how many days in Budapest you need, two days is adequate to see the whole city, as long as you're efficient. Three days will allow you to get to more of the top attractions at a slower pace and maybe give you a chance to relax and soak in one of the thermal baths.

How many days do you need in Montenegro? ›

2 days in Montenegro is not enough time to see everything, but it is enough time to enjoy a few of the many highlights. Ideally, five days or longer is perfect, which is enough time to explore the coastal towns, relax in Kotor, and then go inland.

What is the best month to go to Croatia? ›

The best time to visit Croatia is during the summer months, from June to September, when sunlight is plentiful and temperatures are warm, between 66°F and 86°F. These conditions are ideal for boating and swimming in the blue waters around the islands.

Can you walk Dubrovnik walls for free? ›

If you purchased the Dubrovnik Card, entrance is free. The Dubrovnik Card for 1-day is 225 kunas. So if you think you'll go to just one of the other attractions included with the card, it's a no brainer. Otherwise, tickets to enter the walls of Dubrovnik are 200 kunas (about $32).

How far is Split from Dubrovnik? ›

How to Get from Dubrovnik to Split. There are a number of ways to travel the 143 miles (230 kilometers) between two of Croatia's most popular coastal destinations, Dubrovnik and Split.

Is a 3-day Dubrovnik card worth it? ›

Yes, the Dubrovnik Pass is absolutely worth it if you're planning on walking along the City Walls. The 1 day card is the same price as entry to the walls so you really have nothing to lose! If you're planning to spend a few days hoping around a few museums and walking the walls, the 3-day card is definitely worth it.

Is it better to stay on the Buda or Pest side? ›

Buda – Definitely the classier and more residential side of the city, Buda is known for being a bit quieter and the place to go for a leisurely sightseeing experience. Pest – Known for being where all of the action happens – the place to be touristy, hang out and have fun.

What is the best month to visit Budapest? ›

In spring and fall — May, June, September, and early October — travelers enjoy fewer tourist crowds and milder weather. This is one of the best times to visit Budapest. However, it's also prime convention time (especially September), when hotels tend to fill up and charge their top rates.

Is 4 nights enough in Budapest? ›

The short answer to this question is, yes. Four days in Budapest is certainly enough to cover all of the cities highlights. Not only can you cover the hotspots during this time, but you could also squeeze in some of the hidden gems in Budapest. You know, the places you don't often see on most Budapest itineraries.

Is Croatia cheaper than Montenegro? ›

The average cost of living in Croatia ($896) is 37% more expensive than in Montenegro ($655). Croatia ranked 78th vs 130th for Montenegro in the list of the most expensive countries in the world.

Which is better Kotor or Budva? ›

If you like fancy resorts, fine dining and relaxing…or you have kids and want to go to the beach or the waterpark, then you might like Budva. If you like history and a beautiful setting, then the answer is undoubtedly Kotor. Kotor's old town is much more interesting than Budva's and the geography more spectacular.

Which part of Montenegro is the best? ›

Top 5 Places in Montenegro
  • Kotor. Kotor has dropped an anchor between the gray mountains and the sea, and veiled its life behind the high and wide ramparts. ...
  • Budva. ...
  • Tivat. ...
  • Zabljak. ...
  • Cetinje.


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